17:04:28 <thozza> #startmeeting FESCO (2014-08-20)
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17:04:36 <thozza> #meetingname fesco
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17:04:43 <thozza> #chair dgilmore jwb kalev mattdm mitr mmaslano nirik sgallagh t8m thozza
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17:04:48 <thozza> #topic init process
17:04:52 <mitr> Hello everyone
17:04:56 <kalev> hello
17:04:57 <thozza> hi
17:05:02 <nirik> mmorning
17:05:06 <sgallagh> Hello folks. I'm here but juggling the blockerbugs meeting and other fires.
17:05:43 <jvanek> hi
17:05:50 <dgilmore> hi, im working on getting things in place for a TC compose
17:05:58 <dgilmore> and wont be paying much attention here
17:06:57 <thozza> lets wait a minute and then start
17:07:33 <kalev> for those who aren't following #fedora-devel, I just noticed that the last mass rebuild might have used a bad rpm build
17:07:54 <kalev> dgilmore just tagged it over and several packages seem to have lost all provides / requires
17:08:07 <thozza> kalev: that's bad news :-(
17:08:07 <kalev> unknown how many packages might be affected at this point
17:08:12 <dgilmore> kalev: not really the right time to bring it up
17:08:28 <thozza> ok, lets start
17:08:32 <kalev> dgilmore: ? FESCo should be on top of things.
17:08:36 <thozza> #topic #1178 Fedora 21 scheduling strategy
17:08:43 <dgilmore> kalev: open floor
17:08:51 <dgilmore> kalev: we have an agenda
17:09:02 <mitr> … actually _now_ seems to be is just the right time :)
17:09:22 <thozza> yes
17:09:43 <mitr> Do we know that we need to change anything already, or is it just too unknown?
17:10:59 <nirik> well, a few things are definitely broken
17:11:06 <kalev> some packages will have to be rebuilt (both in F21 and rawhide), but unknown at this point how many
17:11:08 <nirik> the fix is already in, so they would just need rebuilding
17:11:43 <sgallagh> Given that the bug was present for the entire run of the mass rebuild, we're in bad shape.
17:11:53 <nirik> sgallagh: it wasn't actually. ;)
17:12:02 <nirik> it landed on the 18th. at the end of the mass rebuild.
17:12:03 <sgallagh> Oh, even better :-/
17:12:19 <nirik> and only things with external dependency overriding
17:12:35 <sgallagh> Ok, that's less threatening.
17:12:56 <nirik> still nasty, but hopefully not crippling. ;)
17:13:37 <nirik> so, we could slip another week now, or we could try and wait for a somewhat complete looking TC and freeze after we get that.
17:14:22 <thozza> I think we need some date anyway
17:14:36 <jwb> here, sorry
17:14:36 <thozza> not just wait without any particular estimate
17:14:59 <sgallagh> We could also freeze right now and just grant an automatic freeze exception to packages that hit this bug.
17:15:10 <nirik> thozza: true I guess. I was just hoping we could get a TC in the next day or two and freeze then while things work. ;)
17:16:41 <thozza> nirik: then sgallagh's idea could be usable?
17:16:45 <mitr> The current schedules seems to say go/no-go meeting is on Aug 25, that gives us still a few days in which we could freeze and not have to slip
17:17:08 <kalev> I don't think there's a need to freeze on a specific date an it would be fine to say that we are freezing the next day after a successful TC
17:17:29 <thozza> If it can be so, I'm for it
17:17:31 <kalev> as long as we send a heads-up to the devel list when we know the exact date
17:17:42 <dgilmore> we should know better how thinsg look later today
17:18:02 <nirik> I'm leary of freezing before we have an actual usable TC
17:18:08 <jwb> same
17:18:16 <kalev> yes
17:18:49 <mitr> proposal: Revisit schedule next week, don’t actually adjust it today.
17:19:01 <jwb> +1
17:19:08 <nirik> mitr: well, if we do that we should have frozen yesterday and didn't. ;)
17:19:33 <jwb> addendum: don't freeze
17:20:42 <kalev> I would like us to go in a release mode and freezes once things look relatively OK, just to not lose any extra time
17:21:19 <thozza> so we should also add "freeze as soon we have usable TC, send heads-up to devel list a day before"?
