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18:00:12 <nirik> #meetingname infrastructure
18:00:12 <nirik> #topic aloha
18:00:12 <nirik> #chair smooge relrod nirik abadger1999 lmacken dgilmore mdomsch threebean pingou puiterwijk
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18:00:26 * oddshocks is here
18:00:31 * lanica is here for the infrastructure meeting.
18:00:35 * mpduty_ is here
18:00:35 * pingou 
18:00:36 * dne0 is here
18:00:42 <vwbusguy> heya
18:00:48 * tflink is here
18:00:56 <vwbusguy> whoops, wrong meeting
18:00:58 * vwbusguy &
18:01:03 <smooge> here
18:01:04 <rohitpaulk-afk> here, first timer :)
18:01:10 <nirik> #topic New folks introductions and Apprentice tasks
18:01:27 <nirik> any new folks like to introduce themselves or apprentices with questions or comments?
18:01:34 * lanica would.
18:01:57 * charul is here
18:02:05 <ootbro> I'm here, too
18:02:18 <janeznemanic> hi
18:02:35 <rohitpaulk> Hi everyone, I'm Rohit from India. I'm a GSoC participant, working on Glittergallery :)
18:02:50 <abadger1999> greetings
18:02:55 <oddshocks> rohitpaulk: welcome!
18:03:13 <banas> hi everyone :)
18:03:14 <pingou> hi rohitpaulk
18:03:16 <rohitpaulk> oddshocks: :)
18:03:30 <rohitpaulk> pingou: hi
18:03:32 <lanica> Hello, my name is Phillip T. George and I'm interested in joining the sysadmin-web FIG.  I live in the US (Central timezone).  I have Linux sysadmin/engineering experience.  currently in an environment with almost 5K servers (only around 500 which are virtual).  I've been lurking in #fedora-admin, #fedora-websites, and #fedora-noc...trying to learn what I can...watching nagios and reading SOPs of course.  I have some programming experience
18:04:00 <pingou> cool, welcome lanica
18:04:04 <oddshocks> lanica: also welcome!
18:04:06 <lanica> and I like long walks on the beach. (hehe)
18:04:11 <lanica> Thanks :)
18:04:44 <nirik> welcome
18:06:03 <nirik> any other new folks want to introduce themselves or apprentices with questions?
18:06:09 <ootbro> apprentice comment .....
18:06:34 <ootbro> I think I'll finally be getting started on the map/write up/ etc. today
18:07:03 <ootbro> ....   got life's latest curve ball handled and I'm carving out the time to work on Fedora stuff
18:07:43 <nirik> cool. ;) thanks again for working on it...
18:07:54 <ootbro> you're welcome. :)
18:08:07 <nirik> #topic Applications status / discussion
18:08:17 <nirik> any applications news this week? or upcoming?
18:08:32 <pingou> I got some code review pending
18:08:35 <pingou> on fedocal and on pkgdb2
18:08:41 <pingou> reviewers welcome :)
18:08:47 <oddshocks> pingou: I can tackle some of that
18:09:12 <pingou> the pkgdb2 ones expand the API, include one change that's required to update package's information and critpath packages (required for releng)
18:09:31 <pingou> otherwise we should see to push the kerneltest application to prod I guess
18:09:49 * pingou worked some more on mirrormanager2
18:10:02 * pingou leaves the floor to charul
18:10:09 <pingou> oddshocks: that's be nice, thanks man!
18:10:15 <charul> I have deployed dev instance for shumgrepper app. url:
18:10:26 <oddshocks> pingou: I'll poke at them after I get out of this Atomic Cloud meeting :)
18:10:34 <pingou> oddshocks: no worry, thanks :)
18:10:47 <tflink> taskotron is getting closer to production-ready. I'm hoping to have dev ready today or tomorrow, stg early next week and if all goes well, production by the end of next week to let it run for ~ 1 week before turning off autoqa
18:10:48 * docent is late
18:11:32 <pingou> tflink: sweet!
18:11:45 <nirik> tflink: congrats! great progress.
18:12:06 <banas> I'd like to publish glittergallery's meeting logs here as well, we're making steady progress:
18:12:23 <mapyth> I would like to update my status on bugspad. have done the search interface . it is deployed on will be deploying on the new server which i recieved from the infra team shortly
18:12:41 <dne0> I would like to update you all about status of waartaa(GSoC project)
18:13:14 <mapyth> would be dev testing on million bugs now.
