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16:56:22 * cwickert is here
16:56:23 <decause> .hello decause
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16:56:34 <mattdm> hi all. note that we are doing this primarily via google hangouts today
16:56:37 <mattdm> #chair decause cwickert
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16:56:54 <decause> mattdm: yep, and I will be transcribing the talk here in channel as best as I can
16:57:09 <decause> mattdm: good luck!
16:57:32 <decause> croberts: good luck!
16:58:10 <jreznik> it needed plugin...
17:00:49 <decause> mattdm:
17:01:58 <decause> #link
17:02:41 <decause> This is our first video fedora council meeting
17:02:51 <decause> chris roberts is here to report ont he status/future of Fedora Marketing
17:03:08 * FranciscoD gets the popcorn :D
17:03:26 <decause> mattdm asked me to do a preso on marketing. WHere we are and what we're doing.
17:03:34 <decause> sometimes we're a bit quiet, like infra and others
17:03:36 <decause> but not today :)
17:03:51 <decause> I started in DOCs, and then I joined marketing, but I'm helping eveyrwhere now
17:03:57 <decause> best way to reach me is email
17:04:02 <decause> 1) What does FM do?
17:04:06 <mattdm> #link
17:04:06 <decause> 2) CUrrent Status
17:04:11 <decause> 3) What we need help with
17:04:21 <decause> WE need more help on the tech team, and they could use our help too
17:04:45 <decause> 1) Fedora Marketing is kind of a weird term. When you think o ffedora, you think of applicaitons, designs, websites
17:04:49 <decause> we do lots behind the scenes
17:04:55 <decause> firstly, the SOcial Media accounts
17:05:05 <decause> allt he posts on Facebook/G+ that is run by marketing
17:05:15 <decause> we've got a good face presence, but don't do much tech stuff
17:05:20 <decause> the other thing we do is with ambassadors
17:05:35 <decause> anytime they go to an event, need fliers/design,w e start that, and then get what they need
17:05:47 <decause> they shouldn't have to run an event without gettin ghelp from us
17:06:01 <decause> eveyrtime ther eis a release, the alpha/beta/GA annoucnemnts are done by us
17:06:12 <decause> jzb does a good job getting the information from prospective teams
17:06:33 <decause> Many think of Fedora Magazine when they think of us
17:06:34 <jzb> I do? Awww, shucks.
17:06:46 <decause> jzb: should be giving a talk at FLOCK about the stuff besides magazine we do
17:06:48 <mattdm> jzb++
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17:06:57 <decause> we maintain it, and encourage contribs to write articles
17:07:05 <decause> we recently did the change, which was big for us
17:07:12 <decause> bookmarks/webdesign
17:07:17 <decause> all the 21 tasks are done
17:07:22 <decause> and we're working on F22
17:07:25 <croberts>
17:07:52 <decause> Our tasks pretty much stay the same, though many things change. We work closely with websites and design team
17:07:57 <mattdm> #link
17:08:02 <mattdm> #info marketing task list
17:08:03 <decause> jzb: also just published our beta announcment
17:08:10 * rdieter waves
17:08:12 <decause> he is really our savior on these announcments
17:08:15 <mattdm> #link
17:08:29 <langdon> #link
17:08:34 <decause> ryanlerch has really helped us from design team. I've seen lots of traffic, particularly when mattdm tweets.
17:08:34 <langdon> #info slides for the talk
17:08:54 <decause> we have a trac, so anyone interested in contributing who has "writers block" you can see wha twe need
17:09:06 <langdon> #chairs
17:09:07 <decause> ambassadors are free to add tickets, along with anyone else, and we keep all our tickets here
17:09:21 * langdon discovers that is the wrong bot command
17:09:30 <decause> Fedora Marketing is more than just the magazine, but here are a few highlights
17:09:52 <decause> we've changed to an *awesome* new theme, which has improved the number of people visiting
17:10:10 <decause> it is not just Fedora People coming here now
17:10:25 <decause> with magazine, we've transitioned from Fedora only, to general Linux community
17:10:33 <decause> our highest hit is 1.2M
17:10:43 <decause> we get about 4-5K hits per day on average
17:10:58 <decause> mattdm has been doign a great job with 5tfw
17:11:03 <mattdm> (thanks!)
