02:01:06 <award3535> #startmeeting FAmNA
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02:01:15 <cydrobolt> o/ award3535
02:01:16 <award3535> #meetingname FAmNA
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02:01:19 <cydrobolt> welcome back
02:01:28 <award3535> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
02:01:33 <award3535> thank you...
02:01:42 <juggler> rye :) o/
02:01:49 <award3535> #chair
02:01:49 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535
02:01:58 <juggler> Perry Rivera
02:02:05 <award3535> #chair juggler cydrobolt
02:02:05 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 cydrobolt juggler
02:02:19 <award3535> we will give everyone a few minutes
02:02:25 <award3535> there are a lot of tickets
02:05:12 <award3535> #topic === Announcements ===
02:05:29 <award3535> juggler did you get your reimbursement
02:06:06 <juggler> I received an e-mail indicating such. I'll need to check my paypal, but looks promising :)
02:06:10 <juggler> thanks for asking award
02:06:38 * masta is here
02:06:44 <award3535> #chair masta
02:06:44 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 cydrobolt juggler masta
02:06:49 <award3535> welcome masta
02:07:05 <award3535> looks like oscon will be fairly easy now
02:07:20 <masta> Howdy, I'm conducting my monthly LUG meeting, so I might not be responsive - fyi
02:07:50 <award3535> fantastic, mine is in three weeks as well in Jacksonville Fl
02:07:59 <masta> award3535: I think we might like to spend Fedora budget to get travel & lodge handled, and that is better without the huge cost of the booth.
02:08:16 <masta> yes, much easier
02:08:39 <award3535> no problem, ruth I am sure will be onboard with that as well
02:09:29 <award3535> masta please update the wiki page when you can with the updates and what we propose to do
02:09:46 <masta> ok, we can talk about it later...
02:09:51 * masta goes back to monitoring
02:10:55 <award3535> welcome reher!
02:11:08 <award3535> #topic === Tickets ===
02:11:17 <cydrobolt> jflory7, are you around?
02:11:35 <award3535> cydrobolt I tried pining him earlier
02:11:39 <cydrobolt> award3535, ah, ok
02:11:41 <award3535> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
02:11:47 <cydrobolt> I can probably bring it up on his behalf
02:11:49 <reher> hi award3535! I was in a bit ago but my session was disconnected.
02:12:06 <award3535> no worries reher
02:12:14 <cydrobolt> We would probably have to vote on it too. He accidentally made a mistake last meeting on transportation costs, so we'll need to rectify it
02:12:18 <cydrobolt> (for Bitcamp, that is)
02:13:31 <award3535> I would like to formally welcome reher, my new ambassador I am sponsoring from south Florida
02:14:20 <award3535> cydrobolt we dont have enough here to carry on votes on changes, how drastic is the update
02:14:39 <cydrobolt> award3535, that is fine. We can wait.
02:14:47 <juggler> award3535/masta payment fully received. thanks!
02:14:50 <award3535> .famnaticket 142
02:14:52 <zodbot> award3535: #142 (Ambassador join page does not have any active mentors listed for North America) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/142
02:15:15 <cydrobolt> award3535, we need to add $70 onto travel budget for jflory7 as he forgot to include roundtrip
02:15:20 <cydrobolt> not urgent though
02:15:21 <juggler> welcome reher
02:15:40 <reher> Thank you all
02:15:47 <nb> hi
02:15:49 * juggler nods
02:15:49 <masta> welcome reher  :)
02:15:50 <award3535> cydrobolt was there any slack in the budget request
02:15:56 <award3535> #chair nb
02:15:56 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 cydrobolt juggler masta nb
02:15:57 <nb> .hello nb
02:15:58 <zodbot> nb: nb 'Nick Bebout' <nick@bebout.net>
02:16:08 <award3535> welcome nb
02:16:11 <juggler> heyhey nb
02:16:15 <cydrobolt> award3535, a little, he forgot about round trip though, so the current budget won't work
02:16:24 <cydrobolt> we can let him explain it when he's around
02:16:35 <award3535> no problem cydrobolt
02:16:46 <award3535> now back to ticket 142
02:16:47 <nb> +1 approve the extra $70
02:17:00 <juggler> +1 for same
02:17:02 <award3535> +1 from me
02:17:07 <award3535> juggler?
02:17:18 <juggler> yeap?
02:17:34 <nb> IMHO things like that don't have to be voted on, its a reasonable variance, just as long as it gets reported after the fact
02:17:53 <award3535> agreed amend bitcamp budget
02:18:17 <award3535> nb I agree but now the conops is watching a little more than before
02:18:31 <nb> award3535, yeah
02:18:40 <nb> i think its a good idea to vote on it if there is a meeting to vote at
02:18:41 <award3535> cydrobolt can you amend the ticket with the information
02:18:45 <masta> as long as the variance is not too crazy
02:18:53 <nb> but if something like that just comes up, then people can just do it if there isn't time to wait for meeting
02:19:03 <masta> yep
02:19:03 <juggler> define not too crazy as <$100?
02:19:09 <nb> juggler, something like that
02:19:34 <juggler> sounds reasonable
02:19:50 <award3535> nb since we all agree on the small amount, I will need to know about the change upfront for budget tracking as well
02:20:13 <award3535> .famnaticket 142
02:20:14 <zodbot> award3535: #142 (Ambassador join page does not have any active mentors listed for North America) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/142
02:20:28 <nb> award3535, yeah
02:20:48 <award3535> this I believe will work itself out, nb are you going to add yourself to the list?
