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04:00:26 <tuanta> #topic Roll call
04:00:28 <banas> .fasinfo sarupbanskota
04:00:29 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
04:00:30 <zodbot> tuanta: tuanta 'Truong Anh Tuan' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
04:00:42 <tuanta> remove a blank, banas :)
04:00:49 <mpduty> .fas mohanprakash
04:00:50 <zodbot> mpduty: mohanprakash 'Mohan Prakash' <mpduty@gmail.com>
04:00:54 <pravins> hi
04:00:59 <banas> oops, thanks tuanta
04:01:07 <banas> .fasinfo sarupbanskota
04:01:08 <zodbot> banas: User: sarupbanskota, Name: Sarup Banskota, email: sbanskota08@gmail.com, Creation: 2013-03-28, IRC Nick: banas, Timezone: Asia/Kolkata, Locale: en, GPG key ID: , Status: active
04:01:11 <zodbot> banas: Unapproved Groups: summer-coding
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04:01:15 <siddhesh> .fas siddhesh
04:01:21 <zodbot> siddhesh: siddhesh 'Siddhesh Poyarekar' <spoyarek@redhat.com>
04:02:01 <banas> ooh, I'm still unapproved in summer-coding :D
04:02:14 <tuanta> #info Topic: Tickets https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/report/9
04:02:25 <tuanta> #chair banas siddhesh
04:02:25 <zodbot> Current chairs: banas siddhesh tuanta
04:02:32 <pravins> .fas pravins
04:02:33 <zodbot> pravins: pravinsp 'Pravin Patil' <pravin.sp26@gmail.com> - pravins 'Pravin Satpute' <psatpute@redhat.com> - pravinshinde 'Pravin Changdeo Shinde' <sndpravin@gmail.com>
04:02:35 <tuanta> hi siddhesh. welcome on board
04:02:58 <banas> yep, good to see you at the meeting! :)
04:03:26 <amita> hi tuanta
04:03:30 <siddhesh> tuanta: thanks :)
04:03:40 <tuanta> #chair pravins
04:03:40 <zodbot> Current chairs: banas pravins siddhesh tuanta
04:03:49 <banas> pravins too :)
04:04:28 <banas> kushal is supposed to have a keynote right now - if it starts at the right time, that is
04:07:18 <tuanta> ok, lets move to the main topic
04:07:38 <tuanta> #topic APAC FAD Phnom Penh 2014
04:07:39 <somvannda> .fas somvannda
04:07:40 <zodbot> somvannda: somvannda 'Kong Somvannda' <somvannda@gmail.com>
04:07:45 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:PhnomPenh_2014/shirts
04:07:53 <tuanta> sorry
04:07:57 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:PhnomPenh_2014
04:08:23 <tuanta> thanks somvannda and gnokii_ for preparing it
04:08:40 <tuanta> it has been almost perfect now :)
04:09:01 <amita> this is really nice https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:FAD_phnompenh.png
04:09:22 <somvannda> your welcome tuanta
04:09:29 <amita> gnokii_, you created it?
04:10:13 <mpduty> tuanta: I guess registration means adding oneself in the list
04:10:14 <tuanta> today we will review and decide travel subsidies for all people
04:10:35 <tuanta> correct, mpduty
04:11:28 <banas> amita: here's the badge on trac https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-badges/ticket/290
04:11:40 <amita> thanks banas
04:11:50 <tuanta> but first, everyone, please join to welcome two new Fedora ambassadors in India: siddhesh and pravins
04:11:58 <amita> oh so it is Marie
04:12:00 <tuanta> #chair somvannda
04:12:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: banas pravins siddhesh somvannda tuanta
04:12:15 <tuanta> #chair gnokii_
04:12:15 <zodbot> Current chairs: banas gnokii_ pravins siddhesh somvannda tuanta
04:12:54 <siddhesh> o/
04:13:07 <somvannda> welcome siddhesh and pravins
04:13:15 <amita> welcome siddhesh and pravins :)
04:13:36 <tuanta> wow, there are 12 people registered, 2 hosts, 4 remotes then we have got 6 travel subsidy requests
04:13:58 <banas> yep, that's quite some tickets!
04:13:59 <tuanta> #145 has been solved
04:14:07 <tuanta> there are 5 ones left
04:14:13 <banas> we haven't had that many in one meeting for a while ;)
04:14:14 <siddhesh> thank you somvannda, amita
04:14:26 <pravins> thanks tuanta somvannda banas amita
04:14:33 <tuanta> #chair gnokii
04:14:33 <zodbot> Current chairs: banas gnokii gnokii_ pravins siddhesh somvannda tuanta
04:15:19 <amita> tuanta, is there any specific order predefined, we gonna take tickets?
