13:58:53 <suehle> #startmeeting
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13:59:00 <suehle> #meetingname Flock planning
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14:00:44 <suehle> Who's here?
14:00:49 * jreznik is here
14:02:38 <mhroncok_web> hi
14:02:45 <jreznik> hey mhroncok_web
14:02:46 <suehle> hey, was just about to ping you :)
14:02:56 <jreznik> suehle: I already did it :)
14:03:47 <suehle> sesivany, do we have any idea what percentage of the room block got filed?
14:06:07 <suehle> mhroncok_web, did we book the parniky boat?
14:06:14 <mhroncok_web> nope
14:06:26 <mhroncok_web> I need a final GO from this meeting
14:06:34 <suehle> Go book the parnicky boat
14:06:45 <mhroncok_web> what variant
14:07:06 <suehle> I thought we agreed on the 2 hours sail, .5 hour anchored with 2 drinks and complete buffets?
14:08:13 <sesivany> suehle: kmrstiko is not at office today, she's in contact with the hotel.
14:08:20 <suehle> sesivany, ok
14:08:39 <sesivany> suehle: I'll ask her tomorrow.
14:09:47 <suehle> #action mhroncok to book parniky for 2 hours sail, .5 hour anchor
14:09:52 <sesivany> suehle: she's on irc, so I'm going to tell her right away.
14:10:04 <suehle> #action kmrstiko will be looking into how the hotel ended up
14:10:05 <mhroncok_web> calling him right now
14:10:10 <suehle> thanks, both :)
14:10:17 <suehle> #topic Booklets and badges and signs
14:10:50 <suehle> ryan lerch made our badges, but the zip file seems to be corrupted, and now he's gone, which I assume means his wife had a baby. I know how he did them and can recreate them, so I think that will be fine
14:10:54 <sesivany> suehle: she emailed them today, waiting for reply.
14:11:07 <suehle> sesivany, thx
14:11:25 <sesivany> suehle: are we going to produce them in the US?
14:11:44 <suehle> sesivany, we ordered them from moo. If it's a pain to ship them there, I'll just bring them. It's not a large box.
14:12:08 <suehle> sesivany, but we do need to have booklets and any signage printed there
14:12:30 <suehle> I thought I remembered someone volunteering to work on booklets, but now I'm not sure who that was. Did that happen? I don't see it in the minutes from last week.
14:12:43 <sesivany> suehle: ok, we have a vendor for printing right next to our office.
14:12:50 <jreznik> suehle: the last thing gnokii_ is missing are details for social events
14:13:04 <suehle> jreznik, oh awesome, so we're about good on the booklets then?
14:13:20 <jreznik> suehle: I hope so, see https://titanpad.com/lAnRgNPHpN
14:13:22 <suehle> #action mhroncok to get evening event details to gnokii_
14:13:59 <jreznik> one question is Welcome to Flock page, we thought mattdm could do it but he's pretty busy, maybe we can just copy content from web
14:14:00 <suehle> Awesome. :) I knew this happened somewhere, but I'm on the west coast today and just woke up to have this meeting. :)
14:14:00 <mhroncok_web> just do boat, skip the pub?
14:14:12 <jreznik> suehle: so good morning :)
14:14:30 <suehle> jreznik, thanks. :D
14:14:53 <suehle> mhroncok_web, do you know what the rules are about signs in the building? We usually put up a few to let people know where to go, but some schools won't let you stick things up
14:15:22 <mhroncok_web> should be fine but there might be seome palses where we cannot put it
14:15:40 <mhroncok_web> s/palses/places/
14:16:00 <suehle> OK. Last year we also printed out the schedule for each room and put it on the door.
14:16:12 <suehle> Perhaps gnokii_ would be willing to do those as well?
14:16:59 <jreznik> suehle: I'll ask him, it's a good idea to have it on every room
14:17:34 <sesivany> he has already done it for devconf.cz, he can reuse the template.
14:17:50 <suehle> #action jreznik to ask gnokii_ to make signage
14:18:02 <suehle> We also had signs for the staff room and a few directional ones
14:18:16 <jreznik> let's put it all on the etherpad
14:18:25 <suehle> jreznik, will do
14:18:27 <jreznik> line 151+
14:18:45 <suehle> #action suehle Put a list of signs on the etherpad https://titanpad.com/lAnRgNPHpN
14:19:59 <suehle> #topic open floor
14:20:04 <suehle> Anything else we need to cover today?
14:20:13 <mhroncok_web> suehle: parties
14:20:21 <mhroncok_web> should I cancel the pub
14:20:57 <suehle> I thought the agreement last week was to skip Masarykova kolej, do the pub Wednesday, and the boat Thursday?
14:21:17 <mhroncok_web> and do we have budget for that?
14:21:33 <suehle> I'll find it
14:21:42 <mhroncok_web> ok
14:21:53 * sesivany doesn't protest :)
14:22:00 <mhroncok_web> :)
14:22:44 <mhroncok_web> coffee
14:22:50 <suehle> Anything else today?
14:23:36 <sesivany> suehle: I've got one more thing after the coffee.
14:23:43 <mhroncok_web> we can propably get large coffee makers for almost free (500 czk or similar)
14:23:48 <mhroncok_web> and buy coffe and put it there
14:24:03 <suehle> Oh that's right, I was about to ask you about it right before you joined and then forgot
14:24:04 <suehle> Sounds great
14:24:11 <suehle> sesivany, what's your thing?
14:24:57 <sesivany> suehle: what are we going to give away to attendees? Are we going to have any bags?
14:25:11 <suehle> sesivany, honestly I just don't think there's any budget for bags this year
14:25:46 <mhroncok_web> we can give them fedora dvds :)
14:25:55 <suehle> lol
14:26:11 <sesivany> suehle: ok, but if they should receive some things we can give it to them in white plastic bags which are pretty much for free.
14:26:15 <suehle> I think Tom's working on a speaker gift, but I don't think we have it to do something for everybody.
14:26:28 <stickster> "I came to kick ass and get swag, and we're all out of swag"
14:26:37 * stickster sorry for being late.
14:26:40 <suehle> I don't think we really even have sponsor swag coming. The sponsors didn't want to come to Prague, so we have very few sponsors.
14:26:49 <stickster> :-(
14:26:56 <suehle> In other words, you're not going to have so much swag you can't put it in your backpack.
14:27:29 <suehle> Anything else?
14:27:30 <sesivany> suehle: ok, we can have it on the registration desk to take.
14:27:53 <mhroncok_web> info for attendings
14:28:09 <mhroncok_web> about how to get form the airport
14:28:25 <mhroncok_web> lots of guys are talkking about taxi. thtas a waste fo money
14:29:05 <sesivany> mhroncok_web: that's somethin Vojta was supposed to work on. Get him to do it ;)
14:29:10 <jreznik> mhroncok_web: it's on web, so if someone is so lazy and does not read it - theirs money
14:29:22 <jreznik> http://flocktofedora.org/location/transportation/
14:29:23 <mhroncok_web> jreznik: where exactly?
14:29:47 <jreznik> "The best option to get to the conference from here is to take bus number 119 and to get off at the Dejvická – terminate station."
14:29:54 <mhroncok_web> we have more detailde info on the wiki, would be good to put it there as well
14:29:58 <sesivany> mhroncok_web: he also has an edit rights, so he can add it right away.
14:30:27 <mhroncok_web> ok
14:31:24 <suehle> Everyone finished?
14:31:35 <mhroncok_web> I do
14:31:40 <mhroncok_web> or am
14:31:42 <sesivany> yep
14:31:45 <suehle> #endmeeting