06:00:42 <pravins> #startmeeting g11n
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06:00:47 <pravins> #meetingname g11n
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06:00:52 <pravins> #topic agenda and roll call
06:00:56 <pravins> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2015-11-11
06:01:03 <mkim> hi praiskup
06:01:08 <ueno> hi
06:01:11 <mkim> hi pravins
06:01:12 <mkim> :)
06:01:15 <pravins> hi mkim :)
06:01:18 <pravins> hi ueno :)
06:01:26 <praiskup> hi all ;)
06:01:27 <mkim> hi ueno-san
06:01:40 <pravins> praiskup: hey !!  :)
06:01:45 <epico> hi
06:02:03 <pravins> #chair mkim ueno epico
06:02:03 <zodbot> Current chairs: epico mkim pravins ueno
06:02:07 <pravins> hi epico :)
06:02:42 <pravins> Its Diwali holiday in India today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali
06:03:00 <pravins> So may be Parag and Sundeep will be away today.
06:03:17 <pravins> while other joins lets get started
06:03:20 <juhp> hi
06:03:24 <pravins> hi juhp :)
06:03:27 <pravins> #chair juhp
06:03:27 <zodbot> Current chairs: epico juhp mkim pravins ueno
06:03:56 <fujiwarat> hi
06:04:13 <pravins> Lets me start with thanking you all for making your self available for G11N FAD in Tokyo last week
06:04:54 <pravins> Its excellent time with you all both professionally as well as personnel :)
06:04:57 <pravins> hi fujiwarat :)
06:04:59 <pravins> #chair fujiwarat
06:05:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: epico fujiwarat juhp mkim pravins ueno
06:05:46 <pravins> I am very much confident now, to drive Fedora G11N activities faster with you all.
06:06:00 <pravins> lets start with agenda.
06:06:07 <pravins> #topic Upcoming schedule
06:06:14 <pravins> #info 2016-01-12 	Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (System Wide Changes)
06:06:14 <pravins> #info not scheduled yet 	Side Tag Builds Deadline
06:06:14 <pravins> #info not required 	Mass Rebuild
06:06:14 <pravins> #info 2016-02-02 	Branch Fedora 24 from Rawhide (Rawhide becomes future F25)
06:06:14 <pravins> #info 2016-02-16 	Alpha Freeze (*)
06:06:15 <pravins> #info 2016-02-16 	Software String Freeze
06:06:17 <pravins> #info 2016-02-16 	Change Checkpoint: Completion deadline (testable)
06:06:19 <pravins> #info 2016-02-16 	Bodhi activation point
06:06:48 <juhp> yes thanks for the great FAD event - it was very good and productive days we had
06:07:23 <pravins> +1
06:07:28 <mkim> juhp, +1
06:08:27 <pravins> From schedule perspective i think good if we do most of stuff before New year vacation, from last experience i saw we loose some momentum during that time ;)
06:09:10 <pravins> moving to next topic
06:09:15 <pravins> #topic New topics
06:09:24 <pravins> #info #43: G11N FAD in 2015 (pravins)
06:09:24 <pravins> #link https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/43
06:10:16 <tagoh_> hi
06:10:20 <pravins> hi tagoh_ :)
06:10:23 <pravins> #chair tagoh_
06:10:23 <zodbot> Current chairs: epico fujiwarat juhp mkim pravins tagoh_ ueno
06:11:20 <pravins> 1. Expense claims: Please start your expense claims soon.
06:11:44 <pravins> 2. Update your FAD report to your respective ticket.
06:12:01 <pravins> Anything more?
06:12:45 <pravins> I wrote one more blog on our second day
06:12:47 <pravins> #link http://pravin-s.blogspot.in/2015/11/globalization-fad-2nd-day-report.html
06:13:50 <pravins> i know i missed lots of things, hoping those will get covered in your personnel blog.
06:14:13 <pravins> We should write at least one post to http://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/
06:14:29 <pravins> It can be brief but should mention achievements and future plans.
06:15:11 <pravins> Lets collaborate on this??
06:16:26 <pravins> #action pravins to open shared document for creating post for Community blog of Fedora.
06:16:35 <pravins> Dunno should it be for Fedora magazine
06:17:36 <pravins> Any more queries on FAD?
06:18:03 <juhp> nice blog post
06:18:16 <pravins> thanks juhp :)
06:18:26 <pravins> i think you opened up Google+ for adding event photos?
06:19:04 <juhp> ah I guess we could collect some photos there
06:20:02 <pravins> i think link is shared with all
06:22:13 <pravins> moving to next topic
06:22:18 <pravins> #info #57: Fedora 24 change planing (pravins)
06:22:19 <pravins> #link https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/57
06:22:28 <pravins> I think here we can spend more time today
06:22:56 <pravins> We have already done planning in FAD. Thanks to juhp for insisting on it. :)
06:23:11 <pravins> #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/17LU-PmtuirbGd7wfxUuKTz7X6fsv82PVPgZaDELi4js/edit#heading=h.3gzh0ubdx8oy
06:24:23 <pravins> Will go only through i18n stuff today.