04:15:26 * pravins happy to see 3 active ambassador from Pune  /me siddhesh and amita
04:15:39 <tuanta> I see there are representatives of Cambodia, Vietnam, India, China, Sri Lanka and EMEA
04:15:54 <amita> pravins, :)
04:15:58 <tuanta> .fasinfo amita
04:15:59 <zodbot> tuanta: User: amita, Name: Amita Prabhu, email: amitaprabhu@tropmet.res.in, Creation: 2008-09-22, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: inactive
04:16:02 <zodbot> tuanta: Approved Groups: None
04:16:23 <amita> .fasinfo amsharma
04:16:25 <zodbot> amita: User: amsharma, Name: Amita Sharma, email: amsharma@redhat.com, Creation: 2011-08-31, IRC Nick: , Timezone: UTC, Locale: en, GPG key ID: , Status: active
04:16:28 <zodbot> amita: Approved Groups: fedorabugs marketing magazine qa cla_fpca cla_done
04:16:36 <amita> tuanta, it is amsharma
04:16:44 <tuanta> ah, I see. thanks amita
04:16:45 <tuanta> pravins, actually, amita has not been sponsored to ambassadors group yet
04:17:25 <tuanta> before we can go through tickets I would like to have some brief information
04:17:26 <pravins> tuanta: sorry i missed that, take it as a active users from Pune :)
04:17:50 <amita> yeah pravins tuanta my ticket confusion between two mentors
04:17:57 <tuanta> the main goal of this FAD is to make budget plan for APAC in the next FY 2016
04:18:48 <tuanta> we prefer to have experienced ambassadors to join, especially who did make plan in the previous years
04:19:21 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:PhnomPenh_2014#Purpose
04:19:42 <tuanta> and
04:19:47 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:PhnomPenh_2014#Important_skills_.28for_participants.29
04:20:04 <banas> in case, iy
04:20:09 <banas> it's relevant here
04:20:13 <banas> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Budget:2015
04:20:42 <tuanta> of course, we are welcome every newbies for fresh ideas
04:21:03 * siddhesh would like to attend remotely if that's possible
04:21:10 <tuanta> yes, siddhesh
04:21:13 <siddhesh> based on the wiki page, it does look like it's possible
04:21:24 <tuanta> please add yourself into the attendees list
04:21:29 <siddhesh> just to listen in if nothing else
04:21:47 <tuanta> then now, we will review travel subsidy tickets, one by one
04:21:49 <tuanta> ok?
04:22:09 <tuanta> #topic Ticket #143
04:22:16 <tuanta> .apacticket 143
04:22:37 <tuanta> oh, it does not work :)
04:23:00 <tuanta> the ticket owner is amsharma / amita
04:23:08 <amita> tuanta, yes
04:23:27 <tuanta> any one has got any questions?
04:24:00 <banas> I have one - at this FAD, is there slots allocated for talks?
04:24:10 <gnokii> nope
04:24:13 <somvannda> nope
04:24:45 <tuanta> no. I meant you can talk, banas. but there may be  no one listen to you :)
04:24:53 <tuanta> lol. sorry, banas :)
04:24:57 <tuanta> my concern is amita is not an ambassador yet, then she is quite far to be an experienced ambassador
04:25:19 <gnokii> handle other tickets first see whats left then
04:25:30 <tuanta> gnokii, good idea.
04:25:34 <somvannda> +1 gnokii
04:25:35 <banas> yeh, but her ticket seems to indicate she wants to take a session, hence the question
04:25:44 <amita> tuanta, but skills says https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:PhnomPenh_2014#Important_skills_.28for_participants.29
04:25:50 <amita> t we encourage people who are new but really active
04:26:37 <gnokii> amita: there is another page where is written you are not allowed to do an ticket ;)
04:26:53 <amita> tuanta, lets discuss it and close it if not relevant
04:27:03 <amita> gnokii, which page ?
04:27:15 <amita> heh gnokii I got it
04:27:27 <tuanta> yes, amita. but first, sorry, you should be an ambassador
04:27:50 <tuanta> you are still welcome there, of course.
04:28:06 <amita> tuanta, I thought contribution counts
04:28:08 <tuanta> thanks gnokii to point that out
04:28:14 <amita> and willingness too
04:28:19 * pravins would also like to participate remotely specifically for budgets and deciding activities in FY16
04:28:54 <tuanta> amita, this FAD is for Ambassadors to make budget plan (a main duty of ambassadors)
04:28:56 <mpduty> tuanta, I don't know whether its proper for me to say, but if the budget allows isn't it good to support someone who is very active and close to being an ambassador like Amita?
04:29:28 <amita> tuanta, and it is just that my ticket is in confusion between two mentors
04:29:38 <amita> and you were in loop, you are aware
04:29:51 <amita> still if you say it is just the title works here
04:30:13 <amita> then we can close it right now rather wait and close it at the end :)
04:30:14 <tuanta> mpduty, budget could be used for that, of course. but not for to this FAD. That's what I meant
04:31:00 <tuanta> mpduty, because of the main goal of this FAD. Does it make sense?
04:31:21 <banas> ^ because it was brought up at the allocation meeting, that FADs are meant for various purposes, this one specifically for an ambassador's activity: the budget.
04:31:28 <siddhesh> amita: you could always attend remotely
04:31:28 <mpduty> tuanta, I am getting your point
04:31:46 <pravins> siddhesh: +1
04:31:50 <tuanta> I think it is best to back to this special case at the end
04:31:58 <tuanta> we have some more tickets to review
04:32:00 <siddhesh> amita: we've done sessions remotely in the past too (like fedora-classroom), so I'm sure we could manage something like that
04:32:06 <gnokii> I think handling it last is fair isnt it?
04:32:09 <tuanta> +1 siddhesh either
04:32:47 <tuanta> ok, lets move on, then we will back to it later
04:32:57 <somvannda> yeah, i think we should look into amita's ticket later.
04:33:04 <mpduty> fine
04:33:22 <tuanta> #topic Ticket #148
04:33:26 <tuanta> it is mine
04:33:39 <tuanta> I really want to be there in person
04:34:14 <tuanta> I did annual plan mostly alone for years :)
04:34:45 <tuanta> any questions?
04:34:55 <somvannda> to me, i have no objection to your ticket, since you are one of the co-organizer for this FAD and you have been involved for many years, so we need your support.
04:35:14 <banas> you'd be a great value add to the FAD, so +1.
04:35:24 <siddhesh> +1
04:35:33 <somvannda> +1
04:35:35 <mpduty> +1
04:35:36 <pravins> +1
04:36:12 <somvannda> what others think?
