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22:01:29 <tuanta> #topic Roll call
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22:02:15 <tuanta> #info Topic: Hanoi SFD 2014 event
22:02:37 <tuanta> #info Topic: FAD for APAC Ambassadors Phnom Penh on Nov
22:02:56 <tuanta> #info Topic: Ambassadors Polo Shirts for APAC
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22:03:05 <tuanta> hi everyone
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22:03:25 <somvannda> hi
22:03:43 <somvannda> which should be first to discuss?
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22:03:53 <banas> Hi everyone :)
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22:05:31 <endle> endle '' <litimetal@gmail.com> -- This is me (Zhenbo Li)
22:05:56 <tuanta> ok, lets start
22:06:12 <tuanta> #topic Hanoi SFD 2014 event
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22:06:21 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Hanoi_SFD_2014
22:06:50 <tuanta> actually, someone is tweaking the wiki page so it could be changed during the meeting
22:06:55 * banas is currently working on improving it
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22:07:25 <FranciscoD> .fas ankursinha
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22:07:33 <FranciscoD> sorry, cleaning up the house :)
22:07:40 <tuanta> my idea is to organize a meetup during SFD in Hanoi on Sept 20th
22:08:29 <tuanta> I think it would be good for us to discuss face to face about *hot* topics: budget planning, future events, etc.
22:08:35 <FranciscoD> sounds good
22:08:48 <somvannda> tuanta: will it duplicate with the FAD?
22:09:06 <tuanta> no, somvannda
22:09:17 <somvannda> ok
22:09:31 <tuanta> information on the wiki
22:09:40 <tuanta> please take a look
22:09:51 <tuanta> then I will be here for any questions, comments and ideas
22:09:55 <somvannda> i have already looked at it
22:10:06 <somvannda> but i do have something the same on http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:PhnomPenh_2014
22:10:44 <tuanta> somvannda, that's also good
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22:11:11 <somvannda> tuanta: please help me edit or add some idea you have on the wiki
22:11:24 <tuanta> but it is too far then current problems could not be solved
22:11:27 <somvannda> tuanta: who should apply for your SFD?
22:11:36 <tuanta> FAD is for planning for next FY
22:11:48 <somvannda> okay, clear!
22:11:52 <tuanta> please discuss it later (in separated topic)
22:12:13 <tuanta> somvannda, everyone are welcome, of course
22:12:47 <tuanta> but we will choose people for subsidy based on registrations and budget
22:13:50 <tuanta> at this time, I have no idea. that would be decided later (after registration period)
22:14:19 <tuanta> I would like to get approval for this event first
22:14:30 <somvannda> Hmmm. I am still not really clear about the image of FAD
22:14:47 <somvannda> sorry to mess up
22:15:20 <somvannda> is there anyone else has an idea for SFD?
22:15:49 <nangthang> somvannda, we are in the topic Hanoi SFD 2014 event, so your concerns about FAD would be discussed in next topic, ok?
22:16:40 <alick> do we need to vote to approve the SFD event?
22:16:46 <alick> I think it is good to go.
22:16:59 <nangthang> +1 alick
22:18:24 <tuanta> yes, I would like to get approval (by voting) first
22:18:39 <amita> hey tuanta where to vote for this?
22:18:52 <tuanta> if you have any questions about time, location, program, budget, etc. please ask me
22:18:52 <alick> just not sure if there are other major parties in the SFD?
22:18:58 <amita> .fas amsharma
22:18:59 <zodbot> amita: shubhamsharma 'shubham kumar sharma' <kernel.shubham@gmail.com> - amsharma 'Amita Sharma' <amsharma@redhat.com>
22:19:06 <tuanta> yes, amita
22:19:07 <alick> like other local communities?
22:19:21 <amita> where to vote for this event - link ?
22:19:28 <tuanta> alick, the main organizer is Vietnam Free and Open Source Software Association
22:19:51 <MarkDude> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Hanoi_SFD_2014
22:19:53 <tuanta> I am vice president there and also a organizing team member
22:20:02 <tuanta> #link http://vfossa.vn/
22:20:12 <amita> ok thanks
22:20:49 * mayorga has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:20:56 <tuanta> we organize SFD annually since 2004 (first year of this initiative)
22:21:22 <amita> one day is sufficient ?
22:21:46 <banas> amita: I think so. SFD is annually done as a one day event :)
22:21:49 <tuanta> this year, I would like to have some dedicated Fedora activities with some invited Fedora contributors from outside
22:21:58 <banas> I meant, universally ;)
22:22:02 * MarkDude has no actual vote here- (just ceremonial) but this event looks good :)
22:22:04 <somvannda> tuanta, I think we should have a session for all ambassadors to discuss/share success stories from each country, so we can learn from each other..
22:22:14 <tuanta> beside that, we will tkae this chance to make a meetup
22:22:36 <tuanta> somvannda, good idea. why don't you add into the wiki
22:22:52 <somvannda> tuanta, ok thanks!
22:23:03 <amita> so only ambassadors can be part of this event, what about future ambassadors?
22:23:16 <tuanta> meetup may be the main goal; but I think both: meetup and SFD. we have got two days
22:23:34 <banas> somvannda: I just added this portion, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Hanoi_SFD_2014#Sessions, you could add it here.
22:23:51 <tuanta> amita, everyone are welcome, of course
22:23:51 <tuanta> <tuanta> but we will choose people for subsidy based on registrations and budget
22:23:52 <tuanta> <tuanta> at this time, I have no idea. that would be decided later (after registration period)
22:24:18 <amita> tuanta, may be we can have votes for that too?
