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18:00:02 <nirik> #meetingname infrastructure
18:00:02 <nirik> #topic aloha
18:00:02 <nirik> #chair smooge relrod nirik abadger1999 lmacken dgilmore mdomsch threebean pingou puiterwijk
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18:00:12 * pingou 
18:00:13 * puiterwijk is here
18:00:24 * relrod 
18:00:24 <janeznemanic> hi
18:00:31 <ootbro> I'm here
18:00:33 * lanica is here for the infra meeting.
18:00:37 <webpigeon> o/
18:00:43 <sart> here
18:00:48 <nirik> welcome everyone.
18:01:23 <nirik> #topic New folks introductions and Apprentice tasks
18:01:30 <nirik> any new folks like to introduce themselves?
18:01:32 * bochecha is here
18:01:39 <nirik> or apprentices with questions/comments/ideas?
18:01:54 <mpduty> is here
18:02:06 <ramesh> Hello
18:02:46 <ootbro> From the Apprentice realm.....   I posted a draft of the infrastructure diagram at and sent notice to the infra list.  nirik is the only one I've heard direclty from so far.
18:03:06 <nirik> :) yeah, do look and provide feedback everyone.
18:03:20 <ramesh> I am working as a DevOps Engineer, I have experience working on orchestration and configuration management using Ansible and Puppet.
18:03:29 * hammad_ is here
18:03:49 <ootbro> I don't mind making changes based on feedback, so definitely let me know if something needs to be adjusted.
18:03:53 <nirik> ramesh: welcome. See me after the meeting in #fedora-admin and I can point you at information to get started. ;)
18:04:08 <ramesh> sure, thanks
18:04:24 <smooge> here (few minutes late)
18:04:26 * abadger1999 here
18:04:36 <ryayon> HiHi
18:04:51 <mpduty> I tried to connect to fedora project machines but is the maximum that I could manage
18:04:53 <ootbro> next on my list is a diagram showing how the proxy services work with a list of services and (very short) descriptions of them.
18:05:20 <nirik> mpduty: ok, see folks in #fedora-admin and we can get it sorted out for you. :)
18:05:36 <mpduty> nirik, yes
18:06:14 <nirik> ryayon: welcome. Care to give a short intro of yourself? are you interested in helping out with sysadmin or more programming tasks?
18:06:17 <sart> I'm a bit hazy on the same topic as mpduty, I'll join in #fedora-admin after the meeting as well to refresh my memory.
18:07:23 <ryayon> Hi all
18:07:31 <nirik> sure. the ssh access sop has the info, but it's a bit confusing at times...
18:07:32 <ryayon> I am a sysadmin for 7/8 now
18:07:48 <ryayon> I don't know yet how I can help you
18:08:07 <ryayon> then I plan to start with resolving some tickets I have been provided
18:08:45 <nirik> ok. Welcome. And do feel free to ask questions as you go. ;)
18:08:50 <ryayon> and I am happy to join your community as a long RHEL likes user since the beginning
18:08:55 <ryayon> thanks
18:09:05 <nirik> #topic Applications status / discussion
18:09:13 <nirik> any applications news this week or upcoming?
18:09:35 <pingou> I worked mostly on progit this week
18:09:55 <pingou> as well as unit-tests for anitya
18:10:18 <pingou> and the admin actions for pkgdb2, the idea being to move the new package/new branch workflow off bugzilla into pkgdb
18:10:29 <nirik> pingou: so progit is perhaps someday a trac replacement?
18:10:32 <pingou> for more info
18:10:50 <pingou> nirik: if we want to get it to this point, yes :)
18:11:04 <nirik> #info pkgdb new package new branch workflow setup in pkgdb
18:11:22 <nirik> pingou: it does tickets/bugs? or would use something like bugspad for that?
18:11:23 <pingou> I just made my slides for the talk at flock about it, so I want to keep some suspens there ;-)
18:11:29 <nirik> ok, fair enough.
18:11:34 <pingou> :)
18:12:06 <pingou> nirik: it does *basic* tickets
18:12:25 <pingou> as well as doc (via git, so rst/markdown/html)
18:12:36 * nirik prefers trac over github issues (which are way too basic IMHO)
18:12:48 * oddshocks1 appears
18:12:53 <nirik> anyhow, just wondering.
