21:00:02 <giannisk> #startmeeting EMEA ambassadors 2016-03-30
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21:00:11 <giannisk> #topic Roll Call
21:00:17 <rsc> .hello robert
21:00:18 <zodbot> rsc: robert 'Robert Scheck' <redhat@linuxnetz.de>
21:00:19 <giannisk> Let's see how many people we have around :)
21:00:21 <lupinix> .fas lupinix
21:00:22 <zodbot> lupinix: lupinix 'Christian Dersch' <lupinix@mailbox.org>
21:00:25 <nmilosev> .fas nmilosev
21:00:25 <giannisk> Use .fas yourusername
21:00:26 <frafra> .hello frafra
21:00:28 <giannisk> .fas giannisk
21:00:30 <JacobCZ> .fas jacobcz
21:00:30 <zodbot> nmilosev: nmilosev 'Nemanja Milosevic' <nmilosevnm@gmail.com>
21:00:33 <zodbot> frafra: frafra 'Francesco Frassinelli' <fraph24@gmail.com>
21:00:36 <zodbot> giannisk: giannisk 'Giannis Konstantinidis' <giannis@konstantinidis.cc>
21:00:39 <zodbot> JacobCZ: jacobcz 'Jakub Sycha' <jakubsycha@gmail.com>
21:00:42 <jonatoni> .fas jonatoni
21:00:43 <ardian> .hello ardian
21:00:51 <zodbot> jonatoni: jonatoni 'Jona Azizaj' <jonaazizaj@gmail.com>
21:00:54 <zodbot> ardian: ardian 'Ardian Haxha' <ardian@brainpress.org>
21:00:56 <sesivany_> .fas eischmann
21:01:00 <jflory7> .hello jflory7
21:01:00 <zodbot> sesivany_: eischmann 'Jiri Eischmann' <eischmann@redhat.com>
21:01:03 <zodbot> jflory7: jflory7 'Justin W. Flory' <me@justinwflory.com>
21:01:09 <elioqoshi> .hello elioqoshi
21:01:10 <zodbot> elioqoshi: elioqoshi 'Elio Qoshi' <ping@elioqoshi.me>
21:01:16 <giannisk> Like rsc mentioned, time has changed in some countries, though the meeting time remained the same.
21:01:50 <giannisk> I should have set it back to 20:00 UTC, but I totally forgot. Sorry fellas, will be changed on next meeting.
21:02:10 <giannisk> So, hello everyone and welcome to another regular meeting for the EMEA region.
21:02:20 <giannisk> I see lot's of people joining today. :)
21:02:31 <giannisk> Let's wait a few more minutes for others to show up as well.
21:02:34 <frantisekz> .fas frantisekz
21:02:34 <zodbot> frantisekz: frantisekz 'František Zatloukal' <Zatloukal.Frantisek@gmail.com>
21:03:53 * linuxmodder listening  passively  (famna member)
21:04:10 <frantisekz> Hey there, i thought I was one hour late bud I forgot about Daylight Saving Time :)
21:04:58 <giannisk> frantisekz: many did, including myself, no worries :)
21:05:37 <giannisk> Okay, let's head to the announcements.
21:05:42 <giannisk> #topic Announcements
21:05:59 <giannisk> #info F24 Alpha has been released!
21:06:22 <giannisk> F24 is out already, go grab a copy if you'd like to play around. :)
21:06:30 <giannisk> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-24-alpha-released/
21:06:41 <giannisk> ^There goes a nice read on the Fedora magazine.
21:07:06 <giannisk> Any other announcements?
21:07:11 <giannisk> Where's jflory7? :D
21:07:27 <jflory7> Hah! Let's do announcements in two channels at once!
