20:00:21 <stickster> #startmeeting Flock software update
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20:00:27 <stickster> #meetingname flocksoftware
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20:00:54 <jwb> hellooooo
20:00:55 <stickster> mizmo: puiterwijk: jwb: ping
20:00:57 <stickster> #topic Roll call
20:01:01 <stickster> oh, sorry jwb
20:01:07 <jwb> did we get decause and/or jzb ?
20:01:21 <puiterwijk> stickster: pong
20:01:28 <jwb> and/or jen
20:01:52 * jwb is unaware of jen's irc nick
20:01:58 <stickster> jwb: I was about to ask just that.
20:02:42 <stickster> jwb: I think she's in Barcelona right now.
20:03:15 <stickster> #chair jwb puiterwijk
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20:03:27 <stickster> #topic Wiki page with software info/proposal
20:03:37 <jwb> pfft.  it's only 9pm there.  where is the dedication to this meeting that she is entirely unaware of?
20:03:45 <jwb> ;)
20:03:47 <stickster> ha
20:03:51 <misc> she is in pto too
20:04:12 <stickster> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Flock_2016_software
20:04:46 <stickster> I had a few minutes to put some info together and reorganize the page, so we could point Jen to it this coming week
20:05:00 <jwb> so there was one other thing i saw last week.  conflabby
20:06:09 <stickster> jwb: Is this the thing being run out of Brno?
20:06:19 <jwb> yeah, that
20:06:25 <stickster> I can't even find it on Google :-\
20:06:28 <jwb> i probably have the name wrong
20:07:12 <jwb> conflab
20:07:15 <jwb> http://blog.mlich.cz/2015/11/conflab-conference-management-system/
20:07:56 <jwb> i looked at it briefly
20:08:10 <stickster> jwb: It looks like a sched.org replacement, nothing else
20:08:21 <jwb> i don't think it's an actual replacement for what the plan is, but i found it curious that others are working in this space
20:08:30 <stickster> Wait, it also does volunteer and paper wrangling
20:08:36 <jwb> it might be beneficial to point puiterwijk and them at each other
20:09:28 <jwb> but they're looking at using it for devconf2016 too
20:09:50 <stickster> It looks like there's only a bit of crossover, and it would be cool if these pieces built on each other
20:10:35 <stickster> puiterwijk: Do you want to get in touch with Josef about this?  I think I do recall hearing about it a year ago but there was no code or plan at the time
20:11:04 <stickster> #link http://python-conflab.rhcloud.com/oa2015/sched/
20:11:16 <stickster> #info test site to see a recent installation
20:11:29 <puiterwijk> Maybe
20:11:59 <jwb> i am *really* interested in that "Your face is a saxophone" talk
20:12:59 <stickster> heh
20:13:01 <jwb> anyway.  sorry to derail.  i thought it was at least worth mentioning
20:13:05 <puiterwijk> I will probably end up contacting them. At earlieest next week because of some stuff
20:13:33 <stickster> jwb: Nah, good to see. It's nice they blogged about it so it was at least minimally visible
20:13:49 <stickster> There are obviously language issues vs. regcfp though
20:14:21 <jwb> yes
20:14:43 <stickster> But... not to rathole on that. Back to issue of the proposal. What I have here is sort of hastily thrown together. But I would like some ideas for other info that would be helpful for the organizers -- jwb, maybe you have some opinions there
20:16:30 <jwb> tracking of who needs subsidy, whether they got it, whether they need a visa or not and if they need a letter from us, etc
20:16:32 <stickster> I need to reorganize a bit to get things under the same headings... I was kind of reorganizing it as I went
20:17:21 <jwb> and primarily, the active email address for every person
20:19:05 <stickster> jwb: Can we get some of those onto the issues list at https://github.com/puiterwijk/GUADEC-regcfp/issues so Patrick can start scoping them?
20:19:12 <puiterwijk> jwb: for the visa tracking etc you can use custom fields. For subsidy management I'm coming together with GUADEC people over the weekend to hack on that. Active email address is provided by Persona.
