22:34:22 <echevemaster> #startmeeting
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22:35:05 <echevemaster> #chair aeperezt
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22:35:11 <echevemaster> #topic Roll Call
22:35:26 <wolnei> .fas wolnei
22:35:27 <zodbot> wolnei: wolnei 'Wolnei Cândido Tomazelli Junior' <>
22:35:35 <wolnei> Brazil
22:37:14 <tonet666p> .fast tonet666p
22:38:27 <ezq> .fas cardinali
22:38:28 <zodbot> ezq: ezq 'Ezequiel M. Cardinali' <>
22:38:42 * ezq Argentina
22:38:48 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
22:38:50 <zodbot> echevemaster: echevemaster 'Eduardo Javier Echeverria Alvarado' <>
22:38:52 * echevemaster Venezuela
22:38:55 <bernardoha> .fas bernardoha
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22:39:22 <williamjmorenor> .fas williamjmorenor
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22:39:27 * williamjmorenor Nicaragua
22:40:31 <aeperezt> .fas aeperezt
22:40:33 <zodbot> aeperezt: aeperezt 'Alejandro Perez' <>
22:41:55 * aeperezt Panama
22:42:15 <echevemaster> #info Meeting agenda
22:44:22 <echevemaster> ok, we can start with the agenda or the bid discussion of the fudcon?
22:45:21 <wolnei> agens
22:45:30 <wolnei> agenda first
22:45:53 <echevemaster> ok
22:46:24 <echevemaster> #topic ticket 255
22:48:06 <williamjmorenor> I am not really sure what will change with the new counsil
22:48:13 <williamjmorenor> :-/
22:48:33 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor: will change much things
22:48:41 <echevemaster> but the plan is not complete yet
22:48:48 <echevemaster> but we have to discuss too.
22:49:02 <aeperezt> williamjmorenor, It will change the way Fedora take desisions it may affect latam or budgets or the way we work that
22:49:03 <aeperezt> now
22:49:21 <wporta> .fas
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22:49:23 <echevemaster> correct.
22:49:31 <wporta> .fas wporta
22:49:33 <zodbot> wporta: wporta 'Wilfredo Porta' <>
22:49:33 <aeperezt> but it is a stage we need consider
22:49:51 * williamjmorenor reading
22:50:10 <williamjmorenor> I do not like this line "named roles appointed by Red Hat,"
22:50:23 <aeperezt> Right now there are elections for two seats on the councl if someone wants so be part of it please follow the rules
22:50:37 <echevemaster> aeperezt: link?
22:50:41 <echevemaster> for information
22:50:56 <echevemaster> Im looking for
22:51:47 <echevemaster>
22:51:47 <williamjmorenor> Engineering Representative, an Outreach Representative, and two Elected Representatives
22:51:47 <aeperezt> #link
22:52:05 <aeperezt> #link
22:52:08 <williamjmorenor> Woh will decide the Engineering Representative representative?
22:52:09 <echevemaster> aeperezt: Outreach will replace Famsco just now
22:52:11 <echevemaster> ?
22:52:49 <aeperezt> echevemaster, as far as I underestand it will not
22:53:16 <aeperezt> famsco will have a member in outreach
22:53:23 <echevemaster> I saw the same but was confused for me too.
22:54:20 <echevemaster> people, the goal is understand more as community the new structure and discuss in the list and the decisions
22:55:04 <echevemaster> next ticket
22:55:48 <echevemaster> #topic ticket 256 FGSL 2014
22:55:58 <echevemaster> #link
22:56:22 * potty salute the people!
22:56:42 <echevemaster> wolnei: needs USD $600 for the event
22:57:05 <echevemaster> details at
22:57:11 <echevemaster> #link
22:57:32 <wolnei> we are invited at Latinoware, this event already in budge
22:58:11 <wolnei> They need our confirmation this week, I tried  other local ambassadors
22:58:13 <aeperezt> wolnei so you need the 600 US to go and get some materials
22:58:13 <potty> echevemaster: question
22:58:26 <echevemaster> potty: go ahead
22:58:27 <wolnei> But only Itamar and me can be there
22:58:33 <potty> what is the main purpose of participaing on this event?
22:59:11 <wolnei> Invest in a new region of Brazil
22:59:12 <echevemaster> I was going to ask
22:59:30 <potty> ok
22:59:42 <wolnei> The budge will be for travel, hotel and materials
22:59:42 <echevemaster> That region does not have any ambassador or contributors?
