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13:00:50 <vpavlin> Hi
13:02:20 <juhp> hi
13:02:47 <tflink> hello
13:02:58 <hhorak> Hi
13:03:24 <mmaslano> hello
13:03:51 <mmaslano> #topic Docker - update
13:04:04 <mmaslano> let's start with update of Docker plans
13:04:13 <mmaslano> #undo
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13:04:18 <mmaslano> #topic init process
13:04:21 <mmaslano> #topic Docker - update
13:04:57 <mmaslano> vpavlin: do you have any news about Docker images - cooperation with Base WG, etc.
13:06:07 <vpavlin> I've presented base image ono BaseWG meeting - they were basically happy about it. I've signed up for seat in BaseWG also so I think we should keep ownership of base images there.
13:06:30 <mmaslano> sure
13:07:05 <vpavlin> I've informed copr developer about the idea of integrating copr with Docker and Mirek asked me to post it on the mailing list - which I haven't done yet - I'll do it today
13:07:17 <mmaslano> #info base image will be owned by Base WG
13:07:52 <mmaslano> #action vpavlin will post on copr mailing list idea about integration of Docker with copr
13:08:09 <vpavlin> And that's probably all as I was on PTO last week without access to my computer.
13:08:20 <mmaslano> thanks for update
13:08:30 <mmaslano> #topic taskotron
13:08:41 <mmaslano> tflink: congrats to release of staging instance!
13:09:50 <mmaslano> hhorak: any news about rpmgrill & taskotron?
13:09:59 <tflink> mmaslano: thanks
13:10:40 <tflink> we talked about it after the meeting last week but I don't think that any work has been done on it
13:10:54 <hhorak> mmaslano: we talked about it with tflink after the last meeting, particularly that every message from rpmgrill would be one message in taskotron
13:11:45 <mmaslano> #info every message from rpmgrill would be one message in taskotron
13:12:01 <mmaslano> hhorak: so it's possible to use rpmgrill in taskotron, great
13:12:23 <hhorak> mmaslano: everything is possible :)
13:13:44 <mmaslano> ok, now it's time to find someone who will write rules for Playground repo
13:13:53 <mmaslano> or maybe rpmgrill checks will be enough
13:14:11 <tflink> from an initial look, it doesn't look to be too much work but someone has to sit down to write and test the integration code
13:14:29 <hhorak> However, Ed Santiago, the rpmgrill developer, informed me that he is developing some kind of "hub for rpmgrill", which would offer more capabilities for searching and storing results from rpmgrill...
13:14:43 <hhorak> (on Friday)
13:15:26 <hhorak> So I started to think about a different approach, if it wouldn't better to add only link in taskotron, that would link to that hub
13:15:46 <mmaslano> maybe, depends when it will be woring
13:15:57 <hhorak> I'm quite biased here, since both ways have pros and cons
13:16:12 <tflink> that would also involve setting up and maintaining yet another system
13:16:37 <hhorak> tflink: yeah, that is the disadvantage
13:17:23 <tflink> as I'm not very good with perl, I would rather not take that on myself (I assume it would be in perl since rpmgrill is perl)
13:17:40 <tflink> on top of not really wanting to have another system to maintain
13:17:40 * jreznik is listening
13:18:02 <mmaslano> tflink: definitely, maintance of another system wouldn't be good
13:18:14 <hhorak> tflink: I haven't seen the code, so I cannot say
13:19:53 <mmaslano> probably. Around me sits few Perlists :) but maintenance of another system is not good for anyone
13:20:02 <hhorak> tflink: the advantage of such system I see in the queries like this: "give me all builds where the test 'ProblemWithSetUID' is and so on"..
13:20:10 <mmaslano> hhorak: is Ed interested in providing rpmgrill as service?
13:20:37 <tflink> hhorak: true, but also remember that resultsdb isn't going to stay in its current form for too long
13:20:54 <hhorak> mmaslano: that is his target I'd say, but I didn't talk to him about that much yet
13:20:56 <tflink> we purposely kept it as simple as possible for the sake of having something that worked
13:21:29 <tflink> the intention was to rework/rewrite it once the other bits were working together and we had a better sense of what would be useful and needed
13:21:30 <hhorak> tflink: so we may have something similar in the resultsdb in the future?