21:07:34 <mitzie> .fas mitzie
21:07:34 <zodbot> mitzie: mitzie 'Zacharias Mitzelos' <mitzie@mitzelos.com>
21:07:44 * mitzie is on mobile
21:07:46 <jflory7> #info === "Announcing Fedora’s Diversity Adviser" ===
21:07:51 <jflory7> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/announcing-fedoras-diversity-adviser/
21:07:59 <jflory7> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/announce@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/MD4ZRYN4IQSW5AFOZR57CLDZOH3LE5V3/
21:08:08 <jflory7> #info The Diversity Adviser position is officially filled by long-time contributor María "tatica" Leandro. Learn more about the position, what work is going on, and a little bit more about tatica in the Community Blog.
21:08:19 <jflory7> #info === "“I contributed!” 2015 Gource Video Series (3/3)" ===
21:08:24 <jflory7> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/i-contributed-2015-gource-video/
21:08:35 <jflory7> #info Contributor Bee Padalkar (bee2502) wrote a report on the Community Blog analyzing all contributions in Fedora via a visualization with Gource. This is a cool way to put contributions to an easily digestible video!
21:08:43 <jflory7> #info === "FOSSASIA 2016: Singapore" ===
21:08:51 <jflory7> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fossasia-2016-singapore/
21:08:58 <jflory7> #info Fedora attended the FOSSASIA conference this year in Singapore. Ambassador Woo Huiren (GIANT_CRAB) wrote a brief report on the Community Blog about the experience.
21:09:11 <jflory7> #info === "Fedora was at PyCon SK 2016" ===
21:09:15 <jflory7> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-was-at-pycon-sk-2016/
21:09:23 <jflory7> #info Fedora recently attended a Python event in Slovakia! PyCon SK 2016 recently finished up and Miro Hrončok (churchyard) wrote a brief report on the Community Blog.
21:09:25 <jflory7> eof
21:09:36 <giannisk> Hehehe, a big applause to jflory7! :)
21:09:39 <giannisk> jflory7++
21:09:44 <jflory7> :)
21:09:56 <lupinix> jflory7++
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21:10:03 <lupinix> 42!
21:10:16 <giannisk> Any other announcements? Anything that jflory7 missed? :P
21:10:19 <sesivany> no more cookies, 42 is just right :)
21:10:23 <giannisk> lupinix: the answer to everything :)
21:10:34 <frafra> jflory7++
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21:10:46 <JacobCZ> frafra: You've ruined it :P
21:10:48 <jflory7> Karma cookie storm! :D
21:10:49 * giannisk chuckles.
21:10:54 <frafra> ops heeh :D
21:10:55 <jflory7> Thanks all.
21:11:00 <JacobCZ> jf++
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21:11:07 <JacobCZ> oops
21:11:08 <frantisekz> jflory7++
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21:11:33 <frantisekz> anybody else wanna join? :D
21:11:41 <jonatoni> jflory7++
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21:12:01 <lupinix> next magic number is 73
21:12:09 <jflory7> Oh wow, so many cookies! Thanks! I should do announcements more often! ;)
21:12:24 * giannisk keeps smiling.
21:12:53 <giannisk> Alrighty, let's move on to the next topic: Requests
21:12:58 <pkwesi77> .fas pkwesihanson
21:12:58 <zodbot> pkwesi77: edgates 'Elijah Hanson' <pkwesihanson@yahoo.com>
21:13:01 <giannisk> #topic Requests
21:13:10 * giannisk takes a look at the emea trac.
21:13:20 <giannisk> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/report/1?sort=created&asc=0&page=1
21:13:29 * giannisk mumbles "lot's of stuff for today".
21:13:39 <giannisk> s/lot's/lots
21:14:00 <giannisk> #info Ticket #567 - Funding request for FOSSCOMM 2016
21:14:04 <giannisk> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/567
21:14:17 <giannisk> mitzie is currently on mobile
21:14:26 <giannisk> Ticket explains most, if not everything.
21:14:41 <mitzie> giannisk: yes
21:14:46 <giannisk> Fosscomm, the largest Greek conference will happen soon.
21:15:00 <giannisk> And the Greek Fedora community couldn't be missing.
21:15:39 <giannisk> We will engage with users and developers. And we're currently thinking of delivering a workshop on Fedora Server.