04:36:36 <tuanta> ping niteshnarayanlal gnokii
04:36:43 <tuanta> #chair niteshnarayanlal
04:36:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: banas gnokii gnokii_ niteshnarayanlal pravins siddhesh somvannda tuanta
04:36:53 <gnokii> +1
04:37:00 <nangthang> .fas nangthang
04:37:01 <zodbot> nangthang: nangthang 'Thang Nguyen Nang' <thangnguyennang1988@gmail.com>
04:37:10 <tuanta> +1 from me too (for recording)
04:37:13 <nangthang> I have to do some work, so I come late
04:37:19 <banas> hi nangthang :)
04:37:32 <banas> we're currently going over tuanta's FAD ticket
04:37:50 <nangthang> thanks for your infomation
04:38:02 <tuanta> #agree Approved tuanta's ticket #148
04:38:27 <somvannda> please chair nangthang
04:38:29 <tuanta> #action tuanta to change the ticket #148 keyword to "approved"
04:38:34 <tuanta> #chair nangthang
04:38:34 <zodbot> Current chairs: banas gnokii gnokii_ nangthang niteshnarayanlal pravins siddhesh somvannda tuanta
04:38:36 <niteshnarayanlal> .fas niteshnarayan
04:38:37 <zodbot> niteshnarayanlal: niteshnarayanlal 'nitesh narayan lal' <niteshnarayanlal@hotmail.com> - niteshnarayan 'nitesh narayan lal' <niteshnarayanlalleo@gmail.com>
04:38:41 <tuanta> somvannda, you can do that too
04:38:55 <somvannda> #chair niteshnarayanlal
04:38:55 <zodbot> Current chairs: banas gnokii gnokii_ nangthang niteshnarayanlal pravins siddhesh somvannda tuanta
04:38:58 <somvannda> really?
04:39:13 <tuanta> #topic Ticket #150
04:39:16 <tuanta> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/150
04:39:17 <somvannda> ok next
04:39:46 <tuanta> it belongs to Danishka from Sri Lanka
04:39:59 <somvannda> but he is currently living in Singapore
04:40:06 <tuanta> he currently lives in Singapore, but he travels back and forth between two countries
04:40:37 <somvannda> tuanta: do you know how often he travel back and forth?
04:40:58 <tuanta> once per 6 months or something
04:41:02 <tuanta> he told me that
04:41:24 <tuanta> somvannda, I am just curious whether we can find a cheaper flight for him?
04:41:37 <siddhesh> according to the ticket it's 6 months out of the last 18 months, which means a third of his time
04:41:59 <somvannda> tuanta: yeah, i dont think he need more than 150$ for his return flight. we can buy in advance, so the flight is cheap
04:42:00 <tuanta> thanks siddhesh
04:42:20 <tuanta> somvannda, have you got reference now?
04:42:26 <tuanta> a quick one, I think
04:42:41 <somvannda> tuanta: about the ticket?
04:42:54 <tuanta> yes,a cheap ticket
04:43:46 <somvannda> i checked yesterday, it was less than 120$ from Phnom Penh to SG (return trip)
04:44:07 <tuanta> which airlines?
04:44:10 <somvannda> so i think it would be cost the same from SG to Phnom Penh with airasia
04:44:16 <tuanta> we can note that into the ticket
04:44:28 <gnokii> its right now 140 with Malaysia airlines
04:44:39 <tuanta> good, thanks gnokii
04:45:39 <tuanta> in general, I have no objection on this ticket
04:46:03 <tuanta> just want to have the best saving
04:46:33 <tuanta> I will vote a tentatively agree right now
04:47:23 <tuanta> then we can finish the vote on the ticket directly when we have a more exact flight fare
04:47:49 <somvannda> i am uploading the image of the airticket
04:48:23 <banas> somvannda: how much is it?
04:48:26 <tuanta> #info Malaysian Airlines just $140 for return ticket Singapore - Phnom Penh
04:48:26 <somvannda> http://i62.tinypic.com/2igmatj.jpg
04:48:29 <somvannda> 130$
04:48:35 <pravins> somvannda: nice !!
04:48:42 <somvannda> jetstar
04:49:09 <tuanta> #info and it costs $130 at Jetstar
04:49:22 <gnokii> round trip ;)
04:49:32 <tuanta> so my idea is we can vote for his attendance in general first here
04:49:52 <tuanta> everything, but flight cost
04:49:58 <tuanta> is that fair enough?
04:50:22 <mpduty> +1 tuanta
04:50:35 <tuanta> btw, Jetstar is a Vietnamese airlines :)
04:50:38 <somvannda> if we look into his reply on his ticket, he can always contribute to Sri Lanka when he is there
04:50:50 <tuanta> yes, somvannda
04:51:01 <somvannda> so I have no objection for his request with 130$ roundtrip
04:51:19 <gnokii> !
04:51:28 <tuanta> go ahead, gnokii
04:51:30 <somvannda> we have to buy cheap ticket, so we can afford more people.
04:51:40 <tuanta> yes, somvannda
04:51:46 <somvannda> gnokii: please
04:52:08 <gnokii> just agree on the sum in the ticket, it makes no sense to look now for tickets and later they are more expensive, make a not in the ticket andthats it
04:52:09 <gnokii> eof
04:53:09 <somvannda> so once the ticket approved, can somebody with cc work with him to buy his ticket immediately?
