01:09:41 <Cydrobolt> #startmeeting FAmNA
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01:09:53 <Cydrobolt> #meetingname FAmNA
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01:09:59 <Cydrobolt> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
01:10:07 <Cydrobolt> #chair kk4ewt wrnash
01:10:07 <zodbot> Current chairs: Cydrobolt kk4ewt wrnash
01:10:33 <Cydrobolt> #topic === Announcements ===
01:10:37 <Cydrobolt> Any announcements?
01:10:49 <wrnash> I do not have any
01:11:02 <kk4ewt> Updated F21-20150602 Live isos are located at http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins
01:11:54 <Cydrobolt> #topic === Tickets ===
01:12:00 <Cydrobolt> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
01:12:07 <Cydrobolt> .famnaticket 106
01:12:09 <zodbot> Cydrobolt: #106 (Replacing DVD media with USB key for event distribution) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/106
01:12:26 <kk4ewt> i am against this totally
01:12:29 <Cydrobolt> We've recently been discussing potentially replacing DVDs with USB drive instead
01:12:33 <Cydrobolt> kk4ewt, what are your objections?
01:12:38 <kk4ewt> price
01:12:42 <Cydrobolt> drives*
01:13:24 <kk4ewt> the cheapest we can do branded usbs is $10 each
01:13:55 <kk4ewt> the dvds cost 1.75
01:14:06 <wrnash> to expensive for usb
01:14:21 <Cydrobolt> Yeah, the price is definitely a big factor
01:14:38 <wrnash> I think most people will use the USB for other things then to install Fedora
01:15:13 <kk4ewt> so instead of 4000 media we would be only producing 1000
01:15:16 <Cydrobolt> Yeah, that seems likely, but it does also increase spread since people are more attracted to things they can reuse
01:15:30 <Cydrobolt> although there are some cheap options for branded USBs
01:15:56 * ParadoxGuitarist wanders in.
01:16:06 <wrnash> I agree people do like to reuse
01:16:10 <Cydrobolt> #chair ParadoxGuitarist
01:16:10 <zodbot> Current chairs: Cydrobolt ParadoxGuitarist kk4ewt wrnash
01:16:25 <kk4ewt> so if we can get them for 2.5 i may change my mind
01:16:41 <ParadoxGuitarist> are we talking about USBs?
01:16:49 <wrnash> Yes
01:17:21 <ParadoxGuitarist> Consider that we pay at least double what the cost per unit is for DVDs
01:17:25 <Cydrobolt> http://www.4imprint.com/tag/147/USB-Flash-Drives/product/112703-1G-24HR/Swing-USB-Drive-1GB-24-hr
01:17:44 <wrnash> what other options are available?
01:18:14 <kk4ewt> we dont want anything less than 2G
01:18:30 <ParadoxGuitarist> we pay double because we use 1/2 of our actual stock actually makes it to end users
01:18:53 <kk4ewt> ParadoxGuitarist, depends on time of the year actually
01:19:10 <Cydrobolt> Does anyone know how much http://www.memorysuppliers.com/ charges per drive?
01:19:10 <kk4ewt> odd releases i agree
01:19:13 <ParadoxGuitarist> I agree kk4ewt, I've had it be higher.
01:19:37 <kk4ewt> i have been watching these prices for 5 years
01:20:51 <Cydrobolt> ParadoxGuitarist, yeah, the cost is definitely higher.
01:21:22 <ParadoxGuitarist> true, but there's less waste
01:21:56 <Cydrobolt> yeah, by a margin
01:22:15 <ParadoxGuitarist> How so? We can always write a new image to a USB.
01:22:25 <ParadoxGuitarist> Once that DVD is burned, we're done.
01:22:34 <Cydrobolt> right
01:22:43 <ParadoxGuitarist> I have boxes of F19 media still.
01:24:04 <ParadoxGuitarist> Plus this gives us the opportunity to do other spins as well
01:24:15 <kk4ewt> ParadoxGuitarist, and if we had know we could have distrubuted it
01:25:08 <ParadoxGuitarist> kk4ewt: I've got a few boxes of 21, so if there's a need somewhere please let me know. =)
01:25:17 <kk4ewt> the even releases we usually use the media ( we have enough events) the odd releases we get too much for the events we have
01:25:45 <kk4ewt> ParadoxGuitarist, yeah i have 1000 of 21
01:26:02 <kk4ewt> which i hope to get rid of next week
01:26:18 <ParadoxGuitarist> I dropped off a box at an ITT near my house
01:27:13 <ParadoxGuitarist> Well, the other thing to consider is that the USB drive doubles as swag
01:27:36 <kk4ewt> i send to anyone as many as possible
01:28:10 <ParadoxGuitarist> and finally, fewer and fewer computer models come with DVD drives these days.