17:21:46 <kalev> makes sense to me
17:21:58 <nirik> proposal: go into freeze the day after we have a usable TC. revisit schedule next meeting to see if we need to adjust/delay/change anything.
17:22:07 <sgallagh> nirik: +1
17:22:09 <mitr> nirik: +1
17:22:10 <kalev> nirik: +1
17:22:16 <thozza> who will do the heads-up?
17:22:32 <kalev> releng since they know best when composes are actually working?
17:22:58 <thozza> ok
17:23:05 <thozza> dgilmore: can you do it?
17:23:23 <dgilmore> thozza: sure
17:23:28 <nirik> since releng also does the stuff to start the freeze, makes sense to me. ;)
17:23:34 <thozza> thanks
17:23:42 <thozza> nirik: +1
17:24:17 <thozza> #agreed Go into freeze the day after we have a usable TC. revisit schedule next meeting to see if we need to adjust/delay/change anything. (+5)
17:24:23 <jwb> +1
17:24:35 <jwb> (sorry, distracted atm)
17:24:48 <thozza> #undo
17:24:48 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: AGREED by thozza at 17:24:17 : Go into freeze the day after we have a usable TC. revisit schedule next meeting to see if we need to adjust/delay/change anything. (+5)
17:24:56 <thozza> #agreed Go into freeze the day after we have a usable TC. revisit schedule next meeting to see if we need to adjust/delay/change anything. (+6)
17:25:24 <thozza> #action dgilmore will send the heads-up on devel list once we have TC (day before freeze)
17:25:43 <thozza> #topic #1322 F21 Changes - Progress on Changes Freeze
17:26:52 <thozza> jreznik is missing... I guess no updates?
17:26:53 <nirik> not sure where we are here...
17:27:09 <nirik> I think yeah, jreznik was going to ping folks and give us an update.
17:27:13 <nirik> perhaps we should note that in the ticket?
17:28:14 <thozza> nirik: ok, I can update the ticket
17:28:26 <nirik> thanks
17:28:58 <thozza> #action thozza will update the ticket asking for update on Changes progress
17:29:03 <thozza> moving on....
17:29:12 <thozza> #topic #1330 F22 System Wide Change: Perl 5.20 - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/perl5.20
17:29:29 <mitr> +1
17:29:42 <jwb> +1
17:29:45 <thozza> thozza: +1
17:30:00 <kalev> +1
17:30:01 <nirik> sure, +1
17:30:03 <sgallagh> +1
17:30:39 <kalev> we had a bunch of high profile side tags landing at the same time this cycle, boost and python and tcl and something else
17:31:06 <kalev> might be nice to have deadlines for each of those that are like a week apart, to be able to land them one by one
17:31:25 * nirik nods
17:31:56 <jwb> yeah.  probably something we could note for the Change owners to work out with rel-eng
17:32:56 <mitr> We ill have Python 3 and DNF this cycle, so enough fun for everyone
17:32:57 <thozza> should we note in the ticket? I think email to all those owner would be better
17:33:26 <mitr> A ticket should be sufficient, that sends email to the requester as well.
17:34:18 <thozza> OK, I'll note that in the ticket when updating
17:34:42 <thozza> #agreed F22 System Wide Change: Perl 5.20 has been approved (+6)
17:34:56 <thozza> #topic #1331 The package pipelight violates Fedora guidelines regarding
17:35:35 <kalev> looks like it's already resolved
17:35:58 <jwb> i don't think there's anything realistic for us to do here
17:36:06 <nirik> yeah, been removed.
17:36:17 <nirik> there is the last comment, about the maintainers other behavior...
17:37:17 <thozza> The reason I added it to meeting was comment #5
17:37:25 <sgallagh> I was going to chat with the approver of the package, but I wanted to make sure no one else in FESCo had already taken it upon themselves first.
17:37:38 * nirik hasn't.
17:37:43 * kalev hasn't.
