20:00:32 <sesivany> #startmeeting EMEA ambassadors 2014-07-23
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20:00:39 <sesivany> #topic Roll Call
20:00:45 <sesivany> .fas eischmann
20:00:47 <zodbot> sesivany: eischmann 'Jiri Eischmann' <eischmann@redhat.com>
20:00:54 <kmf> .fas kmf
20:00:55 <zodbot> kmf: kmfcandu 'Kyle Fletcher' <kyle.fletcher@candu.com> - kmf 'Karl Fischer' <kmf@fischer.org.za>
20:01:39 <giannisk> .fas giannisk
20:01:40 <zodbot> giannisk: giannisk 'Giannis Konstantinidis' <giankonstantinidis@gmail.com>
20:02:51 <jonar> .fas jfarcher
20:02:52 <zodbot> jonar: jfarcher 'Jonathan Archer' <jon@rosslug.org.uk>
20:02:55 <cmpahar> .fas cmpahar
20:02:56 <zodbot> cmpahar: cmpahar 'Christos Bacharakis' <cmpahar@gmail.com>
20:03:20 <sesivany> jonar: welcome! ;)
20:03:54 <jonar> thanks sesivany, thought I'd better make an appearance sometime soon
20:04:24 <sesivany> let's wait a few more minutes, maybe more ppl will show up.
20:04:29 <mitzie> .fas mitzie
20:04:30 <zodbot> mitzie: mitzie 'Zacharias Mitzelos' <zacharias.mitzelos@gmail.com>
20:05:32 <sesivany> ok, let's start...
20:05:36 <sesivany> #topic Announcements
20:05:46 <sesivany> any announcement?
20:06:36 <sesivany> I've got a few as always
20:06:46 <Prometheas> .fas misaakidis
20:06:47 <zodbot> Prometheas: misaakidis 'Marios Isaakidis' <misaakidis@yahoo.gr>
20:07:20 <sesivany> #info Fedora 21 has been branched from rawhide. We've started the journey towards F21!
20:07:26 <jonar> :)
20:07:30 <kmf> :D
20:07:46 <sesivany> it means test days will follow soon.
20:08:06 <mitzie> Let me switch client
20:08:20 <sesivany> and those who are brave enough can spin it off on their computers :)
20:08:57 <sesivany> #info Flock 2014 starts in 2 weeks!
20:09:12 <sesivany> yeah, Flock is just two weeks away!
20:10:10 <sesivany> I blog about organizational stuff...
20:10:19 <sesivany> #link http://eischmann.wordpress.com/tag/flock/
20:10:37 <sesivany> it may be interesting for those who are coming to Flock.
20:11:24 <sesivany> please don't mind my English, I really don't have much time to re-read it :)
20:12:05 <sesivany> Results of elections to FESCo have been announced.
20:13:18 <sesivany> #info Josh Boyer, Kalev Lember, and Tomas Hozza have been elected to FESCo.
20:13:59 <sesivany> have I missed any important news?
20:14:05 <dmaphy> .fas dmaphy
20:14:06 <zodbot> dmaphy: dmaphy 'Dominic Hopf' <dmaphy@googlemail.com>
20:15:20 <sesivany> ok, let's move on to the next topic.
20:15:27 <sesivany> #topic Requests
20:15:55 * sesivany is checking the trac...
20:16:45 <sesivany> good, no new tickets
20:16:56 <sesivany> looks like everyone is on holidays :)
20:17:20 <b10n1k> or working too much
20:17:27 <kmf> yep
20:18:33 <sesivany> ok, next topic.
20:18:45 <sesivany> #topic Ambassador's schedule
20:18:56 <sesivany> #link http://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-21/f-21-ambassadors-tasks.html
20:19:40 <sesivany> it's still quite early, but we might want to start thinking about swag we want to have for F21.
20:20:45 <sesivany> I've got enough of the regular swag: stickers, badges, case badges,... but if you have ideas for some special swag let's make it happen!
20:21:59 <sesivany> btw we also received a new batch of ambassador's t-shirts. So if you still don't have one, or if yours is more than 2 years old, just file a ticket!
20:22:22 <sesivany> #info we also received a new batch of ambassador's t-shirts. So if you still don't have one, or if yours is more than 2 years old, just file a ticket!
20:23:33 <kmf> awesome what sizes ?
