13:59:38 <suehle> #startmeeting
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13:59:44 <suehle> #meetingname Flock planning
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13:59:49 <suehle> #topic Flock planning
14:00:01 <sesivany> .fas eischmann
14:00:04 <zodbot> sesivany: eischmann 'Jiri Eischmann' <eischmann@redhat.com>
14:00:39 <suehle> Who else is here?
14:00:41 <stickster> o/ ... I'm on phone meeting at same time but trying to pay attention to both :-)
14:01:10 <sesivany> jreznik_ should be here too
14:01:14 * suehle summons spot and jwb
14:01:15 <stickster> +1
14:01:20 <jreznik_> yeah, me is here :)
14:01:22 <sesivany> what about mhroncok?
14:01:42 <mhroncok> what?
14:01:49 <mhroncok> oh, hi
14:01:50 <stickster> :-)
14:02:17 <mhroncok> a meeting, yey! I have my finals tmrw and I feel like having a lobotomy
14:02:32 <jreznik_> mhroncok: enjoy :)
14:02:40 <suehle> The good news of the week is that the hotel is dropping the rate 10 euros, so that gets us about $1,000 back in the budget.
14:02:41 <mhroncok> sesivany: faculty needs the stamp
14:03:03 <stickster> suehle: Nice!
14:03:04 <jreznik_> suehle: good to hear
14:03:30 <sesivany> mhroncok: if you have the form ready, just send it to me, I'll stamp it for you.
14:04:06 <mhroncok> sesivany: bkabrda is goignt o prague, you can give it to him, if he is still at RH (and you as well)
14:04:08 * jreznik has just received offer from Lavka club
14:04:19 <stickster> #info Hotel rate has dropped €10!
14:04:24 <suehle> jreznik, how expensive is it?
14:04:26 <mhroncok> sesivany: bkabrda seems offline, I guess he's not in the office any more
14:04:40 <suehle> #info The hotel rate change isn't reflected on the site yet, though.
14:04:47 <stickster> Oh, maybe I'm not # powered :-) ... it's tough being just hoi polloi again :-D
14:04:56 <suehle> #chair stickster
14:04:56 <zodbot> Current chairs: stickster suehle
14:05:00 <stickster> ha!
14:05:01 <jreznik> suehle: reading it right now, give me a minute
14:05:06 <stickster> <-- big mouth
14:05:13 <jreznik> the pub and boat are on mailing list already
14:05:27 <jreznik> so we can touch it as standalone topic later :)
14:05:41 <jreznik> and pick up the best option/check it with our budget
14:07:22 <jreznik> or we can start with it right now
14:07:44 <stickster> If we don't have a preferred order/agenda, maybe go ahead
14:07:49 <suehle> I think what we need to do is what we did last year, which is make a list of all the evening options and final prices, and once we're in a budgetary place to choose, we can.
14:08:03 <suehle> I don't think we have an agenda. I don't have anything new and exciting to say.
14:08:07 <stickster> #topic Evening event discussion
14:08:18 <jreznik> suehle: yeah, sure
14:08:32 <jreznik> so what mhroncok sent me last week were three options
14:08:44 <jreznik> 1) the pub as welcome party on tuesday for 100 ppl
14:09:08 <jreznik> 2) boat and 3) lavka as main options for events (200 ppl)
14:09:15 <sesivany> do you think it would attract some sponsors if we gave them concrete social event packages they can sponsor?
14:09:29 <sesivany> I know it worked for some of them with GUADEC last year.
14:10:19 <mhroncok> sesivany: It might, then you can call it ie. a Google boat
14:10:23 <jreznik> for 1) the pub, they offered me buffet for 26000 CZK/1300 USD but minimal consuption is 40000 CZK/2000 USD (so beers etc)
14:10:26 <stickster> sesivany: The question I got from a potential sponsor I talked to was "what would you like us to cover," so I think that would be a good idea
14:10:48 <sesivany> stickster: is it the IBM guy?
14:10:52 <jreznik> it's tuesday, 100 ppl, they will close the pub for us
14:11:20 <jreznik> 3) lavka - the cheapest options they sent me is $33/person
14:11:41 <suehle> It just depends on the sponsor. A small subset want to be "the lanyard sponsor" or "the party sponsor," but most of them just want to give you the cash and move along.
