01:58:39 <jflory7> #startmeeting FAmNA
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01:58:46 <jflory7> #meetingname FAmNA
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01:58:51 <jflory7> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
01:58:54 <jflory7> .hello jflory7
01:58:55 <zodbot> jflory7: jflory7 'Justin W. Flory' <me@justinwflory.com>
01:58:57 <wrnash> Hi there
01:58:59 <linuxmodder> .hello linuxmodder
01:59:00 <zodbot> linuxmodder: Sorry, but you don't exist
01:59:03 <jflory7> o/
01:59:05 <jflory7> #chair wrnash
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01:59:06 <linuxmodder> .hello corey84
01:59:07 <zodbot> linuxmodder: corey84 'Corey Sheldon' <sheldon.corey@gmail.com>
01:59:09 <jflory7> #chair linuxmodder
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01:59:37 <linuxmodder> cydrobolt,  you around?
02:00:00 <nb> .hello nb
02:00:01 <zodbot> nb: nb 'Nick Bebout' <nick@bebout.net>
02:00:02 <linuxmodder> danofsatx,  you around ?
02:00:12 <jflory7> #chair nb
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02:01:17 <linuxmodder> welcome nb
02:01:38 <jflory7> Evening all!
02:01:47 <jflory7> As a reminder, Andrew is unable to make it to tonight's meeting
02:01:48 <nb> linuxmodder, .hello yourfasusername
02:02:02 <linuxmodder> nb, fas is  corey84
02:02:06 <nb> oh you did
02:02:07 <linuxmodder> irc is linuxmodder
02:02:08 <nb> nevermind sorry
02:02:26 <jflory7> We'll wait around a few more minutes for some others to show up.
02:02:31 <nb> kk4ewt, ping
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02:02:32 <nb> Southern_Gentlem, ping
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02:02:49 <linuxmodder> this hour is kk4ewt  jflory7
02:03:03 <linuxmodder> work hours is  southern   after hours is kk
02:03:07 <nb> true
02:03:10 <cydrobolt> hey all
02:03:15 <jflory7> cydrobolt: o/
02:03:18 <jflory7> #chair cydrobolt
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02:03:22 <nb> hi
02:03:28 <cydrobolt> o/ jflory7
02:03:37 <linuxmodder> cydrobolt,  evening
02:04:14 <cydrobolt> linuxmodder, evening
02:04:50 <jflory7> Let's go ahead and get rolling
02:04:51 <jflory7> #topic === Announcements ===
02:04:59 <jflory7> I have three announcements to share:
02:05:41 <jflory7> #info decause recently attended the Women in Technology, New York event in January. He wrote an event report on the Community Blog documenting the event.
02:05:43 <jflory7> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/witny-2016-event-report/
02:06:30 <jflory7> #info Today, new announcements were made about Flock 2016 talk submissions and lodging info. If you are considering going to Flock 2016 this year, please read more about the latest announcement.
02:06:31 <jflory7> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/flock-2016-update-submissions-and-lodging/
02:06:42 <jflory7> And lastly:
02:07:08 <decause> .hello decause
02:07:09 <zodbot> decause: decause 'Remy DeCausemaker' <decause@redhat.com>
02:07:39 <jflory7> #info BrickHack 2016 now has a badge designed for the event. This badge will be awarded to anyone who walks up to the booth and scans a QR code. Using this, it will be easy to track how many students at the hackathon have FAS accounts (and see if they continue to contribute to Fedora after BrickHack)
02:07:42 <jflory7> #link https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/brickhack-2016-attendee
02:07:47 <jflory7> That's all the announcements from me.
02:07:52 <jflory7> Anyone else have anything to add?
02:07:58 <cydrobolt> hey decause
02:08:02 <jflory7> #chair decause
02:08:02 <zodbot> Current chairs: cydrobolt decause jflory7 linuxmodder nb wrnash
02:08:05 <nb> ANNOUNCEMENT: Pens have arrived at the residence of StabbyMc
02:08:09 <nb> :)
02:08:12 <cydrobolt> nb, :)
02:08:15 <nb> we still haven't paid for them
02:08:18 <nb> but they have arrived
02:08:31 <nb> I will be sending him labels to ship them to me and paradoxguitarist and jbwillia
02:08:57 <jflory7> #info Fedora pens have also arrived at StabbyMc's residence – these will be sent to nb, ParadoxGuitarist, and jbwillia for distribution soon.
02:09:06 <jflory7> nb++ Thanks for the info!
02:09:11 <jflory7> Any other announcements?