22:24:50 <amita> http://vfossa.vn/ has some connection issues :/
22:25:16 <MarkDude> That part of the vote would be *after funding* - unless you want to delay money :)
22:25:31 <tuanta> yes, amita. but we, as event owner would have more power to choose/vote (that is one of main rules for organizing event in Fedora)
22:26:05 <amita> tuanta, ofcourse .. ownership is with you
22:26:09 <tuanta> MarkDude, I would like to get approval for the event (in general)
22:26:19 <MarkDude> +1
22:26:40 <tuanta> after that, each person who wants subsidy will need to open a separated ticket to ask for fund
22:26:56 <tuanta> that is our regular process
22:27:09 <tuanta> our = Fedora, I meant
22:27:12 <amita> tuanta, makes sense hmm
22:27:44 <tuanta> I will try to decide fund/subsidy based on the total estimate budget
22:27:57 <tuanta> s/I/we
22:27:59 <tuanta> sorry
22:28:14 <tuanta> any more questions?
22:28:21 <banas> sounds great! I'd just like to point out that we have just half an hour left ;)
22:28:45 * banas had an awesome professor, who permitted the remaining half an hour
22:29:29 <somvannda> banas, done :)
22:29:31 <MarkDude> Vote time?
22:29:50 <banas> I agree - let's vote
22:30:23 * alick +1 for the event
22:30:23 <tuanta> one more thing: budget would come from regional budget
22:30:37 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Budget:2015
22:30:44 <somvannda> +1 agreed for the event
22:30:51 <tuanta> any more questions?
22:30:53 <tuanta> time for vote?
22:31:13 <banas> if my vote counts (I'm new here): +1
22:31:15 <tuanta> +1 from me (for recording)
22:31:15 <MarkDude> +1
22:31:17 <amita> +1 for the event
22:31:56 <tuanta> ping FranciscoD nangthang alick
22:32:09 <nangthang> +1
22:32:18 <tuanta> #chair FranciscoD nangthang somvannda banas MarkDude amita
22:32:20 <alick> +1
22:32:25 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD MarkDude amita banas nangthang somvannda tuanta
22:32:28 <alick> I think I've already voted ;)
22:32:45 <tuanta> yes, thanks for support
22:33:27 * amita also did
22:33:50 <amita> when is the next meeting?
22:34:00 <amita> is it scheduled already?
22:34:01 <tuanta> #agreed Approved funds in total $3,500 for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Hanoi_SFD_2014
22:34:24 <banas> amita unless it's scheduled separately, same time slot next week :)
22:34:31 <amita> cool
22:35:01 <tuanta> #info 8:+1/0:0/0:-1
22:35:08 <tuanta> ok, next topic then
22:35:18 <somvannda> tuanta, i can help you on leading the session of sharing success stories.
22:35:25 <tuanta> #topic FAD for APAC Ambassadors Phnom Penh on Nov
22:35:41 * zodbot has changed the topic to: FAD for APAC Ambassadors Phnom Penh on Nov
22:35:49 <somvannda> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:PhnomPenh_2014
22:35:51 <alick> banas: amita actually it is next after the next, since it is a bi-weekly meeting.
22:36:03 <amita> alick, even better
22:36:06 <somvannda> here is the link for FAD, but i need input from all of you
22:36:16 <banas> oh yes, I forgot. it's bi-weekly, alick is right :)
22:37:23 <alick> somvannda: currently it seems only for ambassadors?
22:37:41 <somvannda> alick, I think FAD is only for ambassadors
22:37:50 <tuanta> yes, alick. that is the orginal idea
22:38:10 <tuanta> FAD in general is for all contributors
22:38:20 <tuanta> but this FAD is for Ambassadors, I think
22:38:31 <tuanta> similar to ones in EMEA
22:38:32 <somvannda> tuanta, is possible for me to include some local contributors?
22:38:39 * tuanta looking for
22:38:49 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_EMEA_2012
22:38:50 <banas> I'm actually against the idea that any Fedora event be just for ambassadors - it kind of defeats the purpose of a FAD
22:38:58 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Rheinfelden_2013
22:38:59 <amita> +1
22:39:23 <tuanta> banas, we can organize a lot of FAD
22:39:40 <tuanta> each FAD has got main goal(s)
22:39:41 <MarkDude> FAD's have to specifically helpFedora
22:40:01 <tuanta> for one who want to know more about FAD:
22:40:01 <banas> Ah, so these are shorter events - then perhaps it makes sense :)
22:40:03 <tuanta> #linbk https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Activity_Day_-_FAD
22:40:27 <banas> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Activity_Day_-_FAD
22:40:31 <tuanta> the main purpose of this FAD may be different from other FAD(s)
22:40:41 <tuanta> thanks banas :)
22:40:45 <banas> np :)
22:40:47 <amita> but in my opinion It is always good to involve people who are wanna be ambassadors
22:41:03 <amita> they want to learn, progress fast
22:41:10 <tuanta> no, amita. that's other kind of events/activities
22:41:21 <MarkDude> An additional person(s) can make sense- but they have an aim here -FADs
22:41:34 <amita> hmm ok
22:41:40 * MarkDude can explain a bit more after meeting if you like
22:41:50 <tuanta> the main purpose of FAD Phnom Penh is to make budget plan for FY2016
22:42:00 * amita convinced
22:42:09 <amita> ok
22:42:16 <tuanta> thanks MarkDude
22:42:18 * MarkDude was very confused on it before :)
22:42:26 <MarkDude> np
22:42:40 <alick> for apac ambassadors to summarize the last year's progress and forecast the next year, it makes sense.
