22:28:30 <echevemaster> #startmeeting
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22:28:39 <echevemaster> #chair yn1v williamjmorenor
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22:28:53 <echevemaster> #meetingname Latam meeting ambassadors
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22:29:04 <echevemaster> #topic roll call
22:29:10 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
22:29:12 <zodbot> echevemaster: echevemaster 'Eduardo Javier Echeverria Alvarado' <>
22:29:15 <aeperezt> .fas aeperezt
22:29:15 * echevemaster Venezuela
22:29:15 <zodbot> aeperezt: aeperezt 'Alejandro Perez' <>
22:29:20 * aeperezt Panama
22:29:20 <lorddemon> .fas lorddemon
22:29:22 <zodbot> lorddemon: lorddemon 'Gonzalo Nina Mamani' <>
22:29:33 <echevemaster> #chair aeperezt
22:29:33 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeperezt echevemaster williamjmorenor yn1v
22:29:50 * lorddemon Bolivia
22:29:51 <yn1v> .fas yn1v
22:29:52 <zodbot> yn1v: yn1v 'Neville A. Cross' <>
22:29:56 * yn1v Nicaragua
22:30:48 <echevemaster> #link
22:30:55 <echevemaster> #info meeting agenda
22:31:13 <echevemaster> #topic Announcements
22:31:47 <williamjmorenor> .fas williamjmorenor
22:31:48 <echevemaster> Any announcement?
22:31:48 <zodbot> williamjmorenor: williamjmorenor 'William Moreno' <>
22:32:25 <echevemaster> ! we have a fudcon landing page
22:32:39 <wolnei> .fas wolnei
22:32:40 <zodbot> wolnei: wolnei 'Wolnei Cândido Tomazelli Junior' <>
22:32:49 <echevemaster> #link
22:32:49 <ramilton> .fas ramilton
22:32:50 <zodbot> ramilton: ramilton 'Ramilton Costa Gomes Júnior' <>
22:33:01 <echevemaster> and the local version is
22:33:15 <echevemaster> #link
22:33:27 <TonetJallo> .fas tonet666p
22:33:28 <zodbot> TonetJallo: tonet666p 'Tonet Pascualet Jallo Colquehuanca' <>
22:33:33 * TonetJallo Perú
22:33:51 <echevemaster> btw is our first fudcon landing page programmed in python
22:34:14 <echevemaster> Hope that are useful for next fudcons too.
22:34:51 <echevemaster> if you want contribute with the page
22:34:55 <echevemaster> #link
22:35:04 <echevemaster> EOF
22:35:15 <echevemaster> another announcement?
22:35:58 <wolnei> i have a ticket
22:35:58 <williamjmorenor> my babe is now 4 months age :)
22:36:20 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor: congrats bro :)
22:36:43 <lorddemon> Felicidades williamjmorenor
22:36:51 <echevemaster> #topic Ticket 247 FTSL 2014
22:37:02 <echevemaster> #link
22:37:29 <wolnei> is the end of meeting already?
22:37:41 <echevemaster> no
22:37:55 <echevemaster> meeting are starting just now.
22:38:08 <echevemaster> Please see the ticket in give your comment folks.
22:38:25 <echevemaster> s/comment/comments
22:38:48 <wolnei> :)
22:40:17 <echevemaster> this is the wiki page for the event
22:40:20 <echevemaster> #link
22:41:00 <echevemaster> ....
22:41:45 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor: yn1v lorddemon ?
22:42:43 <ramilton> +1 eu apoio o wolnei a participar do evento
22:42:54 <yn1v> what will be use of the banner after the event?
22:43:08 <wolnei> yes
22:43:46 <wolnei> for other events, because my old has no color anymore
22:43:58 <williamjmorenor> +1 for me but remember to create a wiki page for the event
22:44:11 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor: the wiki page exists..
22:44:20 <echevemaster> is above in the links
22:44:37 <echevemaster> +1 from me
22:44:43 <lorddemon> +1
22:44:49 <echevemaster> it's only you in that event wolnei ?
22:45:04 <echevemaster> not there any brazilian contributor in that event..
22:45:07 <yn1v> How much stickers you get with $11
22:45:23 <wolnei> yes, another ambassador has exam in school
22:45:35 <echevemaster> oh ok.
22:45:56 <wolnei> 50
22:46:20 <echevemaster> wolnei: I think yn1v can send more stickers too. in case that are needed.