04:53:27 <tuanta> proposal: approve ticket #150 with the support amount is not more than $150
04:53:42 <tuanta> if you agree with that, we can vote now
04:53:52 <tuanta> +1 from myself, for recording
04:54:25 <somvannda> +1 tuanta
04:54:45 <nangthang> +1
04:55:03 <pravins> +1 If ticket owners book tickets ASAP to avoid further cost overhead
04:55:16 <tuanta> ping gnokii banas niteshnarayanlal siddhesh
04:55:18 <niteshnarayanlal> +1 agree with pravins
04:55:25 <pravins> after approval :)
04:55:46 <niteshnarayanlal> sry been off and on due to work
04:55:58 <tuanta> please vote on my proposal or make another one if you see there is a better choice
04:56:04 <siddhesh> +1 except that instead of the cost cap, I'd go for 'cheapest available flights booked asap'
04:56:27 <tuanta> ok, we can do that asap, siddhesh
04:56:37 <tuanta> ok, thanks for supporting my proposal
04:56:56 <tuanta> #agree approve ticket #150 with the support amount is not more than $150
04:57:30 <tuanta> #action somvannda and tuanta to add more information about cheap flights to the ticket #150
04:57:45 <somvannda> ok. next please :D
04:57:50 <tuanta> #topic Ticket # 149
04:57:54 <pravins> +1
04:57:58 <tuanta> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/149
04:58:22 <somvannda> i will give him details
04:58:48 <tuanta> I see the flight from Beijing to Phnom Penh is not very cheap
04:58:58 <tuanta> but Alick is an active ambassador in China
04:59:18 <niteshnarayanlal> agree
04:59:23 <tuanta> he chairs Chinese ambassadors meetings
04:59:33 <niteshnarayanlal> we should try for him
04:59:53 <tuanta> he also contributed much to budget plan last two years
05:00:12 <tuanta> I support to have him in Phnom Penh in person
05:01:19 * pravins not understanding Fedora 21 is going to be release on 02 Dec 2014 and how release party is organized on November 14, 2014 :) https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F21_Phnom_Penh  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/21/Schedule
05:01:52 <tuanta> I have done some quick search then I see there are some cheaper flights too :)
05:02:19 <gnokii> yeah 410$ with CSA
05:02:23 <pravins> tuanta: yes, it will be good to have one active ambassador from each region in meeting!!
05:02:30 <tuanta> +1 pravins
05:03:27 <tuanta> yes, gnokii
05:03:28 <somvannda> tuanta: maybe we can talk to him to search for a cheaper flight?
05:03:49 <tuanta> yes, somvannda. similar to Danishka
05:04:00 <tuanta> it is also fair enough to all of us
05:04:15 <somvannda> ok
05:04:27 * banas lost connection
05:04:38 <somvannda> my roundtrip ticket to Beijing was about 480$
05:05:10 <tuanta> So my proposal (again): Approve ticket #149 with the support amount is not more than $450
05:05:32 <hanthana> .fas snavin
05:05:33 <zodbot> hanthana: snavin 'Danishka Navin' <danishka@gmail.com>
05:05:34 <tuanta> I am not sure about the number, but I see the cheapest one is just $403
05:06:08 <tuanta> but there is only one ticket left
05:06:19 <pravins> tuanta: +1
05:06:35 <somvannda> can we make it to 480$ in case the ticket is more expensive?
05:06:39 <niteshnarayanlal> maybe we should talk to him and close this asap
05:07:09 <tuanta> thats ok, somvannda
05:07:14 <somvannda> niteshnarayanlal: +1
05:07:14 <niteshnarayanlal> to avoid further raise
05:07:22 <tuanta> proposal (again): Approve ticket #149 with the support amount is not more than $480
05:07:24 <siddhesh2> why not just skip the cap and instead work on getting the cheapest ticket as soon as possible?
05:07:27 <tuanta> +1 from me
05:08:03 <tuanta> yes, it would be the best way. But we need him + izhar (cc holder) here to process it, siddhesh2
05:08:13 <KageSenshi> \o
05:08:14 <pravins> siddhesh2: yes and that with maximum budget
05:08:27 <tuanta> hehe, thanks for your present, KageSenshi :)
05:08:34 <somvannda> +1 on alick's ticket
05:08:49 <KageSenshi> :D
05:09:02 <tuanta> you have a lot of work after this meeting, KageSenshi
05:09:04 <tuanta> :)
05:09:12 <KageSenshi> *scrolls up*
05:09:30 <tuanta> but AFAICS, tour card is out of limit
05:09:36 <tuanta> s/tour/our
05:09:55 <tuanta> so I prefer people to buy their ticket themselves asap
05:10:01 <tuanta> then get reimbursement later
05:10:10 <pravins> tuanta: +1
05:10:14 <KageSenshi> yeah .. reached limit for this month ..
05:10:23 <tuanta> please vote on my proposal
05:10:36 <tuanta> ping gnokii siddhesh2 niteshnarayanlal hanthana banas
05:10:40 <siddhesh2> +1
05:10:41 <tuanta> #chair hanthana
05:10:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: banas gnokii gnokii_ hanthana nangthang niteshnarayanlal pravins siddhesh somvannda tuanta
05:10:43 <gnokii> +1
05:10:48 <somvannda> i already voted
05:10:51 <tuanta> and you, KageSenshi please vote
05:10:51 <banas> +1
05:10:56 <KageSenshi> i think theres about usd200-300 left at most .. if its small amount i can still reimburse
05:11:05 <KageSenshi> but not above that
05:11:07 <KageSenshi> +1
05:11:08 <tuanta> KageSenshi, a good news :)
05:11:23 <tuanta> #agree Approve ticket #149 with the support amount is not more than $480
05:12:04 <tuanta> #action somvannda to change the ticket status and also add a note to the ticket that he should process to buy his ticket asap
05:12:12 <tuanta> ok, next?
05:12:30 <pravins> tuanta: just query on Fedora release party
05:12:50 <tuanta> sorry, pravins. Please let it discussed later. OK?
05:12:56 <pravins> tuanta: sure
05:13:03 <tuanta> #topic Ticket #147
05:13:14 <tuanta> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/147
05:13:16 <hanthana> voted +1
05:13:21 <tuanta> it belongs to niteshnarayanlal
05:15:05 <tuanta> niteshnarayanlal, I am not sure if you have experience in budget planning for your country?