01:28:33 <ParadoxGuitarist> The medium is quickly becoming obsolete.
01:28:47 <kk4ewt> until the price comes down to more reasonable i am against at the moment
01:28:55 <Cydrobolt> at HackRU
01:29:17 <kk4ewt> and the majority of our users have older equipment and have dvd drives
01:29:24 <Cydrobolt> there were many Mac users
01:29:35 <kk4ewt> as long as the movie industry puts out dvd
01:29:39 <Cydrobolt> within the developer crowd, there are also an increasing amount of Macbook users
01:29:49 <Cydrobolt> I don't think most of them have DVD drives
01:29:53 <ParadoxGuitarist> Mac hasn't had a DVD drive on any of their models for the past 4 years.
01:29:55 <Cydrobolt> They can obviously burn the disk themselves
01:30:06 <Cydrobolt> but they're not getting the physical product
01:30:09 <kk4ewt> but most have access to one
01:30:18 <ParadoxGuitarist> no, they don't
01:30:34 <ParadoxGuitarist> I speak from experience in this.
01:30:36 <kk4ewt> i know my people do and they use it
01:30:44 <wrnash> I've been using just the ISO to install fedora on Vmware and virtualbox
01:30:47 <kk4ewt> ParadoxGuitarist, so am I
01:31:08 <ParadoxGuitarist> They are furious when they realize there's no DVD drive in the new model, but don't actually buy an external.
01:31:13 <Cydrobolt> I know a lot of Mac users, and they don't use DVDs
01:31:24 <Cydrobolt> However, if they need to use an ISO, they'll burn it on a USB drive
01:31:58 <Cydrobolt> I've had some issues with different USB burners and UEFI, so this issue could also affect Macs or other thin laptops w/o the DVD drive
01:32:01 <ParadoxGuitarist> Cydrobolt: That's been my experience too.
01:32:15 <kk4ewt> ok this is getting us nowhere
01:32:48 <Cydrobolt> okay
01:32:49 <ParadoxGuitarist> kk4ewt: What if we replaced our other sawg purchases with this?
01:33:18 <ParadoxGuitarist> in conjunction with the DVDs?
01:33:22 <kk4ewt> ParadoxGuitarist, we have the money to spend but yet we dont have any swag
01:33:55 <ParadoxGuitarist> kk4ewt: We just bought a new run of shirts 6 months ago
01:34:05 <kk4ewt> at this point i have maybe 1000 voice stickers and thats it
01:34:24 <kk4ewt> yes we have some tshirts but i dont have any
01:34:47 <kk4ewt> award will dropship shirts for SELF
01:36:02 <ParadoxGuitarist> isn't award taking over the east shipping point?
01:36:12 <kk4ewt> not that i know of
01:36:54 <kk4ewt> if i am asked to step aside i will
01:36:54 <ParadoxGuitarist> hmmm
01:37:08 <ParadoxGuitarist> <--- really has no idea
01:37:33 <ParadoxGuitarist> You're this shipping point for East Coast?
01:37:43 <ParadoxGuitarist> You manage the event box and whatnot?
01:37:47 <kk4ewt> yes
01:37:51 <ParadoxGuitarist> ok got it.
01:38:11 <ParadoxGuitarist> I would put in a ticket and get ahold of the east t-shirts then
01:38:40 <kk4ewt> tobe truthful i do not have room to store them
01:38:48 <ParadoxGuitarist> I know they were split into three groups, but I don't know who they went to...
01:39:01 <kk4ewt> but 300 shirts is a drop in the bucket
01:39:27 <ParadoxGuitarist> I don't remember the amount but it was 5k.
01:39:30 <kk4ewt> now i rather see us order some more pens and case badges
01:39:49 <ParadoxGuitarist> Case badges, yes. But I disagree on the pens.
01:39:54 <kk4ewt> why
01:40:18 <kk4ewt> pens cost us .5
01:40:58 <kk4ewt> and people lie them because they were useful and it got out name out there
01:41:05 <kk4ewt> like
01:41:43 <ParadoxGuitarist> To be completely honest, I don't think they're impressive. And the places I've worked the booth, not nearly as many people are intersted in them.