22:42:53 <somvannda> +1 alick
22:42:56 <tuanta> definitely, alick
22:43:13 <MarkDude> +1
22:43:29 <somvannda> I think we should only focus on the summary, feedback from last year experience and prepare a better plan for 2016
22:43:34 <tuanta> somvannda, there is not much information on the wiki page now
22:44:01 <tuanta> I think we need to hack it more before getting approval in meeting, right?
22:44:03 * somvannda has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:44:07 <banas> somvannda: I'll help with your wikipage, but since FAD is a little later, I think it can wait :)
22:44:22 <banas> or does it need to be ready for approval sooner?
22:44:27 <tuanta> banas, it's best to work on it asap
22:44:51 <banas> tuanta: alright, earlier next week then - after gsoc is over ;)
22:44:54 <tuanta> Hanoi SFD is a bit late. It's lucky that I am familiar with organizing event
22:45:10 <tuanta> and SFD uses regional budget
22:45:48 <banas> what about a FAD - does it use a regional budget too?
22:45:48 * lnovich has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:45:56 <tuanta> for FAD, it should be more prepared
22:46:19 <tuanta> in general, FAD use another source of budget
22:46:40 <tuanta> the smae source with FUDCon and Flock
22:46:47 <tuanta> s/smae/same
22:47:08 * lnovich (~lnovich@bzq-84-109-18-20.red.bezeqint.net) has joined
22:47:10 * somvannda_ (~androirc@ has joined
22:47:29 <banas> cool! I'd want to ask what the regional budgets are for, but I'll take it offline since we're almost out of time :)
22:47:29 <somvannda_> Hi
22:47:41 <tuanta> but as this FAD for Ambassadors is planned from beginning of this year with regional budget so it is fine
22:48:11 <tuanta> you can see it is listed in APAC budget FY2015
22:48:21 <tuanta> tuanta> somvannda, there is not much information on the wiki page now
22:48:21 <tuanta> <tuanta> I think we need to hack it more before getting approval in meeting, right?
22:48:55 <tuanta> ping somvannda_
22:49:09 <tuanta> somvannda_, , there is not much information on the wiki page now
22:49:10 <tuanta> I think we need to hack it more before getting approval in meeting, right?
22:49:14 <somvannda_> Tuanta, can you help adding some points that missed
22:49:35 <tuanta> somvannda_, meeting is not a good place to do hacking like that
22:49:46 <banas> banas	somvannda: I'll help with your wikipage, but since FAD is a little later, I think it can wait
22:49:47 <banas> banas	or does it need to be ready for approval sooner?
22:49:49 <banas> tuanta	banas, it's best to work on it asap
22:49:50 <banas> banas	tuanta: alright, earlier next week then - after gsoc is over
22:50:04 <tuanta> it is for short questions, comments, ideas and especially for voting
22:50:07 <somvannda_> Thanks banas
22:50:12 * dougsland has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:50:21 <banas> np  - later! :)
22:50:23 <alick> let's revisit the FAD in the next meeting
22:50:45 <banas> alick is right, that would give us enough time to work on the wiki as well.
22:50:46 <tuanta> we have got only one hour
22:50:50 <tuanta> +1 alick
22:50:53 <somvannda_> Wiki page should be ready in the next meeting for voting
22:50:58 <banas> now just 8 minutes ;)
22:51:03 <alick> in the meantime you can add more details,
22:51:15 <alick> like tentative agenda, transportation info, etc.
22:51:29 <tuanta> but everyone, we should contribute to the wiki page before revisiting
22:51:33 <somvannda_> Thanks alick :)
22:51:57 * alick also have a trac ticket waiting for  discussion today
22:51:57 <somvannda_> Okay.
22:52:24 <tuanta> #action somvannda_ tuanta alick FranciscoD banas MarkDude amita to contribute more ideas and information to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:PhnomPenh_2014
22:52:39 <somvannda_> I have one more topic to discuss about release party of F21 gnokii should be here
22:52:49 <somvannda_> +1 Tuan
22:52:54 <MarkDude> +1
22:53:29 <tuanta> somvannda_, good point. please put it into the wiki
22:53:30 <MarkDude> How do I get zod to ticket me on this? /me has enjoed past events :)
22:53:35 <tuanta> ok, next topic?
22:53:54 <alick> +1
22:54:01 <MarkDude> +1
22:54:13 <banas> thanks :) I actually need to leave now, I'll meet you guys over email/next meet?
22:54:14 <somvannda_> Tuanta how about release party here in phnom penh
22:54:23 <tuanta> #info http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:PhnomPenh_2014 needs more information, please advise.
22:54:39 <tuanta> more topics, banas
22:54:42 <somvannda_> Hoe about date for FAD?
22:54:59 <tuanta> somvannda_, that 's a big issue
22:55:10 <somvannda_> 15-16 november?
22:55:11 <tuanta> everyone got any ideas?
22:55:18 <somvannda_> Is okay for everyone
22:55:34 <tuanta> somvannda_, I prefer that period
22:55:40 <somvannda_> Me too
22:55:43 <MarkDude> #accepted
22:55:50 <amita> okay
22:56:04 <nangthang> +1 from that time too
22:56:10 <somvannda_> Alick?