17:11:06 <decause> we're getting more and more people coming to site
17:11:16 <decause> anyone wihtout a login, I can grant you acess
17:11:25 <decause> one thing I'd like help with
17:11:37 <decause> talking to ambassadors, we don't have as much event coverage
17:11:43 <langdon> #link
17:11:49 <decause> i See reimbursement trac ticket updates, but not as much recap posts
17:11:50 <langdon> #info omg ubuntu tweet
17:11:59 <decause> it would be great to get more event summaries
17:12:07 <decause> general type-ups, not day1/2/3
17:12:18 <decause> it would be nice to get content
17:12:18 <jreznik> croberts: there's rule to blog about sponsored events
17:12:30 <decause> as far as marketing, knowing what happened at those events
17:12:50 <decause> if SUSE is there and has a booth, and we don't have the same kinds of sweet "flair," then we can work with design team to create it
17:13:04 <decause> this working with ambassadors would be pretty awesome to help us out
17:13:07 <decause> that is my big thing
17:13:16 <decause> another thing, is more interaction with technical side
17:13:20 <decause> I've talked to nirik and others
17:13:30 <decause> other than just IRC chats, I'm not sure what is going on as much
17:13:39 <decause> there is enough going on with websites and marketing
17:13:52 <decause> it would be great to have another 5things style post for each team
17:14:05 <decause> if someone doesn't have time for that, then maybe we can get contributors helping with multiple teams
17:14:12 <mattdm> protip! I suggest picking a smaller number than 5. Five turns out to be a lot :)
17:14:14 * decause is totally stoked about this idea, btw
17:14:25 * rdieter agrees
17:14:34 <decause> on top of getting other teams, I'm getting to know more poeple on the tech side
17:14:39 <decause> that gap, bridging it, would help out too
17:14:57 <decause> having infra learn more about marketing, and visa-versa, would help alot
17:15:04 <jreznik> microblogging is the best solution for such as often as possible updates...
17:15:09 <decause> the magazine, in general, we see lots of non-tech stuff there
17:15:10 <langdon> croberts, mattdm or, 5 things this *month*
17:15:15 <decause> but tech updates would be interesting there too
17:15:19 <decause> we have a lot of readers
17:15:22 <mattdm> langdon: ack
17:15:31 <decause> I talke dto a customer a few days ago, and he recognized me as "the Fedora Magazine Guy"
17:15:42 <decause> tech people could possibly enjoy writing something
17:15:55 <decause> I think it would give people an option to contribute, and learn about the team
17:16:02 <decause> for th epeople watching, we have  ajoin page
17:16:02 <mattdm> FWIW, our "What's coming in Wayland"-type articles are some of the post popular in terms of page views
17:16:14 <decause> I'm always in IRC, though I can't always respond immediately
17:16:18 <decause> someone is always there
17:16:29 <decause> I don't let any introduction emails wiat for more than 24 hours
17:16:38 <decause> if you have a FAS account, you can see all the tasks
17:16:52 <decause> if you have tasks that are best suited for new folks, are know of some, share
17:17:02 <decause> we have the fedora magazine too for new contributors
17:17:09 <decause> Future:
17:17:16 <decause> what I'd like to see is more working relations with other teams
17:17:25 <decause> i feel like we miss out on a lot of teams, because we don't talk
17:17:32 <decause> it would be nice to know wha tis going on with dev side
17:17:45 <decause> not just in magazine, but in case there is someone going to a conference or something,
17:18:00 <decause> getting better amabassador reports, and getting better relations with other teams
17:18:19 * decause is excited about this bigtime
17:18:40 <decause> infrastrucutre relations are going well, and we're working better. I hope to see it progress in the future.
17:18:47 <decause> questions?
17:18:58 <decause> sgallagh: would this be a good opportunity to talk about requests going forward?
17:19:10 <jreznik> decause: for reports - as I said, there is/was rule if you are sponsored, you should blog and most folks to blog about it
17:19:18 <decause> croberts: as far as requests, did you have one specific, or did you want to ask in general?