05:15:25 <niteshnarayanlal> i just rechecked the cheapest is worth of 506 USD
05:15:31 <tuanta> you have not involved to the planning process in the last two years
05:15:33 <niteshnarayanlal> not yet
05:15:54 <tuanta> there are many ambassadors in India. I see your country is so large
05:16:18 <tuanta> so you need to group up together to do better things
05:16:29 <banas> the ticket seems to revolve around a few sessions.
05:16:45 <tuanta> which ticket, banas ?
05:17:26 <banas> the current one. 147
05:17:43 <tuanta> I did not get your point, sorry
05:18:02 <tuanta> I prefer to support a half in this case
05:18:17 <tuanta> niteshnarayanlal, you are welcome there. You can learn a lot, I think
05:18:47 <tuanta> any more questions or concerns?
05:19:18 <banas> I meant that we were trying to work on the budget, with much not slots for talks
05:19:30 <banas> *not much
05:19:49 <tuanta> yes, thanks banas
05:20:00 <niteshnarayanlal> tuanta, in that case its better to call someone with greater planning experience
05:20:21 <siddhesh2> agreed. let us prioritize slots for budget planners and then see if we have spare for anything else
05:20:42 <gnokii> we are already on the what is leftover ;)
05:20:42 <tuanta> thanks for understandings
05:20:50 <siddhesh2> we can discuss events and other talks remotely too
05:20:51 <niteshnarayanlal> anyways i am withdrawing
05:21:33 <tuanta> #action niteshnarayanlal to withdraw his request #147 (close it out)
05:22:05 <gnokii> !
05:22:15 <tuanta> go ahead, gnokii
05:23:02 <gnokii> there are only 2 tickets left nitesh and amita, so look what is the money status and then decide
05:23:23 <tuanta> niteshnarayanlal decided to withdraw, gnokii
05:23:34 <tuanta> there is only one left, belongs to amita
05:23:36 <somvannda> !
05:23:36 <amita> Sudhir is on role now :)
05:23:47 <tuanta> go ahead somvannda
05:24:00 <amita> grrr, ignore last line please
05:24:01 <gnokii> eof
05:24:41 <somvannda> as we need one ambassador from each country to represent and work on the budgeting, so we have to decide between niteshnarayanlal and amita, who will be represent for India
05:25:15 <gnokii> somvannda: if we decide between ambassadors,there is no choice ;)
05:25:23 * hanthana saw Kushal's name as well
05:25:25 <tuanta> -1 somvannda. +1 gnokii
05:25:41 <siddhesh2> Kushal will attend remotely afaik
05:25:48 <banas> hanthana: kushal wont make it
05:25:49 <tuanta> hanthana, correct. He wants to make it remotely
05:25:59 <hanthana> ah ok
05:26:02 <banas> yep, he's attending remotely
05:26:34 <tuanta> if we need another person from India, I think we should send another reminder, just to them
05:27:03 <gnokii> niteshnarayanlal: can you tell me why you did withdraw
05:27:04 * pravins will be attending https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/151 happening parallel with FAD:Phnom
05:27:07 <siddhesh2> that sounds good to me
05:27:16 <tuanta> there are also some other active ambassadors there. They may have some good experience in budget planning
05:27:32 <pravins> tuanta: looks good to me as well
05:27:50 <tuanta> thanks pravins
05:27:52 <somvannda> for some reasons, I also want to encourage ambassadors from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to come too, since 3 tickets just equal to one ticket people applying now
05:28:06 <niteshnarayanlal> gnokii, they have better contenders  from India
05:28:23 <gnokii> niteshnarayanlal: where is that written?
05:29:12 <niteshnarayanlal> this is what it means when you say that "you were not involved in planning for last 2 years"
05:29:37 <gnokii> nope that is just the question what expieriences you have nothing more
05:29:49 <niteshnarayanlal> there's always a first time
05:29:54 <gnokii> right
05:30:18 <amita> +1
05:30:40 <niteshnarayanlal> anyways the decision is upto the folks over here
05:30:43 <niteshnarayanlal> the important thing
05:30:56 <niteshnarayanlal> the planning should be proper
05:31:19 <gnokii> niteshnarayanlal: when you withdraw there is no decision to make ;)
05:31:32 <tuanta> +1 gnokii :)
05:32:11 <amita> tuanta, what about my ticket
05:32:17 <amita> is it closed
05:32:32 <somvannda> !
05:32:37 <tuanta> amita, we will be back to it later
05:32:41 <tuanta> go ahead, somvannda
05:32:46 <amita> tuanta, ok
05:33:00 <somvannda> for some reasons, I also want to encourage ambassadors from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to come too, since 3 tickets just equal to one ticket people applying now
05:33:14 <tuanta> +1 somvannda
05:33:27 <tuanta> KageSenshi, that's yours
05:33:51 <somvannda> what do you guys think?
05:34:03 <niteshnarayanlal> gnokii, that's what happens if you make your decision in the first line
05:34:59 <somvannda> KageSenshi: have you decided yet?
05:35:22 <amita> pravins, what about release party, we discussed that?
05:36:12 <siddhesh3> pfft, ISP having a bad day
05:36:24 <amita> siddhesh3,  what numbering you are going with :)
05:36:36 <amita> pravins, what about release party, we discussed that?
05:37:15 <siddhesh3> amita, int32_t
05:37:15 <pravin_s> amita: siddhesh we should celebrate Fedora 21 release either in Pune or Mumbai
05:37:34 <niteshnarayanlal> tuanta, the final decision is upto you, you should call the person who could contribute more
05:37:42 <amita> pravin_s, +1
05:37:54 <amita> pravin_s, we need to discuss that today
05:38:25 <siddhesh3> let's talk about it in another meeting. it is a good idea.
05:38:26 <pravin_s> amita: yet, we have not created any proposal for same, i think better to create proposal and ticket then discuss
05:38:42 <amita> pravin_s, great idea
05:38:43 <somvannda> no more ticket discussion?
