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02:00:24 <Cydrobolt> Long time no see
02:00:28 <wrnash> Hi
02:00:35 <ParadoxGuitarist> hey
02:00:37 <Cydrobolt> Wondering if I am coming through or lag is delaying me
02:00:37 <award3535> #meetingname FAmNA
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02:00:50 <award3535> no your good
02:00:57 <Cydrobolt> Oh, awesome
02:00:59 <Cydrobolt> .ping
02:00:59 <zodbot> pong
02:01:01 <award3535> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
02:01:09 <wrnash> I'm here
02:01:15 <Cydrobolt> Hey wrnash!
02:01:41 <award3535> #chair wrnash cydrobolt
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02:01:44 <ParadoxGuitarist> here
02:02:01 <award3535> #chair ParadoxGuitarist
02:02:01 <zodbot> Current chairs: ParadoxGuitarist award3535 cydrobolt wrnash
02:02:15 <award3535> #topic === Announcements ===
02:02:43 <award3535> did everyone see  Tom Calloway's email
02:02:58 <ParadoxGuitarist> I did
02:03:09 <award3535> there will be no cost to the project but needs the event box and banners
02:03:43 <award3535> I will get a hold of kk4ewt and let him know
02:04:07 <award3535> I am still in Texas, didnt expect to get such cold weather in TX
02:05:01 <Cydrobolt> haven't seen it yet
02:05:07 <wrnash> Were in Texas.  I live in Fort Worth
02:05:11 <Cydrobolt> award3535, in Philly here, lots and lots of snow
02:05:32 <wrnash> Snow and Ice has melting in Fort Worth
02:05:46 <award3535> Big Spring TX my daughter and son in law just had their third my eight grandchild
02:05:53 <Cydrobolt> award3535, will you be able to come to HackRU on April 18-19, at Rutgers University?
02:06:02 <award3535> will be passing thru ft worth on way out
02:06:21 <Cydrobolt> award3535, congrats on your eighth grandchild!
02:06:28 <award3535> TY
02:06:40 <award3535> ok moving on....
02:06:47 <wrnash> Congrats
02:06:58 <award3535> #topic === Tickets ===
02:07:17 <award3535> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
02:07:49 <Cydrobolt> award3535, will you be able to come to HackRU?
02:08:01 <award3535> .famnaticket 100
02:08:05 <zodbot> award3535: #100 (LFNW 2015) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/100
02:08:18 <Cydrobolt> I  might have to fly solo if you aren't able to come
02:09:20 <ParadoxGuitarist> I'm planning on getting plane tickets tonight and the hotel room for LFNW.
02:09:49 <ParadoxGuitarist> But I have a question about funding
02:09:51 <award3535> I am still evaluating for the trip Cydrobolt, the next couple of months are packed for me
02:10:02 <award3535> go Paradoxguitarist
02:10:03 <Cydrobolt> I see
02:10:29 <ParadoxGuitarist> Is it easier for me to buy them and get reimbursed or have someone with a RH card purchase them?
02:11:46 <award3535> Paradoxguitarist, the correct way is to purchase them first, then get reembursed. the last advance flight stuff we did had some no shows and we lost out on money
02:11:58 <ParadoxGuitarist> I'm fine with that.
02:12:02 <ParadoxGuitarist> Part two
02:12:13 <award3535> Igo
02:12:19 <award3535> go
02:12:24 <award3535> sorry
02:12:25 <ParadoxGuitarist> I have my receipt from SCaLE who do I send it to?
02:12:27 <ParadoxGuitarist> nb?
02:12:35 <ParadoxGuitarist> I emailed him but didn't hear back.
02:13:17 <award3535> stand by ParadoxGuitarist, I will email you the link, and did you complete the report or an article for fedora magazine
02:13:32 <ParadoxGuitarist> wiki is pretty specific on what can get reimbursed but not the specific of how.
02:15:19 <ParadoxGuitarist> other than through PayPal
02:15:35 <award3535> Yeah I know the pages were to be fixed but that person did not complete the task
02:17:22 <Cydrobolt> I also need to get reimbursed for train tickets to HackRU
02:17:25 <award3535> ParadoxGuitarist here is the link https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests/ ensure you have all receipts for room, travel, and any other things that are not food included once your ticket is in, give it about four business days and then email ruth if you have not got a reembursment from someone, it is via paypal
02:18:16 <award3535> Cydrobolt, it will have to be after the event is over and you submit the required items and reports
02:18:53 <Cydrobolt> ok award3535
02:18:59 <Cydrobolt> do i need to get it approved prior or no
02:19:22 <award3535> so i take that everything is on for LFNW and there are no issues so far
02:19:26 <ParadoxGuitarist> you sure about that link award3535?
02:19:49 <award3535> yes, there is a selection for reembursments
02:19:52 <ParadoxGuitarist> Yeah
02:20:05 <ParadoxGuitarist> semi related is the tablecloth
02:20:09 <award3535> include your reciepts
02:20:31 <award3535> tablecloth? we have one in the east coast box
02:20:52 <ParadoxGuitarist> We didn't know where it was for a while, but yeah. I emailed ruth about getting another one
02:21:03 <ParadoxGuitarist> Personally I think it's wise to have one in each box.
