04:31:01 <pravins> #startmeeting g11n
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04:31:07 <pravins> hi mfabian :)
04:31:10 <pravins> #meetingname g11n
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04:31:10 <epico> hi
04:31:13 <pravins> #topic agenda and roll call
04:31:17 <pravins> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/G11N/Meetings/2015-07-01
04:31:30 <paragan> hi
04:31:35 <smaitra> hi
04:31:39 <pravins> hi epico paragan smaitra :)
04:31:42 <pravins> who else there?
04:31:50 <smaitra> hi
04:31:56 <pravins> #chair mfabian epico paragan smaitra
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04:32:15 <apeter> hi :)
04:32:38 <pravins> #chair apeter
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04:32:40 <aeng> hi
04:32:47 <pravins> hi aeng apahim :)
04:33:13 <pravins> #chair aeng
04:33:13 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeng apeter epico mfabian paragan pravins smaitra
04:33:30 <pravins> while other joins let see upcoming schedule.
04:33:34 <pravins> #topic Upcoming schedule
04:33:39 <pravins> #info 2015-07-14 	Branch Fedora 23 from Rawhide (Rawhide becomes future F24)
04:33:39 <pravins> #info 2015-07-28 	Alpha Freeze (*), Software String Freeze, Change Checkpoint: Completion deadline (testable), Bodhi activation point
04:33:39 <pravins> #info 2015-08-11 	Alpha Release
04:33:40 <pravins> #info 2015-08-25 	Software Translation Deadline
04:33:40 <pravins> #info 2015-09-08 	Beta Freeze (*)
04:34:04 <pravins> Alpha Freeze in just 4 weeks from now.
04:34:59 <pravins> Last week smaitra was not there. Lets start with UTRRS updates from him.
04:35:01 <pravins> #topic UTRRS - Satyabrata
04:35:12 <smaitra> pravins, thanks
04:35:20 <pravins> #link http://utrrs-testing.rhcloud.com/
04:36:04 <smaitra> for UTRRS, we have planned to automate the defect detection of the character shapes that generates through fonts.
04:36:25 <smaitra> this process is under development now
04:37:05 <smaitra> we have plan to design a prototype first then develop a large scale.
04:37:19 <smaitra> prototype design should be finished by July End.
04:37:25 <pravins> thats great. !! +1
04:37:39 <aeng> whats the plan for UTTRS? is it part of QA?
04:37:39 <pravins> hi noriko :)
04:37:48 <noriko> hi, sorry being late
04:37:48 <smaitra> and we also plan to make UTRRS compliance to Unicode 8.0 for all avaliable locales.
04:37:50 <pravins> #chair noriko
04:37:50 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeng apeter epico mfabian noriko paragan pravins smaitra
04:38:05 <tagoh_> hi
04:38:16 <pravins> hi tagoh_ :)
04:38:20 <pravins> #chair tagoh_
04:38:20 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeng apeter epico mfabian noriko paragan pravins smaitra tagoh_
04:38:33 <smaitra> aeng, yes, its a part of QA on language rendering engine, and character shape testing
04:38:49 <aeng> ah.. excellent
04:39:06 <smaitra> we will be starting compliance work by Aug this year!
04:39:08 <pravins> smaitra: in last meeting we discussed concern that UTRRS is presently just Indic language specific, can we make it truly global rendering Testing system?
04:39:23 <smaitra> pravins, yep, coming to that shortly! :)
04:40:04 <smaitra> In our UTRRS DB, we already have Thai Codepoints there available, but yet to bring it in Frontend.
04:40:31 <smaitra> so, we also have plan to add few more locales from South-East Asia.
04:41:14 <aeng> smaitra, did all the codepoints imported from https://codepoints.net/?
04:41:20 <smaitra> and Chinese and Japanese also in plan. Need to know if these locales having any complex character set in Unicode.
04:41:40 <pravins> #info UTRRS will be Unicode 8.0 compliant for all available locales.
04:41:48 <smaitra> aeng, we follow unicode.org for all kind of unicode based character sets
04:41:57 <smaitra> for all locales we work on.