20:24:04 <sesivany> kmf: anything between S and 3XL
20:24:23 <kmf> awesome
20:24:53 <sesivany> kmf: if you need to know how big the sizes are, search for Slazenger size chart.
20:24:59 <kmf> ok
20:25:32 <sesivany> #topic Events
20:25:35 <sesivany> and now events...
20:25:45 <sesivany> let's talk about Flock first.
20:26:02 <sesivany> is here anyone who is coming to Flock?
20:26:18 <jonar> :( not me
20:26:23 * giannisk is
20:26:34 <mitzie> me too
20:27:47 <sesivany> we're currently looking for people who would cover the event media-wise: photos, articles, interviews. That's pretty important.
20:27:55 <b10n1k> not me too. too busy this summer
20:27:57 <mitzie> I saw your mail in the marketing list, sesivany
20:28:02 <sesivany> I've already written about it on marketing mailing list.
20:28:29 <mitzie> and I have replied
20:28:48 <sesivany> mitzie: great!
20:29:36 <sesivany> there was also an idea that we can translate the articles and interviews to different languages and post them on national community websites.
20:30:30 <b10n1k> that s nice
20:30:36 <sesivany> I'll do that for fedora.cz, if you also have a Fedora website for your country you can do it, too, and you don't even have to attend the event.
20:31:02 <sesivany> the articles should be available at fedoramagazine.org.
20:31:09 <mitzie> I have offered for the Greek ones
20:32:11 <b10n1k> me too
20:32:40 <b10n1k> i mean count me in mitzie
20:32:42 <sesivany> but we would also need someone who would write the original articles and conduct interviews, so if you're attending and don't have any other job yet, think about it ;)
20:33:48 <mitzie> sesivany, I think that someone already said he could handle this
20:34:14 <sesivany> mitzie: ok then
20:34:41 <sesivany> anything else that needs to said about Flock?
20:35:16 <sesivany> I'd like to have a session for EMEA ambassadors there, but that's something we can arrange there.
20:35:28 <giannisk> +1
20:36:33 <sesivany> any other events?
20:36:45 <jonar> I have some event news
20:37:37 <jonar> Barcamp Blackpool has unfortunately been cancelled this year, which is a shame as we had a really good presence there last year
20:38:13 <sesivany> jonar: that's a pity :-/
20:38:18 <jonar> Oggcamp 2014 has been announced, October 4th & 5th and we have a stand booked again
20:38:45 <twohot> .fas twohot
20:38:47 <zodbot> twohot: twohot 'Onyeibo Oku' <twohotis@gmail.com>
20:38:49 <jonar> This year it is in Oxford, more details can be found http://oggcamp.org/
20:39:42 <sesivany> jonar: I see LinuxVoice is sponsoring it :)
20:39:46 <jonar> and lastly, Barcamp Manchester has been announced which is a revival of an old event. Also in October, where I'm looking to contact the organiser to see if a Fedora presence is possible
20:40:09 <jonar> sesivany, it is :) LV is great
20:40:58 <sesivany> jonar: I ordered LV for our office and I must say that it's even better than I hoped and I had a great feedback from other redhatters.
20:41:40 <sesivany> for others: if you want to have a really good magazine that also supports open source projects from their profit, go for Linux Voice ;)
20:41:57 <jonar> I have written for them so I'm biased but it's a great mag...
20:42:43 <sesivany> jonar: it'd be great if Fedora could be at both OGG camp and Barcamp Manchester.
20:44:04 <jonar> sesivany, I'll keep you informed of the Manchester progress
20:44:21 <sesivany> jonar: I'm not sure who could help you in the UK right now. jamielinux hasn't been around for some time, Paul Mellors wrote me some time ago that we'd like to be active again, and Keiran Smith is still active (you met him in Edinburgh).
20:45:56 <jonar> I've been in touch with Paul recently, I'll see if any of the guys are heading to OggCamp
20:46:01 <jonar> or indeed Manchester
20:47:38 <sesivany> jonar: or even Tony Dyer has been active even though he hasn't attended our meetings for some time. You also met him at LinuxCon. He became an ambassador after the event.
20:47:56 <jonar> yes I remember Tony
20:48:48 <jonar> there was supposed to be a UK community, but it never really took off
20:48:48 <sesivany> jonar: Keiran said he needed to build a Scottish community of Fedora before Scotland splits from the UK :)
20:49:05 <jonar> haha
20:50:08 <sesivany> jonar: anyway it's not only a problem of the UK. It's hard to build a community of active people anywhere.