17:37:44 <thozza> I didn't
17:38:26 <nirik> so, yeah, talking to the review approver, and also talking to the maintainer might be good ideas... does someone want to talk to the maintainer?
17:38:46 <sgallagh> #action sgallagh to discuss proper review policy with the approver.
17:39:14 <mitr> As for #5, I strongly think that adding more layers of manual review to avoid such cases is not worth it.
17:40:07 <thozza> mitr: I agree
17:40:26 <sgallagh> Yeah, we've already got review policy that was just not followed here.
17:40:34 <sgallagh> (Probably not maliciously, I hasten to add)
17:41:14 <nirik> additionally it could have/should have been caught when adding it to scm...
17:41:34 <thozza> I think it was the reviewer job
17:41:43 <nirik> I think we could talk to the (former) maintainer of the package about the items in comment #5 and ask them to be more carefull?
17:42:04 <sgallagh> nirik: Isn't addition to scm an automated task?
17:42:45 <mitr> It might be worth it to check that the packaging guidelines and/or the fedora-review template is explicit enough, but that’s a …copywriting? rather than policy issue
17:43:17 * sgallagh nods
17:43:52 <nirik> sgallagh: nope. It's scripted, but a real human doublechecks that the review is ok and everything was done properly.
17:44:10 <nirik> the problem of course is that sometimes there's tons of them and it's hard to catch everything.
17:44:20 <sgallagh> Interesting. I wasn't aware of that.
17:44:39 <kalev> as for #7 and the package submitter changing Wine, I do like that we have provenpackagers that are actually able to touch other packages and fix / improve things ... at least in Rawhide
17:44:44 <kalev> "Introduced large patchset /.../ to F19" seems wrong on many levels though, stable releases should not get experimental stuff, no matter what it is
17:45:56 <sgallagh> Well, it seems like this person may have been misusing his provenpackager permissions.
17:46:22 <sgallagh> Perhaps we should declare him "on probation" with a warning that a repeated offense will cost him his provenpackager powers?
17:46:57 <thozza> sgallagh: seems fair to me, since it was most probably intentional
17:47:42 <mitr> sgallagh: I wouldn’t want to overreact (and especially invent new provenpackager states :) )
17:48:02 <sgallagh> thozza: I'm not sure his intentions were *malicious*, but they were not in line with the best interests of Fedora.
17:48:27 * nirik thinks we should talk to them first... we only have one side here.
17:48:38 <sgallagh> True enough
17:49:11 <kalev> yeah, I don't want to overreact either and lose a provenpackager that does tons of good work
17:50:04 <sgallagh> ok, let's stick to the plan of talking to the involved parties for now
17:51:10 <nirik> who wants to talk to the maintainer then? ;) sgallagh you want to do that too?
17:51:28 <sgallagh> Since no one is jumping up and down to do so, I suppose I will
17:52:47 <thozza> thanks
17:52:50 <thozza> since I suppose there is nothing to vote for in this ticket, lets move on....
17:53:22 <thozza> #topic #1332 F22 retire orphan packags after 4 weeks instead of once per release
17:53:45 <sgallagh> #action sgallagh to talk to maintainer as well (previous topic)
17:55:29 <nirik> yeah, on this we may need more discussion. see the points raised by dgilmore in the last comment.
17:55:40 <sgallagh> I don't know that there's a sufficient advantage to this compared to the additional overhead.
17:55:49 <mitr> Is retiring for-branch, or for all of them?
17:55:58 <nirik> per branch.
17:56:18 <nirik> we don't allow retiring in stable releases I don't think.
17:56:34 <nirik> I guess the advantage of doing it more often is that we would have less orphans in releases.
17:57:22 * nirik is for discussing this more on list and punting to next week. ;) it doesn't seem urgent.
17:57:32 <sgallagh> But the real issue that this proposal is trying to address is that stable releases end up with abandoned packages
17:58:16 <sgallagh> I think there are better ways to do some of this (not least is the upcoming improvement to the release monitoring stuff)
17:58:34 <sgallagh> But yes, not urgent so let's take it off the meeting agenda for today, please
17:58:49 <mitr> nirik: AFAICT this is mostly up to rel-eng availability/willingness.