06:24:38 <pravins> #idea String Breakage monitoring (Jens, Akira)
06:24:54 <pravins> tagoh_: juhp any plan for this?
06:25:21 <juhp> I think we should do something definitely
06:25:40 <juhp> ideally it needs some infra though
06:25:50 <pravins> aha
06:25:58 <pravins> will it be change proposal?
06:26:13 <juhp> maybe need to consider scope - dunno if we can/should track all packages
06:26:27 <pravins> how about creating wiki with proposal?
06:26:40 <pravins> Then we can involve other stakeholders as well
06:26:43 <juhp> yeah Change proposal is probably a good idea
06:26:56 <pravins> yeah, solve both things Wiki with Change proposal :)
06:27:07 <juhp> can that include things not directly in the distro?
06:27:10 <pravins> +1
06:27:33 <tagoh_> or we could create a pilot script to watch packages and propose it once confirmed it works?
06:28:39 <juhp> sure
06:29:13 <pravins> yes
06:29:50 <pravins> It will be really interesting script.
06:29:55 * pravins excited.
06:30:34 <pravins> #idea Merge IBus fbterm into ibus core (Fujiwara)
06:30:49 <pravins> fujiwarat: it looks like change proposal, would you like to report one?
06:31:26 <juhp> fujiwarat, I was wondering though - why not just fork ibus-fbterm?
06:31:40 <juhp> does it really have to be in core?
06:35:23 <pravins> good point
06:35:57 <fujiwarat> juhp: ibus-fbterm is not maintained. its still code.google.com.
06:37:05 <juhp> fujiwarat, okay - so why not import it to github as a new project :)
06:38:12 <fujiwarat> juhp: Is it allowed? Also I"m not sure how the versions are managed in that case.
06:38:13 <pravins> it only issue if Google not maintaining it, forking is best option :)
06:38:41 <juhp> fujiwarat, have you contacted the author?
06:39:01 <fujiwarat> juhp: Of course no response.
06:39:05 <juhp> I see
06:39:25 <juhp> fujiwarat, then I don't see problem to fork to github and bump version?
06:39:46 <pravins> what is license?
06:39:48 <juhp> just wondering/don't see that unmaintained = needs to be merged into core :)
06:40:08 <juhp> but if there is good reason to merge.... I guess many ibus users don't need fbterm support though
06:40:52 <pravins> License     : GPLv3
06:40:59 <pravins> We can fork, no issues.
06:41:41 <pravins> If we are forking will it be Change proposal? dont think so.
06:41:57 <fujiwarat> juhp: That mean the multiple versions can exist by distro?
06:42:42 <juhp> fujiwarat, hm can't your newer version replace the older releases?
06:43:08 <juhp> I am not really seeing the problem, sorry
06:43:45 <juhp> or you mean other distro may fork too?
06:43:45 <fujiwarat> No response means I don't become the maintainers. Yeah, I just mind the version management.
06:43:53 <juhp> hmm
06:44:13 <juhp> I was hoping/assuming your maintained version would be considered new upstream
06:44:33 <juhp> couldn't it be in the github ibus org?
06:44:47 <pravins> yeah, we can even update existing Fedora package with your upstream fork.
06:45:08 <juhp> pravins, of course
06:45:41 <fujiwarat> zodbot whoowns fbterm
06:45:41 <zodbot> fujiwarat: lbazan
06:45:57 <juhp> fujiwarat, anyway that alone still doesn't seem a good reason to merge into core
06:46:39 <juhp> fujiwarat, or maybe you could contact the distro maintainers?
06:46:53 <tagoh_> to avoid availability of the different versions among distros, you could announce ibus-fbterm is forked at ibus list or so. that said, if it is available as a sort of plugins in ibus, it doesn't hurt so much even if users doesn't want to use I suppose.
06:47:06 <juhp> true
06:48:44 <pravins> IMHO we need good reason to merge it in ibus.
06:49:02 <fujiwarat> I'm including both fbterm and ibus-fbterm so not sure the announce at ibus list is enough.
06:49:03 <pravins> may be more easy to maintain, chance to get more contributors..
06:49:29 <pravins> more sync with ibus development cycle..etc.
06:50:08 <tagoh_> pravins: right
06:51:39 <pravins> so what you all think, should we go ahead with proposal?
06:52:52 * pravins afraid we will not able to discuss all ideas in today meeting.
06:53:05 <tagoh_> though how often fbterm is used these days, if it is well considered to avoid extra dependencies for users who don't need, I don't mind either honestly.
06:53:06 <pravins> may be move to next topic after this one.
06:54:31 <juhp> sure
06:55:04 <pravins> fujiwarat: i think good to drop email on i18n list and discuss this to list itself.