01:42:09 <kk4ewt> ParadoxGuitarist, and on the east coast events they fly
01:42:24 <ParadoxGuitarist> Stickers, yes. DVDs: for the most part. Case badges go the quickest.
01:42:33 <ParadoxGuitarist> Or t-shirts.
01:43:01 <kk4ewt> the case badges i have for years you must be a fedora user or take one with media
01:43:49 <ParadoxGuitarist> I haven't ever had enough to even do that.
01:44:23 <Cydrobolt> #topic == Open Floor ===
01:44:26 <ParadoxGuitarist> The first year at SCaLE we gave out about 1500 disks
01:44:46 <ParadoxGuitarist> I think I had around 300 case badges when I took over from vwbusguy.
01:44:47 <kk4ewt> a 1000 person event i could easily give away 500 case badges if i didnt limit them
01:45:18 <ParadoxGuitarist> That was 2 years ago.
01:45:52 <kk4ewt> the last time i was around when we bought case badges we ordered 12K at .25 each
01:46:23 <kk4ewt> that was 4 FPLs ago
01:47:24 <kk4ewt> we kept 8K for the usa and sent 4K to Emea
01:48:08 <kk4ewt> now i understand we bought some since then and i think nb has them
01:48:25 <ParadoxGuitarist> But I'd rather give away USB drives than all of that, my personal opinion, I'm well aware. I think they do just as much as case badges or pens. Either way, I'm happy to go with the consensus.
01:48:45 <ParadoxGuitarist> kk4ewt: I'll put in a ticket with famnarequests for some, thanks. =)
01:49:18 <kk4ewt> but we need to have an inventory of swag
01:49:28 <ParadoxGuitarist> I agree.
01:49:33 <ParadoxGuitarist> Google doc?
01:49:36 <kk4ewt> ParadoxGuitarist,  do you have any playing cards or guitar pics
01:49:47 <ParadoxGuitarist> we never ordered the latter
01:49:54 <Cydrobolt> ParadoxGuitarist, ah
01:49:59 <Cydrobolt> didn't you give them out for SELF?
01:50:06 <kk4ewt> nope
01:50:09 <Cydrobolt> ah
01:50:16 <kk4ewt> i have never seen either
01:50:31 <ParadoxGuitarist> We gave out fender guitar picks that jsandys wrote on with a gold sharpie at LFNW.
01:50:37 <kk4ewt> Cydrobolt, if i had any i would at least sent you one
01:51:03 <Cydrobolt> :D
01:51:20 <ParadoxGuitarist> I might have 1 pack of cards left, but I'm not sure.
01:51:22 <Cydrobolt> I also play the guitar, Fedora picks would be amazing, hehe
01:51:50 <ParadoxGuitarist> We approved a purchase, but they weren't going to be done in time for LFNW so we scrapped the order.
01:52:16 <kk4ewt> my point is there is a lot of swag we can get for $1 each and we need to order something asap
01:53:38 <ParadoxGuitarist> kk4ewt: do you have any of the stickers?
01:53:50 <Cydrobolt> Fedora wallets/
01:53:51 <kk4ewt> about 1000 i am thinking
01:53:52 <Cydrobolt> *?
01:54:24 <Cydrobolt> I've recently seen a lot of bottle openers, bags, and some notebooks are local tech events
01:54:45 <ParadoxGuitarist> Cydrobolt: not very unisex but clever.
01:54:48 <kk4ewt> Cydrobolt, what do you want a case of blue ducttape to start make the wallets
01:54:51 <ParadoxGuitarist> the wallets that is.
01:54:54 <Cydrobolt> Hahaha
01:55:00 <Cydrobolt> Blue ducttape!
01:55:08 <kk4ewt> they make it
01:55:52 <ParadoxGuitarist> The best swag is useful swag....
01:56:08 <Cydrobolt> anyone have anything else?
01:56:18 <kk4ewt> bags at events are not that useful
01:56:27 <ParadoxGuitarist> kk4ewt: We agree.
01:56:28 <kk4ewt> most events have bags
01:56:34 <ParadoxGuitarist> my thoughts too.
01:56:52 <kk4ewt> pens casebadges and bottle openers
01:57:28 <kk4ewt> we did balloons and the went over like lead
01:57:41 <ParadoxGuitarist> kk4ewt: do you want to open a ticket for each one of those?