20:50:25 <jonar> agreed.
20:51:35 <sesivany> jonar: we should really focus on getting new contributors and spend time to get them involved because there are not crowds of them coming.
20:52:23 <sesivany> there are more and more open source and IT projects in general and the competition is tougher.
20:52:47 <sesivany> ok, any other events?
20:52:51 <jonar> absolutely
20:53:14 <sesivany> AFAIK the only coming event besides Flock is Froscon in Germany.
20:54:28 <sesivany> the event owner should be heffer who is not here, so let's hope it's on track.
20:55:36 <sesivany> is anyone planning to organize or participate in Software Freedom Day?
20:55:49 <Prometheas> !
20:56:11 <sesivany> Prometheas: yes?
20:56:15 <Prometheas> I might be hosting a SFD in Valencia, Spain
20:56:36 <mitzie> Sorry but I´ll have to leave in 5
20:57:05 <sesivany> mitzie: ok, see you at Flock!
20:57:19 <mitzie> ok sesivany!
20:57:56 <sesivany> Prometheas: good to hear! If you need swag, just file a ticket.
20:58:12 <sesivany> FSD is on Sept 20, so there is still enough time to ship it.
20:58:46 <Prometheas> thanks sesivany, will do so
20:59:36 <sesivany> #info Software Freedom Day is on Sept 20, consider organizing one in your city ;)
21:00:33 <kmf> !
21:00:46 <sesivany> kmf: yes!
21:00:51 <kmf> sesivany, Doing one in mine :)
21:02:09 <sesivany> kmf: I hope you will propagate Fedora there ;) Again, if you need swag, just file a ticket. Although I sent quite a lot to South Africa.
21:02:23 <kmf> I will as around :)
21:02:40 <kmf> sesivany, the fossfa swag right?
21:02:51 <kmf> sesivany, ... I mean Idlelo
21:03:02 <sesivany> yes
21:04:15 <sesivany> kmf: also don't forget that we still have the saved money from idlelo for an African event, that's something you can team up with twohot on. It'd be a pity not to use it.
21:04:34 <kmf> ok
21:05:07 <kmf> sesivany, ... if twohot has an event in Nigeria ... I have mine in South Africa ... can we split the money?
21:05:34 <b10n1k> have to go for work. Good night everyone
21:05:44 <sesivany> kmf: sure, it's really up to you.
21:05:52 <sesivany> b10n1k: good night!
21:06:31 <kmf> okeyzey ... twohot ?
21:06:54 <sesivany> kmf: he doesn't seem to be here :/
21:07:05 <kmf> sesivany, it's cool
21:07:37 <sesivany> ok, let's move to the openfloor
21:07:44 <sesivany> #topic Openfloor
21:07:54 <sesivany> any other topics you want to discuss?
21:09:09 <twohot> Omg?
21:09:09 <sesivany> if not, I'll end the meeting in one minute...
21:09:10 <twohot> Kmf?
21:09:21 <kmf> twohot, :)
21:09:23 <sesivany> great, twohot is back.
21:09:50 <kmf> twohot, are you organizing an SFD event in Nigeria?
21:09:52 <twohot> I heard my name
21:10:23 <twohot> Not until now
21:11:11 <twohot> I could do something for SFD but it will be within campus
21:11:16 <sesivany> twohot: we still have $4000 unspent for idlelo, if there are any events in Africa, you can still use it for them.
21:12:25 <twohot> sesivany, I'll see what I can do within this week and report back
21:12:38 <sesivany> twohot: ok, thank you!
21:13:45 <sesivany> is that it for today?
21:13:54 <sesivany> anything else?
21:13:55 <twohot> Yes.
21:14:11 <twohot> I mean, that's all for now
21:14:47 <jonar> nothing more from me.
21:15:04 <kmf> done
21:15:25 <sesivany> ok, thank you for attending, I'm not sure if we will have a meetin in 2 weeks, it will be during Flock, so probably in 3 weeks, on Aug 13.
21:15:54 <jonar> thats good as i'll be back from holidays then
21:16:16 <sesivany> #info The next meeting on Aug 6th will most likely be cancelle because of Flock. Next possible date is Aug 13th.
21:16:29 <sesivany> #endmeeting