14:11:46 <stickster> *nod
14:11:47 <jreznik> but there are many combinations starting from this price
14:11:48 <mhroncok> sesivany: sent e-mail
14:12:17 <jreznik> they can arrange boat for 30000 CZK (they did not mention for how long)
14:12:32 <jreznik> I'll sum it up in email
14:12:45 <jreznik> the 2) option is up to sesivany :)
14:13:07 <stickster> #action jreznik Send email to flock-planning to summarize possible combinations for event pricing
14:13:17 <sesivany> I already stated all prices on the mailing list... let me sum it up.
14:13:31 <jreznik> stickster: it's for lavka club, other options are on flock-planning already
14:13:33 <sesivany> the boats are about $500 per hour to rent.
14:13:34 <stickster> #undo
14:13:34 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by stickster at 14:13:07 : jreznik Send email to flock-planning to summarize possible combinations for event pricing
14:13:50 <stickster> #action jreznik Send email to flock-planning to summarize Lavka pricing options
14:13:59 <stickster> #chair jreznik
14:13:59 <zodbot> Current chairs: jreznik stickster suehle
14:14:10 <sesivany> catering on boats starts at $19.
14:14:52 <Southern_Gentlem> sesivany, per person or what
14:15:12 <sesivany> so I think the cheapest option with a boat is around $5000.
14:15:16 <stickster> sesivany: So it sounds like for a four-hour cruise for ~200, that's something like ~USD 4000?
14:15:21 <sesivany> Southern_Gentlem: yes, per person.
14:15:43 <sesivany> stickster: yes
14:15:57 <suehle> As long as we get some sponsors on board, that's not impossible.
14:15:59 <sesivany> they say they rent the boat from 3 hours up.
14:16:11 <sesivany> which is at least $1500.
14:16:14 <suehle> The way it worked out last year, the aquarium party was expensive, but the other evenings we were able to do very cheap, so it worked out.
14:16:30 <sesivany> + $3800 for basic catering for 200 people.
14:17:12 <sesivany> plus there is a package with unlimited drinks for $7.5 per person.
14:18:33 <stickster> Ah, so it could be more like $2000 (rental) + $3800 (catering) + $1500 (drinks) = $7300.
14:19:22 <sesivany> stickster: yes, but the drinks don't necessarily need to be included. I've been to a lot of conference parties where food was for free, but ppl paid for drinks.
14:19:29 <jreznik> for lavka, there's possibility to get the club + boat too
14:19:32 <stickster> sesivany: Perfectly reasonable.
14:20:33 <sesivany> jreznik: I don't see any discount there. 30k CZK is like a standard rate.
14:21:07 <jreznik> lavka would be $1500 (boat) + $4400 (catering) + $2200 (drinks) = $8100 with boat, $6600 without
14:21:13 <jreznik> sesivany: there's no discount
14:21:28 <sesivany> jreznik: I mean it doesn't make much sense to me. To hold a party at Lavka and then load ppl on a boat.
14:21:29 <jreznik> they just offer that they can arrange boat
14:21:48 <jreznik> sesivany: it's just option they offer
14:22:02 <sesivany> jreznik: sure
14:22:20 <jreznik> on the other hand, you don't lock people for 4 hours on the boat
14:22:33 <jreznik> but I agree - it's boat or lavka, not both
14:22:58 <jreznik> #info the boat is like $2000 (rental) + $3800 (catering) + $1500 (drinks) = $7300
14:23:09 <sesivany> jreznik: you don't need to lock people on the boat for the whole time, every boat makes scheduled stops where people can get off and catch public transport.
14:23:13 <jreznik> #info lavka is like $1500 (boat) + $4400 (catering) + $2200 (drinks) = $8100 with boat, $6600 without
14:23:23 <jreznik> sesivany: ok, good point
14:24:08 <jreznik> #info the pub (pre-event 100ppl) is $1300 buffet with minimal consumption of $2000
14:24:25 <sesivany> moreover the boat company also offers some program for ppl, such as casino,... but I don't know it's something we can afford right now.
14:24:32 <jreznik> suehle: how much were that non-aquarium parties?