04:42:20 <pravins> #info Work is going on Automate defect detection with reference image of rendering.
04:42:42 <pravins> #info Thai is in git, just neet to bring it at front.
04:42:50 <fujiwarat> hi
04:42:54 <pravins> smaitra: any chance to get CJK support?
04:43:20 <smaitra> in short Planning : Automate defect detection  || Unicode-8.0 Compliance || Add more locales || research on CJK locales to add.
04:43:35 <aeng> +1
04:44:09 <apeter> + 1 sounds good
04:44:23 <smaitra> Sandeep Shedmake from Red Hat is working on automation at this moment. contributors are welcome.
04:45:01 <pravins> smaitra: Please let us know if any help or inputs are required from other g11n members. Can you drop your plans on g11n list?
04:45:31 <smaitra> I also met few students in recent FUDCon conference who are interested in contributing in Fedora and UTRRS. Need to act on it a bit.
04:45:47 <pravins> thats nice.
04:46:06 <smaitra> pravins, sure, I will do that. these are quite a big tasks, so, help and contributions will definitely be needed! :)
04:46:30 <pravins> #action smaitra to drop email  on UTRRS plan to g11n list and if any help required for same.
04:46:32 <smaitra> thats all from my side so far! thanks!
04:46:37 <pravins> thanks smaitra
04:46:42 <pravins> lets move to next topic.
04:46:47 <pravins> #topic Inputs from FUDCon APAC 2015 - Pravins
04:47:34 <pravins> We had good audience from APAC for FUDCon Pune. Most of the ambassadors from APAC countries were present. i.e. Indonesia, Cambodia etc.
04:47:46 <pravins> Couple of people requested for mentorship. Tibetan, Khmer from Cambodia and one more Mohamed Fawzy he is interested in starting Arabic translations for Fedora.
04:48:23 <smaitra> pravins, we are eager to add Arabic in UTRRS, need people to validate the character sets.
04:48:33 <pravins> Do we have quick start or any mentors for g11n?
04:48:49 <pravins> s/quick start/quick start guide.
04:48:52 <smaitra> its a right to left reading sequence language!
04:49:03 <noriko> pravins, he contacted me and gave out all the instruction. so hopefully he will start arabic team very soon.'
04:49:43 <apeter> cool.. thats really nice noriko
04:49:46 <pravins> noriko: excellent.
04:49:51 <smaitra> awesome!
04:50:12 <pravins> noriko: i think we should nominate few people as a Fedora official mentors for G11n stuff.
04:50:21 <pravins> We have few already for other domains.
04:50:49 <pravins> #info Fedora mentors list https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mentors
04:51:24 <pravins> not sure how much active is this list.
04:52:27 <pravins> but idea is, it should be easy for new contributors to start contributing to Fedora. So few person + good documentation is required.
04:52:35 <pravins> i can definitely jump in for i18n side.
04:53:00 <aeng> i can help in terms of translation platform - Zanata
04:53:07 <pravins> aeng: nice.
04:53:10 <aeng> also for project maintainers
04:53:27 <pravins> anyone else for l10n?
04:54:38 <pravins> please feel free to ping me if you are willing to help new contributors.
04:55:02 <pravins> #agreed PravinS to mentors for i18n and aeng for Zanata side.
04:55:10 <noriko> pravins, sure.
04:55:27 <pravins> #action Pravins to update Fedora mentors pages with required information.
04:55:41 <noriko> pls notice that we do have #fedora-join channel, and helping people in any direction. I am there.
04:55:42 <pravins> noriko: you are already doing mentorship :)
04:55:52 <apeter> +1 lets start and am sure we will have people joining in
04:55:54 <pravins> ohh, i am not aware for this.
04:56:28 <noriko> the channel consists of mainly docs and developers.
04:57:04 <pravins> apeter: yeah, we FUDCon we got good response.
04:57:04 <noriko> :)
04:57:09 <aeng> #join fedora-join
04:57:28 <pravins> noriko: i will add your name as well on that page.
04:57:49 <noriko> pravins, oki, thanks :-)
04:57:54 <pravins> welcome :)
04:58:23 <pravins> One more thing that popped in FUDCon was. One person requested for Fedora Language spins.