21:16:23 <giannisk> Total amount requested is ~217 USD. The event has already an allocated budget of 400 USD. So, we're requesting about the half.
21:16:57 <giannisk> Any questions? :)
21:17:20 <sesivany> +1
21:17:21 <lupinix> maybe more general questions @events later
21:17:21 <giannisk> I'm +1 to the request.
21:17:25 <lupinix> +1 for the ticket
21:17:26 <giannisk> lupinix: sure
21:17:30 <JacobCZ> 1+
21:17:30 <frantisekz> +1
21:17:31 <rsc> +1
21:17:32 <JacobCZ> +1
21:17:32 <nmilosev> +1
21:17:34 <jonatoni> +1
21:17:35 <pkwesi77> +1
21:17:37 <elioqoshi> +1
21:17:48 <giannisk> Ticket approved, thank you.
21:17:59 <giannisk> #info Ticket #567 Approved
21:18:03 <giannisk> #undo
21:18:03 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by giannisk at 21:17:59 : Ticket #567 Approved
21:18:09 <giannisk> #agreed Ticket #567 Approved
21:18:21 <giannisk> On to the next one.
21:18:40 <giannisk> #info Ticket #566 - Funding Request for Giannis Konstantinidis and Ardian Haxha - OSCAL 2016
21:18:44 <giannisk> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/566
21:18:49 <giannisk> This one's mine.
21:19:00 <giannisk> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OSCAL_2016
21:19:07 <giannisk> And also on behalf of ardian.
21:19:47 <giannisk> We're requesting funding to participate at OSCAL and represent the project. We will also be delivering talks/workshops.
21:20:08 <giannisk> Total amount requested is ~210 USD
21:20:30 <giannisk> OSCAL has already an allocated budget of about 800 USD.
21:20:36 <lupinix> nice set of talks/workshops
21:20:39 <sesivany> +1
21:20:42 <lupinix> +1
21:20:45 <jonatoni> +1
21:20:47 <JacobCZ> +1
21:20:47 <rsc> +1
21:20:53 <elioqoshi> +1
21:20:54 <pkwesi77> +1
21:21:10 <frantisekz> +1
21:21:12 <mitzie> +1
21:21:12 <giannisk> Thank you, ticket approved.
21:21:22 <giannisk> #agreed Ticket #566 Approved
21:21:34 <ardian> thank you all
21:21:45 <giannisk> #info Ticket #565 - Funding request for DORS/CLUC 2016
21:21:50 <giannisk> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/565
21:21:57 <giannisk> mitzie's request again.
21:22:18 <giannisk> We also plan a big presence at DORS/CLUC, probably the biggest foss-related conference in Croatia.
21:22:32 <giannisk> And will surely do some community building efforts there.
21:22:38 <giannisk> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DORS-CLUC_2016
21:22:57 <giannisk> May is definitely going to be a busy month for Fedorians. :)
21:23:15 <lupinix> better than a boring month :P
21:23:21 <giannisk> Total amount being requested is ~606 USD.
21:23:22 <mitzie> giannisk: +1
21:23:26 <nmilosev> website link on the wiki is broken
21:23:33 <nmilosev> for the event
21:23:39 <giannisk> Unfortunately, we couldn't find any cheaper and more efficient flights.
21:23:45 <mitzie> nmilosev: sorry, my mistake
21:24:08 <giannisk> #link http://2016.dorscluc.org/
21:24:31 <giannisk> nmilosev: I don't think it's mitzie's fault, they just changed the directory for their english site
21:25:00 <nmilosev> Sure, I just noticed it :)
21:25:08 <giannisk> I'm +1 to the request, and with mitzie we're more than happy to answer any questions. :)
21:25:12 <giannisk> nmilosev: sure, no worries :)
21:25:29 <jonatoni> +1
21:25:33 <JacobCZ> +1
21:25:40 <giannisk> DORS/CLUC has already an allocated budget of 800 USD AFAIK.
