17:01:56 <mattdm> #startmeeting FESCO (2014-07-09)
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17:01:58 <mattdm> #meetingname fesco
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17:02:00 <mattdm> #chair abadger1999 dgilmore jwb kylem mattdm mitr mmaslano nirik pjones sgallagh t8m
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17:02:02 <mattdm> #topic init process
17:02:07 <mitr> Hello
17:02:11 <mattdm> .hellomynameis mattdm
17:02:12 <zodbot> mattdm: mattdm 'Matthew Miller' <mattdm@mattdm.org>
17:02:18 <mattdm> I know nirik is here :)
17:02:30 <nirik> yep. ;) hi
17:02:43 <abadger1999> hello
17:02:44 <jwb> hi
17:02:58 <pjones> .hellomynameis pjones
17:02:59 <zodbot> pjones: pjones 'Peter Jones' <pjones@redhat.com>
17:03:07 <sgallagh> .hellomynameis sgallagh
17:03:07 <zodbot> sgallagh: sgallagh 'Stephen Gallagher' <sgallagh@redhat.com>
17:03:13 <sgallagh> I have a hard stop in one hour this week
17:03:36 <mattdm> sgallagh agenda is short (although item 2 may be big...)
17:03:36 <pjones> mattdm wins the prize for his name the most times in a zodbot response.  Stupid domain names.
17:03:46 <nirik> heh
17:03:49 <mattdm> lol
17:04:03 <mattdm> okay let's get started
17:04:16 <mattdm> there's the blocker review meeting concurrently in #fedora-blocker-review
17:04:21 <mattdm> #topic #1311 Disable syscall auditing by default
17:04:23 <mattdm> .fesco 1311
17:04:25 <mattdm> https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/1311
17:04:26 <zodbot> mattdm: #1311 (Disable syscall auditing by default) – FESCo - https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/1311
17:04:33 <mattdm> I am unclear on where we left this.
17:05:23 <mitr> From last week: this was decided last week, will update ticket with info.  (nirik)
17:05:26 <mattdm> hmm. last week says "this was decided last week, will update ticket with info. (nirik, 17:45:09)" :)
17:05:30 <sgallagh> I'm rapidly approaching the "disable it and see what breaks" point
17:05:40 <nirik> yeah, I thought we decided to disable it already.
17:05:49 <mitr> AGREED: turn off syscall auditing for all processes by default. we
17:05:51 * sgallagh was away during that particular week
17:05:52 <mitr> will reevaluate when we get info from the perf team (6-0-0)
17:06:01 <mitr> So we need an actual bug and commit
17:06:08 <mattdm> thanks mitr.
17:06:13 <mattdm> anyone want to take that action?
17:06:16 * mitr just goes to update the ticket with this finally
17:06:26 <dgilmore> hole
17:06:30 <nirik> dgilmore: was going to update it. ;)
17:06:45 <dgilmore> i was i failed this week
17:06:57 <mattdm> dgilmore is kinda busy I think :)
17:07:04 <sgallagh> dgilmore: Given what was on your plate this week, I'm declaring it forgivable
17:08:13 <mattdm> mitr since you put your hand up for updating the ticket do you want to at least file the bug as well?
17:08:18 <mattdm> just suggestin' :)
17:09:16 <mitr> mattdm: I”m getting annoyed with this ticket enough that it seems worth it :)  Will do.
17:09:22 <mattdm> mitr awesome :)
17:09:31 <t8m> good :)
17:09:42 <mattdm> #action mitr to close syscall auditing ticket, file bug, etc.
17:09:52 <mattdm> #topic #1322 F21 Changes - Progress on Changes Freeze
17:09:54 <mattdm> .fesco 1322
17:10:02 <zodbot> mattdm: #1322 (F21 Changes - Progress on Changes Freeze) – FESCo - https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/1322
17:10:02 <mattdm> https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/1322
17:10:02 <mattdm> summoning jreznik!
17:10:22 * jreznik magically appears
17:10:28 <mattdm> amazing!
17:10:48 <nirik> magic!
17:11:05 <jreznik> so that's the state I was able to get so far, for some changes, there are updates why it's not yet ready, so are without any updates
17:11:21 <mattdm> anything particularly of note?
17:11:24 <t8m> what's the difference between appearing magically and unmagically?
17:11:33 <mattdm> t8m speed, mostly
17:11:41 <mattdm> also, sparkles
17:11:48 <t8m> sparkles on IRC?
17:11:52 <jreznik> unless you see something that raises your hand, as always, I still can be begging for updates for the next meeting :)
17:12:07 * dgilmore needs to update his change
17:12:21 <mattdm> jreznik there are a couple of cloud wg things which I would characterize as "at risk". we'll talk about them at the cloud WG meeting tomorrow
17:12:48 <t8m> jreznik, I am slightly worried about the changes with no update at all
17:12:51 <jreznik> mattdm: please do and let me know
17:13:24 <mitr> The only highlight I have is “1091299 (A)Periodic Updates to Cloud Images”: are there any rel-eng concerns WRT feasibility or required timing?
17:13:57 <jreznik> t8m: see, even some fesco guys are going to update "no updates" ones now :)
17:14:17 <t8m> jreznik, good again
17:14:24 <jreznik> mitr: yeah, that's my question too - mattdm said he's going to check it on tomorrow's meeting
17:14:31 <dgilmore> need to finalise where we will put the images in the tree
17:14:55 <mattdm> mitr I think that with fedimg, and with some details like "where does it actually go", releng is in better shape than qa
17:15:06 <mitr> mattdm: thanks
17:15:08 <mattdm> that's the part I'm more worried about -- we don't really have the plan yet
17:16:24 <mattdm> note the contingency, though -- we keep doing it as a by-hand firedrill when necessary.