02:21:19 <ParadoxGuitarist> We still ok with that?
02:22:16 <award3535> we will have to get a list of what is needed in three event boxes, the midwest is controlled by NB, the east is kke4wt and I, and the west coast box was missing....
02:22:46 <ParadoxGuitarist> No it's not
02:22:52 <ParadoxGuitarist> I have it
02:23:04 <ParadoxGuitarist> I'm also the shipping point for the west coast
02:23:40 <award3535> your missing a thinkpad if i remember, along  with the tablecloth and banners
02:23:51 <ParadoxGuitarist> True.
02:23:59 * MarkDude is late
02:24:04 <ParadoxGuitarist> though I have two OLPCs
02:24:41 <award3535> get me a list of what you need in the box, and I will present it to ruth. please email me the list
02:25:06 <ParadoxGuitarist> Are we wanting 1 banner in each box as well?
02:25:18 <MarkDude> +1 more tablecloths
02:25:41 <award3535> #chair MarkDude
02:25:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: MarkDude ParadoxGuitarist award3535 cydrobolt wrnash
02:25:49 <MarkDude> They can always be used. Banner usage is secondary IMO. eof
02:26:10 <award3535> +1 for table cloth, we all need new ones made
02:26:18 <wrnash> +1
02:26:34 <ParadoxGuitarist> +1
02:27:01 <award3535> #action ParadoxGuitarist to email award3535 with event box requirements
02:27:05 <ParadoxGuitarist> Ok, I'll email you later award3535
02:27:13 <ParadoxGuitarist> heh.
02:27:20 <MarkDude> If banner is desired by others, /me is willing to vote for it, but has been away a while, so attempting quiet :D
02:27:43 <award3535> .famnaticket 101
02:27:44 <zodbot> award3535: #101 (SCaLE 13x) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/101
02:27:53 <ParadoxGuitarist> This can be closed I think.
02:28:06 <award3535> are reports submitted?
02:28:48 * ParadoxGuitarist is check with Scott.
02:29:30 <award3535> what was the total expense of the event for Fedora? these are things we need to get a handle on
02:30:27 <ParadoxGuitarist> It's a Ruth!
02:30:30 <award3535> That particular event needs updating on the total expenses vs authorized expense
02:30:55 <award3535> I recommend we keep 101 open until all items are closed
02:31:52 <award3535> The actual expense colom need to be filled out on the https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SCALE_13X_Event
02:32:39 <award3535> Plus I have not seen  a single report hit the ambassadors list as required
02:33:15 <ParadoxGuitarist> Are we all suppose to do one? Or is it typically the event owner?
02:33:43 <award3535> anyone that is requesting a reembursement is required to complete one
02:34:02 <ParadoxGuitarist> Got it, I'll do that before I submit my thing then.
02:34:07 <award3535> the event owner should be updating the tickets and the page
02:34:43 <MarkDude> It need not be a really long report. Pics are bonus- tho helpful too, even if you link to others :)
02:34:54 <ParadoxGuitarist> I have some video around too.
02:35:03 <award3535> that is one of the items that the credit card holders look for when completing your requests
02:35:20 <MarkDude> Talk to me after -FV needs them ParadoxGuitarist - of you dont mind
02:35:47 <ParadoxGuitarist> sure
02:35:49 <MarkDude> sp/of/if #Fedora-Videos
02:36:12 <award3535> Paradoxguitarist here is one of my reports https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Self2014.pdf
02:37:24 <award3535> moving on to the next ticket
02:37:35 <award3535> .famnaticket 102
02:37:36 <zodbot> award3535: #102 (HackRU Spring 2015 Sponsorship Funds) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/102
02:38:21 <award3535> Cydrobolt, I think your on track with this event, once Tom gets done with his event, the box and banners should come your way
02:40:00 <MarkDude> This event looks great.
02:41:13 <award3535> I am still evaluating if I can attend, I have a couple of busy months ahead
02:41:44 <award3535> moving to open floor
02:41:45 <award3535> #topic == Open Floor ===
02:41:48 <MarkDude> Is Corey84 needing sponsorship- ?
02:42:44 <award3535> He is not completed with his ambassador program yet, I am sponsoring him but have not heard from him in a couple of weeks
02:43:05 <MarkDude> Fair enough
02:43:42 * MarkDude knows that Working Group has space open after Cristoph Wickert is stepping down
02:44:06 <MarkDude> Not Ambadassadors, but, if anyone's interested :) eof
02:46:14 <award3535> thank you markdude, some good information
02:47:15 <award3535> anything else for the group.....anyone....
02:47:19 <MarkDude> Nothing else from me, minus Fedora looks to be going in nice direction- Remy deCausemaker's hire makes me happy.
02:48:32 <ParadoxGuitarist> I got nothing
02:48:42 <award3535> things do seem to be running well.....
02:49:00 <award3535> well until next week.... good night all
02:49:14 <award3535> #endmeeting