17:19:22 * jreznik is guilty not doing it all the time but he tries
17:19:50 <decause> sgallagh: one thing came up in council last week, decause is going ot head effort to expand at universities
17:20:03 <decause> reaching out to them, telling them why it would be great to run events and dedicate spaces
17:20:10 <decause> that is a marketing task as much as a council task
17:20:17 <mitzie> croberts: I'm speaking at DORS/CLUC in Croatia next week (as an Ambassador), so I'll make sure I'll write a report at the Magazine
17:20:22 <mitzie> :)
17:20:23 <decause> croberts: agree! one of the big tihngs talking with mattdm
17:20:33 <decause> we see contribs, they come in, and then they need follow-up
17:20:37 <decause> we need to keep up with them
17:20:47 <mattdm> #info tl;dr University Involvement Initiative (newly selected official Fedora objective) needs marketing -- how to ask marketing for that help?
17:20:51 <decause> if we get 99 people who want to join marketing, but don't reach out to them after, they will move on
17:21:01 <decause> reaching out more is somehting croberts supports, and we can do that more definitetly
17:21:08 <decause> it woudl be great ot collaborate on a task or approach
17:21:15 <decause> croberts: def interesting in doing more
17:21:23 * mattdm is enjoying the screensharing where chris is sharing his screen which shows the videoconference....
17:21:51 <decause> croberts: if council is up for that, we can add tasks for that, and get a workflow to get ahold of universities
17:22:00 <decause> there is general interest in linux everywhere we go
17:22:05 <decause> it is just a matter of reaching poeople
17:22:53 <decause> the question is, what is the best workflow? What is the best way to submit that?
17:23:00 <decause> is there a ticket to start with?
17:23:16 <decause> A: croberts: yes, ticketing is the best place to start. We have emailing set up for that.
17:23:19 <mattdm> #link
17:23:26 <mitzie> The hangouts url was exposed :/
17:23:29 <decause> include their email for who is at the EDU too
17:23:59 <decause> if someone sends an email, it doesn't create a ticket always. Hop into IRC and let me know you've sent the mail too
17:25:29 <decause> when I came into marketing, we did meetings everyweek
17:25:43 <decause> when Ruth left, and asked us to "hivemind" I talked to mailga
17:25:54 <decause> once issue we had was things were not always getting done
17:26:06 <decause> every gropu but ours was using tickets
17:26:17 <decause> we started with F21, a new system
17:26:20 <suehle> slight accuracy correction: We long since quit having meetings because nobody showed up.
17:26:23 <decause> getting everything into tickets
17:26:33 <mattdm> suehle *nod*
17:26:37 <decause> we got everything done for f20 and f21, and we're making progress on f22
17:26:51 <decause> it has been a positive thing for Fedora Marketing, and I think the ticket system is here to stay
17:27:03 <decause> we don't have to wait anymore
17:27:13 <decause> a ticket system for EDU would be great too
17:27:15 <decause> #agreed
17:27:20 <decause> croberts: thanks!
17:27:54 <decause> langdon: has a wider question. What do you think the overall mission is? Related, what are you using for metrics?
17:28:35 <decause> A: croberts: If i had to take a stab at it, (we don't have an official one) is ot make sure than when People ask about fedora, they get the right information. Anyone who asks for information, making it available. At events, and internally.
17:28:55 <decause> before we redid the wiki, suehle talked to us about dispelling rumors, and getting the message out there
17:29:06 <mattdm> #info from the wiki: "The short version: The Fedora Marketing Team ensures that people in Fedora can consistently explain to everyone what Fedora is, why the project can help them, and how they can help the project."
17:29:31 <decause> croberts: when I go to events, everyone is talking about Ubuntu and other distros. When I ask them about trying Fedora they say "I don't really hear much about it."
17:29:48 <decause> this is somethign that won't be fixed overnight, but making sure internal teams have all the info they need to go forward
17:30:14 <decause> metrics: one link posted, is the one with the report on each release by juroslav puts out
17:30:29 <decause> we can align resources, and if we don't then I take on the task myself.
17:30:54 <decause> langdon: You kept talking about contributor numbers, and I wanted to know if you were tracking that number at all?