14:24:42 <jreznik> to compare it
14:24:58 <suehle> jreznik, I'll have to see if I have that spreadsheet handy. It might have been my old laptop. Hold on.
14:26:01 <suehle> The aquarium with food and rental and DJ was about 8k. The other two were about 4 each.
14:26:24 <jreznik> suehle: ok, so it's almost the same
14:27:40 <jreznik> as the pub is $2000 for 100 persons (I count 100 as it's on Tuesday)
14:28:10 <suehle> Yeah, I think we just need to hold on our options for a bit until we get some sponsorship money.
14:28:13 <suehle> mhroncok, do you have university catering information so we can find out about coffee and afternoon snacks?
14:28:45 <mhroncok> and lunch :)
14:28:47 <jreznik> suehle: and we can have only two parties, instead of three, or find cheaper one
14:28:57 <mhroncok> I have some ideas, haven't done anything yet
14:29:02 <mhroncok> will check after the examps
14:29:10 <suehle> jreznik, that depends on whether there's the same insistence as last year that we feed everyone all the time.
14:29:12 <jreznik> suehle: just it would be nice to sort it out sooner than later, as we have to book it
14:29:37 <suehle> jreznik, I know. Believe me, I know
14:29:53 <jreznik> suehle: I don't mind paying for beer/food and personally I prefer to sponsor more folks to come, than feeding people
14:30:40 <jreznik> suehle: :) it's work week day, so it's not as in hurry
14:30:58 <jreznik> the pub on 5th and lavka on 7th are still free
14:31:08 <mhroncok> jreznik: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTIxMjE :d
14:31:12 <suehle> Food isn't free.
14:31:44 <jreznik> mhroncok: yeah, I remember, he almost starved to death in prague :D
14:32:06 <suehle> Sounds like an OSCON party...
14:32:24 <jreznik> so - all three options we got quote are on the mailing list, so I think we can move and decide based on budget
14:32:49 <jreznik> suehle: actually, there was a lot of food, just he wasn't at the right place in the right time :)
14:33:35 <suehle> mhroncok, when you check on the coffee, I'm not sure what your ideas are, but at least in the US, the university usually requires you to use its catering service.
14:34:44 <sesivany> mhroncok: the small cafeteria near the lecture rooms is run by the university cafeterias?
14:34:50 <jreznik> for the lunch options - I'm giving up mealtickets, all companies who provide it are full of jerks and it really seems it's not legally possible to do it
14:35:06 <langdon> re: parties / minor side-bar: from talking to random people, and prague being such an awesome place, it sounds like a number of conference goers will be bringing guests with them to the conference, might be worth considering a "pay as you go" option for the parties
14:35:19 <suehle> jreznik, oh, that's disappointing. What's our second best option for lunch?
14:35:52 <mhroncok> sesivany: yes, SÚZ ČVUT
14:35:57 <jreznik> suehle: I'll check it one more time within Red Hat (we have contract with company, but sesivany told me, they are unhappy to do so due to all that tax issues0
14:36:23 <jreznik> suehle: some kind of catering on place or maybe order meal boxes as in Arizona?
14:36:49 <mhroncok> the best option would be catering on place
14:36:58 <sesivany> mhroncok: the catering during the conference should be your #1 priority after you are finished with the exam. That's something we can't really do from Prague and we need to solve it soon.
14:37:03 <suehle> langdon, assuming they were accurate, 12 people said on the registration that they were bringing family
14:37:04 <mhroncok> in the cafeteria near the lecture rooms
14:37:14 <jreznik> mhroncok: ok
14:37:15 <sesivany> s/Prague/brno
14:37:26 <mhroncok> got it
14:38:05 <jreznik> sesivany, mhroncok: I'll try to ask my friend, he runs media/advertisment/catering company in Prague but he's probably going too expensive for us
14:38:40 <suehle> We have 190 registered now, so we might need to round up our assumptions a bit on food/catering counts. Last year we had 140 registered and about 200 show up.
14:38:46 <jreznik> #action mhroncok to work on catering on place after his exams
14:39:39 <jreznik> suehle: so for now, I count with 100 ppl pre-flock (tuesday) and 200 ppl during flock, it could be more, especially more people from Brno will come I guess
14:39:49 <sesivany> suehle: it's 215 already.