22:56:12 <tuanta> any problem with your other events, somvannda_ ?
22:56:21 <somvannda_> It is okay
22:56:32 <somvannda_> My other evwnt on 21-22
22:56:49 <alick> somvannda_: fine to me too
22:56:51 <tuanta> somvannda_, you are event owner, so just go for it if it is the best for you
22:57:17 <somvannda_> Tuanta okay. So let take 15-16 november
22:57:28 * MarkDude adds this as use case for *Fedora local meetings and* and the calendar project  #item
22:57:46 <somvannda_> Ok next topic
22:57:49 <MarkDude> as in tracking dates- more Project than APAC- shtting up
22:57:56 <MarkDude> shutting XD
22:58:01 <tuanta> :)
22:58:06 <somvannda_> Lol
22:58:21 <somvannda_> Gnokii wanna do release party
22:58:28 <tuanta> #agreed FAD APAC should be held on Nov 15-16th
22:58:30 <somvannda_> On 14 november
22:59:02 <tuanta> #info and F21 release party PP would be a day earlier: Nov 15th
22:59:15 <somvannda_> Yeah
22:59:24 <tuanta> please help me to mark important information with #info, #idea, etc.
22:59:27 <tuanta> :)
22:59:46 <tuanta> #topic Ambassadors Polo Shirts for APAC
22:59:46 * zodbot has changed the topic to: Ambassadors Polo Shirts for APAC
22:59:47 <somvannda_> So i think most ambassasors should arrive on 14 ?
22:59:55 <amita> I will miss :(
23:00:22 <tuanta> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Polo_Shirt
23:00:43 <tuanta> EMEA ambassadors have it for years
23:00:57 <tuanta> but it is not available in APAC
23:01:11 <tuanta> I would like to make it for APAC Ambassadors
23:01:29 <somvannda_> +1 tuanta
23:01:44 <tuanta> one per ambassadors
23:01:46 * zodbot has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:01:48 <alick> +1
23:01:53 <banas> +1
23:02:07 <MarkDude> +1
23:02:26 <amita> some one make me ambassador right now :/
23:02:30 <tuanta> if we can produce it soon, we can distribute to ambassadors in next events (SFD Hanoi, FAD...)
23:02:49 <somvannda_> Should at lease 2 each? Cuz more printing, cost will reduce?
23:03:02 <tuanta> it is best to distribute in face to face meetings, but we can send them via postal either
23:03:06 <alick> there is no warranty of post mail from Europe to Asia...
23:03:23 <alick> I still have not got my T-shirt from there :(
23:03:30 <tuanta> alick, it is best to make it inside Asia
23:03:35 <amita> that's true
23:03:36 <alick> Besides, local production should be much cheaper.
23:03:44 <tuanta> we got the design and we can make it
23:03:45 <alick> tuanta: +1
23:03:53 <amita> +1
23:03:55 <alick> the only concern is quantity.
23:04:06 <somvannda_> Yeah
23:04:17 <tuanta> just trying to figure out where is the best location: cheap but quality :)
23:04:44 <tuanta> alick, quantity? how about 100?
23:05:34 <tuanta> we can keep it in a central store and distribute to other ambassadors in the future
23:05:47 <alick> tuanta: yeah. at least 100. otherwise the local producer may not start to produce.
23:05:48 <tuanta> somvannda_, how much does it cost to make it in Cambodia?
23:05:55 * somvannda (~somvannda@ has joined
23:06:14 <tuanta> somvannda, could you check how much it costs to make it in Cambodia?
23:06:25 <tuanta> and also alick
23:06:27 <tuanta> me too
23:06:28 * banas has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:06:39 <somvannda> tuanta, yeah i can check, will update next meeting
23:06:44 * zodbot (supybot@fedora/bot/zodbot) has joined
23:07:05 <tuanta> I think, we should have about a week to check at each site
23:07:14 <tuanta> then getting back together to decide
23:07:16 <alick> tuanta: last time in fudcon, it is 40cny = 6.5USD here in beijing
23:07:30 <tuanta> I propose to have a irregular meeting next week
23:07:40 <alick> tuanta: +1, let's put it up on a wikipage
23:07:56 <alick> it would be useful for future use.
23:08:07 * banas (~chatzilla@ has joined
23:08:11 <tuanta> note that logo and characters are stitched
23:08:16 <tuanta> not printed
23:08:25 <somvannda> I think it is around 7 USD here, but i will double check
23:08:56 <tuanta> stitch, not print as usual. does it make sense? :)
23:09:10 <banas> my prof let me free again, so I can make it for the rest of the meeting :)
23:09:36 <tuanta> something like this: https://www.google.com.vn/search?q=stitch+samples&client=firefox-a&hs=wMD&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=sb&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=gufuU6XNOMe68gWSqILYCA&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1525&bih=716&dpr=0.9
23:09:37 <tuanta> :)
23:09:38 <MarkDude> Nice Prof
23:09:55 <tuanta> lol MarkDude banas
23:09:56 <alick> ok, will check the price when stitched
23:10:12 <alick> banas: lucky you!
23:10:39 <tuanta> somvannda, you meant that cost is for stitching?
23:10:46 * MarkDude notes that shirts can take a long, long , long time. FAMNA has had fun with this
23:10:47 * aeperezt has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:11:03 <banas> :D
23:11:14 <tuanta> +1 MarkDude
23:11:18 <MarkDude> Extra meetings could help decide small details- especially if folks are -preauthorized to decide
23:11:21 <tuanta> ping somvannda
23:11:29 <tuanta> you are following?
