14:00:54 <Sparks> #startmeeting Security Team Meeting - Agenda: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Security_Team_meetings
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14:00:58 <Sparks> #meetingname Fedora Security Team
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14:01:00 <Sparks> #topic Roll Call
14:01:01 * Sparks 
14:01:04 <bvincent> .fas bvincent
14:01:05 <zodbot> bvincent: bvincent 'Brandon Vincent' <Brandon.Vincent@asu.edu>
14:01:09 <Sparks> jsmith: PING
14:05:08 <Sparks> jsmith appears to be on the road today
14:05:22 <Sparks> bvincent: This promises to be a short meeting...
14:05:38 <Sparks> #info Participants are reminded to make liberal use of #info #link #help in order to make the minutes "more better"
14:05:45 <Sparks> #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
14:05:51 <Sparks> #info Thursday's numbers: Critical 1, Important 45, Moderate 354, Low 162, Total 562, Trend -15
14:05:55 <Sparks> #info Current tickets owned: 161 (~29%)
14:06:00 <Sparks> #info Tickets closed: 239
14:06:23 <Sparks> bvincent: Got anything ticket-wise to discuss?
14:06:39 <bvincent> Not really. I haven't had much time recently.
14:06:46 <Sparks> Yeah, me neither.
14:06:54 <Sparks> #topic Open floor discussion/questions/comments
14:06:58 <Sparks> Anyone have anything?
14:08:39 <Sparks> #action Sparks needs to close all tickets of archived packages.
14:08:54 <Sparks> #undo
14:08:54 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by Sparks at 14:08:39 : Sparks needs to close all tickets of archived packages.
14:09:02 <Sparks> #action Sparks needs to CLOSE WONTFIX all tickets of archived packages.
14:10:20 <Sparks> bvincent: Got anything else?
14:10:32 <bvincent> Nope.
14:11:56 <d-caf> Still meeting?
14:12:08 <Sparks> bvincent: Okay, well thanks for coming.  I'm going to try to follow up on some of the unowned IMPORTANT tickets this morning.
14:12:14 <Sparks> d-caf: Yep.
14:12:22 <d-caf> sorry snow delay
14:12:27 <bvincent> Sparks: Great.
14:13:34 <Sparks> d-caf: Yeah, ditto.
14:13:49 <d-caf> Miss anything important?
14:13:56 <Sparks> d-caf: Not really
14:14:54 <d-caf> Ok, I have to do another push to see if I can get mainteners to respond to packages, but so far slow going.. :-(
14:19:26 <Sparks> d-caf: Yes.  The trend is down from earlier this month.
14:21:36 <Sparks> Okay, anyone have anything else before we close?
14:22:59 <Sparks> Well, on that note, then, I'll go ahead and close the meeting.  Thanks for coming today!
14:23:09 <d-caf> Thanks
14:23:14 <Sparks> #endmeeting