02:09:17 <decause> nb: I think I have found a way to pay for these
02:09:26 <decause> nb: can you send me the vendor info plz
02:10:00 <jflory7> Final call for announcements, going once--
02:10:10 <jflory7> Going twice--
02:10:15 <jflory7> Going thrice--
02:10:20 <jflory7> #topic === Tickets ===
02:10:27 <jflory7> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
02:10:35 <jflory7> Tonight's meeting is pretty full of tickets, we'll have a lot to cover
02:10:54 <nb> decause, yes, thanks
02:11:07 <jflory7> Some of these tickets may be best to skip over since we have discussed them in the past (e.g. OSCON and Campus Ambassadors). Before going further with tickets, does anyone have objections to skipping over those two tickets?
02:11:11 <jflory7> The links for those two are:
02:11:18 <jflory7> .famnaticket 119
02:11:19 <zodbot> jflory7: #119 (OSCON 2016 booth) – FAmNA General Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/119
02:11:23 <jflory7> .famnaticket 123
02:11:24 <zodbot> jflory7: #123 (Reviving the Campus Ambassador program) – FAmNA General Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/123
02:11:42 <nb> decause, what is the best email address for you?
02:11:42 <jflory7> Any objections to resuming these tickets at a later meeting?
02:11:48 * nb has 4 different ones in my mail client apparently
02:11:58 * nb agrees with skipping those two
02:12:04 * cydrobolt is ok with that
02:12:08 <wrnash> No issues with me
02:12:21 <jflory7> Okay then -- I think we'll move on to the other four tickets then.
02:12:42 <jflory7> #info Tickets #119 and #123 have been discussed at prior meeting -- we are skipping those tonight to focus on the other four tickets
02:12:42 <decause> nb: decause@redhat
02:12:50 <nb> decause, ok
02:12:50 <jflory7> First ticket on for tonight:
02:12:57 <jflory7> .famnaticket 122
02:12:59 <zodbot> jflory7: #122 (Banners for SCALE14x) – FAmNA General Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/122
02:13:15 <jflory7> Hmm... doesn't appear juggler is around tonight.
02:13:55 <jflory7> He mentioned his hours changed and he might be unable to make meetings for a while. Anyways, the plan for this was to have him ship the Fedora banner to me instead of Andrew so I could use it for BrickHack.
02:14:02 <jflory7> I believe he said Paradox is currently holding the banners
02:14:20 <nb> although I do have one more thing with the pens
02:14:22 <jflory7> Without either of them here, I'm not sure what else there is for us to discuss on this one
02:14:26 <jflory7> nb: Sure, go ahead
02:14:29 <nb> they sent us invoice for 3k pens, which is about $1,400
02:14:38 <nb> and it looks like they probably sent stabbymc 3k pens
02:14:56 <nb> which will I think cause a problem with decause paying for them since it's over 1k
02:15:04 <nb> although we only told him to order 2k pens for $990
02:15:13 <nb> I emailed the vendor back, but haven't heard from them yet
02:15:18 <nb> it was a day or two ago that I emailed them
02:16:16 <jflory7> Oh, and for Ticket #122, I think we should also skip over unless Paradox or juggler are able to attend tonight. Otherwise I'll work on this over the next week with them
02:16:35 <cydrobolt> +1
02:16:43 <jflory7> +1
02:17:15 <wrnash> +1
02:17:43 <jflory7> nb: Once we hear back, definitely should get that on decause's radar
02:18:16 <nb> jflory7, i just emailed him the vendor's info
02:18:47 <decause> nb: that is a problem
02:18:53 <decause> I cannot pay for more than 1K
02:18:57 <decause> ...
02:19:01 <decause> how did that happen
02:19:21 <decause> well, that changes things...
02:19:23 <nb> decause, apparently even though I told them to order 2k for $990, he sent us 3k for approx $1,400
02:19:37 <nb> I have the emails saved where I specifically told him we had to stay under $1k
02:19:40 <decause> that requires a PO, I can't even go out of pocket for that
02:20:08 <jflory7> #info Ticket #122: Need ParadoxGuitarist or juggler to discuss details on getting Fedora banner shipped; if neither make it later tonight, jflory7 will work with them on getting the details finished
02:20:15 <nb> decause, I'll email the vendor again
02:20:27 <decause> nb: I'm going to open an email loop with jzb and ruth. It does not seem like we're going to get this done before the end of Q4 though
02:20:34 <decause> maybe
02:20:42 <decause> I am not sure how this works, so we gotta ask now
02:21:00 <decause> I was granted permission to use my personal card to make it happen just this one time as long as it was under 1K
02:21:08 <decause> so I dunno what to tell you folks now :/
02:21:23 <decause> sorry
02:21:37 <nb> decause, I'll try to call vendor tomorrow
02:21:39 <decause> nb: can you send me whatever invoice you have, and cc jzb and ruth plz
02:21:55 <nb> They didn't answer my email i sent a day or two ago
02:22:05 <nb> decause, yeah, i'll send it to all of you
02:22:06 <decause> did you send the invoice? Ruth is still out of the country
02:22:13 <decause> send it to me, I'll forward it on
02:22:16 <nb> I just sent it to you a few minutes ago
02:22:19 <decause> ok
02:22:28 * nb had sent an email to the vendor a day or two ago when i got the invoice
02:22:32 <nb> saying hey, we didn't order this many
02:22:45 <nb> we ordered 3k last time, but that was before finance changed from 2k limit to the 1k limit they have now
02:24:18 <jflory7> Best thing to do I think is call the vendor ASAP tomorrow and see if we can get this sorted. Sounds like you two will be in close contact tomorrow for that. Should we press on to the next ticket?