17:58:56 <mitr> Anyone to move this to the list then?
17:59:21 <sgallagh> mitr: +1
17:59:36 <nirik> well, it could in fact be scripted I think.
17:59:53 <nirik> person orphans a package... wait 4 weeks, retire
18:01:13 <sgallagh> That still doesn't address the issue of people who already have the package installed... but as previously stated, let's not continue this discussion here.
18:03:44 <thozza> so volunteer to move the discussion to the list? :)
18:03:44 <sgallagh> Shall we move on?
18:03:58 * sgallagh has enough action items today already thankyouverymuch
18:04:00 <nirik> I can, or ask the reported to
18:04:04 <nirik> reporter
18:04:07 <thozza> ok
18:04:37 <thozza> #action thozza ask reporter to move the discussion to the devel list
18:04:48 <thozza> #topic #1333 OpenJDK maintainer refuses to address F20->F21 upgrade bug once per release
18:05:14 <sgallagh> So... yeah.
18:05:23 <mitr> AFAICT the code has already been written and debugged for 7, and the issue is only that it is too ugly to include in 8 as well?
18:05:47 <sgallagh> Short version: if you installed JDK 8 in F20, an upgrade to F21 will break all the alternatives symlinks, leaving your java installation unusable
18:06:08 <jvanek> mitr,  yes
18:06:16 <sgallagh> mitr: That's the impression I got. There's a patch for the spec that makes it work, but the maintainer doesn't want to include it because it clutters the spec.
18:06:27 <jvanek> sgallagh,  yes
18:06:28 <sgallagh> In my opinion, this is an insufficient reason to break users' systems.
18:06:32 <kalev> I remember that we had to explicitly exclude JDK 8 from live images, because dependencies kept bringing it in, over JDK 7
18:06:46 <nirik> 7 is gone in 21+
18:06:48 <kalev> wouldn't be surprised if A LOT of users have JDK 8 installed since it seemed to be easy to get it with deps
18:06:51 <jvanek> kalev,  but 8 IS main jdk in f21
18:07:11 <mitr> jvanek: it seems to me that much of the logic that repeats over and over could be moved either into a RPM macro or a helper script.
18:07:11 <nirik> yeah, this seems really a lot like something that needs fixing.
18:07:20 <sgallagh> jvanek: What he's saying is that it's highly likely that many (most?) users will hit this upgrade bug.
18:07:30 <nirik> if the current solution is too ugly, perhaps we could try and make something better?
18:07:33 <kalev> yes, I was saying that in F20 context
18:07:47 <jvanek> nirik,  If you find, it would be really nice
18:07:49 <mitr> And in general, "ugly" is not really a good enough excuse for "not solving users’s issues", despite what some people say
18:07:58 <jvanek> But I doubt there is something better.
18:08:14 <jvanek> nirik, One palce where to fix this is fedup. Another may be to rise epoch
18:08:18 <nirik> jvanek: is the current scriptlet anywhere? a bug perhaps?
18:08:24 <jvanek> but epoch is untested solution for this.
18:08:47 <jvanek> nirik,   https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1130247#c18
18:09:12 <jvanek> It was added, because in jdk7 those changes were done during the live of fedora
18:09:27 <jvanek> now it is still unrleased software.So Ihope for better solution
18:09:35 * jvanek not yet found
18:09:59 <mitr> jvanek: Just exploring the options - the F≤20 version isn’t set in stone; could adding a special F20 update make it easier?
18:10:23 <jvanek> mitr,  If people will not nstall this update, or will jump directly from f19?
18:10:25 <jvanek> noop :(
18:10:50 <mitr> jvanek: so add a f19 update as well; I was under the impression (correct?) that we only support upgrades from fully updated systems
18:10:52 <sgallagh> We don't actually (officially) support the Fn->Fn+2 jump
18:10:59 <jvanek> mitr,  well.. yes
18:11:18 <thozza> IIRC the system is updated before upgrade
18:11:21 <mitr> Anyway, considering a problem to this solution exists, proposal: Ask jvanek to make f20->f21 upgrades result in a working system, reasonably similar to a clean f21 install.