23:12:05 <tuanta> banas, we are discussing on making Polo Shirts for ambassadors
23:12:23 <tuanta> can you lead this? IIRC, you are also in design team
23:12:28 <banas> tuanta: yep, I figured that - what exactly re you discussing at this point
23:12:30 <banas> ?
23:12:42 <tuanta> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Polo_Shirt
23:12:45 <banas> I am, what will I be required to do?
23:13:05 <somvannda> hi
23:13:06 <somvannda> sorry
23:13:15 <tuanta> banas, EMEA and NA ambassadors got it for years
23:13:19 <MarkDude> it ends up with more than a binary choice- its *almostg a rainbow table* at times. Its a pricing vs quality vs KNOWN shirt makers , IMHO
23:13:27 <tuanta> now I would like to produce it for APAC ambassadors
23:13:32 <tuanta> banas, does it make sense
23:13:34 <tuanta> ?
23:13:50 <tuanta> indeed, MarkDude
23:13:51 <somvannda> tuanta, yeah the cost is for stitching
23:13:56 * MarkDude notes he does not have one, BUT, thinks the Beefy Miracle shirt suffices
23:14:01 <banas> yup it does. so it would involve two things - one, getting it designed, two getting it produced
23:14:40 <tuanta> design is ready, I believe. however, we need to make sure it stitches properly or something
23:14:54 <tuanta> we want nice Polo Shirts, not bad ones :)
23:15:11 <banas> on the wiki, it looks like we have a design already. maybe we'll want to add an apac badge somewhere in the arms
23:15:14 <somvannda> 7USD that includes the Polo T-shirt
23:15:24 <somvannda> but in here we don't really have a good quality
23:15:45 <tuanta> on the heart there is simple Fedora logo and the artwork for the
23:15:45 <tuanta> right-hand sleeve is attached. We have been using cotton Slazenger Polo
23:15:46 <tuanta> Shirt, Royal Blue color.
23:15:46 <tuanta> Here are  some pictures:
23:15:46 <tuanta> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1309518/P1010002.JPG
23:15:46 <tuanta> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1309518/P1010002.JPG
23:15:57 <tuanta> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:FedoraLogo_inverse_ambassador.svg
23:16:38 <tuanta> somvannda, if you ask for more quality ones, how much does it cost?
23:16:45 <somvannda> i used to see this t-shirt at FudCon
23:16:55 <somvannda> somvannda, i will update you next meeting ok?
23:17:04 <tuanta> at FUDCon?
23:17:11 <somvannda> FudCon Beijing
23:17:14 <tuanta> they are printed, I think (not sure)
23:17:16 <somvannda> Jiri wore it
23:17:20 <banas> cool - so the current problem is production. on the wiki, it says the logo should be embroidered
23:17:22 <tuanta> ah, yes!
23:17:22 <alick> somvannda: should be Jiri and Jaroslav
23:17:29 <tuanta> right, somvannda
23:17:31 <somvannda> alick,  yeah hehe
23:17:38 <tuanta> ok, we will continue this discussion next wee
23:17:50 <banas> tuanta: I think it's embroidered. I've seen gnokii wear it.
23:17:53 <tuanta> I propose to have an irregular meeting next week
23:18:00 <tuanta> we have a lot of things to discuss
23:18:19 <somvannda> +1 tuanta
23:18:26 <tuanta> banas, you are right
23:18:32 <tuanta> it is embroidered
23:18:38 <MarkDude> +1
23:18:59 <banas> I'd be up for it, but if possible I'd ask for a time change :) it's a little inconvenient for me since I generally have classes and profs are just ...
23:19:02 <tuanta> banas, can you lead this initiative?
23:19:02 <nordickiwi> hello all,
23:19:10 <banas> tuanta: sure :)
23:19:16 <tuanta> good
23:19:29 <banas> do I add myself an #action?
23:19:38 <banas> or do we do it next week?
23:19:49 <tuanta> #action banas will work with others to produce Polo Shirts for APAC ambassadors
23:20:00 <banas> \o/
23:20:27 <tuanta> I encourage people to add #info, action... themselves
23:20:31 <tuanta> it would be faster
23:20:41 <nordickiwi> This is my request #133: 200 Fedora logo stickers -printed
23:20:48 <tuanta> do not need to wait for me
23:21:01 <tuanta> ok, next topic now?
23:21:04 <MarkDude> Still on item nordickiwi
23:21:08 <nordickiwi> ok
23:21:10 <MarkDude> :)
23:21:21 <tuanta> #topic Tickets
23:21:30 <alick> :)
23:21:51 <MarkDude> ticket link nordickiwi ?
23:21:53 <tuanta> too long meeting, sorry. we have a lot of things to discuss
23:22:03 * zodbot has changed the topic to: Tickets
23:22:03 * zodbot has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:22:09 <MarkDude> lol
23:22:13 <tuanta> .apacticket 133
23:22:13 <MarkDude> bad zodbot
23:22:14 <nordickiwi> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/133
23:22:20 * banas would like to propose a toast for the profs...
23:22:58 * nangthang has quit (Quit: Leaving)
23:24:02 <tuanta> ah nordickiwi, I see FranciscoD is working on it with you, right?
23:24:15 <tuanta> do you need any other support?
23:25:21 <MarkDude> Ticket looks good :)
23:25:30 <nordickiwi> no contact with FranciscoD, but pfrields ask me to fix the swag.