18:13:23 <dne0> I am currently working on bookmarking channel logs feature and side by side improving the ui of search I create two weeks ago.
18:13:30 <pingou> mapyth: how do you do the search, any special approach?
18:13:54 <dne0> After that, I with help of my mentors deploy it on server :)
18:13:55 <nirik> cool on all those projects.
18:13:59 <mapyth> pingou i am using redis by storing keys of sets.
18:14:11 <nirik> #info shumgrepper dev app. url:
18:14:18 <mapyth> so that the result is fast.
18:14:25 <nirik> #info glittergallery meeting:
18:14:42 <nirik> #info and soon dev instance in cloud
18:14:52 <banas> also
18:15:18 <banas> #info (buggy) glittergallery deployment
18:15:21 <pingou> charul: any link to show the output of shumgrepper?
18:15:28 <mapyth> pingou full text search was omitted as that was found unnecessary.
18:15:29 <nirik> banas: thanks
18:15:35 <pingou> mapyth: ok, thanks!
18:15:38 <banas> np nirik :)
18:15:54 <mapyth> pingou: no probs. :)
18:16:24 <banas> I'll have to leave now though everyone, so I'll try to show up at the next meeting :D
18:16:40 <charul> These are few links: ,
18:17:04 <pingou> charul: so what is that first link?
18:17:13 <nirik> nice.
18:17:35 <mapyth> was wanting some info on how the scripts are used for current bugzilla api.
18:17:47 <charul> pingou: It will print the filenames present in the requested package 'file'
18:18:47 <pingou> charul: nice
18:19:00 <mapyth> as i will be using bugspad api for generating million plus bugs. and testing e
18:19:00 <charul> It will information such as filenames, package, tar_sum, sha256sum related to sha1sum requested by user.
18:19:02 <pingou> charul: how can I get the sh256 of /file-5.19/src/cdf.h
18:19:04 <pingou> ?
18:19:06 <mapyth> on large data.
18:19:32 <pingou> charul: does it always return the latests version of the package?
18:20:38 <charul> pingou: yes, it will return for latest one
18:21:21 <nirik> ok, any other apps news?
18:22:10 <pingou> charul: if I want the one before the last? :)
18:23:15 <nirik> #topic Sysadmin status / discussion
18:23:21 <nirik> so, on the sysadmin side...
18:23:27 <charul> pingou: We can compare packages. It has not been implemented yet
18:23:48 <nirik> we now have a number of rhel7 instances now, I got our deployment setup reasonably happy with things.
18:24:10 <abadger1999> Nice
18:24:15 <pingou> \ó/
18:24:37 <nirik> I'd like to try and use rhel7 for anything new and migrate things over as we can.
18:24:58 <abadger1999> Cool
18:25:01 * pingou in for it
18:25:07 <tflink> can we start using the new rbac_playbook?
18:25:20 <nirik> I'm not sure how things are looking for some of our applications stacks in rhel7/epel7, but we can figure out as we go
18:25:32 <abadger1999> Hey app people, now that we have RHEL7 as an option we should start talking about python3...  Either open floor or after meeting in #fedora-apps?
18:25:33 <nirik> tflink: yep. I was going to reply to that but haven't yet. I'm all for moving it in.
18:25:54 <tflink> cool, I suspect that this "run the entire playbook, every time" thing is going to get old pretty quick :)
18:26:02 <nirik> tflink: indeed. ;)
18:26:24 <nirik> we also have a rhel7 cloud instance
18:26:29 <nirik> image sorry.
18:26:40 <nirik> so, we can spin up ones there for testing or whatever.
18:27:44 <nirik> ansible migration hasn't really moved too much this week, I will try and get some more going soon.
18:27:54 <pingou> jenkins el7 final builder?
18:28:06 <smooge> I am looking at doing the log box after I get my current yaks shaved
18:28:17 <nirik> pingou: should be able to terminate the current one, update the image id to rhel7final and reprovison.
18:28:29 <pingou> nirik: cool :)
18:29:01 <nirik> smooge: cool. one thing I noticed is that epel7 has a newer collectd, so it's not talking to log02. A log01 with rhel7 collectd would let us point them to it.
18:29:33 <smooge> yeah.. that is my plan.