05:38:46 <pravin_s> tuanta: i want to discuss on https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/151
05:38:53 <pravin_s> somvannda: i have one :(
05:39:18 <tuanta> ok, lets move on now
05:39:35 <amita> siddhesh, declare that in shell and check for shell shock :)
05:40:04 <tuanta> #action tuanta to send another reminder to see if there is some other active ambassadors in India want to attend
05:40:33 <amita> tuanta, does that mean I should close mine?
05:40:39 <pravin_s> tuanta: i think it is imp. to have meeting next sat as well, since if we do decision after 2 weeks, tickets price will go further up
05:40:50 <niteshnarayanlal> tuanta, I am withstanding with my ticket and not closing it
05:41:01 <amita> pravin_s, +1
05:41:10 <amita> niteshnarayanlal, :)
05:41:24 <tuanta> amita: would you like to go back to your ticket now?
05:41:24 <niteshnarayanlal> I will wait
05:41:29 <amita> niteshnarayanlal, you should wait till last
05:41:41 <amita> tuanta, I am waiting.. yes
05:41:42 <tuanta> pravin_s, we can do it on the ticket
05:41:49 <niteshnarayanlal> amita, its upto the folks to make a decision
05:41:53 <tuanta> as event owners
05:42:15 <gnokii> !
05:42:21 <pravin_s> tuanta: sure
05:42:25 <amita> niteshnarayanlal, that is true, but they know the importance and priorities more
05:42:28 <tuanta> go ahead, gnokii
05:42:56 <niteshnarayanlal> amita, true that's why they will be in a better position to take the right decision
05:43:12 <gnokii> please decide the two left tickets for FAD, no furthermore calls for participation, leave with that what is there otherwise it never will become working
05:43:14 <gnokii> eo
05:43:16 <gnokii> f
05:43:36 <amita> niteshnarayanlal, I agree, and these statistics make us learn many things :)
05:43:41 <amita> gnokii, +1
05:43:58 <amita> tuanta, gnokii with time prizes will gonna go up only
05:44:15 <amita> tuanta, had already sent many reminders
05:44:19 * hanthana wondering if these guys already taken #150 to discuss or yet to be done
05:44:45 <tuanta> ok, I see many of participants in this meeting want, so lets do it now
05:44:56 <pravin_s> i remember last time kushal took approval and then letter he withdrawn
05:45:01 <somvannda> hanthana: #150 is done
05:45:02 <amita> tuanta, me pravin_s and siddhesh are in same office
05:45:20 <gnokii> poor siddhesh
05:45:36 <siddhesh3> lol
05:45:43 <amita> If I can get to join in person, we can discuss things internally adn I will take that proposal in person up there
05:45:57 <tuanta> so we will decide both ticket #147 and ticket #143 right now
05:46:00 <amita> gnokii, you are always in mood of fun man :)
05:46:28 <amita> siddhesh, you are seriously poor?
05:46:34 <tuanta> lol gnokii :)
05:46:55 <somvannda> can we vote now?
05:47:03 <gnokii> ok guys cmon move on 2 tickets for fad left!
05:47:08 <siddhesh> tuanta: I would prefer it if we could wait for a week for us to reach out and make sure we reach out to more ambassadors
05:47:15 <somvannda> because i want to know how much will we have left after approved allthe tickets
05:47:18 <siddhesh> from india that is
05:47:29 <pravin_s> tuanta: even i also feel same, lets wait for one week
05:47:49 <tuanta> +1 siddhesh. But I am not sure how are people here?
05:47:52 <pravin_s> i was in impression kushal is going to attend this event
05:47:55 <banas> yes
05:47:56 <gnokii> pravin_s: no waiting!
05:48:07 <banas> i was trying to call kushal, but his phone is off
05:48:16 <gnokii> no he will not for personal reasons, for what he has done last time in PP
05:48:18 <siddhesh> banas: he's doing a talk right now at pycon
05:48:28 <gnokii> yes because he is giving a keynote right now
05:48:31 <banas> yeh i know, but it's over now
05:48:34 <somvannda> ok
05:48:35 <hanthana> somvannda, cool
05:48:42 <banas> quite a while back, actually :)
05:48:55 <banas> i was watching it parallely with the meeting ;)
05:49:03 <somvannda> ticket #147 - vote please?
05:49:29 <tuanta> if it is necessary to vote both right now
05:49:51 <siddhesh> tuanta: If nobody volunteers I will volunteer myself (personal commitments permitting) since I have been involved in organizing events in India in the past
05:50:07 <tuanta> I vote "-1" for #143 and propose to support a half for #147
05:50:45 <tuanta> siddhesh, sorry, I do not understand you
05:51:33 <siddhesh> tuanta: I propose that we wait for a week to decide, i.e. hold off on voting on 147 for now
05:51:47 <tuanta> ah, yes
05:51:54 <tuanta> that's good, siddhesh
05:52:03 <tuanta> I prefer that way at the beginning
05:52:13 <gnokii> -1
05:52:42 <pravin_s> tuanta: yes, siddhesh is with Fedora for long time and make sense if he attend and discuss on budget and events
05:53:01 <somvannda> we will not have a meeting next week, so we have to wait for two weeks, which mean the air flight will be more expensive
05:53:13 <pravin_s> somvannda: how about voting on tickets?
05:53:24 <tuanta> somvannda, we can make it if we want
05:53:35 <tuanta> or we can vote on the ticket
05:53:41 <banas> we can do an irregular meeting next week if needed
05:53:44 <tuanta> we have done that way a few times
05:54:13 <hanthana> if we decide now they can by a ticket than cheaper than next week price
05:54:23 <siddhesh> somvannda: As I understand it, you want to know how much will be left after flight tickets right?