23:26:00 <tuanta> seems swag have been produced and you want to get reimbursed?
23:26:11 <tuanta> fasinfo nordickiwi
23:26:17 <tuanta> .fasinfo nordickiwi
23:26:20 <alick> the wiki page link seems not right...
23:26:31 <alick> where is the event page?
23:26:55 * zodbot (supybot@fedora/bot/zodbot) has joined
23:26:59 <tuanta> .fasinfo nordickiwi
23:27:24 <nordickiwi> I check it. one sec
23:27:27 <MarkDude> wiki link is not clear
23:28:20 <nordickiwi> Ambassador event page
23:28:52 <nordickiwi> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events
23:29:12 <MarkDude> Ah ok- as in for all APAC
23:29:30 * tuanta looking at https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/130
23:30:02 <nordickiwi> 4.2 FY14 Q2 (June 2013 - August 2013)
23:31:08 <MarkDude> Ah yes- tuant had the piece leading up to you getting money back. Just needed to see sticksters handsome face :D
23:31:22 <nordickiwi> Yes, 130 was the request from Paul. Someone he knew needed swag. I organised it.
23:31:53 <tuanta> makes sense, nordickiwi
23:32:12 <nordickiwi> And created an event, just so it is documented that we did supply some thing and that there actually is some promotion for Fedora happening in New Zealand.
23:32:17 <MarkDude> +1 from me.
23:32:41 <MarkDude> Willing to explain in PM why if needs be :)
23:32:55 <nordickiwi> I'd liked to have recevied more info about the event. But sadly that hasn't happend.
23:34:32 * banas_ (~chatzilla@ has joined
23:34:56 <MarkDude> Its ok with me.
23:35:03 <tuanta> I see it is initiated by Paul. I am fine with this.
23:35:07 <nordickiwi> Ticket #131 is also for the same event. That Ankur supplied and sent to New Zealand. He would like this approved to please.
23:35:08 * banas has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:35:28 <tuanta> ok, lets vote
23:35:30 <MarkDude> Looks like you helped get swag to maker event
23:35:31 <tuanta> +1 from me
23:36:13 * somvannda has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:36:25 <MarkDude> So this is for stickers - for a few events?
23:36:27 <nordickiwi> I paid for the Stickers and sent them, Ankur did the DVDs and sent them. Tickets 131 and 133.
23:36:29 <zodbot> tuanta: User: nordickiwi, Name: Roger  Sinel, email: roger.sinel@gmail.com, Creation: 2009-03-02, IRC Nick: , Timezone: UTC, Locale: en, GPG key ID: , Status: active
23:36:30 * banas_ is now known as banas
23:36:32 <zodbot> tuanta: Approved Groups: ambassadors cla_fedora cla_done cla_fpca
23:36:39 <MarkDude> Very cool
23:36:41 <MarkDude> +1
23:36:53 <nordickiwi> Yes, I have 150 Stickers left here in Hamilton NZ for future events.
23:37:07 <tuanta> ping banas somvannda_ alick
23:37:07 <nordickiwi> I've sent 50 to Wellington today for the event.
23:37:36 <somvannda_> +1
23:38:24 <tuanta> nordickiwi, the total is $140 NZ Dollars, right?
23:39:08 * Croberts has quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
23:39:25 * Toledo (quassel@nat/redhat/x-ewxxgkjljxxdkqpc) has joined
23:39:33 <nordickiwi> There is a Linux conference in New Zealand in January, so hopefully I've be promoting Fedora there and use the stickers then. And I'll be producing more svag for that event, so I'll be back here asking for funding.....I'm the new active Ambassador in New Zealand. Nice to meet you all.
23:39:45 <tuanta> #info 3:+1/0:0/0:-1
23:39:47 <tuanta> #agreed Approved reimbursement for ticket https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/133
23:40:00 <nordickiwi> $144NZD
23:40:34 * tuanta updated the ticket
23:40:47 <nordickiwi> thanks.
23:41:02 * banas has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:41:16 <tuanta> any other tickets?
23:41:23 <alick> yes
23:41:28 <alick> .apacticket 132
23:41:40 <alick> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/132
23:41:52 * zodbot has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:42:09 <alick> zodbot does not feel good today...
23:42:17 <somvannda_> I will not reimburse my other tickets so you can cancel the remaining tuanta
23:42:19 <tuanta> :)
23:42:23 <alick> event wiki: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_User_Meetup_Harbin_2014
23:42:27 <MarkDude> These sort of events are great alick
23:42:41 <tuanta> somvannda_, I don't understand?
23:42:47 <alick> endle: still around?
23:42:54 <endle> yes
23:42:58 <alick> endle is the event owner.
23:43:56 <tuanta> alick, you are co-owner?
23:44:08 <endle> he is not
23:44:21 <alick> I'm helping with the reimbursement process :)
23:44:34 <alick> and will send express of DVDs and stickers.
23:44:47 <endle> Another co-owner: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Marylandenychu
23:44:53 <alick> But I will not be at the event then.
23:45:03 <tuanta> how many people are there?
23:45:11 <endle> About 10
23:45:32 <endle> This is the first activity about Fedora in Harbin
23:45:40 * banas_ (~chatzilla@ has joined
23:45:41 <endle> As far as I know
23:46:37 * zodbot (supybot@fedora/bot/zodbot) has joined
23:46:48 * Toledo has quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
23:47:17 * banas_ is now known as banas
23:47:18 <tuanta> it is also sponsored by Codeweavers and CSDN?