22:46:25 <echevemaster> or not yn1v ?
22:46:57 <echevemaster> 4 votes for now, anyone else?
22:46:59 <firemanxbr> .fas firemanxbr
22:47:01 <zodbot> firemanxbr: firemanxbr 'Marcelo Barbosa' <>
22:47:08 <yn1v> yes, but I think it will be better to produce more stickers
22:47:08 * firemanxbr Brazil
22:47:09 <wolnei> I have some buttons and stickers yet
22:47:09 <echevemaster> welcome firemanxbr :)
22:47:18 <firemanxbr> Hi all :)
22:47:22 <echevemaster> ok wolnei, no problemo.
22:47:37 <echevemaster> firemanxbr: can you read the ticket and vote if it is needed.
22:47:38 <echevemaster> ?
22:47:48 <yn1v> all my questions have been addressed +1
22:47:48 <firemanxbr> echevemaster, ok
22:48:05 <echevemaster> 5 votes for now...
22:48:16 <bernardoha> .fas bernardoha
22:48:17 <zodbot> bernardoha: bernardoha 'Bernardo C. Hermitaño Atencio' <>
22:48:23 <echevemaster> firemanxbr: I'll give you 0.0003 seconds.
22:48:32 <lorddemon> jajaja
22:48:41 * williamjmorenor reading the wiki page
22:48:43 * firemanxbr lol
22:48:53 * firemanxbr open this ticket
22:49:21 <echevemaster> firemanxbr: please man, you are taking too long time
22:49:23 <echevemaster> :)
22:49:37 <echevemaster> meanwhile firemanxbr reads the ticket, anyone else wants vote?
22:50:25 <firemanxbr> echevemaster, we have budget ?
22:50:42 <echevemaster> yes firemanxbr
22:51:57 <firemanxbr> +1 but I think need create wiki page for this event and insert more informations
22:52:15 <echevemaster> #agreed (+6,0,0) Ticket 247 approved for USD $200 for FTSL 201
22:52:46 <yn1v> wolnei, this will be reimbursed via paypla?
22:53:01 <echevemaster> #info wolnei have to add more information on the wiki page for FTSL 2014
22:53:04 <wolnei> yes
22:53:14 <yn1v> good
22:53:32 <wolnei> what information you want more?
22:54:21 <echevemaster> wolnei: discuss that with firemanxbr he is blaming you
22:54:23 <echevemaster> hahhaa
22:54:44 * firemanxbr lol
22:54:50 <echevemaster> #topic Ticket 248 Funding Request for echevemaster - SFD
22:55:03 <echevemaster> #link
22:55:59 <firemanxbr> wolnei, would be interesting to create a page about the event to show the importance of this event, considering that many do not know what event we are sponsoring
22:56:22 <wolnei> ok
22:56:50 <echevemaster> I'll to create the wiki page today. btw...
22:57:23 <echevemaster> please see the link and do comments.. I will attend to SFD Barquisimeto, and I need travel and acommodation there.
22:58:30 <echevemaster> I hope give a talk and how convert your VIM editor in a python editor.. and also I will talk about docker as well
22:59:16 <firemanxbr> echevemaster, where is the page for this event? description? even if the wolnei
22:59:32 <TonetJallo> echevemaster you will have write about first topic, i want read that
22:59:45 <echevemaster> firemanxbr: I'll to create the wiki page today. btw... I said above.
23:00:40 <firemanxbr> echevemaster, okay, but this process is invert, first created wiki page with all informations of event, after request founding
23:01:05 <firemanxbr> I'm voting this way in the dark
23:01:09 <echevemaster> Ok, I always did the wiki page, but if you want. it is right.
23:01:24 <williamjmorenor> for me is a +1 , SFD is a big event and it could be great to  have a Fedora representative in each event
23:01:36 <echevemaster> ok, firemanxbr welcome to the dark side :)
23:01:53 <firemanxbr> echevemaster, no problem I know you work for this project, my vote is +1
23:01:58 <TonetJallo> i'm your father!!
23:02:00 <TonetJallo> jajaja
23:02:08 <wolnei> +1
23:02:23 <TonetJallo> i'm +1 too
23:02:25 <ramilton> +1
23:02:36 <yn1v> I will give a +1, but I will not send money until I see the wiki
23:02:54 <lorddemon> +1 not wiki not money
23:02:54 <echevemaster> but it is right, i need to do the wiki page before to ask funding firemanxbr you are right.