18:29:51 <nirik> and we can make it larger disk wise etc.
18:29:54 <smooge> one of the new virthost boxes will be basically log02 for disk space
18:30:15 <smooge> sorry log02
18:30:23 <smooge> sorry log01 .. fingers you had one job
18:30:50 <nirik> 1.5tb or so should be fine...
18:31:01 <nirik> 1.5tb should be enough for anyone!
18:31:20 <nirik> #topic nagios/alerts recap
18:31:35 <nirik> .tiny
18:31:35 <zodbot> nirik:
18:31:58 <nirik> it was a quiet week aside from the virthost-comm02 stuff... which turns out to be a dns error. ;)
18:32:06 <lanica> I found that one ;)
18:32:15 <nirik> thanks for noticing that lanica
18:32:19 <lanica> Its nice to be almost useful.
18:32:20 <lanica> NP
18:32:52 <nirik> So, drop the top 8... and we are left with downloads (which I was reinstalling) and telia (which we are going to move off)
18:33:29 <nirik> so, overall not too bad nagios wise.
18:33:38 <nirik> #topic Upcoming Tasks/Items
18:33:38 <nirik>
18:33:48 <nirik> anything upcoming anyone would like to schedule or note?
18:34:25 * nirik listens to crickets.
18:34:35 <nirik> #topic Python3 in epel7
18:34:40 <nirik> abadger1999: want to talk about this some?
18:35:23 * webpigeon_ is very late
18:35:56 <abadger1999> Sure.
18:36:23 * bwood09 is suuuuuuuuuuuper late
18:36:39 <abadger1999> So it's been a few years since python3 has appeared o nthe scene.
18:37:12 <abadger1999> python2.6 and python2.7 have added a variety of things that make it easier to write code that can be run on either python2 or python3.
18:37:43 <abadger1999> A lot of python libraries have been ported, including flask and pyramid which are the two web frameworks we're trying to build our code on top of.
18:37:50 <abadger1999> So it seems like the right tine to port.
18:38:04 <abadger1999> The first thing we need to do for that is to get a python3 stack into epel.
18:38:09 * nirik nods.
18:38:19 <nirik> orion was also interested in it for his own needs.
18:38:44 <pingou> sqlalchemy is also py3 ready/compatible iirc
18:39:01 <mhaynes> (get to this when you can) Since we are discussing Python I have a quick question (not really related to python3). Do we have a project license for JetBrains (PyCharm)? I tried to get one but they informed me they are only given to the project as a whole.
18:39:39 <abadger1999> Yep
18:39:45 <abadger1999> orion has opened up a review request
18:39:56 <abadger1999> So first step is probably to review that.
18:39:57 <pingou> Oo
18:40:06 <pingou> abadger1999: to who are you replying?
18:40:08 <abadger1999>
18:40:22 <abadger1999> hmm..
18:40:26 <abadger1999> To nirik :-)
18:40:37 <nirik> mhaynes: fedora infra is 100% free and open source, so we don't have any licenses for anything like that. ;)
18:40:51 <nirik> if it's not open, we don't use it (in general)
18:41:08 * lanica cheers.
18:41:44 <abadger1999> Once we get that in we'll need to look at making packages for the python3.4 stack to put in epel to support our apps -- sqlalchemy, requests, flaask and pyramid.
18:41:49 <webpigeon_> pycharm as an open source "community edition"
18:42:04 <abadger1999> We'll also have to look at building mod_wsgi compiled against python3.4
18:42:17 <abadger1999> That's the packaging side.
18:42:30 * nirik nods.
18:42:33 <abadger1999> Code side -- things that are testable in fedora we can start porting now if we want.
18:42:50 * pingou cheers for jenkins/unit-tests
18:43:29 <mhaynes> nirik: that's cool. The license is free for open source projects so I didn't know if that qualified as something FP used or not since it is also commercial.
18:43:36 <abadger1999> Targetting code to run on both python2.7 and python3.4 should be a lot easier than what we had a few years ago with 2.6 and 3.1.
18:43:51 <nirik> so, that also reduces our flask dependence on rhel-extras I guess if we make a python3 flask stack thats seperate.
18:43:53 <abadger1999> but it does require some retraining of your coding habits :-)
18:44:17 <pingou> print() print() print()
18:44:44 <oddshocks> "hello {0}".format('world')
18:44:46 <abadger1999> I can point out a good free online python3 porting book  if anyone wants to start looking into porting now.