20:19:48 <puiterwijk> (f you think the custom fields aren't powerful enough, please feel free to file RFEs, but I think they should be reasonably powerful)
20:19:57 <stickster> puiterwijk: That reminds me, did you get any interest/contacts for the hackfest as a result of the Fedora Magazine article I put up for you?
20:20:07 <stickster> er, commblog, sorry
20:20:15 <puiterwijk> stickster: I haven't seen anyone yet, but that doesn't mean nobody will show up in the channel :)
20:20:19 * puiterwijk is still hopeful
20:20:42 <jwb> yes, i can file some
20:20:57 <jwb> but it would be good to get Jen on-board asap as she'll be handling a lot of the logistics
20:21:06 <stickster> jwb: In case you haven't seen it, we can add any custom fields we like through a simple json config file
20:21:26 <stickster> there are options to keep the answers private, as well as required/optional
20:21:28 <jwb> i need to play with the test instance more too
20:21:32 <stickster> a couple other settings IIRC
20:22:00 <puiterwijk> Placeholder and default value as well
20:22:05 <stickster> right!
20:23:32 <stickster> puiterwijk: I did see an issue with /admin/list
20:23:44 <stickster> Maybe just a wrong link or something? I'll send you the paste of traceback
20:24:08 <stickster> This happens when I hit "List all registrations" at bottom
20:24:28 <puiterwijk> That looks like a wrong link yeah
20:24:31 <stickster> Ah, OK
20:24:44 <stickster> Sorry to sidetrack
20:24:51 <puiterwijk> No problem, that's good to know.
20:25:26 <stickster> #action jwb Wait for results of hackfest this coming weekend, then file issues for any remaining bits not yet done
20:25:57 <stickster> I don't see mizmo around today; she didn't send me any advance notice of stuff to look at
20:26:17 <jwb> it looks like some of the tickets cover what i said already anyway
20:26:20 <stickster> I think one issue is session voting, but we can't really do anything about that here in the app until we know what Flock staff decides
20:26:42 <stickster> jwb: Yeah, we filed some in a frenzy ahead of time, and Patrick proactively created some as well
20:27:21 <jwb> on voting, i don't think you have to wait too much... the basics will be the same.  we put out a CFP, whatever form that takes, people submit "things", people vote on them.
20:27:22 <stickster> wrt paper voting -- regcfp already has capability to let a specific group of people vote, so I think it can accommodate whatever the decision ends up being
20:28:07 <jwb> it might be nice for the "things" submitted to be sorted into specific categories (aka tracks or topics), but those can probably be labels or something?
20:28:32 <stickster> I will be filing some tickets with fedora-infra immediately -- puiterwijk, remind me if I'm wrong, but I think we at least need a RFR for the regcfp site itself, pointed to by register.flocktofedora.org -- and also moving the WP instance over to the infra cloud as wel?
20:28:37 <stickster> *well even
20:29:12 <puiterwijk> stickster: RFR depends on how we're going to host it. It would be possible to host it in the cloud or anything, but yeah, RFR is probably preferred
20:29:34 <puiterwijk> ("the cloud" -> "Fedora Infra Cloud")
20:29:39 <stickster> ^ yes, that
20:30:03 <puiterwijk> For infra cloud, an RFR is not needed
20:30:12 <stickster> I'll file -- I'm not particular about where, but it seems to me for a while we'll want to capability to do frequent updates of the application
20:30:27 <stickster> s/want to/want the/
20:30:46 <stickster> #topic Things left to do
20:30:46 <puiterwijk> Sure. Feel free to assign to me, and I'll see how to deal with it
20:31:15 <stickster> #action stickster file Fedora infra RFR ticket for the regcfp app
20:32:07 <stickster> As for the WordPress instance -- just a normal ticket? I think we might want to start from scratch in this case because the existing "theme" plugin is quite intrusive (thus the quotes, it's super-hacky and ugly)
20:32:49 <jwb> i'm wondering how much content we really have
20:33:09 <stickster> jwb: It's not much -- we mainly need front page material, but also blocks of content we can juggle there as things happen
20:33:23 <jwb> right.  most of it is static
20:33:29 <jwb> i'm wondering if WP is really needed
20:33:33 <jwb> because it was a PITA
20:33:34 <stickster> Those are useful *functions* of that old theme, but finding them is difficult at best, and the theme is horrible
20:33:46 <stickster> jwb: Perhaps not, and we can manage via a simple web repo?