22:59:53 <yn1v> .fas yn1v
22:59:54 <zodbot> yn1v: yn1v 'Neville A. Cross' <>
23:00:03 * yn1v Nicaragua
23:00:04 <potty> .fas potty
23:00:08 <zodbot> potty: potty 'Abdel G. Martínez L.' <> - radhakrishnanpotty 'S.Radhakrishnan' <>
23:00:08 * potty Panama
23:00:14 <wolnei> No, Itamar is the only one more close in active
23:00:24 <echevemaster> ok, wolnei try to go to the event with a plan
23:00:37 <echevemaster> with a plan about found new contributors
23:00:45 <echevemaster> try to contact them before the event
23:00:49 <williamjmorenor> who is the public of this event?
23:00:53 <echevemaster> and send information about oir groups
23:00:59 <echevemaster> our*
23:01:11 <wolnei> We will have a table and talks, and will try focus on devel
23:01:52 <aeperezt> wolnei, new plan is not only find new contributor but if there is a free software that is not in Fedora and is good to have please contact echevemaster
23:01:55 <wporta> wolnei, can you please add the talks topics in the wiki?
23:01:58 <potty> aeperezt: agree with you
23:02:01 <aeperezt> to see if we can find someone to package it
23:02:13 <wolnei> They already there
23:02:18 <potty> wolnei: maybe a good approach could be find new open-source source that is not included in Fedora
23:02:25 <wolnei> Fedora QA and Fedora. Next
23:02:43 <potty> and suggest them to add their software in Fedora repo
23:02:48 <echevemaster> correct. Fedora QA and test updates is fine too.
23:02:49 <williamjmorenor> I could be a nice idea to make a list in the table, so have the email of posible contributors and send a mail to these people after the event
23:03:00 <wolnei> That will be my intention, connect developers with our platform
23:03:01 <wporta> wolnei, true, thanks.
23:03:03 <potty> williamjmorenor: check the wiki, the info is there
23:03:23 <aeperezt> if you ask me +1 to it
23:03:30 <echevemaster> ok, people, if you are agree with the wolnei explanation. please vote.
23:03:37 <potty> +1
23:03:40 <echevemaster> from me is one +1
23:04:02 <wporta> I would suggest a topic about How and Why Contribute to Fedora.
23:04:18 <williamjmorenor> I am reading but the Free Software Community of the State of Goiás are students, developers, hackers?
23:04:26 <wolnei> Is inside Fedora.Next talk
23:04:39 <wolnei> Both
23:04:52 <wporta> thanks
23:06:41 <echevemaster> there are three votes.
23:06:51 <williamjmorenor> this a +1 for me
23:07:16 <bernardoha> +1
23:07:20 * wporta +1
23:07:52 * williamjmorenor ping sr_kraken
23:08:07 <echevemaster> #agreed ticket 256 approved (+6, 0, 0)
23:08:27 <wolnei> Thanks guys
23:08:35 <potty> wolnei: you are welcome
23:09:04 <potty> but at least bring a new contributor (not ambassador) or include a new open-source software project on the RPM
23:09:05 <echevemaster> wolnei: remember, our new goal is always try to found a new contributor
23:09:08 <wporta> wolnei, go get us new contributors. =)
23:09:09 <potty> echevemaster: +1
23:09:18 <echevemaster> our new policy is zero evangelization
23:09:30 <wolnei> That's always is my goal
23:09:34 <potty> wolnei: +1
23:09:35 <williamjmorenor> +1 with potty and echevemaster
23:10:13 <potty> .
23:10:37 <echevemaster> ok, we have new countries for bids?
23:11:02 <echevemaster> this is a informal discussion, but we have to start with the new countries for the new event.
23:12:41 <echevemaster> any country is willing for start the bid?
23:12:59 <yn1v> I think magojogui will like to do it in El Salvador
23:14:20 <wporta> is there already a wiki page for it?
23:14:27 <williamjmorenor> and lorddemon ask about make in Bolivia
23:14:34 <yn1v> I have been never visit bolivia, lordlemon should organize new fudcon
23:14:39 <echevemaster> no wporta, we don't need the wiki now.