17:31:06 <mattdm> #help we need better metrics
17:31:14 <decause> croberts: I don't have hard numbers like that. My perosnal goal is that if we can get 5 contribs per month to marketing, that would be huge
17:31:21 <decause> I hope the FLOCK talk this year helps with that
17:31:34 <decause> separating marketing from magazine, as the "only" thing that can be done
17:31:39 <decause> folks can do many many htings
17:31:53 <decause> I'm hoping this year, we can decouple the two, and let them know there is more to b edone
17:32:13 <decause> we get people who ask to write for magazine, and then I tell them "here are the other tasks too"
17:32:28 <decause> it would be nice, to have a goal of doing marketing related things in addition to magazine contributions
17:32:50 <decause> once this FLOCK, give it a month to get back and settle, then my perosnal goal will be to track our contributors after flock
17:33:00 <decause> if we had good results after last year, we can look at metrics for this year too
17:33:19 <decause> mattdm: that sounds like a great metric for Fedora Marketing itself. Do you have ideas for metrics for project as awhole?
17:33:40 <decause> croberts: There was an email that used to go out with the fedmsg, the "how many X" messages went out
17:33:46 <decause> croberts: :)
17:33:48 <mattdm>
17:33:56 * decause is *super-duper* interested
17:34:13 <decause> ther is a project called "statscache"
17:34:51 <decause> we talked about contrib surveys too, and there is a thread on the desktop list about it now
17:34:59 <decause> often, this is marketing in other orgs
17:35:04 <decause> should that live in marketing?
17:35:32 <decause> croberts: sure. We talked at FLOCk last year about hte user survey. The hold-up was trying to find a survey solution; hosting in house, or a foss solution hosted elsewhere, and getting a list of questions
17:35:44 <decause> it got put on the back-burner unfortunately
17:35:59 <decause> if we can agree on one place that would hepl
17:36:12 <decause> mattdm: agreeing on what questions asked, and what is being gathered.
17:36:32 * decause raises hand
17:38:48 <langdon> is threebean here?
17:38:53 <lmacken>
17:39:08 <decause> lmacken: thanks
17:39:19 * threebean looks up
17:39:42 <decause> keeping track of "what has been hapening in marketing this week" maight be a useful exercise
17:39:50 <decause> a monthly article for feodra magazine may be helpful
17:40:02 <langdon> threebean, lmacken seems to have saved you :)
17:40:07 <decause> if we can get that project, that decause was talking about, it would help bigtime with badges
17:40:07 <sgallagh> It also occurs to me that we haven't done a Magazine post announcing the projects that got GSoC students this year.
17:40:09 <threebean> yuss
17:40:13 <sgallagh> I'll write something up today.
17:40:24 * rdieter has hard-stop ~12:45 (have another meeting across campus @ 1)
17:40:27 * langdon notes that now croberts is a evil villain
17:40:48 <decause> we did two talks on badges last year at FLOCK, it would be great
17:41:01 <decause> if we can get that kind of analytics, that would be really helpful
17:41:11 <decause> if we can get metrics, we can put together content on Fedora Magazine
17:41:18 <decause> it isn't jsut Fedora, it's all over the place
17:41:32 <decause> when mattdm tweeted, we got a lot of non-fedora/redhat people reading
17:41:47 <decause> we can put up an article about summaries of community activity
17:41:51 <decause> we can set up goals based on data
17:41:57 <decause> getitng the user survey going out of that as well
17:42:24 <decause> croberts: as far as survey, that can be done. If we can agree on a place we can use, we can get questions together, and get them to the council
17:42:35 <decause> croberts: keep me posted on this, happy to help :)
17:43:00 <decause> mattdm: how is interaction with marketing reqeusts working? What do you think of the status of that?
17:43:28 <decause> croberts: if we could get, I've helped out with both projects, but if we can get something like you mentioned, I would be interested in somethign like FOSCo
17:43:40 <decause> if we can get some more technical folks, like roshi, who is on the QA side
17:43:48 * langdon thinks needs more play
17:43:56 <decause> he has written a few articles, and that would be cool to get more summaries
17:44:09 <decause> it woudl help to get a broader base
17:44:17 <decause> mattdm: how does that connect to ambassadors?