02:24:34 <nb> I just emailed vendor again
02:24:44 <nb> jflory7, yeah, go ahead and move on
02:24:48 <jflory7> Alrighty.
02:24:49 * nb will be in contact with decause
02:24:55 <jflory7> .famnaticket 140
02:24:56 <zodbot> jflory7: #140 (Ordering new stickers for the region) – FAmNA General Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/140
02:25:20 <jflory7> Note: This ticket is going to more planning for the future -- this is likely going to be in the next quarter.
02:25:28 <decause> nb: saw the email
02:25:31 <jflory7> But we have price and quantity comparisons in that ticket for sticker vendors.
02:25:40 <nb> yeah
02:25:59 * nb proposes we order 7,000 stickers (~$1000) from unixstickers.  A mix of just the infinity logo and the fedora+infinity logo ones
02:26:04 <jflory7> If you all will take a look at the sticker vendors in the ticket, we can take a vote on which vendor we want to go with for the next quarter.
02:26:17 * nb has heard spot has said the quality is very good and i think it would be nice to go with our partner
02:26:20 <cydrobolt> nb, I like that idea
02:26:21 <jflory7> The best two options definitely seem to be either UnixStickers and Costco.
02:26:29 <jflory7> Yes, UnixStickers is also our partner
02:26:30 <juggler> o/
02:26:35 <jflory7> #chair juggler
02:26:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: cydrobolt decause jflory7 juggler linuxmodder nb wrnash
02:26:41 <nb> they are slightly more expensive than costco, but I think we should go with unixstickers anyway
02:26:47 * juggler was stuck in traffic, grr..
02:26:49 <jflory7> Evening, juggler! We have a specific item to discuss with you about the banners, we'll jump back to it after this ticket.
02:27:00 <jflory7> juggler: For now, take a look here: https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/140
02:27:09 <jflory7> We're discussing our sticker vendor for next quarter
02:27:44 <juggler> ah
02:27:53 <jflory7> I think UnixStickers is probably the best choice as well. It would be nice to support our partner and we also have known feedback on the sticker quality.
02:28:07 <cydrobolt> jflory7, I like unixstickers better than costco
02:28:12 <nb> juggler, i proposed we go with 7k stickers for approx $1k (not to exceed $1,000).  mix of the normal infinity logo we usually get, plus fedora+infinity log
02:28:19 <jflory7> I think we can go ahead and put it to vote, then
02:28:25 <jflory7> Yes, important detail about what stickers we're ordering
02:28:38 <nb> aka fedora_infinity.svg and fedora_logo.svg
02:28:47 <jflory7> 3,500 will be just the teardrop, infinity logo, the other 3,500 would be the full logo with text and infinity bubble at the end
02:28:48 <nb> if you are looking at the logos on the fedora logo guidelines page
02:28:50 <juggler> is unixstickers = stickermule or are they two different companies?
02:28:57 <jflory7> juggler: Different companies, I believe.
02:29:01 <decause> juggler: they are different, yes
02:29:06 <juggler> ah
02:29:37 <juggler> i haven't worked with stickermule, but they (along with unixstickers) provided stickers to SCaLE. something to consider, maybe?
02:29:46 <juggler> my 2 cents :)
02:29:52 * decause has gone with stickermule in the past
02:29:56 <decause> the quality was very good
02:30:06 <decause> Unixstickers will likely give us the best deal though
02:30:06 <jflory7> juggler: I think cydrobolt got a quote from StickerMule?
02:30:12 <decause> I /think/ someone did pricing with them already
02:30:13 <jflory7> I can't remember if that was who he checked with or not
02:30:52 <juggler> do the pricequotes include prices for a keycap replacer sticker?
02:31:01 <nb> decause, unixstickers said they would normally produce about 5k stickers for 1,000 but they'd give us 7k since we were a partner
02:31:03 <jflory7> juggler: They do not.
02:31:09 <juggler> ok, just a thought
02:31:18 <cydrobolt> I did
02:31:24 <cydrobolt> Stickermule is rather expensive
02:31:30 <juggler> a few folks want to do away with their key-of-shame lol
02:31:32 <jflory7> juggler: We may already have some, I know nb said we have plenty of case stickers
02:31:34 <cydrobolt> I think only ~3k for $1k?