18:45:07 <pingou> except Exception as err
18:45:27 <abadger1999> I think it would be good to choose one small-ish app and work on porting that and getting the packages it depends on packaged for epel7.
18:45:59 <abadger1999> Once the first one is done we'll have a base that we can grow the ecosystem out.
18:46:14 <pingou> abadger1999: fedocal requires kitchen :)
18:46:19 <oddshocks> wow, talk about a netsplit
18:46:28 <webpigeon_> mhaynes: check out the community edition, it's apache2 licenced
18:46:28 <abadger1999> Anyone have a proposal for what that app should be? ;-)
18:46:43 <pingou> abadger1999: fedocal requires kitchen :)
18:46:46 <abadger1999> pingou: k.  I guess we/I need to get that python3 port done then.
18:46:55 <abadger1999> note -- the code is ported but
18:46:57 <pingou> abadger1999: elections is nice and concise
18:46:59 <abadger1999> docs are not updated.
18:47:07 <mhaynes> webpigeon_: I thought that was what I was trying to get :) I'll have to look at the site again. Thanks
18:47:23 <abadger1999> and we probably could do a merged code base if we just target python3.4/python2.7
18:47:24 <abadger1999> heh, netsplit round 2.
18:47:36 <pingou> nuancier isn't much more than elections
18:47:43 <abadger1999> <nod>
18:47:49 <abadger1999> which of those three would you recommend?
18:47:51 <pingou> only PIL and dogpile
18:47:59 <pingou> I think elections is the simplest
18:48:07 <nirik> note that we have an election coming up, and nuancier is in use now...
18:48:14 <nirik> but we still have stg for any of course.
18:48:18 <abadger1999> <nod>
18:48:25 <pingou> pkgdb2 also depends on kitchen
18:48:35 <pingou> (and on py-memcached)
18:48:40 <smooge> netsplit hoooooo
18:48:41 <abadger1999> Yeah -- and having the apps split out to their own servers will be a lifesaver, nirik... so thanks for working on that this past year :-)
18:48:52 <pingou> agreeed :)
18:49:03 <pingou> nirik: nuancier ends after flock
18:49:17 <pingou> that gives us a little time to do the packaging/adjusting work
18:49:33 <pingou> and that election you mentioned, do we have any dates? pre/post-flock?
18:49:34 <nirik> true.
18:49:44 <webpigeon_> mhaynes: the community edition can be downloaded freely, the (nonfree) licenced product can be obtained for free for foss projects, but Fedora generally woudln't use nonfree software
18:50:07 <nirik> pingou:
18:50:45 <pingou> so pre-flock as well
18:50:50 <pingou> cool :)
18:51:03 <nirik> yeah.
18:51:17 <nirik> #info elections or nuancier might be good targets for py3 porting first
18:51:17 <abadger1999> Yeah -- getting the packages together will likely be the big bottleneck (isn't it always? ;-)
18:51:29 <mhaynes> webpigeon_: ahhh that's it. I was trying to do the licensed one for foss.... thanks for setting me on the right path! :D
18:51:34 <pingou> *<nod>*
18:51:37 <abadger1999> put we can port via fedora before we get to deployment.
18:51:51 <nirik> yeah
18:52:01 <pingou> nirik: we might want to move stg to el7 for those hosts earlier then
18:52:07 <pingou> gives us a ground to play on
18:52:13 <lanica> Ack...IRC "net split" on my last ocnnection
18:52:21 <nirik> pingou: sure. we should be able to pretty easily.
18:52:23 <pingou> (or I'll just create a el7 dev cloud instance :))
18:52:32 <nirik> nuke old instance, update 2 lines in ansible, re-run playbook.
18:52:35 <abadger1999> <nod> yeah -- that sounds like a good plan.
18:52:46 <nirik> and yeah, cloud image should be ready too..
18:52:48 <pingou> nirik: we got to love ansible/playbook don't we :D
18:52:54 * nirik does. ;)
18:53:18 <nirik> when migrating things from puppet I will probibly also try and move to ansible/rhel7 where possible
18:54:02 * pingou looks forward to the proxies being in ansible (though I'm not sure I'll understand them better)
18:54:21 <nirik> I can try and make them more clear. ;)
18:54:26 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
18:54:40 <nirik> anyone have any items for open floor?