05:54:29 <gnokii> its not about cheaper tickets
05:54:41 <gnokii> its about deadlines and holding them
05:55:13 <siddhesh> we could block off ticket price for one person based on a tentative price (similar to what we did for the rest of the tickets) and get you that estimate
05:55:19 <somvannda> siddhesh: yeah,
05:56:35 <tuanta> ok, just gnokii againsts to slip this ticket to one week. everyone is ok with that?
05:56:47 <tuanta> I prefer to slip it too
05:58:44 <siddhesh> +1 for slipping
05:59:21 <tuanta> ok, lets slip it
05:59:31 <siddhesh> -1 for 143. we have to work with amita to get her more exposure into fedora activities locally
05:59:57 <siddhesh> we == fedora india ambassadors of course
05:59:57 <tuanta> +1 siddhesh. That's also my point. Thanks for sharing
06:00:03 <banas> kushal sent me a -1 for both tickets over phone.
06:00:46 <pravins> looks good to me as well
06:01:24 <tuanta> so we are all -1 to #143 (amita's request)?
06:01:38 <pravins> tuanta: yes
06:01:53 <somvannda> -1 from me
06:02:41 <banas> for reasons brought up earlier, -1
06:03:05 <tuanta> #agree Slip #147 for one week
06:03:16 <somvannda> good.
06:03:35 <tuanta> #action siddhesh to manage to call for other Indian representative to attend FAD
06:03:53 <tuanta> #agree Not approved the ticket #143
06:03:57 <siddhesh> tuanta: ack
06:04:09 <tuanta> siddhesh? :
06:04:39 <siddhesh> tuanta: acknowledge that I will manage call for the Indian representative to attend FAD :)
06:05:30 <tuanta> sorry. I may not understand you. I thought you told that before. can you do it?
06:05:45 <siddhesh> tuanta: yes, I can do it.
06:05:55 <tuanta> cool. Thanks
06:06:17 <tuanta> you can be a good candidate either
06:06:41 <tuanta> siddhesh, please discuss with kushal and other Indian ambassadors
06:06:43 <siddhesh> yes
06:07:06 <tuanta> #topic Ticket #151
06:07:20 <tuanta> ping pravins,
06:07:28 <pravins> tuanta: yes
06:07:40 <pravins> this event is going to happen in parallel with FAD
06:08:15 <pravins> attendees will be mostly from globalization domains
06:08:18 <tuanta> but there is no number in your ticket
06:08:27 <pravins> total will be around 150
06:08:46 <tuanta> please make that details
06:08:47 <gnokii> stickers or dollar?
06:08:54 <pravins> tuanta: this is first time i am creating ticket, so thought first will discuss in meeting what things can we support
06:09:03 <siddhesh> praveenkumar has some f20 dvds, stickets and badges.
06:09:52 <tuanta> it's best if we can put it into the budget plan at the beginning of the year (that's why we have FAD for budget planning)
06:10:03 <tuanta> but we can support it, pravins
06:10:19 <tuanta> thanks siddhesh. That's cool
06:10:47 <tuanta> pravins, please make the detail then we will see what we can support
06:10:56 <pravins> tuanta: sure, i will add details
06:11:09 <tuanta> ok, then lets back to it later. ok?
06:11:11 <siddhesh> pravins: maybe you and I can talk to praveen, see the number he has an then make a more specific request in the ticket?
06:11:43 <pravins> siddhesh: yes, definitely will see what are the things already available and what more is needed
06:12:09 <pravins> tuanta: sure, i will discuss and update ticket before next meeting
06:12:16 <tuanta> thanks pravins
06:12:33 <tuanta> we have two more tickets left
06:12:42 <tuanta> a long meeting today, sorry
06:12:50 <tuanta> we have got a lot of things to decide
06:13:08 <pravins> tuanta: i think during peack time like this good to have weekly meetings :)
06:13:18 <tuanta> #topic Ticket #152
06:13:22 <tuanta> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/152
06:13:30 <pravins> and split up topics across meeting
06:13:40 <tuanta> it is mine too. for making another event in Vietnam
06:13:49 <tuanta> it is in budget plan right now
06:14:00 <gnokii> or just be more disciplined at meetings
06:14:40 <tuanta> have you got any questions about that event?
06:15:51 <banas> are you going to be alone tuanta?
06:16:11 <pravins> tuanta: if we already have budget allocation for same, then looks perfectly fine to me
06:16:21 <tuanta> yes, it does not make sense to send more than one ambassador there
06:16:29 <banas> i see :)
06:16:34 <somvannda> tuanta: +1 as you are already told us in Hanoi :)
06:16:47 <banas> it is allocated already, +1
06:17:04 <tuanta> also, there are only two of us: me and nangthang are active in Vietnam right now, banas
06:17:05 <pravins> +1
06:17:13 <siddhesh> looks usefu to me +1
06:17:30 <tuanta> +1 from me (fro recording)
06:17:52 <tuanta> #agree Approve support for ticket #152
06:18:07 <tuanta> #topic Ticket #146
06:18:10 <tuanta> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/146
06:18:18 <tuanta> it belongs to siddhesh
06:18:45 <siddhesh> we're planning on doing a Security FAD here in the Pune office
06:18:52 <siddhesh> to cover the 400+ open security bugs
06:18:55 <tuanta> how much does it cost in USD?
06:18:56 <banas> tuanta: yep, hopefully trang joins you :)
06:19:06 <siddhesh> we have 3 fedora security members running it
06:19:10 <tuanta> yes, I hope that too, banas
06:19:11 <siddhesh> tuanta: should be less than $100
06:19:30 <siddhesh> the date was supposed to be today, but we couldn't make time for it
06:19:56 <tuanta> it is not in budget plan but the cost is not much so I am fine with it
06:20:09 <tuanta> ah yes, so you will need to move it to next week?