02:31:43 <nb> jflory7, we do not have keyboard stickers
02:31:47 <nb> we haven't had them in years
02:31:48 <juggler> not a case sticker...a sticker that covers the winkey
02:31:50 <jflory7> cydrobolt: Okay, that's what I thought -- thanks for clarifying.
02:32:00 <jflory7> nb: Maybe a good idea to see if we can do a three-way split?
02:32:12 <nb> jflory7, how about go ahead and order the reg stickers
02:32:16 <nb> order keyboard stickers later?
02:32:22 <juggler> correction, WIN-key (!)
02:32:30 <nb> not much later, but a separate order
02:32:33 <nb> then we can get more
02:32:41 <jflory7> Sounds good to me, for now
02:32:43 <nb> since i think our problem usually is the being able to pay for it, not the finding budget
02:32:55 <jflory7> We can stick with the original proposed order of 50% full logo, 50% infinity
02:33:01 <nb> jflory7, +1
02:33:03 <jflory7> With this in mind, I think we can put this to vote:
02:33:14 * nb definately woul like keyboard stickers, but in a separate order
02:33:25 <jflory7> All in favor of ordering 3,500 full logo stickers, 3,500 infinity stickers from UnixStickers.com for ~1k?
02:33:26 <jflory7> +1
02:33:30 <nb> +1
02:33:32 <wrnash> +1
02:33:48 <juggler> +1
02:34:02 <cydrobolt> +1
02:34:16 <jflory7> #agreed For our next sticker order, we will go with UnixStickers, a partner of Fedora, for 3,500 infinity stickers and 3,500 full logo stickers for just under $1,000
02:34:19 * nb would plan on this being in Q1 and jflory7 coordinate with unixstickers and rsuehle to get them paid for.
02:34:35 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Update Ticket #140 with chosen ticket vendor, follow up with UnixStickers.com tonight
02:34:40 <nb> since ruth will be back then and can pay with her red hat cc
02:34:52 <jflory7> Sounds like a plan to me for now.
02:34:55 <jflory7> Let's move onto the next ticket
02:34:58 <jflory7> This one should be quick
02:35:06 <jflory7> .famnaticket 141
02:35:08 <zodbot> jflory7: #141 (What groups should have permissions to FAmNA trac?) – FAmNA General Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/141
02:35:13 <decause> please make sure it is under $1K plz
02:35:14 <jflory7> This one has some info behind it.
02:35:18 <nb> decause, yeah
02:35:21 <jflory7> decause++
02:35:36 <jflory7> The past few weeks, the FAmNA Trac has been dealing with constant spambots making tickets
02:35:52 <nb> jflory7, make sure unixstickers understands final invoice must be $999 or under
02:35:54 <nb> plz
02:36:07 * nb proposes you must be in ambassadors group to file ticket in FAmNA trac
02:36:12 <nb> and famnarequests trac
02:36:19 <jflory7> To stop these bots, danofsatx found a way to limit filing tickets to FAS groups
02:36:26 <cydrobolt> jflory7, oh, good
02:36:26 <nb> we occasionally have tickets from other special requests, but they could be handled via email
02:36:29 <jflory7> He limited it to membership in the Ambassadors group only
02:36:30 <cydrobolt> that could help a great deal
02:36:38 <jflory7> The idea was if we wanted to add any other groups to the list
02:36:42 <cydrobolt> ambassadors
02:36:45 <cydrobolt> or we could do CLA+1?
02:36:46 <jflory7> The only one I could think of was Campus Ambassadors.
02:36:56 <jflory7> cydrobolt: Oh, hmmm... I'm not sure if we can do CLA+1
02:37:02 <cydrobolt> oh, hmmm
02:37:08 <nb> cydrobolt, can't easily do CLA+1
02:37:12 <cydrobolt> let's do only ambassadors, then.
02:37:16 <nb> add campusamb sounds good
02:37:19 <jflory7> I forgot what exactly danofsatx did. I'm not sure if we could use a wild card or if he explicitly stated the Ambassadors group
02:37:36 <jflory7> So, to make this a quick resolution, here's what I propose:
02:38:02 <jflory7> We agree to keep the limitation in place to be a member of the Ambassadors FAS group to file a Trac ticket, but Campus Ambassadors should also be added for permissions to create a ticket
02:38:03 <jflory7> +1
02:38:22 <juggler> +1
02:38:34 <cydrobolt> +1
02:38:37 <wrnash> +1
02:38:47 <nb> have we made sure that it works for non-admin ambassadors?
02:38:48 <juggler> unbelievable that ppl are writing ticketbots...*shakes head*
02:38:56 * nb is not sure from what i saw in the admin panel
02:39:02 <jflory7> decause, nb: Yes, I will definitely definitely make sure UnixStickers understands it needs to be under $1k
02:39:04 <jflory7> nb: We did test it.