18:54:54 <lanica> newbie question: any way I can build a test box with the environment to get my hands on?
18:54:58 <nirik> questions, comments, suggestions?
18:55:13 <lanica> to get SOME hands on...that is
18:55:19 <nirik> lanica: well, everything we use is available in epel/fedora... ;)
18:55:30 <pingou> nirik: and the infra repo :D
18:55:34 <pingou> (for the apps)
18:55:51 * nirik nods.
18:55:52 <lanica> Right but that only gives me the feel of my lab infrastructure ;)
18:56:09 * pingou <= bad kitty, pkgdb2 isn't packaged in fedora
18:56:14 <nirik> our ansible repo is public and you could use it to setup things...
18:56:22 <nirik> you might need some adjustments tho
18:56:38 <ootbro> question (for nirik?)  .... what was the DNS problem that led to the nagios alerts?   more importantly, should I pull a whole new copy of the DNS zone files?
18:56:41 <lanica> I can give it a try.
18:57:16 <nirik> ootbro: it was a typo when adding a new machine... the dns repo changes often, so yeah, you wiill want to pull it frequently. ;)
18:57:35 <smooge> ootbro, we update our DNS quote a lot
18:58:00 <smooge> we need to figure out a way to better do it though. A lot of the changes stored in there are the binary data encryption stuff
18:58:05 * webpigeon_ adds a remember to sort out the dns check script
18:58:17 <smooge> so its rapidly heading towards 1GB
18:58:39 <ootbro> nirik, smooge: thanks (I think)......  I did pull a starting set of DNS zone a couple weeks ago, but I'll go back and find the commands to pull a new set to pull and copy to home
18:58:39 <nirik> smooge: I did a garbage collect on it the other day.
18:58:46 <nirik> 259M    dns
18:59:01 <smooge> ah
18:59:02 <smooge> good
18:59:15 <smooge> still for a small bunch of text files...
18:59:23 <nirik> yeah, but oh well.
18:59:41 <smooge> oh while we are here: lmacken abadger1999 toshio ralph nirik please look at what you have in your home directories and clean it up
18:59:57 <pingou> btw, do we want to clean the infra repo?
18:59:57 <nirik> yeah, I can.
19:00:13 <abadger1999> smooge: can do -- specific machines?
19:00:14 <pingou> I played with that idea the other day
19:00:16 <nirik> pingou: that would be nice. There is a bunch of old junk
19:00:27 <nirik> abadger1999: lockbox01
19:00:30 <smooge> lockbox01
19:00:31 <abadger1999> will do.
19:00:34 <pingou> nirik: repo_manager might help us automate things :)
19:00:34 <smooge> thanks
19:00:52 <abadger1999> smooge: or you know, just rebuild the box ;-)
19:01:07 <pingou> lol
19:01:09 <nirik> pingou: looks interesting. Packaged? ;)
19:01:16 <pingou> nirik: can be fixed :)
19:01:16 <smooge> well lockbox02 will have a seperate /home partition
19:01:28 <nirik> pingou: also, a notes on a package would be cool...
19:01:47 <pingou> nirik: hm?
19:01:51 <nirik> abadger1999: thats one that could be a pain. I don't know about the rhel5/6 sync stuff moving...
19:02:24 <nirik> pingou: 'repo_manager add packagename 'because this isn't in epel yet and it's a security update we want to apply right now''
19:02:37 <nirik> and have info report the date and note...
19:02:51 <pingou> oh a log of the actions on the repo, awesome idea! :)
19:03:26 <pingou> nirik: 1 log / repo or 1 for all?
19:03:28 <abadger1999> nirik: as in the code that we have syncing those and what happens when lockbox moves to rhel7?
19:03:44 <nirik> pingou: dunno. I guess it would be per repo
19:03:48 <nirik> abadger1999: yep.
19:04:02 <pingou> nirik: I was thinking that one global might make grep easier
19:04:10 <nirik> anyhow, we can burn that bridge when we cross it. ;)
19:04:18 <nirik> ok, anything else? we are over time...
19:04:19 <pingou> (the log will have to contain the repo anyway)
19:04:29 <nirik> pingou: true.
19:04:51 <nirik> will close out in a minute if nothing more.
19:05:43 <nirik> Thanks for coming everyone!
19:05:46 <nirik> #endmeeting