18:12:56 <pingou> I'm happy to make the issues a little more complete
18:13:02 * oddshocks_ 's bouncer is down
18:13:04 * oddshocks_ is here
18:13:08 * oddshocks_ on internal irc
18:13:13 <pingou> but it's kinda fine-tuning once the logic is there
18:13:17 <nirik> pingou: I wonder if plugging bugspad in there might be worth looking at?
18:13:22 <pingou> oddshocks_: nope, here you're on freenode ;)
18:13:24 <nirik> welcome oddshocks_
18:13:40 <pingou> nirik: could very well be, but then it's 2 apps to maintain vs 1
18:13:48 <nirik> true.
18:13:52 <nirik> just an idea.
18:13:59 <pingou> might be cool :)
18:14:17 <pingou> tickets can anyway be de-activated per project
18:14:36 <pingou> so a project could decide to use bugspad for its tickets easily
18:14:37 <nirik> most of our hosted projects are heavy ticket users... and git...
18:14:45 <nirik> ok
18:14:54 <pingou> (we'll just need to right a git hook for that, somehow)
18:14:59 <oddshocks_> pingou: er, man, you're right. i _am_ in internal, too ;)
18:15:02 <nirik> anything else application wise? It's been a pretty quiet week.
18:15:31 <nirik> #topic Sysadmin status / discussion
18:15:40 <nirik> Also been somewhat quiet on the sysadmin side.
18:15:51 <nirik> smooge and I are recovering from spending all last week at our datacenter.
18:16:20 <pingou> I added the packager_alias role for the cron and script setting up the <pkg>-owner@fp.o aliases, but it's not used anywhere atm
18:16:28 <pingou> nirik: how did that go?
18:16:30 <nirik> We discovered a stupid mistake I made in the base ansible role the other night... I didn't enable iptables service. ;(
18:16:43 <pingou> oupsy :)
18:16:59 <smooge> could have been worse
18:17:02 <nirik> pingou: can we enable it in puppet for now? I'd love to announce the teams stuff for pkgdb at flock.
18:17:19 <smooge> you backed out the setting of root password to letmein1
18:17:29 <nirik> heh. ;)
18:17:36 <pingou> nirik: it's already enabled (and in puppet)
18:17:56 <nirik> oh, cool.
18:17:57 <pingou> smooge: so it's not toor anymore?
18:18:13 <pingou> nirik: I imported it from puppet to ansible when I made the module ;-)
18:18:33 <smooge> and I was wrong to meet our password rules it was 'Password1234'
18:18:42 <nirik> I've been tweaking small things this week and trying to make it so nagios doesn't bother us in the upcoming week too much.
18:18:42 <pingou> nirik: I was thinking to wait for after flock to call for testers, but I guess we can do it during flock (which is even nicer) :)
18:19:03 <nirik> pingou: Yeah, it would be nice. :)
18:19:10 <pingou> we got a deal :)
18:19:17 <nirik> lets see... what else.
18:19:44 <nirik> I re-added the pager app in ansible (we dropped it when we moved to ansible there).
18:19:53 <nirik> Hopefully no one needs it, but it's there if they do
18:20:24 <nirik> #topic nagios/alerts recap
18:21:04 <nirik> humf.
18:21:14 <nirik> mod_auth_openid messes with my url.
18:21:19 <relrod> :(
18:21:38 <nirik> .tiny
18:21:39 <zodbot> nirik:
18:21:42 <lanica> Was the pager app tested after fixing it? :)
18:22:00 <nirik> lanica: nope, I was adding it in an evening and didn't want to bother people.
18:22:06 <nirik> we can test it tho
18:22:34 <nirik> so, on nagios, the usual telia stuff (still working to move that off that site)
18:22:57 <nirik> and we have seen some periods of packet loss/network problems that are beyond our control.
18:23:14 <lanica> Test self? ;)
18:24:00 <nirik> lanica: it pages the person you pick, but it also mails everyone in sysadmin-main... so I want to be sure it's at a time it won't bother everyone else.