18:11:56 <mitr> There are ways to hide that ugliness from the few people who read the spec, while there are no ways to hide the breakage from users.
18:12:00 <sgallagh> addendum: FESCo declares BZ 1130247 to be a blocker for F21 Beta.
18:12:17 <jvanek> I have one question to testing of this issue -   when fedup wil start to work?
18:12:32 <mitr> sgallagh: That would be new, but let’s start doing that, yes.
18:12:34 <sgallagh> jvanek: As soon as we have a working Alpha compose, I hope
18:12:50 <nirik> sgallagh: +1
18:12:54 <jwb> +1
18:12:55 <jvanek> sgallagh,  And does you have some eta? I mean day? two? week?
18:13:09 <sgallagh> jvanek: A blocker for F21 implies completion by beta freeze
18:13:22 <mitr> jvanek: fedup is a release criterion for Beta
18:13:40 <jvanek> So by other words now I will wait for fedup, and then you will wait for me?
18:13:47 <sgallagh> Beta freeze is currently scheduled for September 23
18:14:00 <jvanek> sgallagh,  Well thats long time...
18:14:10 <mitr> jvanek: Is this impossible to test using (yum upgrade)? I don’t think fedup is doing anything special about Java
18:14:30 <jvanek> Mitr lasttime I tried, it was compaining to non existing repos
18:14:42 <jvanek> mitr It definitley does not
18:14:49 <sgallagh> jvanek: We're not trying to force you to fix it this week, just in time for our users not to be in trouble.
18:14:57 <kalev> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Upgrading_Fedora_using_yum#To_Fedora_21_pre-release should work
18:15:14 <jvanek> kalev,  ok
18:16:02 <jvanek> so ok. I will fix that
18:16:09 <mitr> jvanek: Thank you.
18:16:15 <thozza> sgallagh: +1
18:16:22 <kalev> jvanek: thanks
18:16:23 <jvanek> onemore thing - sgallagh  please, before bringing this to fesco, try to attempt to ping maintainer directly
18:16:37 <jvanek> in this case me
18:16:44 <sgallagh> jvanek: I communicated with you on the BZ.
18:16:54 <jvanek> yes - two very short comments
18:17:01 <jvanek> From those no one couldnot do an impression
18:17:13 <jvanek> And personal (ITRC) discussion can always be helpfull
18:17:42 <jvanek> I do not intend to block thing intentionally. (in this BZ I made mistake )
18:18:15 <thozza> any more votes?
18:18:26 <nirik> sure, +1
18:18:31 <kalev> +1
18:18:32 <sgallagh> jvanek: Understood. I'll try a more direct conversation next time.
18:18:32 <jvanek> :)
18:18:37 <nirik> and thanks for coming and talking things out with us jvanek
18:18:38 <jvanek> sgallagh,  thank you
18:18:52 <jvanek> nirik,  np
18:18:57 <mitr> +1 for the record
18:19:28 <sgallagh> +1 if that was unclear above
18:19:57 <thozza> #agreed Ask jvanek to make f20->f21 upgrades result in a working system, reasonably similar to a clean f21 install. FESCo declares BZ 1130247 to be a blocker for F21 Beta. (+6)
18:20:04 <thozza> hope I counted it right
18:20:34 <thozza> #topic Next week's chair
18:21:21 <mitr> note: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_Alpha_Release_Criteria#FESCo_blocker_bugs
18:23:04 <nirik> if no one else I guess I can do it.
18:23:16 <thozza> nirik: thanks
18:23:56 <thozza> #info nirik to chair next week’s meeting
18:24:11 <thozza> #topic Open Floor
18:28:16 * nirik has nothing
18:28:33 * thozza neither
18:29:25 <sgallagh> Nor I
18:29:51 <thozza> if there is nothing for open floor I'll close the meeting in 2 minutes
18:32:06 <sgallagh> Thanks for chairing, thozza.
18:32:41 <thozza> #endmeeting