15:04:48 <rdieter> #startmeeting kde-sig
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15:04:51 <rdieter> #meetingname kde-sig
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15:04:56 <rdieter> #topic roll call
15:04:56 <jgrulich> hello
15:05:00 <tosky> hi
15:05:04 <rdieter> hi all, friendly kde-sig meeting, who's present today?
15:07:50 <than__> present
15:08:40 <Caterpillar> hi
15:08:52 <rdieter> #info rdieter jgrulich tosky than__ Caterpillar present
15:08:57 <rdieter> #chair jgrulich tosky than__ Caterpillar
15:08:57 <zodbot> Current chairs: Caterpillar jgrulich rdieter than__ tosky
15:09:15 <rdieter> #topic agenda
15:09:28 <rdieter> alrighty, what to discuss today?  any items of interest?
15:10:17 <than_> rdieter: kde update status
15:10:45 <rdieter> than_: can you be more specific?  kf5?  plasma?  kde-apps?  all of the above? :)
15:11:34 <than_> all of the above please :)
15:12:53 <rdieter> ok
15:13:00 <than_> and any open issues  which we should take care asap
15:13:07 <rdieter> dvratil: ping, you around ?
15:13:15 <rdieter> #topic updates status
15:13:43 <dvratil> hi, sorry, got stuck in $work
15:13:48 <dvratil> KF5 5.16.0 updates running
15:13:49 <rdieter> I've been slowly working through some kde-apps stuff, not much progress yet, but focussing on fixing bugs this past week mostly
15:14:05 <dvratil> Plasma 5.4.3 update looks good in Bodhi
15:14:29 <dvratil> and I submitted Plasma MediaCenter 5.4.3 update separately  - we shipped KDE4 version until know, but it is having 5.x releases since 5.3 I think
15:14:32 <rdieter> notably, found a cool hack to make X-KDE-autostart-condition work in plasma5 for kde4 apps (like korganizer daemon, kgpg)
15:15:11 <than_> dvratil: is 5.4.3 complete built in f23?
15:15:17 <dvratil> and F22
15:15:38 <rdieter> yay, I hadn't noticed mediacenter, thanks
15:15:40 <than_> great
15:16:15 <than_> dvratil: when will 54.3 be pushed into update-testing for testing?
15:16:24 <rdieter> than_: it already is
15:16:26 <dvratil> than_:  already there
15:16:34 <dvratil> F23 update is missing 1 karma
15:16:51 <than_> dvratil: ok, i will update and test  :)
15:16:55 <rdieter> I can definitely give karma, it's working great for me
15:17:03 <dvratil> same here, but I can't
15:17:19 <dvratil> release is today, so we will even be on time :)
15:17:49 <than_> dvratil: awesome :)
15:18:13 <rdieter> in a similar vein, qt-5.5.1 could use some testing/feedback too
15:18:15 <dvratil> oh and FYI I'm buidling Plasma 5.5 alpha in @kdesig/plasma-5-unstasble
15:18:17 <rdieter> f23: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2015-b3bc799c3b
15:18:19 <dvratil> copr
15:18:28 <rdieter> f22: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2015-3c671e20a3
15:18:44 <rdieter> dvratil: you're a hero
15:19:07 <rdieter> iirc, heliocastro was working on qt-5.6.0-alpha the past few days as well
15:20:18 <than_> dvratil: the latest stable kde framework is 15.16 right?
15:20:25 <dvratil> 5.16 :)
15:20:46 <than_> sorry, i mean 5.16 :)
15:20:59 <rdieter> I hacked digikam-4.14.0 into building this past week too (for their final kde4 release, upstream decided to finally stop bundling a couple of libraries)
15:21:15 <tosky> than_, dvratil: I think 5.16 is not released yet
15:21:35 <dvratil> tarballs are out, release on Thursday I think
15:21:45 <dvratil> *tarballs on depot
15:22:08 <tosky> I remember that 5.15 was quite complicated, with respun packages
15:22:15 <tosky> just to say: better wait :)
15:22:16 * marcdeop points to https://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/Frameworks
15:22:49 <dvratil> tosky:  I don't have that much time, so it's easier for me to start bulding ASAP when I can and then just rebuild the single respun tarballs
15:22:49 <rdieter> ah, aiming for saturday
15:23:26 <rdieter> <nod>, respin rebuilds are easy(ish)
15:26:21 <rdieter> anything else on recent updates?
15:27:20 <rdieter> sounds like a no, moving on...
15:27:24 <rdieter> #topic open discussion
15:28:16 <rdieter> with Kevin departing, we have a seat to fill, I'd like all of you to think about possible candidates (to reach out to)
15:29:15 <rdieter> similarly, it would appear ltinkl's status is uncertain, we haven't seen him for awhile (I believe he left @redhat recently)
15:29:25 <jgrulich> rdieter: I think we have 2 free seats, ltinkl can be considered as ex-member too
15:29:29 <rdieter> <nod>
15:29:53 <rdieter> I've tried pinging him on irc for confirmation, if he's still interested or not, but haven't gotten any replies yet
15:30:25 <rdieter> if anyone has current contact information (like email), mind contacting him, or forward the info to me, and I'll do it
15:30:45 <jgrulich> rdieter: I spoke with him personally ~2 months agon and he told me he won't be active anymore
15:30:47 <rdieter> I'd prefer not to replace him without hearing from him first
15:30:56 <rdieter> jgrulich: ah, ok, that's probably good enough then
15:31:21 <jgrulich> rdieter: he even doesn't use Fedora so there is no reason for him to be active
15:31:22 <rdieter> #info kde-sig has 2 seats to fill, start thinking about likely candidates
15:32:03 <rdieter> jgrulich: ok, thanks
15:32:10 <than_> rdieter: do you already have any candidates ?
15:32:20 <rdieter> than_: no, haven't thought about it much yet
15:33:06 <rdieter> I'll start thinking about drafting an email to kde@lists.fpo soliciting for interested parties too
15:33:28 <than_> yes, +1
15:34:35 <than_> and not ony interest but active works on fedora kde
15:35:04 <rdieter> If anyone else is interested in taking the lead there, feel free, I probably won't have much time for it until the weekend
15:36:28 <rdieter> while we're hear, feel free to spam blogs and social media about nice fedoramagazine article, https://fedoramagazine.org/whats-new-fedora-23-kde-plasma-desktop-spin/
15:36:43 * jgrulich already did that
15:37:23 <rdieter> \o/
15:37:45 <than_> jgrulich: network applet is really good, i like it very much, awesome work!
15:38:17 <rdieter> jgrulich++
15:38:17 <zodbot> rdieter: Karma for jgrulich changed to 1 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
15:40:26 <rdieter> anything else for today?
15:40:26 <jgrulich> thank you guys :)
15:41:45 <jgrulich> nothing from me, maybe just to let you know that I don't ignore that kdevelop-python is broken in rawhide, I know about that and waiting for new python3 to land there
15:41:53 <jgrulich> dvratil already wanted to fix that
15:42:39 <rdieter> python-3.5, right?
15:42:52 <jgrulich> rdieter: yes, it is now required for kf5 based kdev-python
15:43:22 <jgrulich> they are now rebuilding all python related packages so I expect it to land soon
15:43:22 <rdieter> k
15:45:22 <rdieter> let's close then, thanks everyone!
15:45:26 <rdieter> #endmeeting