06:55:10 <pravins> good chance to get more views
06:55:28 <juhp> fujiwarat, I'm just trying to understand "why" :-)
06:55:56 <juhp> so fbterm will also be merged?
06:56:29 <juhp> fbterm is Linux only?
06:56:41 <fujiwarat> juhp: The main reason is the version management and lots of internal patches.
06:56:47 <juhp> I see
06:56:58 <fujiwarat> juhp: Yes, linux only.
06:57:33 <pravins> i think good to drop email on i18n list with open option and based on discussion decide in next meeting.
06:57:37 <juhp> fujiwarat, would fbterm become a build option then?
06:57:50 <pravins> aha
06:57:57 <juhp> pravins, let's move on then
06:58:18 <fujiwarat> juhp: What do you mean in the build option?
06:58:59 <juhp> fujiwarat, I mean if it will be built optionally?
06:59:00 <pravins> mean sub-package etc..
06:59:47 <fujiwarat> juhp: Ah, you mean ibus configure option. Yes, it's option and enabled by default.
06:59:52 <juhp> hm
07:00:01 <epico> fujiwarat, why do you want to merge fbterm?
07:00:11 <juhp> epico, right
07:00:31 <epico> fujiwarat, fork both is an option?
07:01:25 <epico> or combine fbterm and ibus-fbterm into one?
07:01:43 <juhp> or make ibus-fbterm2 ?
07:02:15 <epico> or fbterm2 ?
07:03:34 <juhp> sorry I probably should have asked this question at the FAD - maybe I was tired on the last day...
07:03:40 <pravins> #idea fork ibus-fbterm
07:03:52 <pravins> #idea fork ibus-fbterm and fbterm into one package.
07:04:24 <juhp> fujiwarat, is it already merged upstream?
07:04:28 <fujiwarat> May fbterm-gobject and ibus-fbterm-gobject is one of the options.
07:04:34 <juhp> aha
07:05:01 <juhp> fbterm-gobject and ibus-fbterm2 ? :)
07:05:21 <juhp> well anyway the naming is less of an issue
07:06:47 <pravins> lets discuss more in next meeting or mailing list.
07:06:55 <pravins> Will decide in next meeting.
07:07:05 <pravins> good to move ahead, already over meeting time.
07:07:21 <pravins> #info #58: Prioritizing bugs for Fedora 24 release (pravins)
07:07:21 <pravins> #link https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/57
07:07:36 <pravins> This we discussed in Fedora 23 but idea came up very late cycle
07:07:52 <pravins> basically we should list down all bugs we are planning/willing to fix in Fedora 24.
07:08:22 <pravins> Bug must be listed with easy fix, medium and difficult.
07:08:41 <pravins> We will publish this list on Wiki and mailing list.
07:09:03 <pravins> and whenever we get some new contributor will to participate, we can ask him to go through it.
07:09:21 <pravins> Its idea for new contributor to fix something and get that working in next release.
07:09:32 <pravins> I am sure, everyone of us must be having few issues pending.
07:09:38 <pravins> How do you find this idea?
07:11:27 <pravins> Its not necessary/compulsory to fix all the bugs we listed down. But at least good to have work/plan for F24.
07:11:42 <pravins> One more need behind this is, we can push all improvement through Fedora change proposals.
07:11:48 <pravins> good to get bit bigger picture.
07:12:04 <pravins> may be elaborate bit more in next meeting.
07:12:18 <pravins> meanwhile requesting you to find out fews bugs plans for F24 :)
07:14:23 <pravins> moving to next one
07:14:24 <pravins> #topic New tasks
07:14:24 <pravins> #info #56: Fedora 21 EOL Bugs traiging (pravins)
07:14:24 <pravins> #link https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/56
07:14:41 <pravins> You might have already received this notification.
07:16:02 <pravins> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?bug_status=__open__&f1=OP&f2=assigned_to&f3=cc&f4=reporter&f5=keywords&f6=CP&j1=OR&list_id=4143489&o2=substring&o3=substring&o4=substring&o5=substring&product=Fedora&query_format=advanced&v2=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&v3=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&v4=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&v5=i18n&version=21
07:17:40 <pravins> please go through this and move bugs appropriately.
07:17:54 <pravins> and here comes the last topic :)
07:17:56 <pravins> #topic Open Floor
07:18:16 <pravins> did we missed any important topic today?
07:18:48 <pravins> I will not available next week for G11N focused on L10N and Zanata meeting
07:18:55 <pravins> would anyone like to host it?
07:19:17 <pravins> We have number of important topics
07:20:46 <pravins> #info pravins not available for next week G11N meeting. Need someone to host it.
07:21:09 <pravins> if nothing else, lets close meeting in two minutes
07:22:42 <pravins> Thanks everyone for meeting.
07:22:43 <pravins> #endmeeting