21:26:04 <sesivany> +1
21:26:06 <elioqoshi> +1
21:26:09 <nmilosev> +1
21:26:10 <frantisekz> +1
21:26:17 <ardian> +1
21:26:23 <lupinix> +1
21:26:25 <giannisk> Thank you, ticket approved.
21:26:26 <lupinix> giannisk: 700
21:26:36 <lupinix> if https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/EMEA/Budget:2017 is up to date
21:26:47 <giannisk> #agreed Ticket #566 Approved
21:27:03 <giannisk> lupinix: thanks for noticing, I'm not sure if the wiki us up to date.
21:27:37 <giannisk> lupinix: as the budget is also managed on a different spreadsheet. But in any case, we can use reserves from our budget if extra expenses occur.
21:27:39 <mitzie> lupinix: we don't have the final numbers from OSAS yet
21:28:19 <mitzie> Although we have underspent on some events in this quarter, so we have reserves
21:28:26 <giannisk> #undo
21:28:26 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: AGREED by giannisk at 21:26:47 : Ticket #566 Approved
21:28:29 <lupinix> ok :) just wanted to have a look @budget when approving so mich tickets
21:28:33 <giannisk> #agreed Ticket #565 Approved
21:28:38 <giannisk> Sorry, got confused.
21:28:40 <lupinix> *much
21:28:52 <lupinix> s/much/many
21:29:09 <giannisk> lupinix: yes, makes total sense :) Should be updated once we have the final numbers.
21:29:10 <lupinix> it's to late for clean translations :D
21:29:15 <giannisk> Right mitzie?
21:29:18 <lupinix> *too
21:29:38 <mitzie> giannisk: yes, that's right
21:29:45 <giannisk> On to the next ticket then.
21:29:58 <giannisk> #info Ticket #564 - Funding request for Robert Scheck for OSCAL 2016
21:30:02 <giannisk> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/564
21:30:11 <giannisk> rsc's request for OSCAL.
21:30:36 <rsc> Right.
21:30:36 <giannisk> Flight tickets are 400 USD. And he mentions that he's going to cover accommodation from his own pocket.
21:30:53 <giannisk> rsc: feel free to add anything else, if you wish :)
21:31:07 <JacobCZ> That's quite some money for such a relatively short flight :P
21:31:11 <rsc> Well, ticket says most about the event (accepted as speaker).
21:31:23 <giannisk> Just asking: these are the cheapest available flights, right?
21:31:31 <rsc> Yes, the flight ticket price is an issue - 3 airlines only covering that 1500 kms :(
21:31:46 <rsc> giannisk: it is: Economy, non-refundable, non-changable, just me and 1 piece of baggage.
21:32:06 <lupinix> +1 especially when i have a look @list of talks/workshops
21:32:17 <sesivany> +1
21:32:19 <rsc> lupinix: I don't know which ones are accepted, just that I am accepted.
21:32:21 <ardian> +1
21:32:22 <nmilosev> +1
21:32:24 <frantisekz> +1
21:32:24 <JacobCZ> +1
21:32:27 <giannisk> rsc: yes, unfortunately there are few airlines covering the route
21:32:29 <jonatoni> +1
21:32:31 <giannisk> +1
21:32:32 <elioqoshi> +1
21:32:34 <mitzie> +1
21:32:39 <pkwesi77> +1
21:32:52 <giannisk> Thank you, ticket approved!
21:33:00 <rsc> Thank you! :)
21:33:04 <giannisk> #agreed Ticket #564 Approved
21:33:43 <giannisk> #info Ticket #559 - Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2016 travel funding
21:33:49 <giannisk> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/559
21:34:21 <giannisk> This was submitted after the conference ended, however it's a small amount.
21:34:42 <giannisk> Miro is requesting ~43.6 USD for fuel costs.
21:34:52 <giannisk> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Chemnitzer_Linuxtage_2016
21:35:11 <giannisk> This event had an allocated amount of around 1k USD, from what I remember.