17:44:41 <decause> croberts: if we can participate in their meetings, and say "marketing is hand in hand with ambassadors" to get a summary, we can then "make it pretty"
17:44:48 <decause> more event coverage would be nice
17:45:06 <decause> people want to know about Fedora events
17:45:14 <decause> even just a couple of paragraphs
17:45:21 <decause> it may even spark more interest from other Geo's
17:45:40 <decause> "you just did an event in my backyard! What can I do to help out?"
17:46:09 <decause> cwickert: with my ambassadors/famsco hat on, there is a simple way to help; no event report, no reimbursements. WE have that rule, but we could reinforce it better.
17:46:31 <mattdm> #info ambassdors: no event report, no reimbursements
17:46:46 <decause> cwickert: you mentioned getting better collaboration between ambassadors and marketing. WE're not quite clear on set-up of FOSCO yet, but I'm open to anything that helps us connect the two.
17:46:49 * jreznik repeated it here several times today :)
17:47:20 <decause> mattdm: thanks!
17:47:52 <decause> croberts: we can create a template, liek a ticket, where they cna just input the details (time/date/descirption) to help people who have a hard time writing content
17:48:05 <cwickert> we have a guideline at
17:48:09 <mattdm> #info croberts idea: lightweight template for easy event reports
17:48:23 <decause> the biggest issue now, we used to have a lot of issues from ambassadors filed in tickets pre f20. We'd like to see that again.
17:48:45 <decause> mattdm: my last question: Are there specific things the council can do for marketing immediately?
17:49:09 <decause> croberts: one thing, is going back to the survey. Approving a place internally or externally, to host the survey would be great. It isn't hard to make the collections.
17:49:24 <decause> croberts: I don't know the legal ramifications tho
17:49:28 * rdieter has to leave, bye all
17:49:41 <decause> croberts: the other thing, has a decision been made about a council blog?
17:49:48 <cwickert> cu rdieter
17:50:10 <decause> mattdm: ryan is making a "news" blog where we can put those types of stories for Fedora-Heavy content that would scare away new folks possibly
17:50:16 <decause> then another wordpress for council blog
17:50:20 <decause> ryan is working on those things
17:50:23 <decause> ryanlerch++
17:50:24 <zodbot> decause: Karma for ryanlerch changed to 2:
17:50:24 <langdon> mattdm, where are the new blogs being discussed?
17:50:42 <langdon> ryanlerch++
17:50:42 <zodbot> langdon: Karma for ryanlerch changed to 3:
17:50:57 <decause> croberts: going forward, if we can make a decision, "Starting this day, we need to start enforcing the event reports"
17:51:17 <decause> we do an excellent job getting stuff out after FLOCK, and I wish that we had a way for all the Geo's, going forward
17:51:19 <mattdm> #info croberts says lack of event reports really hampers marketing
17:51:32 <decause> I konw it won't happen overnight, but it would be great to set a date for the funding/article rule
17:51:43 <decause> it would promote more tasks, create more material, and streamline communication
17:51:46 <jreznik> still someone has to prepare article from that event report
17:51:57 <jreznik> I'm not sure report is something that could be published
17:52:19 <decause> any last quetions?
17:52:21 <decause> goin once
17:52:23 <decause> going twice
17:52:24 <decause> going thrice
17:52:27 <decause> alright
17:52:35 <decause> thank you very much croberts for the report and status
17:52:52 <decause> next week, sgallagh is going to present on the editions
17:53:14 <decause> sgallagh: yes. I've got responses from the groups, and will try to do something simliar to what we did this week
17:53:27 <decause> sgallagh: assuming that the feedback isn't "terrible disaster" from today, then sure :)
17:53:38 <decause> thanks everyone
17:53:41 <decause> see you next week
17:53:57 <mattdm> "Broadcast has been successfully terminated!"
17:54:00 <langdon> mattdm, could you tell how many people were connected?
17:54:28 <mattdm> langdon: I didn't see while it was going on
17:54:34 <mattdm> let me see if that's counted anywhere.
17:54:37 <decause> are we going to end meeting?
17:54:39 <decause> :P
17:55:22 <mattdm> decause: sure. :)
17:55:26 <mattdm> #endmeeting