23:47:47 <alick> Yes, they provide some gifts
23:48:24 <alick> same as they do in SFD etc
23:48:30 <banas> oops, I got disconnected. what's the current topic? STill tickets?
23:48:31 * zodbot has quit (Excess Flood)
23:48:49 <alick> banas: yes. https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/132
23:49:01 <tuanta> you should use English instead
23:49:14 <tuanta> I don't understand something on the wiki page
23:49:14 * sayan (~sayan@fedora/sayan) has joined
23:49:30 * Toledo (quassel@nat/redhat/x-fgbiteueejnrvtlb) has joined
23:49:34 <tuanta> for example, why: " Crossover : 若干 LICENSE " ?
23:49:36 <endle> tuanta, sorry
23:49:43 <tuanta> what does it mean?
23:49:46 <endle> means Some License
23:50:11 <alick> tuanta: ah... Crossover is the company behind Wine project,
23:50:12 <tuanta> mean Crossover will give some license as gifts?
23:50:13 * somvannda (~somvannda@ has joined
23:50:20 <tuanta> yes, I know
23:50:27 <alick> and they would like to give away some license codes.
23:50:31 <somvannda_> Tuanta, there are remaining tickets for me that i did not reimburse.
23:50:35 <tuanta> but license is not about freedom way
23:50:39 <MarkDude> Possibly put an explanation in () ?
23:50:42 <somvannda_> So i will not reimburse
23:51:06 <tuanta> somvannda_, a separated topic, right?
23:51:21 <tuanta> please focus on this first. I will discuss with you later
23:52:29 <tuanta> endle, alick: it does not make sense for Fedora to support for an event where freedom is not respect
23:52:38 <tuanta> I think that
23:52:58 <alick> tuanta: there might be some misunderstanding...
23:53:00 <tuanta> that's my thoughts
23:53:18 <tuanta> so, I think you should write all in English
23:53:24 <alick> first of all it is a fedora event, which is meant for fedora users to meetup
23:53:43 <endle> tuanta, my fault, I'm translating this page
23:54:01 <alick> then some companies leant the event, and say they are willing to provide something...
23:54:03 <tuanta> alick, good. then?
23:54:24 <MarkDude> If they want to give their swag at 5- and Fedora starts at 7... you need some boundaries here imho
23:54:31 <tuanta> but we can reject not-appropriate stuffs, I think
23:54:45 <alick> yes we can discuss with them about the specific way of sponsorship.
23:55:29 <alick> tuanta: agreed
23:55:30 <tuanta> it is not a big amount and we can easily approve
23:56:14 <tuanta> however, remember our 4 foundations
23:56:17 * ramesh (~ramesh@ has joined
23:56:18 <endle> tuanta, ok, I'll talk to Codeweavers and reject this sponsorship
23:56:31 <alick> thx this ticket is about fedora's swag.
23:57:04 <tuanta> that's not my point endle. please take a look at Fedora 4 foundations then you can make a better event
23:57:08 <alick> we will discuss with codeweaver guys to find a better way for them to sponsor.
23:57:37 <MarkDude> ALWAYS keep potential sposors happy, just make sure Foundations etc
23:57:51 <tuanta> are there any Fedora ambassadors in organizing team?
23:57:57 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Foundations
23:59:05 <tuanta> just make sure that we can protect and promote Fedora images/brand better
23:59:13 <tuanta> in acceptable/right way
23:59:14 <MarkDude> most sponsors are willing to work with you
23:59:31 <MarkDude> If they understand Open Source Way
23:59:49 <tuanta> +1 MarkDude
00:00:15 * alick thx for your input
00:00:19 <tuanta> it is too long meeting. I am so hunry :)
00:00:28 <nordickiwi> APAC #131, is also for the  #130 event in New Zealand. Can this be approved please.
00:01:04 <tuanta> ah, yes, nordickiwi. I see
00:01:07 <alick> can we vote for #132 now?
00:01:11 <tuanta> it is the same as yours?
00:01:42 <tuanta> alick, it is not clear enough for me at this moment, so I can not vote on
00:02:25 <tuanta> nordickiwi, I updated ticket #131 either
00:02:39 <somvannda_> +1 for #131 and #132 :D
00:02:47 <alick> tuanta: which part do you want more to clarify?
00:02:50 <nordickiwi> thanks
00:03:11 <tuanta> that part, as I mentioned above
00:03:16 * zodbot (supybot@fedora/bot/zodbot) has joined
00:03:18 <tuanta> are there any Fedora ambassadors in organizing team?
00:03:46 <alick> tuanta: oh. i'm afraid not now.
00:03:51 <tuanta> does organizing team understand https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Foundations?
00:04:05 <alick> that's why I am helping with  the event.
00:04:18 <alick> We need to let the local community grow.
00:04:24 * sayan has quit (Quit: Leaving)
00:04:32 <tuanta> so, it is hard to approve support it, IMHO
00:05:01 * sayan (~sayan@fedora/sayan) has joined
00:05:22 <tuanta> no one manage Fedora brand, foundations, etc. there
00:05:43 <endle> I understand
00:06:10 <tuanta> it is not about money (not much) but it is Fedora image
00:06:20 <tuanta> thanks for understandings, endle
00:06:46 <endle> Maybe I'll prepare to be an ambassador in future lol
00:06:53 <tuanta> but I am the only one person here.
00:07:01 <tuanta> how about others?
00:07:06 <endle> Well, few more questions
00:07:16 <endle> How should I handle the wiki pages?