02:39:11 <nb> jflory7, oh ok
02:39:21 <cydrobolt> this spambot situation reminds me of ole' phpbb
02:39:25 <jflory7> juggler: Yeah, we were surprised to.
02:39:33 <jflory7> #agreed We agree to keep the limitation in place to be a member of the Ambassadors FAS group to file a Trac ticket, but Campus Ambassadors should also be added for permissions to create a ticket
02:39:39 <jflory7> #nick danofsatx
02:39:48 <nb> jflory7, i will add campusamb now
02:40:00 <jflory7> nb: Perfect! Was about to action danofsatx, but if you can do it, go for it :)
02:40:11 <jflory7> With that, let's hit the final ticket
02:40:15 <jflory7> .famnaticket 131
02:40:16 <zodbot> jflory7: #131 (BrickHack 2016) – FAmNA General Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/131
02:40:25 <cydrobolt> jflory7, are we going over bitcamp today?
02:40:28 <jflory7> There is some new info on this ticket
02:40:35 <jflory7> cydrobolt: Oh, shoot, link me to the ticket really fast, please
02:40:38 <jflory7> I'll add it it in
02:40:42 <cydrobolt> one sec
02:41:18 * decause will def be at brickhacks
02:41:24 <decause> just booked a ticket
02:41:46 <jflory7> #info Ticket 131: BrickHack planning is in progress. A badge was created for attendees to scan. Fedora logo added to BrickHack site. Planning for Open Source category is in progress. However, discussion about prizes from Fedora needs to happen tonight.
02:41:58 <jflory7> decause++ I'll update your status on the wiki :)
02:42:05 <cydrobolt> jflory7, https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/139
02:42:06 <nb> #info permission for campusambassadors added
02:42:40 <jflory7> So, if you look at the ticket for BrickHack, you'll see there's a lot of new comments
02:42:53 <jflory7> As the Open Source category sponsor, we are expected to provide prizes for participants
02:43:15 <jflory7> I contacted jsmith earlier today about seeing if Bluehost could provide free hosting plans, and they are able to do that
02:43:30 <jflory7> So we will have free Bluehost plan(s) to award to participants
02:43:36 <jflory7> However, we should also get some physical prizes
02:43:43 <jflory7> A few suggestions are listed in the ticket right now.
02:43:50 <nb> jflory7, how much $$ do you think you will need?
02:43:56 <jflory7> However, the list of items could grow or expand as we get a little closer to the event.
02:44:01 <jflory7> nb: That's what I was hoping to discuss.
02:44:11 <jflory7> I'm thinking maybe a ballpark estimate of $200 just for prize funds
02:44:30 * nb proposes allow $250 for prize items
02:44:30 <jflory7> This could for Raspberry Pis, maker boxes, and other open source-oriented prizes and goodies
02:44:40 <jflory7> nb: I have no disagreement with that
02:44:59 <nb> with the provision that jflory7 may ask for more if needed, but try to stay at that amount
02:45:21 <jflory7> I think it's a good limit to start with
02:45:44 <jflory7> Does anyone else have any comments on a prize budget proposal or maybe some specific prizes we could give out for the event before we go to voting?
02:46:04 <nb> how many prizes do we need?
02:46:25 <jflory7> nb: It depends on what quantity of which things we order.
02:46:37 <jflory7> decause and I have been discussing some potential prize additions too
02:46:42 <jflory7> But we're still playing with options
02:46:48 <jflory7> For now, it's safe to say a few Raspberry Pis
02:46:51 <cydrobolt> jflory7, in regards to these prizes
02:46:55 <juggler> for small prizes, stylus pen combos and flashlights were a hot item at SCaLE
02:47:16 <cydrobolt> I think it would be good to limit them to a smaller number, and to not overestimate the amount of contributions/participants
02:47:37 <jflory7> We're also trying to see if we can get some promotional materials around The Open Organization and maybe more? Depends on how things go with planning with a few contacts at RIT as well.
02:47:50 <cydrobolt> From what I've seen personally in past hackathons, people are more enticed by one small bigger prize than prizes that are distributed
02:48:03 <nb> cydrobolt, good point
02:48:09 <jflory7> cydrobolt: Right. decause and I also discussed and we think it would be better to provide Fedora as an option for people to hack onto but not to solely limit that as the scope of the entire category
02:48:20 <nb> true
02:48:25 * nb doesn't think we should limit to just fedora
02:48:44 <jflory7> Yeah. So some of the rules listed in the ticket now will be rewritten to reflect that.
02:48:54 <jflory7> I'm in the process of helping work on that part.
02:48:54 <cydrobolt> Especially at a hackathon of ~400, I often see a lot of people with 1) no hack 2) no interest/capability to participate in sponsor prizes
02:49:20 <cydrobolt> Despite this, I think it's a really awesome idea to promote Fedora and attempt to get more people interested
02:49:26 <jflory7> cydrobolt: Any ideas on a big ticket prize we could maybe snag for ~$150-$200?