23:03:11 <echevemaster> yn1v: you never send money if you don't see receipts and wiki
23:03:14 <williamjmorenor> votes are 7,0,0
23:03:14 <echevemaster> :)
23:03:50 <williamjmorenor> anyone more?
23:04:00 <echevemaster> #agreed (+7,0,0 Ticket 248 Agreed Funding request for echevemaster for SFD)
23:04:01 <firemanxbr> echevemaster, no problem, let's just try to do the best for the transparency of the project, at least I think so
23:04:03 <yn1v> echevemaster, I wish ... sometime I sent money in advance because not everybody has extra funds
23:05:02 <echevemaster> yn1v: yes you are right, but always I spent from my pocket and ask for reimburse
23:05:09 <echevemaster> thanks folks..
23:05:15 <williamjmorenor> :)
23:05:16 <echevemaster> another ticket..?
23:05:21 <yn1v> echevemaster, you are my hero, no move on
23:05:35 <yn1v> s /no /now
23:05:50 <echevemaster> another ticket folks..
23:05:57 <echevemaster> or any theme to talk?
23:06:16 <williamjmorenor> openfloor?
23:06:17 <echevemaster> #topic OpenFloor
23:06:23 <firemanxbr> I have an announcement
23:06:32 <echevemaster> ok firemanxbr shoot
23:06:33 <firemanxbr> Days 13, 14 and 15 October will be at the University of Santa Catarina talking about
23:07:19 <firemanxbr> * Fedora ARM - about, features, next arch 64bits, and demonstrate six boards
23:08:01 <echevemaster> #info firemanxbr will be the October 13 14 and 15 at the university of Santa Catarina talking about Fedora ARM, features, and demonstrate how working with these archs with six different box
23:08:02 <firemanxbr> * OpenShift - about, uses, demonstrate one simple API using Python with flask framework
23:08:14 <echevemaster> #undo
23:08:14 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by echevemaster at 23:08:01 : firemanxbr will be the October 13 14 and 15 at the university of Santa Catarina talking about Fedora ARM, features, and demonstrate how working with these archs with six different box
23:08:39 <echevemaster> #info firemanxbr will be the October 13 14 and 15 at the university of Santa Catarina talking about Fedora ARM, features, and demonstrate how working with these archs with six different box, Openshif how to deploy a cardtrige with flask framework
23:09:07 <firemanxbr> not asked to fund the project, received sponsorship from manufacturers ARM
23:09:19 <williamjmorenor> sound great
23:09:20 <echevemaster> oh, ay si, ay si :)
23:09:25 <firemanxbr> everyone is invited
23:09:27 <TonetJallo> jajaja
23:09:48 <williamjmorenor> and the six boards are ......
23:09:52 <firemanxbr> EOF
23:10:19 <williamjmorenor> and want to ask something
23:10:25 <echevemaster> firemanxbr: please would be interesting if you send the link of the talk, if this will be recorded or stream
23:10:28 <yn1v> I have one annoucement too!
23:10:33 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor: go ahed.
23:10:36 <echevemaster> and yn1v too
23:11:03 <williamjmorenor> echevemaster is asking about a Speaker Badge for Fudcon Managua
23:11:09 <firemanxbr> cubox-i, odroid-u, cubietruck, raspberry pi new model, beaglebone, cubieboard 2
23:11:09 <williamjmorenor> link is here
23:11:21 <firemanxbr> echevemaster, yep
23:11:53 <TonetJallo> williamjmorenor, when is the fudcon meeting for voting session proponsals?
23:12:02 <williamjmorenor> I not sure
23:12:10 <bernardoha> The budget is very good.
23:12:13 <yn1v> this saturday
23:12:34 <williamjmorenor> yn1v ?
23:12:37 <williamjmorenor> time
23:12:44 <yn1v> I will send the invitation for the meeting after meeting
23:12:49 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor: I think that we can discuss this in the Fudcon meeting, I think so.
23:12:54 <TonetJallo> ok yn1v
23:12:56 <TonetJallo> thanks
23:13:04 <williamjmorenor> ok echevemaster
23:13:19 <echevemaster> or if you want discuss this just now, you are free, but depends of the people
23:13:23 <echevemaster> what do you think?