21:35:17 <giannisk> +1
21:35:19 <mitzie> +1
21:35:33 <frantisekz> +1
21:35:36 <ardian> +1
21:35:38 <jonatoni> +1
21:35:42 <lupinix> +2
21:35:43 <lupinix> +1
21:35:47 <JacobCZ> +1
21:35:48 <lupinix> sry
21:35:48 <giannisk> Ticket approved!
21:35:55 <giannisk> #agreed Ticket #559 Approved
21:36:03 <rsc> +1
21:36:39 <giannisk> #info Ticket #558 - DORS/CLUC 2016- Travel for Jona Azizaj
21:36:43 <giannisk> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/558
21:37:19 <giannisk> jonatoni's ticket, which was not reviewed in a previous meeting, as we were trying to figure out the most efficient budget allocation.
21:37:50 <giannisk> Jona has an accepted talk at DORS/CLUC, titled "Where are the women in Fedora?"
21:38:10 <giannisk> She requests ~312 USD to travel to Croatia.
21:38:36 <giannisk> jonatoni: feel free to add info, in case I missed something :)
21:38:50 <mitzie> +1
21:39:00 <frantisekz> +1
21:39:03 <ardian> +1
21:39:05 <lupinix> +1
21:39:07 <rsc> +1
21:39:11 <elioqoshi> +1
21:39:14 <nmilosev> +1
21:39:14 <pkwesi77> +1
21:39:15 <giannisk> We can use reserves to cover the difference in the pre-allocated budget for DORS/CLUC.
21:39:18 <giannisk> +1
21:39:22 <JacobCZ> +1
21:39:27 <giannisk> Ticket approved!
21:39:31 <jonatoni> thank you all :)
21:39:37 <giannisk> #agreed Ticket #558 Approced
21:40:10 <giannisk> Okay, I don't see anything else for today. :)
21:40:15 <giannisk> These were lots of tickets.
21:41:04 <giannisk> On to the next topic.
21:41:15 <giannisk> #topic Ambassadors schedule
21:41:23 * giannisk looks for the link to the schedule.
21:41:44 <giannisk> #link https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-24/f-24-ambassadors-tasks.html
21:42:02 <giannisk> F24 Alpha has been recently released.
21:42:27 <giannisk> In terms of swag and media production, EMEA is in good standing.
21:43:02 <giannisk> We have recently produced tons of swag, kudos to sesivany and the rest Czech contributors for taking care of this
21:43:12 <giannisk> We should decide what to do with media.
21:43:15 <lupinix> sesivany++
21:43:15 <zodbot> lupinix: Karma for eischmann changed to 6 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
21:43:23 <giannisk> Are we still going to produce media this time?
21:43:26 <giannisk> sesivany++
21:43:26 <zodbot> giannisk: Karma for eischmann changed to 7 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
21:43:44 <sesivany> we should, but just 1000 for all EMEA.
21:43:58 <giannisk> Should we just go for 1k Multi-Desktop DVDs? And we should phase them out entirely in the next releases.
21:44:02 <giannisk> sesivany: yes, +1
21:44:09 <lupinix> what did we produce for f23? (and what amount is still left)
21:44:25 <sesivany> I'd do it for F24 and F25 and discontinue it.
21:44:34 <sesivany> 1000 of Workstation
21:44:54 <giannisk> Yes, Workstation DVDs.
21:45:07 <JacobCZ> I'd ditch F25. DVDs are more-less dead anyways
21:45:16 <frantisekz> 1000 is ok IMO, but I think we should discontinue them with F25
21:45:34 <sesivany> We can't produce less than 1000, that's the minimal order amount for pressed DVDs.
21:45:47 <rsc> I'm still for media, there are still regions with slow Internet connectivity.
21:45:54 <lupinix> well, we don't have to decide now @f25 and can analyze after events
21:46:01 <sesivany> let's revisit it when F25 comes.
21:46:03 <giannisk> Let's vote on producing 1k DVDs for F24. For the whole EMEA region.
21:46:03 <lupinix> i'm ok for 1000 @f24
21:46:15 <giannisk> We can decide what to do with F25 when the time comes.