02:49:37 <jflory7> I like the idea of a big ticket prize to draw people in too
02:49:49 <jflory7> We'll also have the Bluehost plan(s) to give away too
02:49:50 <cydrobolt> jflory7, silly prizes/attention-getters also catch people's eye
02:50:04 <cydrobolt> I know that a certain organisation gives people large amounts of tacos for their sponsor prizes each time
02:50:06 <jflory7> I agree, but I've had a hard time brainstorming specific ideas for some. :)
02:50:07 <jflory7> Oh!
02:50:23 * nb wonders if we could make a "brickhack winner" badge
02:50:30 <jflory7> There was one decause was going to see if we could acquire, it's a company run by a former RIT alumni. http://thimble.io/
02:50:36 <jflory7> nb: ...that would be cool!
02:50:56 <decause> nb: yes, that would be very very cool
02:51:01 <nb> maybe the current brickhack badge + a ribbon on top
02:51:03 <nb> or something
02:51:04 <juggler> yeah for brickhack, would it be possible to make a flockroom for day-tracks maybe?
02:51:10 <cydrobolt> jflory7, oh!
02:51:18 <cydrobolt> I've met the Hackster person at HackRU before!
02:51:22 <nb> If someone could design it, i can push it
02:51:26 <nb> (or decause can too)
02:51:36 * nb just got badges access today :)
02:51:42 <decause> nb++
02:51:46 <jflory7> nb: I might be able to spin something up
02:51:49 <juggler> nb++
02:51:49 <zodbot> juggler: Karma for nb changed to 20 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
02:51:51 <jflory7> I did my first badge for the BrickHack one :P
02:51:53 <decause> threebean was looking for folks to help pick up the slack, so good on you
02:51:59 <nb> jflory7, i shiould give you the badge artist one
02:52:05 <wrnash> What about  something like
02:52:06 <wrnash> http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/ijgi/
02:52:07 <nb> although i think riecatnor normally awards it
02:52:29 <cydrobolt> decause, you can direct him to me too ;)
02:53:02 <jflory7> nb: Oh, yeah, I forgot about that -- is it a manually awarded badge?
02:53:08 <nb> yes
02:53:17 <nb> riecatnor normally does it i think
02:53:22 <nb> but i'm trying to look up the badge name
02:53:42 <cydrobolt> jflory7, in terms of hacking on Fedora at BrickHacks, I'll keep an eye out over the weekend and help merge/provide feedback to items
02:53:46 <jflory7> nb: https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/apprentice-badge-artist-i https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/badge-muse-badges-released-i ?
02:53:59 <jflory7> cydrobolt: That would be *awesome*
02:54:00 <nb> aha
02:54:23 <jflory7> Okay, so we have five minutes left for this meeting... let's put the budget provision to vote.
02:54:58 <jflory7> Proposed: Add an additional $250.00 to the proposed budget for prizes to give to BrickHack winning participants in the Open Source category (prizes to be decided soon)
02:55:11 <nb> jflory7,
02:55:11 <nb> You awarded apprentice-badge-artist-i to jflory7@fedoraproject.org
02:55:29 * nb may be able to go to brickhack but need budget if i do go
02:55:35 <jflory7> nb: Excellent -- think you could do the Badge Muse I too? :)
02:55:35 * nb is still trying to figure out if i can
02:55:41 <nb> jflory7, yrah, in a few minutes
02:55:52 <nb> plane ticket would be $500-600.  plus hotel
02:55:56 <jflory7> nb: Okay, sounds good... do you think you could put together how much you think it would cost for you to travel on the wiki page?
02:56:18 <nb> jflory7, yeah, i can add it, i was waiting until i figured out for sure if i was going
02:56:19 <jflory7> nb: Ahh, good -- if we can have an approximate number for you by Monday morning, that would be best
02:56:27 <jflory7> sounds good.
02:56:34 <nb> but i would like to get approval tonight so i can make plans for sure
02:56:46 <jflory7> Okay, so let's vote on two things then:
02:57:04 <jflory7> Proposed: Add an additional $250.00 to the proposed budget for prizes to give to BrickHack winning participants in the Open Source category (prizes to be decided soon); also approving travel expenses for nb to attend BrickHack, schedule permitting
02:57:10 <jflory7> +1
02:57:14 <wrnash> +1
02:57:25 <nb> +1 to brickhack prizes, I abstain from voting for my own travel :)
02:57:42 <juggler> +1
02:57:47 <jflory7> #action jflory7 / nb Look into creating a "BrickHack Winner" badge to give to participants
02:57:52 <cydrobolt> +1
02:58:02 <wrnash> +1
02:58:25 <cydrobolt> nb, where are you flying in from?
02:58:29 <nb> cydrobolt, evv
02:58:50 <cprofitt> BrickHack conversation?