06:20:10 <pravins> tuanta: around USD 100
06:20:21 <somvannda> tuanta: Are they in the loop with you? (Trang and Phoung)
06:20:28 <siddhesh> we will be rescheduling it to some time next month or in November
06:20:55 <tuanta> next month, please. there are more events and activities in Nov
06:20:56 <banas> somvannda: the other day, gnokii and I were helping trang get started with the usual stuff on the apac channel
06:21:10 <tuanta> siddhesh, please note that on your ticket and wiki
06:21:35 <siddhesh> tuanta: ok, I'll tatuanit is already noted on the wiki.  I will also make a note in the ticket
06:22:09 <tuanta> ok. I vote +1 for it
06:22:17 <somvannda> banas: great, thats why gnokii called me master of flirting lol
06:22:35 <banas> somvannda: ah :D
06:22:38 <gnokii> somvannda: banas can you got to #fedora-social for chit chat?
06:22:48 <tuanta> oh men, please be focus on our current topic, somvannda banas
06:22:52 <pravins> +1, mostly i will also participate in same :)
06:23:27 <banas> oops sorry, +1 for the event :)
06:23:34 <somvannda> :-/
06:23:34 <siddhesh> I will talk to the security team and finalize the schedule for next month
06:23:47 <tuanta> that's fine, siddhesh
06:23:58 <somvannda> +1 for siddhesh ticket,
06:24:47 <tuanta> then the maximum amount is $100, right?
06:24:57 <siddhesh> tuanta: yes
06:25:04 <tuanta> #agree Approved to support ticket #146 with the maximum amount of $100
06:25:14 <tuanta> ok, there are no ticket left today!
06:25:25 <pravins> tuanta: finally :)
06:25:42 <banas> tuanta: want me to update budget page?
06:25:45 <tuanta> a long meeting and a bit tired (I am really hungry now :)
06:25:51 <tuanta> no, banas
06:25:56 <somvannda> tuanta: please help talk to kagesenshi to attend FAD :D
06:26:12 <banas> cool then
06:26:14 <tuanta> +1 somvannda
06:26:44 <tuanta> banas, I prefer not to modify it too much
06:26:49 <tuanta> #topic Open floor
06:26:58 <tuanta> any things come up today?
06:27:02 <tuanta> release party?
06:27:12 <gnokii> so now can pravins have his answer
06:27:29 <somvannda> about release party in PP?
06:27:34 <gnokii> yeah
06:27:55 <somvannda> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F21_Phnom_Penh
06:28:04 <pravins> gnokii: thanks :)
06:28:20 <gnokii> pravins: work on it started long before and release slipped and slipped does that answer your question
06:28:33 <tuanta> it is a day before the FAD so all FAD participants are welcome
06:28:39 <somvannda> we will have a few talks on that day and we will give them beta version
06:29:08 <pravins> gnokii: somvannda looks good to me, but dont call it Fedora release party now :)
06:29:26 <pravins> might be celebrating Fedora.next development something?
06:29:36 <gnokii> ^^
06:29:43 <tuanta> pravins, it is a good idea
06:30:38 <somvannda> what do you think gnokii ?
06:30:47 <gnokii> nope we stick
06:31:54 <somvannda> i am up to gnokii
06:32:00 <pravins> gnokii: in that case at least "Fedora 21 Beta release" party?
06:32:12 <tuanta> pravins, :)
06:32:22 <gnokii> is that so important?
06:32:34 <tuanta> it is not a ig deal, I think
06:32:40 <pravins> gnokii: it is, we are celebrating Fedora21 before its official release :)
06:32:46 <gnokii> and?
06:32:55 <tuanta> I am currently using F21 Alpha, it is really good
06:33:18 * siddhesh has to go.  See you all next week
06:33:28 <tuanta> thanks siddhesh
06:33:30 <tuanta> see you
06:34:13 <tuanta> I think we can keep the name
06:34:37 <tuanta> if there is a question come up at the party, we can explain
06:34:39 <pravins> IMHO it will confuse many by thinking Fedora 21 got released
06:34:41 <tuanta> it is fine
06:34:48 <banas> i actually agree with pravins
06:35:09 <banas> many of my juniors thought the release happens in november
06:35:10 <gnokii> banas: you can call your party like you want!
06:35:39 <tuanta> gnokii, I can imagine your face now :)
06:35:51 <banas> lol ;)
06:35:59 <tuanta> gnokii, we are all tigers
06:36:25 <gnokii> I am really a Tiger ;) born in this sign
06:36:25 <somvannda> lol
06:36:35 <pravins> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/ReleaseEvents#When_do_I_hold_a_Release_Party.3F
06:36:57 <banas> i thought tuanta said in vietnam, women are tigers ;)
06:37:27 <tuanta> s/all/both
06:37:27 <tuanta> pravins, it should be considered. We will see.
06:37:30 <tuanta> but I see it is not a big deal
06:37:38 <pravins> i dont want to argue here, but it clearly looks like we are not doing Fedora 21 release party but we want to call it FEdora 21 release party ;)
06:37:56 <gnokii> ^^
06:38:10 * pravins done :)
06:38:31 <somvannda> i actually invited university lecturer who teaching fedora to FAD
06:39:16 <somvannda> in term of support, he would like to know what we are doing.
06:41:04 <tuanta> too long today. I want to end this meeting :)
06:41:04 <tuanta> I am too hungry right now
06:41:04 <tuanta> over an hour and a half more than my usual lunch :)
06:41:09 * banas needs to go sleep
06:41:25 <somvannda> lol
06:41:25 <somvannda> ok
06:41:29 <somvannda> lets end this now
06:41:32 <somvannda> see ya all
06:41:55 <tuanta> any other things today?
06:42:07 <tuanta> I will end the meeting in a minute
06:42:27 <banas> okay, I'll send over logs as usual :)
06:42:34 <tuanta> yes, thanks banas
06:42:37 <banas> i gotta go!
06:42:40 <tuanta> #endmeeting