00:07:19 <MarkDude> Being an Ambassador is great
00:07:26 <tuanta> +1 MarkDude
00:07:39 <tuanta> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_organize_a_Fedora_event
00:07:54 <tuanta> endle, this is a good starting point for you
00:08:05 * somvannda has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
00:08:09 * Sonar_Gal has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
00:08:22 <endle> tuanta, should I delete previous wiki page?
00:08:34 * MarkDude can give some wiki advice- as well as ideas. This may be great to do as a FOSS or Linux event. Those are great. build towards what the *F*s mean
00:08:59 <tuanta> not necessary, endle
00:09:10 <MarkDude> No- lets put draft at top, IMHO, and brainstorm on it.
00:09:11 * zodbot has quit (Excess Flood)
00:09:37 <MarkDude> zod gets very small amount of cookies at end of meeting
00:09:45 <tuanta> so, endle, you decided to withdraw your request, right?
00:10:02 <tuanta> lol MarkDude
00:10:12 <endle> tuanta, yes, withdraw it
00:10:22 <tuanta> ok, thanks for understandings
00:10:24 <endle> And do I have to remove the data in Fedocal?
00:10:33 <tuanta> hope to have you in the team in the near future
00:10:49 <alick> endle: not necessaryily i think
00:10:55 <tuanta> not necessary either
00:11:07 <alick> endle: i think maybe you can still make the event run without funding
00:11:21 <MarkDude> Agreed
00:11:23 <tuanta> just do not mention that this event is supported/sponsored by Fedora or something like that
00:11:30 <tuanta> until you are ready, I meant, endle
00:11:33 <alick> endle: it is a oppurtunity to learn lessons.
00:11:48 <tuanta> +1 alick
00:12:12 <endle> alick, yes, without funding is fine
00:12:38 <tuanta> #info event owner withdraw the request https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/132
00:12:45 <tuanta> #topic Open floor
00:13:00 * Toledo has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
00:13:05 * Croberts (quassel@nat/redhat/x-sahteyqokbqlbxsl) has joined
00:13:12 <banas> I just thought I should introduce myself during the Open Floor.
00:13:31 <tuanta> yes, please, banas
00:13:38 <banas> So.. I'm Sarup, probably the newest ambassador Fedora has ;)
00:13:38 <tuanta> I don't know who you are :)
00:13:42 <banas> lol :D
00:13:59 <tuanta> no, you are older than some one in LATAM
00:14:14 <banas> I'm part of Fedora design, where I'm helping build GlitterGallery.
00:14:27 <banas> Yeah? they have a new ambassador? aw :/
00:14:45 <banas> but anyway, nice to be on my first apac meeting and hopefully we have a crazy year next!
00:14:45 <tuanta> yes, newer than you :)
00:14:53 <MarkDude> Nice to meet you
00:15:05 <tuanta> banas, this is your first meeting and it is so long
00:15:10 <banas> hi MarkDude, nice to meet you as well.
00:15:26 <tuanta> usually, meeting should be in an hour
00:15:36 <tuanta> but today, we have to many topics to discuss
00:15:40 <banas> yeah, and a pretty difficult one for me thanks to some profs :P
00:15:44 <banas> yep, I realized.
00:15:46 <tuanta> nice to have you all today and in our team
00:15:52 <banas> was it more people than usual today?
00:15:58 <tuanta> yes, banas
00:16:03 <tuanta> many hot topics :)
00:16:05 <MarkDude> Yes, and many things
00:16:19 <tuanta> ok, lets end the meeting now?
00:16:24 <tuanta> anything else?
00:16:27 <banas> great! hopefully the trend continues and we have productive meetings for the next week too :)
00:16:38 <banas> not from me, so I guess yep .
00:16:50 <alick> remember to send out the reminder for next week meeting!
00:16:51 <tuanta> next times, we should manage to make it in an hour
00:16:56 <tuanta> it is better for veeryone
00:17:04 <banas> yes, we should do it next week, I'll make it.
00:17:13 <tuanta> banas, can you do that?
00:17:20 <tuanta> send meeting reminder
00:17:20 <alick> esp when the time is changed.
00:17:25 <banas> i'll do it.
00:17:41 <banas> do I need to send over a whenisgood?
00:17:53 <banas> or do we have a time set in stone?
00:17:54 <tuanta> alick, can you help me to send this meeting minutes?
00:18:11 <tuanta> no no, banas. also in 4:00am UTC on Saturday
00:18:40 <tuanta> banas, I will send the reminder this time :)
00:18:50 <tuanta> for making sure :)
00:18:53 <banas> ok, I'll do it next time then ;)
00:19:15 <alick> tuanta: ok
00:19:18 <tuanta> thanks
00:19:26 <tuanta> #endmeeting
00:19:27 * zodbot (supybot@fedora/bot/zodbot) has joined
00:19:33 <banas> bye!
00:19:37 * banas runs to class
00:19:38 <alick> naughty bot
00:19:44 <tuanta> #endmeeting
00:19:46 <MarkDude> LaTERS BANAS
00:19:57 <banas> :D
00:19:59 <MarkDude> When zodbots go bad
00:20:19 <tuanta> #endmeeting
00:20:22 * amita has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
00:20:26 <tuanta> :)
00:20:58 <alick> oh? still not end...
00:21:14 <endle> maybe the bot is too hungry
00:22:10 <alick> am I currently in chari?
00:22:16 <alick> chair?
00:22:24 <banas> #endmeeting