21:46:25 <giannisk> +1 - 1k F24 DVDs
21:46:26 <frantisekz> +1 for 1k @F24
21:46:29 <sesivany> +1
21:46:30 <ardian> +1 for 1k
21:46:32 <lupinix> +1
21:46:34 <jonatoni> +1
21:46:36 <JacobCZ> +1
21:46:44 <rsc> +1
21:47:13 <giannisk> #agreed to produce 1k F24 DVDs for the whole EMEA region.
21:47:21 <giannisk> Thanks all!
21:47:37 <giannisk> Any questions so far?
21:47:41 <giannisk> Anything to add?
21:48:03 <lupinix> what about other swag like cheat cubes?
21:48:44 <JacobCZ> lupinix: +1 for those
21:48:46 <rsc> Cheat cubes!
21:48:47 <giannisk> Current cheat cube design needs to be updated.
21:48:51 <jflory7> For reference: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_collateral?rd=Artwork/MarketingCollateral#Fedora_Cheat_Cubes
21:49:14 <lupinix> and i remember about a nice flyer, i think from czech community, do we have this in english or other languages too?
21:49:38 <giannisk> A Greek community member has done effort to update it, but unfortunately I haven't taken a look at it yet :/
21:49:52 <sesivany> if you want cheatcubes, someone, step up and update them. It's been on and on for years.
21:50:10 <giannisk> But as I notice that people are interested in having cheat cubes, I will see to it in the next few days.
21:50:27 <sesivany> the user handbook is still being translated from Czech to English... :-(
21:50:27 <JacobCZ> sesivany: I could do that
21:50:38 <sesivany> frantisekz: any progress there?
21:50:52 <sesivany> JacobCZ: great
21:50:59 <elioqoshi> giannisk, I can update cheat cubes design
21:51:08 <frantisekz> sesivany: yep, I have sixth chapter translated here, just forgot to push :D
21:51:10 <giannisk> elioqoshi: that would be awesome :)
21:51:26 * JacobCZ is going to update the cheat cubes and add Czech version
21:52:03 * giannisk is going to have a look at what b10nik updated in the cheat cube design.
21:52:22 <frantisekz> sesivany: and if I am not mistaken, that is the last, so we can submit handbook for review tomorrow
21:52:33 <giannisk> s/b10nik/b10n1k
21:53:05 <sesivany> frantisekz: **thumbs up**
21:53:29 <giannisk> frantisekz++
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21:53:40 <elioqoshi> giannisk, does the update need anything specific or just design style refresh?
21:53:54 <jonatoni> frantisekz++
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21:54:13 <giannisk> elioqoshi: the commands need to be updated; a design style refresh would also be appreciated :)
21:54:17 <frantisekz> thank you everybody :)
21:54:48 <jflory7> frantisekz++ Nice work on the handbook translations :)
21:54:49 <giannisk> Alright, let's move on to the next topic.
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21:55:12 <giannisk> #topic Events
21:55:23 * giannisk needs to leave in a bit, unfortunately.
21:55:33 <ardian> !
21:55:47 <giannisk> Any events taking place in your region?
21:55:59 <giannisk> Or would you like to report back from any recent events? Now is the time!
21:56:01 <ardian> yes
21:56:02 <giannisk> ardian: go for it!
21:56:39 <ardian> I had a very busy week, the first event I had was part of the campus ambassadors program we are working on it was about GSoC
21:56:50 <ardian> https://ardiansblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/fedora-at-google-summer-of-code/
21:57:20 <ardian> We also had a FAD this weekend, jonatoni and elioqoshi were part of the event too.
21:57:26 <ardian> https://ardiansblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/fedora-and-mozilla-activity-day-in-kosovo/
21:57:41 <giannisk> Great job! And from the photos I see and equal participation of both men and women!