02:21:05 <nb> award3535, i still haven't been voted on by famsco
02:21:43 <award3535> nb, understand, it took me a year for them to vote on it since kk4ewt nominated me
02:21:55 <masta> the rules to become a mentor used to really strict. I hope that we can spontaneously appoint new mentor
02:21:59 <nb> perhaps FAmNA could vote to support my nomination?
02:22:02 <nb> maybe that would help
02:22:21 <award3535> I have been the only one really available for the past 18 months
02:22:28 <cydrobolt> award3535, sure, let me find it
02:22:49 <award3535> nb, you will have my support for the nomination as well
02:23:03 <masta> nb:  if you have cycles to be a mentor, that is great.
02:23:09 <juggler> nb has my support. nb's been very helpful to me.
02:23:20 <nb> award3535, note it in the famsco ticket.  and possibly we can vote on it here and then you can note that FAmNA endorses the nomination as well
02:23:24 <cydrobolt> nb has been very helpful for me too
02:23:59 <award3535> no problem nb, do you have the ticket number
02:24:11 <jsandys> joining late
02:24:17 <nb> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/384
02:24:22 <award3535> #chair jsandys
02:24:23 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 cydrobolt jsandys juggler masta nb
02:25:19 <award3535> so do I have everyone here tonight concurrence of FAMNA nomination of nb for Mentor
02:26:33 * juggler concurs
02:26:50 <jsandys> +1
02:26:52 <juggler> welcome jsandys
02:27:02 <cydrobolt> yes
02:27:22 <masta> not in famsco anymore, but I +1'd that ticket nb
02:27:22 <award3535> ok, I will officially make an entry into the ticket for FAMNA
02:27:54 <award3535> .famnaticket 131
02:27:56 <zodbot> award3535: #131 (BrickHack 2016) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/131
02:28:47 <cydrobolt> this is jflory7's ticket
02:29:10 <juggler> is j online?
02:29:21 <award3535> this is the one you need to update cydrobolt
02:29:35 <cydrobolt> award3535, no, the one I was talking about was Bitcamp
02:29:40 <cydrobolt> (in April)
02:30:03 <cydrobolt> I think this ticket was already approved and things are good to go, not sure if invoice for the event has been paid yet, however
02:30:09 <danofsatx> sorry I'm late, science night at kids' school.
02:30:16 <cydrobolt> danofsatx, sounds fun
02:30:52 <nb> FYI ruth no longer does our budget
02:30:58 <nb> budget stuff goes through decause and jzb now
02:31:36 * juggler agrees with cydrobolt
02:32:47 <award3535> nb, you are correct, they have not given me any numbers yet for FY17
02:33:27 <award3535> ok I will move this ticket to open
02:34:17 <juggler> sounds good
02:34:36 <award3535> .famnaticket 143
02:34:39 <zodbot> award3535: #143 (FAmNA Cardholders for 2016) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/143
02:34:54 <danofsatx> since I finally showed up, do we have quorum to give nb the +1 from FAmNA to be mentor?
02:35:13 <award3535> #chair danofsatx
02:35:13 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 cydrobolt danofsatx jsandys juggler masta nb
02:35:29 <award3535> sorry missed your login danofsatx
02:35:37 <nb> #info inode0 is current cardholder but is unable to handle purchases at the time due to personal issues
02:35:38 <danofsatx> no prob
02:35:58 <nb> #info we voted in a previous meeting to request a card for award3535
02:35:59 <danofsatx> awesomesauce, firefox isn't opening links tonight.'
02:36:24 <award3535> nb, yes, does that go to decause as well
02:36:36 <nb> does ewhat?
02:36:45 <nb> saying # info just notes it in the minutes
02:36:55 <award3535> the request for me to get a card
02:37:02 <nb> award3535, oh, I guess it does
02:37:10 <nb> and then he can pass it on to whoever it goes to in Red Hat
02:39:09 <nb> award3535, i updated ticket
02:40:44 <award3535> nb, yes i see, I tried to update it the system kicked me out since we both had the ticket open
02:41:36 <award3535> .famnaticket 119
02:41:37 <zodbot> award3535: #119 (OSCON 2016 booth) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/119
02:42:09 <award3535> I think we can discuss this one next week, masta is tied up right now. we have time on this one as well
02:43:23 <award3535> jumping to ticket 139
02:43:27 <award3535> .famnaticket 139
02:43:29 <zodbot> award3535: #139 (Bitcamp 2016 Spring Sponsorship Funds) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/139
02:44:12 <award3535> cydrobolt this one is the ticket you need to update, I believe that we have no need to do anything with this ticket right now
02:45:05 <award3535> .famnaticket 123
02:45:06 <zodbot> award3535: #123 (Reviving the Campus Ambassador program) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/123
02:46:17 <award3535> this is jflory7 and linuxmodders ticket, and believe I can move this one from the meeting unless they have anything else to add
02:47:23 <award3535> ok going to open floor
02:47:34 <award3535> #topic == Open Floor ===
02:48:50 <cydrobolt> award3535, it should be
02:49:30 <cydrobolt> I'm going to update it
02:50:15 <juggler> thanks for chairing award. heading off to my next meeting. have a good night all
02:50:39 <award3535> have a great rest of the evening juggler
02:51:00 * nb can't think of anything for open floor
02:52:02 <award3535> ok, thank you everyone for attending see you all next week!
02:52:32 <award3535> #endmeeting