22:32:07 <echevemaster> #startmeeting
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22:32:20 <echevemaster> #meetingname Latam Ambassadors Meeting
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22:32:33 <echevemaster> #topic Roll Call
22:32:37 <danielbruno> .fas dbruno
22:32:38 <zodbot> danielbruno: dbruno 'Daniel Bruno' <>
22:32:42 * danielbruno Brazil
22:32:44 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
22:32:45 <zodbot> echevemaster: echevemaster 'Eduardo Javier Echeverria Alvarado' <>
22:32:48 * echevemaster Venezuela
22:33:02 <wolnei> .fas wolnei
22:33:02 <zodbot> wolnei: wolnei 'Wolnei Cândido Tomazelli Junior' <>
22:33:15 <wolnei> Brazil
22:33:38 <echevemaster> if anyone wants chair please ask.
22:33:49 <mayorga> .hello mayorga
22:33:50 <zodbot> mayorga: mayorga 'Eduardo Mayorga Téllez' <>
22:33:51 * mayorga Nicaragua
22:34:06 <Pintomatic> Night night
22:35:03 <echevemaster> #info Agenda in
22:35:09 <echevemaster> #link
22:36:29 <echevemaster> before to discuss the ticket of Nicaragua, remember that we have to do the Wishlist of the event of the next year
22:36:43 <echevemaster> the deadline will be January 15th.
22:37:01 <srkraken> .fas srkraken
22:37:02 <zodbot> srkraken: srkraken 'Efren Antonio Robledo Moreno' <>
22:37:14 <wolnei> there a wiki page for that already?
22:37:14 <mayorga> echevemaster: I'm not aware of such wishlist. What's that?
22:38:05 <echevemaster> one minutes, I'm looking for
22:39:39 <echevemaster> we have to do a wiki like this
22:39:44 <echevemaster> wiki page
22:39:45 <echevemaster> *
22:39:51 <wolnei> is a list with all events we pretend attend
22:40:03 <echevemaster> correct.
22:40:23 <echevemaster> all the years we make the wishlist for the approval of the budget
22:40:42 <danielbruno> I think that we don't have a list yet
22:40:48 <danielbruno> on wiki
22:40:54 <echevemaster> 2015, no
22:40:58 <danielbruno> but, we must to create one
22:41:12 <wolnei> we have only in the budget of 2014
22:41:29 <danielbruno> e.g.
22:42:19 <echevemaster>
22:42:22 <echevemaster> danielbruno:
22:42:37 <echevemaster> we have to do a draft
22:42:45 <danielbruno> yes
22:43:27 <danielbruno> can I change the URL to follow the standard used by the other regions?
22:43:40 <echevemaster> yes, if you want
22:43:44 <danielbruno> s/Budget_2015/Budget:2015/
22:43:52 <echevemaster> no.
22:43:56 <echevemaster> of the existent no
22:44:04 <echevemaster> the new, yes. if you want
22:44:09 <danielbruno> great
22:44:20 <danielbruno> I'll start the draft
22:44:21 <echevemaster> remember that the next budget will be 2016
22:44:25 <danielbruno> sure
22:44:40 <echevemaster> please make it in the wide space of the wiki
22:44:46 <echevemaster> no in your user space
22:45:02 <echevemaster> danielbruno:
22:45:07 <danielbruno> ok
22:46:00 <echevemaster> #action danielbruno will make the structure of the wiki budget
22:46:11 <echevemaster> danielbruno: please inform when is ready. please
22:46:20 <echevemaster> ok.
22:46:26 <echevemaster> first topic
22:46:46 <echevemaster> #topic ticket 267 Funding Request for Release Party F21 Nicaragua.
22:46:50 <mayorga> Why not change the previous budget URL and add a redirect?
22:46:57 <danielbruno> echevemaster, ok, I'll send a message on the latam mailing list
22:46:59 <wolnei> we need for each event 2 owners
22:47:01 <echevemaster> #link
22:47:23 <echevemaster> mayorga: if you know how to do, please do it.
22:47:41 <lorddemon> buenas noches, mil disculpas por la tardanza
22:47:48 <lorddemon> .fas lorddemon
22:47:48 <zodbot> lorddemon: lorddemon 'Gonzalo Nina Mamani' <>
22:47:52 * lorddemon Bolivia
22:47:58 <danielbruno> buenas lorddemon
22:48:18 <echevemaster> lorddemon: no, you aren't apologized :)
22:48:33 <danielbruno> hahah
22:48:54 <echevemaster> ok, dudes, please read the ticket and make comments.