20:33:55 <jwb> that is my thought
20:33:57 <stickster> I'm totally OK with that
20:34:14 <jwb> get ryanlerch or someone with web design skillz to make a nice static site
20:34:16 <stickster> jwb: Hey, you may be even more of a genius -- that would make translation possible too.
20:34:17 <puiterwijk> I would be in favor of a web repo if you don't need wordpress, given the impact of running that
20:34:37 <stickster> Of course, that means I should update the proposal, but happy to do so ;-)
20:34:47 <jwb> the only real nicety would be sched.org integration.. but i'm not sure it's a requirement beyond "here's a link"
20:35:24 <stickster> jwb: That's all we would have had otherwise. Or at best embed something in the site, although I think that raises some eyebrows wrt. security
20:35:48 <jwb> no, the existing WP site has a sched.org plugin that displays things
20:35:51 <puiterwijk> Depending on how you embed. iframe is pretty secure since the browser treats it as an entirely different website
20:35:59 <jwb> i only know because i'm the one that set it up the past 2 years
20:36:05 <stickster> oh nice
20:36:45 <jwb> anyway, i don't think that alone is enough to require WP
20:37:26 <jwb> and if the web repo is on github or something, i might even be able to contribute to it
20:37:41 <stickster> Agreed
20:37:52 <stickster> #agreed Let's move content to a simple web repo instead
20:38:25 <stickster> #action stickster Clear the plan with the Websites team and make a folder for it, then ask for some help with creating the site
20:38:33 <jwb> i just got my kids a "learn javascript" book.  i might even be able to do fancy stuff in a few weeks.  like embed a snake game or something
20:39:10 <stickster> :-)
20:39:27 <puiterwijk> jwb: well, if you know javascript, you can probably contribute to regcfp! :)
20:39:37 <stickster> #action stickster update proposal to use a static site rather than WP
20:39:46 <jwb> puiterwijk: not yet.  soon.  maybe.
20:39:47 <puiterwijk> NodeJS is nothing more than javascript with some standard (and non-standard) libraries
20:40:08 <stickster> jwb: It's probably easier than you think... I was looking at the code earlier myself
20:40:19 <stickster> puiterwijk: At a certain point code gets too easy and jwb's eyes glaze over
20:40:45 <puiterwijk> stickster: ah! Then I have some other more challenging pieces of code for him! :)
20:41:00 <stickster> <-- troublemaker
20:41:41 <stickster> Also, jwb can I ask you to invite Jen to the next meeting?  Just so I can give someone else an #action here :-)
20:42:07 * stickster proposing that since next week is Thanksgiving, this will be Thu Dec 3
20:42:08 <puiterwijk> stickster: you can #action me to get my back in gear and fix your tickets? :)
20:42:36 <stickster> #action puiterwijk Do some good work this weekend at the regcfp hackfest :-)
20:43:15 <jwb> stickster: yes
20:43:18 <stickster> #action jwb invite Jen to the next software meeting, 3pm EST (2000 UTC) Thu Dec 3
20:44:50 <stickster> OK, I set up the meeting int he calendar too.
20:44:57 <stickster> #topic All other business
20:45:02 <stickster> Anything else to discuss?
20:45:47 <jwb> i don't think so?
20:45:48 <jwb> oh
20:45:57 <jwb> will the test site be updated with the results of the hackfest?
20:46:08 <jwb> because if so... i'll wait to play around with it until after the weekend
20:46:19 <stickster> jwb: Yes -- I'm trusting puiterwijk will ping me after the festivities, and I'll git pull the restults.
20:46:23 <stickster> *results, even.
20:46:30 <jwb> ok
20:47:39 * stickster holds door for puiterwijk for 30sec more, too
20:47:53 <puiterwijk> Sure, will let you know.
20:48:02 <puiterwijk> Sorry, didn't have anything really to add that I could think of :)
20:48:14 <stickster> no problem, I guess that does it for us then!
20:48:18 <stickster> Thanks for coming folks :-)
20:48:20 <stickster> #endmeeting