02:58:52 <nb> not that much flight options, plus scheduling won't let me pick the cheapest which would be $450 or so
02:58:54 <jflory7> #agreed Add an additional $250.00 to the proposed budget for prizes to give to BrickHack winning participants in the Open Source category (prizes to be decided soon); also approving travel expenses for nb to attend BrickHack, schedule permitting
02:58:55 <nb> cprofitt, yes
02:59:16 <nb> cprofitt, current proposal is to approve $250 for brickhack prizes and approve $500-600 for my flight and to pay for my hotel
02:59:16 <jflory7> nb: Can you definitely get that ballpark estimate added to the wiki as soon as possible?
02:59:22 <nb> jflory7, yeah, will do that now
02:59:25 * masta looks in
02:59:29 <nb> and will figure out in the next few days if i am going for sure
02:59:30 <masta> hey gang, sry late
02:59:40 <jflory7> nb: I can't say for sure we will get it approved but having a total net number for your expenses will definitely need to be there first thing Monday
02:59:46 <juggler> heading out shortly here for my next meeting
02:59:57 <jflory7> cprofitt: Hi! We just finished on discussing  BrickHack. I can get you up to speed in a minute, though.
03:00:00 <juggler> not sure if my reimbursement ticket has gone through, but i hope it does...
03:00:04 <jflory7> That's all the tickets for tonight...
03:00:07 <jflory7> #topic Open Floor
03:00:11 <cydrobolt> nb, try skiplagged
03:00:14 <cydrobolt> jflory7, can we go over bitcamp
03:00:22 <jflory7> cydrobolt: Oh, shoot, I forgot
03:00:23 <jflory7> #undo
03:00:23 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Topic object at 0x1927a950>
03:00:48 <nb> jflory7, i thought we just got it approved?
03:00:48 <jflory7> .famnaticket 139
03:00:50 <zodbot> jflory7: #139 (Bitcamp 2016 Spring Sponsorship Funds) – FAmNA General Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/139
03:00:52 * nb is confused
03:01:07 <jflory7> nb: We were actually going to vote on Bitcamp tonight... we deferred it last week.
03:01:15 <jflory7> cydrobolt: When is our first deadline?
03:01:15 <juggler> good seeing you all. i'll leave my IRC light on for you for any addl msgs. good night!
03:01:21 <jflory7> I'm wondering if we can fit this into next week
03:01:29 <jflory7> juggler: Have a good rest of your evening!
03:01:39 <jflory7> #chair mailga
03:01:39 <zodbot> Current chairs: cydrobolt decause jflory7 juggler linuxmodder mailga nb wrnash
03:01:41 <jflory7> #unchair mailga
03:01:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: cydrobolt decause jflory7 juggler linuxmodder nb wrnash
03:01:43 <jflory7> #chair masta
03:01:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: cydrobolt decause jflory7 juggler linuxmodder masta nb wrnash
03:01:45 <cydrobolt> jflory7, I'm trying to get things set more concretely if possible
03:01:53 <juggler> likewise jflory7!
03:01:56 <jflory7> masta: Hey there! We're about to close out in a bit. :P
03:01:59 <nb> jflory7, oh, i thought you were talking about my travel for brickhack
03:02:09 <masta> jflory7, ok, I'll read the logs
03:02:19 <nb> when you said you can't say for sure we will get it approved
03:02:25 * nb shuts up so we can move on to bitcamp :)
03:02:49 <jflory7> nb: Oh -- I mean to say that I'm not sure on final details for the budget... can discuss in main channel afterwards with you.
03:02:53 <cydrobolt> jflory7, I'm hoping that we could talk about Bitcamp tonight so that I can take a look at HackRU otherwise :)
03:03:19 <cydrobolt> We discussed Bitcamp last week, but we didn't vote on it that time
03:03:24 <nb> jflory7, ok
03:03:38 <cydrobolt> Here is the wiki article: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Bitcamp_Spring_2016
03:04:22 <jflory7> Let's make this our final item tonight before closing out.
03:04:36 <jflory7> cydrobolt: So we're looking at sponsoring the event for $1000 in total?
03:04:57 <cydrobolt> jflory7, right
03:05:20 <cydrobolt> Would we need to go through POs?
03:05:25 <cydrobolt> nb, ? ^
03:05:36 <nb> cydrobolt, probably need to ask decause
03:05:50 <nb> decause, is it $1000 and over requires PO, or "over $1,000"
03:05:54 <jflory7> You probably would
03:05:59 <nb> i.e. does $1,000 exactly require a PO
03:06:05 <jflory7> I would think, anyways
03:06:06 <cydrobolt> I can ask them about $999
03:06:16 <cydrobolt> It would probably not be an issue
03:06:23 <jflory7> cydrobolt: I think that might be a question for Ruth when she returns next week
03:06:23 <nb> cydrobolt, yeah, if they'd let us sponsor for $999 it'd make it easier probably :)
03:06:35 <jflory7> Probably not a bad idea to just vote on $999 for now.
