01:01:33 <award3535> #startmeeting FAmNA
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01:02:04 <award3535> #meetingname FAmNA
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01:02:10 <wrnash> Hi there
01:02:24 <award3535> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
01:02:41 <award3535> #chair wrnasj
01:02:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 wrnasj
01:02:54 <award3535> #chair wrnash
01:02:54 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 wrnash wrnasj
01:03:22 <award3535> I will give everyone a few minutes
01:03:34 <wrnash> ok
01:08:32 <award3535> doesnt look like we have a group tonight
01:08:41 <wrnash> yep
01:09:22 <award3535> I will give it until 917pm then call it
01:09:30 <wrnash> sounds good to me
01:09:41 <award3535> do you have anything for me
01:09:51 <wrnash> No
01:10:18 <wrnash> I was doing some research for building a spin off for teaching kids to program
01:11:28 <award3535> now that is cool, I was working on a machine that requires so attention, probably a bad HD
01:16:42 <award3535> ok times up, wrnash thank you for showing up, next week I will put out a reminder
01:16:50 <award3535> #endmeeting