21:57:49 <giannisk> s/of/from
21:58:17 <lupinix> nice
21:58:27 <ardian> Maybe at the end of the meeting we should discuss a bit the campus ambassadors with jflory7
21:58:33 <nmilosev> ardian++
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21:58:38 <jflory7> ardian++
21:58:39 <giannisk> ardian++
21:58:45 <JacobCZ> ardian++
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21:58:50 <jflory7> Marketing meeting is about to end and I'll have lots of time to discuss :)
21:58:57 <ardian> I really see a big oppurtunity there
21:59:11 <linuxmodder> ardian,  or in -ambassadors
21:59:17 <ardian> linuxmodder++
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21:59:25 <ardian> linuxmodder: yes that would be better
21:59:30 <giannisk> ardian: great job there, the community is always around should you need any help :)
21:59:40 <linuxmodder> ardian,  I am  helping trying to  reboot the NA  campus  ambassadors
22:00:13 <ardian> I would really like to get this going, and do my best to reboot the EMEA campus ambassadors too.
22:00:42 <ardian> eof
22:01:02 <giannisk> Perfect, thanks everyone!
22:01:05 <ardian> ps. a big thanks to jonatoni and elioqoshi
22:01:18 <giannisk> jonatoni++
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22:01:21 <giannisk> elioqoshi++
22:01:43 <linuxmodder> ardian,  fyi there is  also -campusamb
22:02:09 <elioqoshi> Thanks, it was a beautiful joint effort with Mozilla and a good framework to use in the future in case a cooperation with other FLOSS projects comes up
22:02:37 <jflory7> elioqoshi++ jonatoni++
22:03:43 <lupinix> elioqoshi++
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22:03:55 <lupinix> ardian++
22:03:56 <jonatoni> ardian++ :)
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22:04:05 <giannisk> Anything else regarding events?
22:04:12 <ardian> jonatoni++
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22:04:12 <giannisk> Such karma spam, many wows! :D
22:04:14 <ardian> elioqoshi++
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22:04:29 <frantisekz> adrian++
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22:04:36 <giannisk> Much lines. Wow.
22:04:37 <elioqoshi> ardian++
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22:04:38 <jflory7> giannisk: Guess it must be the pressing urgency of F24, so everyone is trying to get their karma giving in before the F23 cycle ends. :)
22:04:52 * ardian lols
22:04:58 <lupinix> :D
22:05:05 * giannisk smiles.
22:05:09 * JacobCZ laughs
22:05:51 <giannisk> Alrighty, let's keep moving if there isn't anything else. :)
22:06:04 * JacobCZ will have to leave soon
22:06:11 * lupinix too
22:06:17 <giannisk> #topic Action items from previous meetings
22:06:28 * giannisk takes a look at the previous meeting minutes.
22:06:42 * linuxmodder back full attention (famna)
22:06:58 <giannisk> #link https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2016-03-16/emea_ambassadors.2016-03-16-21.00.html
22:07:38 <giannisk> There's an action item assigned to decause, to update the EDU objective and logic model.
22:08:02 <giannisk> Not sure If we can "mark" this as completed.
22:08:06 <linuxmodder> there was  updates to it  but not sure if he  is  done
22:08:10 <jflory7> I think there was a lot of new changes to this
22:08:29 * linuxmodder needs to revisit it  himself
22:08:35 <giannisk> Yes, I see several edits to the page.
22:08:51 <jflory7> The objective was discussed and reviewed at one of the more recent Council meetings. There's actually a lot of new info / changes to this and it's relevant to the Campus Ambassadors discussion ardian was planning on in #fedora-ambassadors after this meeting as well.
22:09:04 * lupinix goes offline
22:09:09 <lupinix> good night everyone!
22:09:13 <giannisk> Alright, perfect, so this is still ongoing. :)
22:09:18 <jflory7> In short, there's a big push for this in 2016 as well. I need to gather some more info first.
22:09:19 <jflory7> eof
22:09:22 <jflory7> lupinix: Good night!
22:09:23 <giannisk> lupinix: thanks for being here with us, take care
22:09:29 <JacobCZ> lupinix: see ya
22:09:55 <giannisk> thanks jflory7 for the info
22:10:10 <giannisk> Alright, this is still ongoing so we're good.
