20:00:41 <stickster> #startmeeting Flock software review
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20:00:53 <stickster> #meetingname flocksoftware
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20:00:57 <stickster> #topic Roll call
20:01:57 <stickster> mizmo: puiterwijk: jwboyer: So thanks to release tasks, internship hiring, and some other miscellaneous fires, I'm not really ready for this meeting
20:02:11 <stickster> wondering if we can postpone for a few days or a week
20:02:22 <stickster> hate do that but I figured, better be up front about it ;-)
20:02:51 <puiterwijk> Sure. No problem with me. I know the fires part at least :)
20:06:19 <stickster> puiterwijk: For sure
20:06:31 <stickster> mizmo: Would you be OK with trying to reconvene same time next week?
20:06:52 <jwb> i seemed to have missed something?
20:07:11 <mizmo> stickster, totally coo lwith it
20:08:09 <stickster> jwb: Possibly? You were jwboyer a minute ago
20:08:40 <jwb> that's my other client
20:08:46 * jwb goes to find out where that client is
20:08:52 <stickster> jwb: I mentioned that due to release week tasks and a bunch of other crap, I'm completely not prepared with updates for this meeting, so I was hoping to reconvene with better info next week
20:09:12 <jwb> oh, yeah that's fine
20:09:16 <stickster> Also, puiterwijk was playing super-infra-guy this past week and it would be fair to give him a little more time for a few tickets
20:09:23 <stickster> puiterwijk++
20:09:32 <stickster> k, let's consider it done.
20:09:45 <stickster> #action stickster to reschedule same bat-time, same bat-channel next week
20:10:12 <stickster> mizmo: puiterwijk: FYI, I did pull latest git on regcfp for the server which is running now
20:10:34 <puiterwijk> Oh, we have a demo environment setup?
20:10:50 <stickster> puiterwijk: Yes, it's not public but I will give anyone the URL through email who needs/wants it
20:11:12 <puiterwijk> Ah, okay. Well, I think I have an idea how to run it :)
20:11:43 <puiterwijk> Oh, small remark: I made it even easier to run. You don't need to run "./bin/www" anymore, but can run just "npm start" instead
20:15:15 <stickster> Nice! Thanks puiterwijk
20:15:30 <stickster> OK, I'll close out in this case
20:15:34 <stickster> #endmeeting