04:58:32 <pravins> Do know what should we do about that.
04:58:45 <pravins> what you all think about it
04:59:12 <aeng> not sure that will be benficial
04:59:51 <apeter> I remember Rahul Sundaram was doing something on spins earlier
04:59:52 <pravins> aeng: yes, we can say that.
04:59:53 <aeng> so the request is to have fedora that packaged just in specific language?
04:59:59 <apeter> but do not know the status now
05:00:34 <pravins> its not happening anymore.
05:00:57 <apeter> hmm
05:00:58 <aeng> its best to understand whats the main purpose of the user to have that spin..
05:01:11 <pravins> aeng: yeah, it will be like all packages for particular languages will be installed and User just need to install Fedora. He will get all settings, fonts, IME's, translations ready to use in his languages.
05:01:52 <pravins> aeng: may be we should try and do it as per request?
05:02:07 <aeng> but who will be maintaining the spin?
05:02:24 <pravins> i am not sure, presently.
05:02:33 <pravins> it might be Infra.
05:02:34 <aeng> sounds to me its quite an effort with little return
05:02:49 <apeter> hmm
05:02:51 <pravins> We can announce saying if anyone wants Fedora language spins, just raise request and we will try to work on it.
05:02:52 <noriko> what is the purpose to have it?
05:03:44 <aeng> we should do it per request, and at the same time, understand why the user needs it
05:03:46 <pravins> noriko: one i thought was, in Developing countries like we have in APAC, lots of places people do not get internet. So after installing default Fedora they not able to install packages for there languages.
05:03:59 <pravins> so having dedicated spins can help into it.
05:04:09 <aeng> pravins, thats a good use case
05:04:54 <noriko> pravins, is any similar plan ambassador doesn't have??
05:05:13 <pravins> noriko: no.
05:05:23 <pravins> but you are right, they are person who should push for this thing.
05:05:46 <pravins> This guy proposed he is planning to push Fedora with localized version in Tibet  http://fudconin15.shdlr.com/conferences/talk/14781
05:06:06 <pravins> he said he will start participating in L10n effort and bring few professors and students into it.
05:07:42 <pravins> lets keep discussing this and see if we get agreement on this from other teams in Fedora.
05:07:54 <aeng> agree
05:08:07 <noriko> pravins, if he and the students can take lead, we can support?
05:08:13 <pravins> yeah.
05:08:31 <pravins> IMO as a Fedora G11N group we need to support such request.
05:08:35 <apeter> agree
05:09:11 <pravins> #info Request for language spins during FUDCon APAC 2015.
05:09:17 <noriko> pravins, for this spin plan, we better brdige ambassador too, which would be beneficial to them too.
05:09:31 <pravins> agree !!
05:10:17 <pravins> #agreed To bridge Ambassadors and see if there is need to Language spins in there country.
05:10:56 <pravins> let move ahead. I hope we can quickly go through next topics, it just follow up.
05:10:58 <apeter> +1
05:11:06 <pravins> #topic Zanata feedback survey - Ani
05:11:13 <pravins> Action item from last meeting.  apeter to plan meeting with aeng pravins mkim + other interested members for Fedora Zanata survey.
05:11:51 <aeng> nothing happens
05:11:55 <apeter> pravins was busy with FUDCon work, could not concentrate on any of the action items :(
05:12:21 <apeter> hopefully we will plan this meeting next week and get things started
05:12:26 <pravins> yeah, i have experience that pain :)
05:12:31 <pravins> sure.
05:12:37 <aeng> Yeah. apeter, maybe we can have something going on next week?
05:12:38 <apeter> and will have an udpate during the next meet
05:12:43 <apeter> sorry about that
05:12:45 <pravins> #action apeter to plan Zanata survey meeting soon.
05:12:51 <apeter> aeng, yes +1
05:13:01 <pravins> #topic Translation deadline around Beta - Noriko
05:13:12 <pravins> happy noriko is back now :)
05:13:17 <pravins> Action item for noriko to prepare draft for extending Translation deadline and send to mailing list.