03:06:49 <cydrobolt> Let's do $999
03:06:54 <cydrobolt> I think that would be fine
03:07:03 <jflory7> Okay, so let's put this to vote:
03:07:07 <nb> cydrobolt, your dates are wrong in ticket
03:07:18 <nb> +1 to $999 or
03:07:22 <nb> +1 to $999 or $1,000
03:07:25 <jflory7> FAmNA approves sponsorship of Bitcamp for a sponsorship cost of $999
03:07:27 <nb> whichever works best
03:07:29 <jflory7> +1
03:07:39 <masta> +1
03:07:39 <cydrobolt> +1
03:07:49 <wrnash> +1
03:07:52 <nb> cydrobolt, and dates on wiki say 2015
03:07:56 <nb> +1
03:08:02 <cprofitt> +1
03:08:03 <cydrobolt> nb, should be 2016, my bad!
03:08:24 <jflory7> I really think these kind of events are the type that we need to focus on... it's hard for me to really give a full +1 on this because I have no idea what the FAmNA budget is looking like for the next quarter, but regardless, I think these are the kind of events that have a large impact and that we can really show we are having an impact at
03:08:46 * nb thinks we can go ahead and approve it. budget always comes through
03:09:10 <nb> but i think this is important.  i think these type of events are better even sometimes than traditional linuxfests
03:09:23 <jflory7> A CommOps member recently put together some metrics about attendees at FOSDEM, over in Europe. She tracked the participation of the people who scanned the booth badge at FOSDEM, and she discovered they actually did have increased activity in Fedora after the event. Some of which were people with inactive accounts who came back to Fedora after FOSDEM.
03:09:52 <jflory7> *These* are the kind of things we need to be able to show from events. So, I justify my +1 on Bitcamp for these reasons, despite not having a real idea on the budgeting...
03:10:05 <jflory7> cydrobolt, that will definitely be a task for you to tackle on this one.
03:10:14 <jflory7> However, feel free to ping me for any help with the planning
03:10:27 <cydrobolt> jflory7, yeah
03:10:35 <jflory7> And the rest of FAmNA should be on the alert for the practices that are going into these events too
03:10:56 <jflory7> Tapping into our existing infrastructure, like badges, are great things for events
03:11:06 <jflory7> Anyways, I'll step off my soapbox now.
03:11:15 <jflory7> So, let's approve this and get on with our nights. :)
03:11:25 <cprofitt> jflory7 I agree we have to look at events... there are two types
03:11:26 <nb> #agreed $999 or $1,000 for Bitcamp sponsorship
03:11:28 <jflory7> #agreed Ticket #139: FAmNA approves sponsorship of Bitcamp for a sponsorship cost of $999
03:11:31 <jflory7> Whoops!
03:11:38 <nb> sorry
03:11:42 <cprofitt> 1) Linux / FOSS events
03:11:42 <jflory7> No worries :)
03:11:48 <nb> #undo
03:11:48 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: AGREED by jflory7 at 03:11:28 : Ticket #139: FAmNA approves sponsorship of Bitcamp for a sponsorship cost of $999
03:11:49 <nb> #undo
03:11:49 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: AGREED by nb at 03:11:26 : $999 or $1,000 for Bitcamp sponsorship
03:11:56 <nb> #agreed Ticket #139: FAmNA approves sponsorship of Bitcamp for a sponsorship cost of $999
03:11:58 <jflory7> #topic === Open Floor ===
03:12:00 <nb> i like yours better :)
03:12:11 <cprofitt> 2) Non Foss related events (security events, etc)
03:12:22 <jflory7> Works for me. :)
03:12:45 <jflory7> cprofitt: Hmmm... non-FOSS events?
03:12:52 <jflory7> I think security events are something we could make an impact at
03:12:54 <cydrobolt> jflory7, do we want to vote on travel too for Bitcamp?
03:13:03 <cydrobolt> or are we deferring that to later
03:13:19 <jflory7> We could potentially market some our lesser-known parts of Fedora too at these kind of things, like the Security Spin
03:13:29 <jflory7> cydrobolt: I think it might be best to get more definite numbers for travel first
03:13:33 <jflory7> Let's defer to next week on that
03:13:35 <cydrobolt> jflory7, good idea.
03:13:47 <jflory7> Okay. Anything else tonight from anyone?
03:13:59 <jflory7> +1 for closing?
03:14:25 <nb> +1
03:14:27 <cydrobolt> +1
03:14:29 <wrnash> +1
03:14:50 <cprofitt> +1
03:15:06 <jflory7> Alright -- I think we'll go ahead and close out. Some people also already headed out too. :)
03:15:10 <jflory7> Thanks for coming out tonight, all!
03:15:11 <jflory7> #endmeeting