23:14:41 <lorddemon> .fas lorddemon
23:14:43 <zodbot> lorddemon: lorddemon 'Gonzalo Nina Mamani' <>
23:14:43 <echevemaster> is the disposition
23:14:48 * lorddemon bolivia
23:14:57 <wporta> ok
23:14:57 <echevemaster> is for do a call for make the bids
23:15:24 <echevemaster> and leave a deadline for that.
23:15:56 <lorddemon> excuse me,  please ... I just got
23:16:10 <lorddemon> hello everybody
23:16:23 <yn1v> lordlemon, I was just joking
23:16:40 <yn1v> I think that we have to do it like last year
23:16:46 <lorddemon> :)
23:16:55 <yn1v> present bids by the end of the year
23:17:01 <echevemaster> ok bolivia, argentina, el salvador and....?
23:17:07 <echevemaster> and we have to do a deadline
23:17:10 <yn1v> we go a review round before the end of the year
23:17:14 <echevemaster> what date you propose?
23:17:22 <potty> remember chile (asalles' email)
23:17:27 <aeperezt> echevemaster, we need to define a dead line
23:17:28 <echevemaster> December 21?
23:17:38 <aeperezt> for propousal
23:17:54 <yn1v> and at mid january we make the selection
23:17:58 <williamjmorenor> in December there is not many of us in the meeting
23:18:08 <aeperezt> we should be ready for end of Feb
23:18:09 <williamjmorenor> January is better
23:18:22 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor: it is better in december
23:18:26 <echevemaster> 15 is good date.
23:18:28 <potty> I consider jan is too late
23:18:37 <echevemaster> December 15th
23:18:43 <potty> december 15: they got 1 month to ask
23:18:52 <potty> if FUDCon is feasible or not
23:19:03 <yn1v> I think that we have a hard dead line on mid january
23:19:19 <yn1v> and a soft dead line on mid december.
23:19:29 <yn1v> soft dead line is for feed back
23:19:37 <echevemaster> #info bolivia, argentina, el salvador, and chile will make bids for Fudcon 2015
23:19:39 * potty was about to ask the difference.
23:19:58 <echevemaster> potty: is reasonable
23:20:12 <echevemaster> many people will not be complete in that dates
23:20:16 <kovalevsky> .fas sophiekovalevsky
23:20:16 <zodbot> kovalevsky: sophiekovalevsky 'Kiara Navarro' <>
23:20:28 <echevemaster> so October 15th for soft deadline
23:20:29 <kovalevsky> Panamá
23:20:37 <potty> December 15th*
23:20:44 <echevemaster> and January 15 for hard deadline
23:20:46 <echevemaster> ?
23:20:50 <echevemaster> or just one?
23:20:58 <potty> I think two are ok
23:21:06 * wporta agree with potty
23:21:11 <yn1v> we get a review on dec 15
23:21:16 <lorddemon> yup, my birthday is the 15 of december. :)
23:21:35 <yn1v> and then give time for improvements until jan 15
23:21:36 <williamjmorenor> looks good with Dec 15th and Jan 15th
23:21:54 <echevemaster> ok, please vote for the dates
23:22:04 <potty> +1
23:22:07 <wporta> +1
23:22:08 <yn1v> +1
23:22:10 <williamjmorenor> +1
23:22:12 <echevemaster> +1
23:22:22 <lorddemon> +1
23:23:02 <echevemaster> #info Fudcon bids will be revised the December 15th and decided the January 15th
23:23:28 <yn1v> who think that Nicaragua fudcon was the best?
23:23:50 <echevemaster> #agreed (+6, 0, 0) Fudcon bids will be discuseed in December 15 and decided the January 15th
23:24:11 <echevemaster> ! was one of the best fudcons. yn1v :)
23:24:20 <wporta> hahaha
23:24:24 <yn1v> lilixx wanted to get a second round for Managua
23:24:43 <echevemaster> #topic open floor
23:25:20 * yn1v looks at the floor ... the floor looks open
23:25:25 <potty> budum tss
23:25:32 <lorddemon> it was my first FUDcon,it was the best
23:25:32 <williamjmorenor> anyone have tested the Fedora Server Beta?
23:25:42 <echevemaster> For open floor, I have an event in the university Jose antonio paez the next week, the same place where was the fudcon 2012
23:25:54 <echevemaster> will be workshops about docker
23:26:00 <yn1v> seriously, can people email me concrete facts about fudcon?