05:13:25 <pravins> this was from last meeting.
05:15:02 <pravins> meanwhile lets start next topic as well.
05:15:04 <pravins> #topic G11N Infrastructure (IRC, Wiki and Ticket etc.) - Pravin
05:15:07 <noriko> here sorry again. I was on long vacation, and no time to do :P
05:15:31 <noriko> will sort out sometime to script a draft.
05:15:52 <pravins> noriko: sure, please go ahead with this. I think paragan can help to bring this to FESCO.
05:16:06 <noriko> cool
05:16:22 <pravins> #action noriko will soon send email on Translation Deadline around Beta.
05:16:33 <pravins> for #fedora-g11n channel is setup now.
05:17:11 <aeng> good job!
05:17:12 <pravins> i sent email to trans & i18n but unfortunately not much response :(
05:17:37 <pravins> but since we have already discussed it in meeting, i think we can go ahead with our plan.
05:17:47 <pravins> 2 action items.
05:18:10 <pravins> 1. Announce it everywhere so people will know it. I think Magazine or FPL weekly 5 news post make sense for this.
05:18:20 <pravins> 2. As noriko suggested update wiki with new information.
05:18:38 <pravins> #action pravins to ping FPL to add this information in his weekly news.
05:19:14 <pravins> anyone would like to take on updating wiki with new channle information?
05:20:47 <pravins> i can take it.
05:20:57 <pravins> #pravins to update Wiki with new channel information.
05:20:58 <pravins> #topic G11N FAD - proposal Pravin
05:21:06 <pravins> This was action item for me from last meeting. Unfortunately back to back events. RH Summit and FUDCon APAC 2015. I thought good to wait for these to over.
05:21:17 <pravins> I will drop an email today itself.
05:21:21 <apeter> cool
05:21:32 <pravins> #action pravins to drop email to Fedora council this week.
05:21:36 <apeter> I know we all were stuck up with different work..
05:22:27 <pravins> apeter: yeah :(
05:22:40 <pravins> #topic #50: Feature/Change planning for Fedora 23
05:23:01 <pravins> We have 4 features proposed.
05:23:10 <pravins> 1. Glibc_locale_subpackaging  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Glibc_locale_subpackaging  mfabian
05:23:19 <pravins> 2. ibus-libzhuyin https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/ibus-libzhuyin by epico
05:23:26 <pravins> 3. IBus1.6  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/IBus1.6 by fujiwarat
05:23:43 <pravins> 4. Unicode_8.0  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Unicode_8.0 me + mfabian
05:24:13 <pravins> You all might have already got email from Fesco to attend today's meeting
05:24:35 <pravins> They are going to accept or reject changes, if there is any issue.
05:24:45 <pravins> I am sure paragan can bat for us :)
05:24:53 <paragan> yup
05:25:01 <epico> paragan, thanks very much!
05:25:09 <pravins> mfabian: will you able to attend this meeting?
05:25:13 <mfabian> Yes.
05:25:34 <pravins> nice.
05:25:55 * pravins will try to attend as well.
05:26:37 <pravins> its at 18:00 UTC
05:27:09 <pravins> #topic L10N sprints based on F23 - Ani
05:27:26 <apeter> this will be done this week :)
05:27:51 <pravins> i think this week, g11n list is going to be pretty busy :)
05:27:52 <aeng> starting this week?
05:28:00 <pravins> apeter: thanks :)
05:28:14 <pravins> #action apeter will send email on L10N sprints plan to g11n list.
05:29:04 <apeter> aeng, this is about sending the proposal draft to g11n mailing list
05:29:09 <aeng> ah..ok
05:29:14 <pravins> We are almost in time.
05:29:17 <pravins> last topic
05:29:18 <pravins> #topic Open Floor
05:29:20 <apeter> and then will finalise the dtes for sprint later :)
05:29:32 <aeng> got it
05:30:08 <pravins> if nothing there, we will close meeting in 2 minutes.
05:34:12 <pravins> thanks all for your inputs and nice meeting.
05:34:17 <pravins> #endmeeting