14:05:02 <jreznik> #startmeeting
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14:05:12 <jreznik> #meetingname Flock planning
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14:05:20 <jreznik> #topic Flock planning
14:06:18 <jreznik> rsuehle and spot will be late today, mhroncok is not available today - see flock-planning for status updates
14:06:34 <jreznik> so anybody available/any topics not discussed on the list?
14:07:03 <sesivany> well, I don't really have many updates either :/
14:09:10 <jreznik> ok, so let's wait a moment and we will see if anybody will come
14:09:18 <jreznik> if not, I'll close the meeting (short one;-)
14:09:51 <sesivany> mhroncok is here after all? :)
14:10:31 <mhroncok> sesivany: almost read only, I have a real meeting in the lab at the same time
14:11:12 <sesivany> jreznik: then just scratch it. It doesn't make sense today.
14:13:18 <jreznik> ok, I just talked with my friend - he is still doing catering at Prague and he will be able to do it for us
14:13:23 <jreznik> sesivany: yeah
14:13:36 <jreznik> #action please sync via email
14:13:43 <jreznik> #endmeeting