01:58:05 <kk4ewt> lets all of do some digging and investigate pricing
01:58:43 <ParadoxGuitarist> The case badges and pens, we should already have a supplier for.
01:59:34 <kk4ewt> lets get prices for bottle openers then we can see if we want to put a ticket in for the art work
02:00:04 <kk4ewt> speaking of artwork i need to contact Mo to see if they still have the artwork for the vbanners
02:00:34 <ParadoxGuitarist> kk4ewt: are we thinking about getting the same banners?
02:00:36 <kk4ewt> #action kk4ewt contact MO about Vbanner artwork
02:01:15 <kk4ewt> well if we use the same art it would be easier to get new ones
02:02:23 <ParadoxGuitarist> just this to add: the current banners are designed that you have to use two of them for the design to make sense. My suggestion would be to get it so you could just use one (for smaller events or situations were bringing two banners isn't ideal)
02:02:29 <nb> hi
02:02:34 <ParadoxGuitarist> NB!
02:02:42 <Cydrobolt> hi nb!
02:02:44 <ParadoxGuitarist> I was just going to email you!
02:02:46 <Cydrobolt> #chair nb
02:02:46 <zodbot> Current chairs: Cydrobolt ParadoxGuitarist kk4ewt nb wrnash
02:02:58 * nb reads the scrollback
02:03:10 <kk4ewt> nb what swag do you have
02:03:27 <ParadoxGuitarist> nb: do you have enough case badges to restock the west coast?
02:04:47 <nb> a lot of case badges, some pens, F21 media
02:04:50 <nb> tshirts
02:05:04 <nb> i might have a few pencils, not sure
02:05:20 <nb> a very few playing cards (we are supposed to get more but it got caught up in po/payment hell)
02:05:24 <nb> i need to bug suehle
02:05:26 <nb> about the status
02:05:33 <kk4ewt> bring 20 sticks of case badges with you for SELF please
02:05:34 <ParadoxGuitarist> can I get some case badges for the west coast?
02:05:46 <nb> ParadoxGuitarist, yes, email me address
02:06:01 <ParadoxGuitarist> nb thanks!
02:06:10 <nb> kk4ewt, so i don't need to bring shirts to SELF?
02:06:16 <nb> do i need to bring other swag?
02:06:27 <kk4ewt> no shirts other swag yes
02:06:44 <nb> ok
02:07:05 <nb> i'll either ship it to me or check it as a bag
02:07:25 <kk4ewt> ship to the hotel
02:07:40 <nb> if it is just normal art we need for bottle openers, i have the svgs
02:07:48 <nb> so we don't need a ticket if it is simple
02:07:52 <nb> a design team ticket i mean
02:08:11 <ParadoxGuitarist> Cool
02:08:24 <nb> kk4ewt, i will bring swag
02:08:27 <nb> i am hoping to have media
02:08:38 <kk4ewt> no stickers
02:08:43 <nb> you have stickers?
02:08:48 <nb> good, becasue i don't think i have many at all
02:08:50 <kk4ewt> yes about 1K
02:09:08 <nb> I can bring case badges, and a few pens
02:09:18 <kk4ewt> and i have 10 pencils for the VE session
02:09:26 <nb> and i think i may have some playing cards from a box that suehle found from the previous order
02:09:38 <nb> do we want to reorder buttons?
02:09:43 <kk4ewt> yes
02:10:04 <kk4ewt> well unless we can think of something else to order
02:10:18 <kk4ewt> how many case badges do you have
02:10:39 <nb> a lot
02:10:46 <kk4ewt> 10K?
02:10:56 <nb> probably 2/3 of whatever we ordered
02:11:06 <nb> i don't think i ever got them shipped to the shippers
02:11:20 <kk4ewt> idont think you did either lol
02:11:25 <ParadoxGuitarist> =)
02:11:29 <ParadoxGuitarist> +1
02:11:35 <ParadoxGuitarist> .. oh wait. =P
02:11:37 * nb notes we will be having a FAmNA Brainstorming workshop at Flock.  /me would appreciate people coming
02:11:49 <ParadoxGuitarist> Wish I could
02:11:54 <ParadoxGuitarist> maybe skype in?
02:11:54 <kk4ewt> i cant too close to the start of the semester
02:12:00 <ParadoxGuitarist> me too
02:12:08 <ParadoxGuitarist> plus I have a kid comming
02:12:20 <ParadoxGuitarist> Or Google Hangout?