23:26:03 <echevemaster> and workshops about virtualization
23:26:13 <yn1v> like who get as candidate for one tema
23:26:25 <echevemaster> yn1v: I can give my experience, I will send to you
23:26:29 <echevemaster> public or private?
23:26:30 <yn1v> who got approved in one team
23:26:40 <yn1v> what was pacakaged
23:26:54 <echevemaster> there are three reviews in bugzilla
23:26:59 <echevemaster> soon will be approved
23:27:09 <echevemaster> that means, exists the new three contributors
23:27:13 <echevemaster> semi - approved?
23:27:14 <yn1v> I think better in private, to not make to much noise in mailing list
23:27:26 <echevemaster> ok yn1v, roger that
23:27:50 <yn1v> there are people that were assingend some task, and aftera that will be approved
23:27:53 <wporta> i think a Fudcon facts public email will be nice
23:28:14 <yn1v> I think that will be nice to have a proper report
23:28:17 <echevemaster> #action please send to neville, the people and goals about yours teams and new contribuors
23:28:20 <potty> wporta: i think yn1v final summary
23:28:22 <yn1v> collecting all that facts
23:28:38 <potty> yn1v: you should send your final report
23:28:50 <yn1v> something like ... hey we got 10K form fedora and we got this acommplished
23:29:00 <echevemaster> yeah, that is the goal
23:29:02 <potty> yn1v:indeed
23:29:09 <yn1v> never done before
23:29:31 <echevemaster> ok, people, do it fast :)
23:29:38 <yn1v> all the time are chronicles and not facts
23:30:03 <yn1v> I like blog like day 1, 2, and 3
23:30:15 <yn1v> but we also need blogs like this was done
23:30:29 <wporta> well, from now on that should be a part of the Fudcon wiki.. FUDCon Facs!
23:30:32 <wporta> *Facts
23:30:36 <yn1v> blogs like this was good and this was not so good
23:30:48 <echevemaster> walter
23:31:08 <yn1v> things to do again, and things to look how to do it in a different way
23:31:25 <echevemaster> mayogui
23:31:42 <williamjmorenor> an infographic you think would help?  yn1v
23:31:49 <echevemaster> franko
23:31:53 <williamjmorenor> echevemaster franko98
23:32:14 <williamjmorenor> but he need to find a hosting for this .spec and src.rpm
23:32:42 <williamjmorenor> yn1v and if you post the report in the Fedora Magazine?
23:32:42 <yn1v> I think infografics are cool, but we need first facts, then report and finally infographs
23:32:43 <echevemaster> correct williamjmorenor I said to him for open a ticket in infrastructure
23:32:50 <echevemaster> and ask for space
23:33:11 <yn1v> if we do a nice article, sure we get it to the magazine
23:33:27 <williamjmorenor> +1
23:33:36 <potty> do we have writers for fedora-magazine?
23:33:42 <echevemaster> yes potty
23:33:44 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor:
23:33:47 <kovalevsky> potty, I think that willb_
23:33:50 <echevemaster> is the only latam writter
23:33:53 <kovalevsky> sorry williamjmorenor
23:34:06 <echevemaster> our "magazinero"
23:34:19 <potty> williamjmorenor: would you do some article like including all our posts
23:34:20 <echevemaster> congrats btw  williamjmorenor
23:34:24 <potty> but in a nutshell
23:34:41 <wporta> kudos williamjmorenor
23:34:53 <echevemaster> ok, if not there any thing for discuss, Can I close the meeting? people?
23:35:01 <williamjmorenor> there was link to many reports in the Five Think in Fedora of last week
23:35:19 <potty> yes
23:35:42 <williamjmorenor> but a really think than the oficial report must be posted by yn1v
23:35:42 <potty> williamjmorenor: i have seen that, but i mean a FUDCon Managua article itself
23:36:13 <potty> yes, perhaps interview yn1v, add our points of view of the event
23:36:32 <williamjmorenor> ok
23:36:58 <echevemaster> 5
23:37:00 <echevemaster> 4
23:37:02 <echevemaster> 3
23:37:04 <echevemaster> 2
23:37:06 <yn1v> 1.5
23:37:06 <echevemaster> 1
23:37:08 <potty> 0
23:37:10 <echevemaster> thanks for attend
23:37:10 <potty> -1
23:37:15 <potty> -2
23:37:15 <FabioOlive> :)
23:37:16 <echevemaster> #endmeeting