18:24:39 <lanica> Ahh
18:24:57 <pingou> then I think now is a good time, Europe isn't asleep, US are awake (and I don't think we have anyone in APAC in -main)
18:25:02 <nirik> we can probibly test after the meeting
18:25:05 <nirik> yeah
18:25:13 <nirik> #topic Upcoming Tasks/Items
18:25:13 <nirik>
18:25:23 <nirik> so, big upcoming item: flock is next week.
18:25:41 <nirik> lots of us are going to be traveling to/from and be offline at talks, etc.
18:25:59 <nirik> so, please be very carefull with any changes that can cause outages right now.
18:26:15 <nirik> and if folks find problems or issues and no one is around, do ask them to file tickets.
18:26:16 <pingou> aren't ew in freeze?
18:26:18 <pingou> should we?
18:26:25 <nirik> we aren't.
18:26:44 <nirik> but with everyone traveling we kinda are in a practical sense. ;)
18:26:50 <ryayon> What is Flock?
18:26:54 <pingou> true there :)
18:27:05 <nirik>
18:27:11 <nirik> our yearly conference. ;)
18:27:41 <ryayon> OK
18:27:48 <nirik> this time it's in Prague. ;)
18:28:36 <nirik> I'll note we have #fedora-flock channel for the conference. General talk, info and feedback from folks that can't make it is all welcome there.
18:29:21 <nirik> Our new alpha freeze date is 2014-08-12.
18:29:38 <nirik> so, we will have just a little time after flock if there's things we want to do before freeze.
18:29:58 <nirik> #info flock next week.
18:30:06 <nirik> #info alpha freeze 2014-08-12
18:30:14 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
18:30:22 * pingou will be afk from the end of flock until 2014-08-16
18:30:24 <nirik> Any items for open floor? general questions, comments, ideas?
18:30:42 <nirik> pingou: ok. You will come back to a nice freeze. ;)
18:30:47 <pingou> \ó/
18:31:24 <mpduty> could we elaborate how to connect to fedora project machines a little bit more on the wiki
18:31:46 <mpduty> for apprentice people :)
18:31:48 <nirik> mpduty: should have the info
18:31:57 <nirik> but very open to ideas on how to make it more clear, etc.
18:32:41 <ootbro> nirik: a once-over look at the layout of the Getting Started wiki page might help -- list everything needed on there to smooth it out
18:32:58 <nirik> yeah
18:33:32 <nirik> I can try and do that.
18:34:30 <ryayon> nirik: maybe I can help
18:35:06 <nirik> sure.
18:35:26 <nirik> that is a wiki page, so edits welcome from anyone.
18:35:34 <mpduty> after doing the config file it took me a while to understand that I had to use 'ssh' to connect, maybe it is obvious but I really missed it
18:35:43 <ryayon> We already have authorizations?
18:36:00 <nirik> mpduty: good point, we should make a note about that in there.
18:36:18 <nirik> ryayon: for the wiki yeah, any person with a fedora account can edit (most) wiki pages.
18:36:47 <ryayon> OK, then I will work on it and let you know about that
18:36:57 <nirik> ok.
18:37:07 <ootbro> ryayon: When I was getting started a couple months ago, it took some troubleshooting to figure out what was missing in my config.  I might still have my notes from back then
18:37:13 <pingou> nirik: we don't use ssh bastion, we wouldn't be able to go elsewhere
18:37:14 <ryayon> mpduty: I will notify you once the page is done so you can check it
18:37:26 <mpduty> ryayon, sure
18:37:44 <ryayon> good
18:38:01 <nirik> pingou: depends. I have my setup to assume and only add exceptions for my few home machines. ;)
18:38:48 <pingou> ah you mean ssh <hosts>
18:39:08 <pingou> yeah I am in that case :)
18:39:19 <nirik> right. most people probibly aren't.
18:39:39 <nirik> anyhow, lets continue over in #fedora-admin, #fedora-apps and #fedora-noc.
18:39:43 <pingou> sure
18:39:45 <nirik> Thanks for coming everyone!
18:39:49 <nirik> #endmeeting