02:12:29 <nb> maybe we can do something like that, thats a good idea
02:12:32 <Cydrobolt> I might be going, if I can get sponsored
02:12:33 <kk4ewt> ok on that who has the west coast box
02:12:41 <ParadoxGuitarist> I do
02:12:47 <kk4ewt> whats in it
02:12:56 <ParadoxGuitarist> That's an interesting question.
02:13:18 <ParadoxGuitarist> non-swag : OLPC
02:13:46 <ParadoxGuitarist> Everything else is perishable.
02:13:54 <ParadoxGuitarist> I talked to award about it last week.
02:14:29 <ParadoxGuitarist> we talked about getting a projector and new tablecloths, with a banner for each box.
02:15:47 <kk4ewt> well you at least need a 6 outlet friendfinder, 1 25' extesnion cord
02:16:18 <kk4ewt> i would love a banner that would fit in the box
02:16:28 <ParadoxGuitarist> If it's just one, I think we could
02:16:32 <kk4ewt> and we need newer laptops
02:16:46 <ParadoxGuitarist> We talked about this last week too
02:16:47 <kk4ewt> only if the banner was 22" wide
02:17:15 <ParadoxGuitarist> Most of the ambassadors have their own laptops and bring them to events.
02:17:16 <kk4ewt> 24" banners ==26"
02:17:22 <nb> ParadoxGuitarist, laptop is missing?
02:17:30 <nb> i thought we got it back from MarkDude
02:17:34 <kk4ewt> been missing for a long time
02:17:41 <ParadoxGuitarist> We did
02:17:53 <kk4ewt> so where is it
02:18:19 <nb> OLPC is outdated also, I believe ours are OLPC-1.
02:18:25 <ParadoxGuitarist> and it could no longer run the standard spin, I think someone from RH took it at SCaLE two years ago.
02:18:42 <nb> It can't? I thought I had F19 or so on the central one
02:18:49 <kk4ewt> all of them are model one
02:18:50 <nb> whatever was current at the time I had it last
02:19:02 <ParadoxGuitarist> It was a T-20 right?
02:19:17 <kk4ewt> i will try 21 and 22 on the one i have tomorrow
02:19:29 <kk4ewt> lenovo
02:19:54 <ParadoxGuitarist> No, the one I had was a ibm thinkpad
02:19:58 <ParadoxGuitarist> I think
02:20:07 <kk4ewt> it was a lenovo
02:20:14 <ParadoxGuitarist> I don't quite know. I only saw it at SCaLE for a few days.
02:20:34 * nb wonders if we could get redhat to give us new laptops
02:20:41 <ParadoxGuitarist> I think a rasberry-pi-/projector combo might be better than a laptop
02:20:50 <nb> or for that matter, we could buy some
02:20:51 <kk4ewt> I will talk to Paul next weekend
02:21:13 <ParadoxGuitarist> Bigger screen smaller footprint and easier to ship.
02:21:15 <nb> kk4ewt, have you heard anything else from robertjw?
02:21:21 <nb> i thought he was coming to SELF but haven't heard from him
02:21:23 <kk4ewt> nope
02:21:37 <nb> i sent him the reg info
02:21:46 <kk4ewt> if he dont thats fine as well
02:21:46 <nb> did you end up getting registered as a sponsor ok?
02:21:54 * Cydrobolt needs to run
02:22:00 <nb> yeah, looksl ike we will have plenty of VE's i think?
02:22:01 <kk4ewt> nope i registered as a supporting
02:22:07 <Cydrobolt> kk4ewt, can you #endmeeting when you guys are done?
02:22:16 <nb> which is good because I might have to leave early to do the keysigning
02:22:25 <nb> kk4ewt, oh ok
02:22:40 <kk4ewt> Cydrobolt, we were using the bot before you came along :)
02:22:40 * nb registered as sponsor with the info that jeremy sands sent out
02:22:51 <ParadoxGuitarist> g2g... there was shooting outside my University.
02:22:52 <Cydrobolt> yeah, I know :)
02:22:58 * ParadoxGuitarist waves.
02:23:02 <nb> ParadoxGuitarist, wow, stay safe
02:23:06 <kk4ewt> have a good one guys
02:23:08 * Cydrobolt waves
02:23:08 <nb> kk4ewt, should we move to #fedora-ambassadors?
02:23:13 <Cydrobolt> stay safe ParadoxGuitarist
02:23:14 <kk4ewt> yep
02:23:16 <ParadoxGuitarist> thanks guys
02:23:18 <kk4ewt> #endmeeting