17:16:38 <dgilmore> qa and web i think are more an issue than releng
17:17:19 <dgilmore> having a good way to get the id for the latest images in a give provider
17:17:30 <dgilmore> I dont know whe have done anything about that yet
17:17:52 <mattdm> dgilmore it's on oddshocks' list of things to do. I'll talk to him about it
17:18:04 <mattdm> and in general I'll round up what I can and give a better update for next meeting
17:18:29 <mattdm> #action mattdm to take aperidoc updates to cloud wg and qa and web before next fesco
17:20:20 <mattdm> okay... anything else here?
17:20:27 <jreznik> so as I said, I can try to follow up with change owners by next meeting, if there's nothing else worrying now
17:20:42 <jreznik> I'd like to have system wide fully covered
17:20:52 <mattdm> jreznik *nod*
17:21:05 <mattdm> let me know if you need help badgering people
17:21:07 * abadger1999 has flagged the javadoc FPC ticket for attention at tomorrow's FPC meeting.
17:21:16 * mattdm tries to not be one of the people who needs to be badgered
17:21:21 <jreznik> abadger1999: thanks
17:21:34 <abadger1999> I agree that scls are at risk... not sure just how much that can be sped up, though :-(
17:21:34 <mattdm> #topic Next week's chair
17:22:05 <mattdm> (unless we want to talk about scls a bit?)
17:22:42 <abadger1999> mattdm: up to you -- I've been talking to langdon about them in an FPC ocntext, and you in terms of risk to cloud Product if scls don't come through.
17:23:08 <abadger1999> I don't know if discussing htem inside of fesco would help more than that.
17:23:28 <sgallagh> I will be away from my computer the next two meetings (I have filed vacation notices in Fedocal)
17:24:05 <mattdm> abadger1999: yeah I'll just try to keep an eye on it. as mentioned, it would have been a great shiny feature for cloud, but we can put effort into promoting Fedora Atomic as the shiny approach
17:24:19 <mattdm> so let's do the hotseat-assignment thing :)
17:24:25 <t8m> mattdm, I can chair the next meeting
17:25:18 <mattdm> #info t8m to chair next meeting
17:25:22 <mattdm> #topic Open Floor
17:25:23 <jreznik> also Workstation guys would like to see SCL as shiny thing for them
17:25:42 <jreznik> btw. FESCo Town Hall is going to be this Friday, 13:00 UTC
17:25:54 <mattdm> #info FESCo Town Hall is going to be this Friday, 13:00 UTC
17:26:01 <abadger1999> jreznik: Do we have more than three nominations now?
17:26:02 <sgallagh> abadger1999: Would you mind prodding the rest of the FPC to look into and discuss the per-product config draft ASAP? It's potentially an Alpha Blocker.
17:26:08 <jreznik> abadger1999: 5
17:26:08 <mattdm> abadger1999 five
17:26:20 <abadger1999> sgallagh: Sure.  Is ther ea ticket for it now?
17:26:21 <jreznik> abadger1999: I sent you email with names, if you can pre-set the election app
17:26:29 <abadger1999> I can make sure it comes up at tomorrow's meeting if so.
17:26:33 <abadger1999> Cool
17:26:33 <sgallagh> abadger1999: https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/446
17:26:44 <jreznik> abadger1999: and also if you could add me to the elections group - so I can edit fedocal
17:26:50 * abadger1999 puts that on the top of the agenda as well.
17:26:53 <abadger1999> jreznik: Will do.
17:27:03 <sgallagh> abadger1999: Much obliged. Thanks
17:27:08 <jreznik> announcement has to be moderated, I sent it a few minutes ago (I'll do it)
17:27:12 <mattdm> #info per-product config draft is potentially an alpha blocker
17:27:13 <jreznik> abadger1999: thanks
17:27:15 <sgallagh> What time is the meeting? I'll try to be there to answer questions
17:28:11 <jreznik> sgallagh: do we have also bug for it? if not, it should be created to follow blockers workflow
17:28:37 <mattdm> #info fpc meeting which will cover this is tomorrow (thursday) at 16:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting-1
17:28:37 <sgallagh> jreznik: It's more a process thing than a BZ
17:29:01 <sgallagh> jreznik: i.e. not having a guideline in place means that other necessary pieces won't be ready in time
17:29:01 <jreznik> sgallagh: but we need it to formally block the release if needed - the process is all about bugs
17:29:15 <mattdm> sgallagh I guess firewalld as a practical example?
17:29:22 <sgallagh> mattdm: I was just typing that
17:29:45 <sgallagh> ok, I'll file a firewalld bug that we can propose as a blocker
17:30:08 <mattdm> or file against "distribution"
17:30:12 <mattdm> that's a thing.
17:30:22 <mattdm> "Bugs related to Fedora as a whole. This includes requests for new components, bugs about what packages may or may not be included in various spins, bugs in the mechanics of how the distribution is built, and other issues."
17:30:24 <sgallagh> mattdm: I suppose
17:30:41 * mattdm wonders what bugs are open against that.
17:30:49 * nirik notes we need to clean up the bugs in that component. Saw a bunch of old ones recently. I guess I should just go and do that sometime. ;)
17:30:53 <sgallagh> mattdm: Mostly new package requests
17:31:11 <mattdm> buncha trackers and stuff too.
17:31:12 <nirik> Lots of tracker bugs.
17:31:20 <nirik> ia64 tracker, sparc tracker, etc.
17:31:21 <mattdm> anyway. that _does_ seem like the appropriate place.
17:31:55 <mattdm> any other open floor items?
17:32:13 <jreznik> ia64 and sparc :)
17:32:22 * sgallagh files
17:32:36 <mattdm> ending meeting in one minute
17:33:36 <mattdm> #endmeeting