22:49:27 <lorddemon> ok
22:49:37 <aeperezt> .fas aeperezt
22:49:38 <zodbot> aeperezt: aeperezt 'Alejandro Perez' <>
22:49:38 <echevemaster> nicaragua will do 2 release parties this year.
22:49:44 <echevemaster> #chair aeperezt
22:49:44 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeperezt echevemaster
22:50:37 <mayorga> If there are any questions on the ticket, I can answer them.
22:51:01 <echevemaster> ok mayorga
22:51:29 <danielbruno> it make sense to me the values described in the ticket
22:51:52 <danielbruno> +1
22:51:54 <echevemaster> yes, and are both events.
22:52:03 <lorddemon> mayorga, que es la comida?
22:52:03 <echevemaster> +1 from me, too
22:52:19 <srkraken> +1
22:52:42 <mayorga> lorddemon: Suele ser pizza...
22:52:43 <echevemaster> mayorga: what kind of food will be served in the events?
22:53:04 <lorddemon> thanks in need ideas...
22:53:05 <echevemaster> yes, ususally is pizza.
22:53:19 <mayorga> That's what we tend to do.
22:53:34 <aeperezt> +1
22:53:55 <echevemaster> ok, we are complete with the votes
22:53:58 <echevemaster> anyone else?
22:54:08 <lorddemon> +1
22:54:21 <lorddemon> mayorga, cuantas personas esperan en cada evento?
22:54:50 <echevemaster> #agreed (+5,0,0) ticket 267 approved
22:55:09 <mayorga> En Managua, 20-40. En León será la primera vez, así que es incierto.
22:55:25 <echevemaster> not there more tickets in the agenda, so, We will pass to openfloor
22:55:25 <lorddemon> gracias :)
22:55:34 <echevemaster> or anyone have another ticket?
22:55:36 <mayorga> Pero asumimos que la presencia será un poco menor.
22:55:59 <mayorga> Thank you guys for your votes!
22:56:10 <echevemaster> #topic openfloor
22:56:23 <echevemaster> BTW, remember the Fudcon bids?
22:56:26 <echevemaster> any news?
22:57:00 <danielbruno> until now I didn't see anything about
22:57:14 <echevemaster> according to the conversed, bid will be ready this 15 for a first review
22:57:21 <echevemaster> What happened with that?
22:58:10 <mayorga> I think we should send a reminder to the list.
22:58:15 <danielbruno> I think that the guys from Argentina will send a proposal
22:58:17 <echevemaster> well, if anyone knows the people that are doing bids, remember to them that should be ready in January
22:58:39 <echevemaster> ok, I will send a friendly reminder to the latam list.
22:58:47 <danielbruno> I believe that the event this week will be the laboratory for they
22:59:09 <mayorga> Yeah, I saw the announcent.
22:59:10 <echevemaster> well, this 13 argentina is discussing the fudcon as well
22:59:39 <echevemaster> so, the next meeting we can talk with them
22:59:45 <danielbruno> echevemaster, send this topic to be discussed in the event there
23:00:02 <echevemaster> roger that danielbruno
23:00:34 <echevemaster> #action echevemaster will send to the list a friendly reminder for discuss the fudcon bid
23:00:51 <echevemaster> danielbruno: the wiki draft is done?
23:01:00 <danielbruno> echevemaster, not yet
23:01:07 <danielbruno> I'll do tonight
23:01:16 <danielbruno> and send the link in the mail list
23:01:38 <echevemaster> aeperezt: a question, this budget whislist should be named 2016, right
23:01:39 <echevemaster> ?
23:01:53 <aeperezt> echevemaster, right
23:02:04 <echevemaster> ok, thx aeperezt
23:02:08 <aeperezt> we need to set new budget and goals
23:02:25 <aeperezt> by country to and month of the events
23:02:33 <echevemaster> correct. danielbruno will do the wiki structure and send to the list, tonight
23:02:41 <taquilla> saludos
23:02:51 <echevemaster> taquilla: saludos a ti :)
23:03:13 <echevemaster> ok. people, any topic for discuss or something?
23:04:00 <danielbruno> so, we can end the meeting
23:04:31 <echevemaster> ok
23:04:56 <echevemaster> this meeting will end in
23:04:58 <echevemaster> 5
23:04:59 <echevemaster> 4
23:05:00 <echevemaster> 3
23:05:01 <echevemaster> 2
23:05:03 <echevemaster> 1
23:05:08 <echevemaster> #endmeeting