23:13:39 <bernardoha> corrigiendo badge
23:13:42 <alyaj2a> .fas alyaj2a
23:13:42 <echevemaster> we can discuss about the badges in fudcon meeting or now.
23:13:45 <echevemaster> ?
23:13:46 <zodbot> alyaj2a: alyaj2a 'Aly Yuliza Machaca Mamani' <>
23:14:12 <echevemaster> btw, we need to try to get into ambassadors group at alyaj2a
23:14:19 <TonetJallo> fudcon-meetong echevemaster
23:14:20 <echevemaster> she is a peruvian contributor
23:14:39 <echevemaster> and needs belonging to a real group
23:14:43 <yn1v> I have one annoucement
23:14:52 <echevemaster> so, would be interesting if we can help her.
23:14:57 <echevemaster> yn1v: go ahead
23:15:08 <yn1v> williamjmorenor will do a workshop 3 hours a week for 5 weeks on the venue for fudcon
23:15:17 <TonetJallo> echevemaster, alyaj2a is now and ambassador
23:15:28 <TonetJallo> an ambassador
23:15:32 <echevemaster> .fasinfo alyaj2a
23:15:33 <yn1v> williamjmorenor will cover creating FAS, wiki, IRC, mailing list, terminal, text editor, yum, git, installation and will end with set up wordpress using fedora commands
23:15:33 <zodbot> echevemaster: User: alyaj2a, Name: Aly Yuliza Machaca Mamani, email:, Creation: 2013-10-08, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: en, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
23:15:36 <zodbot> echevemaster: Approved Groups: ambassadors fedora-icaro cla_done cla_fpca
23:15:44 <echevemaster> oh ok...
23:15:51 <echevemaster> chevere :)
23:15:55 <TonetJallo> fron today
23:15:58 <yn1v> williamjmorenor, will do all that by himself
23:16:05 <echevemaster> yn1v: what is your announce.?
23:16:14 <TonetJallo> from today, arrojare el celular grrrr
23:16:21 <yn1v> I just wrote above
23:16:24 <bernardoha> congratulations Aly
23:16:34 <alyaj2a> ow yeahhh, thankssss
23:16:35 <alyaj2a> :D
23:16:42 <lorddemon> good Aly
23:16:51 <firemanxbr> welcome alyaj2a
23:16:59 <alyaj2a> :D thank firemanxbr
23:17:05 <echevemaster> alyaj2a: is now ambassadors, we need that you entering to another group
23:17:30 <echevemaster> so, that is your next goal..
23:17:38 <echevemaster> and Felicitaciones .....
23:17:53 <alyaj2a> echevemaster, thank
23:18:02 <echevemaster> yn1v: Can you give your announcement... please...
23:18:12 <yn1v> okey ... here I go
23:18:24 <yn1v> williamjmorenor will do a workshop 3 hours a week for 5 weeks on the venue for fudcon ... thats is 15 hours teaching
23:18:38 <echevemaster> what....
23:18:39 <yn1v> williamjmorenor will cover creating FAS, wiki, IRC, mailing list, terminal, text editor, yum, git, installation and will end with set up wordpress using fedora commands
23:18:54 <echevemaster> oh great...
23:18:57 <yn1v> that is to prepare the field before fudcon
23:19:13 <yn1v> so students at the venue are up to speed
23:19:39 <echevemaster> #info williamjmorenor will do many talks in the Fudcon venue for prepare to the students, attendees and local people for fudcon.
23:19:42 <yn1v> best part is williamjmorenor will do all that by himself
23:19:45 <echevemaster> Good Luck williamjmorenor
23:20:04 <yn1v> I will help him maybe if I am in the mood for it.
23:20:23 <lorddemon> good williamjmorenor
23:20:27 * firemanxbr great :)
23:20:27 <echevemaster> hahahha
23:20:49 <echevemaster> anything else? folks?
23:21:27 <echevemaster> so, that the force be with you
23:21:53 <echevemaster> This meeting will self-destruct in five seconds
23:22:01 <echevemaster> 5
23:22:02 <echevemaster> 4
23:22:04 <echevemaster> 3
23:22:05 <echevemaster> 2
23:22:09 <yn1v> williamjmorenor, will be starting that course next week
23:22:10 <echevemaster> 1/2
23:22:13 <echevemaster> 1/4
23:22:15 <echevemaster> 0
23:22:17 <echevemaster> -0
23:22:18 <echevemaster> hahha
23:22:22 <echevemaster> #endmeeting