22:10:13 * JacobCZ has to leave as well, see you, good people of the internet *grin*
22:10:27 <giannisk> JacobCZ: thanks for attending, take care!
22:10:39 <giannisk> I'm about to head to Open Floor
22:10:50 <giannisk> Anything else so far? Any questions?
22:11:50 <giannisk> Alright, moving on to the last topic for today.
22:11:54 <giannisk> #topic Open Floor
22:12:04 <giannisk> Anything else goes here. :)
22:12:20 <linuxmodder> he is parked in -campusamb  actually  jflory7
22:12:39 <jflory7> Really awesome to hear about the things happening across the EMEA region, all. Keep up the fantastic work you all are doing!
22:12:54 <elioqoshi> giannisk, what happened with Christos Bacharakis? Is he still active?
22:12:56 <jflory7> You all are really leading by example in my eyes.
22:12:59 <jflory7> eof
22:13:08 <elioqoshi> ! (sorry)
22:13:35 <giannisk> elioqoshi: What do you mean? He's still part of the community and the project.
22:13:36 <linuxmodder> elioqoshi,  ! is mostly  for  the going once  parts :)  so you are  not   late
22:14:33 <elioqoshi> Ah okay, I'm not that familiar. giannisk, I was wondering if he would take new mentees if anyone would apply for Ambassador
22:14:45 <elioqoshi> As he is a mentor afaik
22:15:20 <giannisk> elioqoshi: Hmm, I'm not sure about that, best would be to contact him. Yes, he's still listed as a mentor.
22:15:33 <elioqoshi> Sorry, might be offtopic. Thanks :)
22:16:14 <giannisk> Anything else for today?
22:16:23 <giannisk> Otherwise I can end this meeting in three minutes from now.
22:16:39 * jonatoni Good night everyone :)
22:16:53 <giannisk> Have a great night everyone and thanks for being here.
22:16:57 <mitzie> thanks for chairing giannisk
22:17:07 <giannisk> I really enjoyed tonight's meeting. :)
22:17:09 <jflory7> giannisk++ Thanks for chairing!
22:17:12 <giannisk> Full of people and energy.
22:17:13 <mitzie> giannisk++
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22:17:20 <jonatoni> giannisk++
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22:17:23 <ardian> giannisk++
22:17:32 <linuxmodder> http://etherpad.osuosl.org/Fedora-EDU-CampusAmbassadors  giannisk  jflory7   ardian
22:17:39 <giannisk> Noting close to jflory7's 40-something karma :P
22:17:50 <linuxmodder> or  puiterwijk's :)
22:17:56 <giannisk> s/noting/nothing
22:17:59 <linuxmodder> .cookies jflory7
22:18:05 <jflory7> giannisk: Enough to get you a new badge! :D https://badges.fedoraproject.org/user/giannisk
22:18:05 <ardian> too much cookies it never ends good :P
22:18:09 <linuxmodder> .karma jflory7
22:18:10 <zodbot> linuxmodder: Karma for jflory7 has been increased 51 times and decreased 0 times this release cycle for a total of 46 (51 all time)
22:18:18 <giannisk> lupinix: oh really, haven't noticed his karma :P
22:18:21 <puiterwijk> What's with me?
22:18:23 <giannisk> .karma puiterwijk
22:18:24 <zodbot> giannisk: Karma for puiterwijk has been increased 73 times and decreased 0 times this release cycle for a total of 44 (73 all time)
22:18:33 <linuxmodder> karma hogs
22:18:35 <linuxmodder> :)
22:18:51 <jflory7> Anyways, +1 to close. Thanks again giannisk.
22:18:56 <linuxmodder> .karma linuxmodder
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22:19:04 <giannisk> Always a pleasure.
22:19:43 <elioqoshi> So many cookies, need to digest them
22:19:49 <elioqoshi> Thanks giannisk !
22:19:49 <giannisk> Take care everyone, see you again in two weeks.
22:19:55 <giannisk> #endmeeting