13:21:51 <hhorak> tflink: I mean some sort of "smart querying"?
13:22:20 <tflink> yeah, I want to have the logs and results searchable. I don't think that the current system of display only is all that useful
13:23:50 <hhorak> tflink: that would be fine.. so I'll try to approach Ed to ask for his plans and will try to sync with our vision.
13:24:04 <hhorak> #action hhorak will try to approach Ed to ask for his plans and will try to sync with our vision
13:24:52 <mmaslano> sounds great
13:26:16 <mmaslano> more about Taskotron, or that's it for now?
13:27:33 <hhorak> I guess no other updates from me
13:27:53 <mmaslano> #openfloor
13:28:00 <mmaslano> #topic openfloor
13:28:13 <tflink> no other updates from me, either
13:28:47 <vpavlin> mmaslano: by the way, I've added Docker tasks to Tasklist - not sure if that's ok, so feel free to modify/remove - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1121732
13:29:35 <mmaslano> vpavlin: it's fine
13:30:27 <juhp> any WG plans for Flock btw?
13:30:39 <vpavlin> Let's have a party!
13:30:42 <mmaslano> juhp: I have talk
13:30:46 <juhp> :)
13:30:48 <mmaslano> and there will be parties
13:30:53 <juhp> cool
13:32:12 <mmaslano> vpavlin: if you mean Env WG party, then you can pick a place. Non-smoking and non-alcoholic beer is a must ;-)
13:32:48 <mmaslano> juhp: I guess there will be other talks related to Env WG
13:33:22 <juhp> yes - it will be nice to meet everyone face-to-face
13:34:06 <vpavlin> mmaslano: I am not sure if there will be time for another party, but I can try to find and suggest some place and we will see:)
13:34:18 <mmaslano> vpavlin: :)
13:34:53 <mmaslano> lunch then, but I'm not sure whether there are some reasonable places around
13:34:56 <hhorak> we probably should set some time/place to meet since who knows how good the internet connection will be there
13:35:09 <juhp> true
13:35:09 <hhorak> lunch sounds fine
13:35:44 <mmaslano> another whenisgood?
13:36:27 <vpavlin> is there already schedule for flock?
13:36:38 <hhorak> yes
13:36:52 <vpavlin> so +1 for whenisgood
13:37:09 <juhp> lunch is pretty the easiest to arrange in terms of time - it would be during the flock lunchtime I guess
13:37:39 <juhp> but another time could also be fine sure
13:38:00 <vpavlin> And we could make a "where" question topic for next week agenda - I'll gather some suggestion from friends and let you pick
13:38:01 <juhp> s/pretty/probably
13:38:52 <hhorak> the schedule seems like there is always 12pm-2pm time frame for lunch
13:39:07 <mmaslano> great, so we can find something better than KFC :)
13:39:40 <vpavlin> hhorak: Yes, probably
13:41:00 <juhp> :)
13:41:55 <jreznik> vpavlin: http://flock2014.sched.org/
13:42:07 <Southern_Gentlem> mmaslano, Kome Freaking Code?
13:42:09 <jreznik> mmaslano: lunch will be provided
13:42:16 <vpavlin> jreznik: Thanks, I've already found it
13:42:39 <mmaslano> jreznik: you ruined Env meeting :)
13:43:34 <jreznik> mmaslano: yeah, I did - as there will be not much time at the place to eat and talk, capacity is limited, so we hope people will spread through that two hours
13:43:59 <jreznik> but it will give you one hour to meet :)
13:44:51 <vpavlin> So what about dinner-meeting?
13:45:05 <jreznik> vpavlin: btw. android/bb10 and sailfish apps with schedules are already available too :)
13:45:54 <vpavlin> jreznik: I have the app installed from the first day...but I haven't run it yet :-X
13:45:55 <jreznik> vpavlin: we plan a few social events in the evening but as the budget is constrained, I'm not sure how many and when now... should be the topic for the next meeting here :)
13:50:37 <hhorak> sorry, I need to go already, thanks and bye!
13:50:39 <vpavlin> Ok, so let's see what will you come up with. I will try to find some nice places anyway
13:50:48 <mmaslano> vpavlin: thanks
13:51:05 <mmaslano> I guess we run out of topics
13:51:44 <mmaslano> ok, closing meeting
13:52:00 <mmaslano> #endmeeting