14:40:05 <stickster> jreznik: We should renew our call internally to Brno office for people to pre-register so we can get close to an accurate count
14:40:17 * jreznik created an invitation and not everyone who signed in in zimbra, signed on web
14:40:20 <sesivany> there are around 70 ppl coming from Brno office, that has probably made the difference.
14:40:22 <stickster> But chances are it still won't be perfect, suehle is right
14:40:33 <suehle> sesivany, you're right. I was looking at the data dump I got from lmacken yesterday, which must be older.
14:40:34 <jreznik> stickster: it wouldn't be perfect
14:41:22 <jreznik> and not everyone from brno will really come, it easy to sign up for event nearby and then do not attend...
14:41:28 <stickster> also true
14:41:29 <sesivany> stickster: I've done several calls in our office, I think the number of 70 is quite close to the final one.
14:41:30 <jreznik> I'd say 220 is a good guess
14:41:47 <jreznik> sesivany: let me take a look on invitation I sent
14:42:00 <stickster> Fair enough
14:42:59 <jreznik> well, let's move on - social events budget estimate is on flock-planning for all three events, mhroncok will check catering in the uni, no mealtickets
14:43:19 <jreznik> #topic t-shirts
14:43:28 <sesivany> t-shirts! :)
14:43:37 <jreznik> #link https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/330
14:44:08 <jreznik> spot created ticket, I spent quite a lot of time with design team, we had very nice idea, theirs mockup are great...
14:44:25 <jreznik> but then we found out golem has legal issues...
14:45:10 <stickster> the new astronomical clock idea seems like a great one... that clock in the town square is one of my favorite things to look at and photograph :-)
14:45:12 <jreznik> so other options are being looked on - just we have to sort it out asap
14:45:31 <suehle> I like the clock idea too
14:46:04 <jreznik> I wanted something more funny, golem would be, but clock is still nice (and maybe better than beefy miracle prague castle :D)
14:46:15 <stickster> :-D
14:46:56 <sesivany> yeah, the clock itself looks nice, the idea with Johannes Kepler looking at the clock is too cluttered IMO.
14:47:04 <jreznik> yep
14:47:04 * jsmith thinks so too
14:47:10 <stickster> sesivany: Agreed
14:47:34 <jreznik> or do we have budget to licence Golem? :)))
14:47:49 * jreznik is just kidding
14:48:16 <stickster> heh
14:48:27 <mhroncok> I didn't get it, why would we need to license golem?
14:48:28 <jreznik> sesivany told me, the company will need up to one month if we come with specific color/t-shirt brand
14:48:39 <mhroncok> golem is over 70 years old - aka we don't have to
14:48:52 <jreznik> mhroncok: read the ticket :(
14:49:25 <jreznik> mhroncok: http://zpravy.idnes.cz/dcera-sochare-vyhrala-spor-o-golema-muzeum-ji-musi-zaplatit-50-tisic-korun-1qs-/krimi.aspx?c=A100511_075141_krimi_hv
14:49:28 <sesivany> we should at least give them the design, colour and t-shirt type. Size distribution and quantities may come later.
14:50:23 <stickster> jreznik: So should planners comment/decide on preferred design, so the Design team can proceed with a graphic that fits the T-shirt printer's requirements?
14:50:36 <mhroncok> jreznik: thanks
14:50:38 <suehle> Just remember to order ladies' cut shirts as well.
14:50:44 <stickster> suehle: +1
14:50:59 <suehle> And if we could get a size chart from them, that would be great. The European ones tend to be much smaller than the US sizes.
14:51:08 <stickster> suehle: +10, you're on a rolll
14:51:13 <stickster> with extra l's
14:51:47 * suehle has a lovely 10th anniversary shirt that's only for sleeping and may soon belong to my 8-year-old :)
14:51:49 <jreznik> suehle: chinese are even smaller (I can't wear my FUDCon APAC one :D) and got one 5XL :D
14:52:02 <stickster> jreznik: Wow, you're not that big!
14:52:21 <jreznik> and 5XL chinese is like 3XL EU, XXL US :)
14:52:22 <stickster> sesivany: Are you able to get printer requirements and sizing from the T-shirt vendor?
14:52:38 <sesivany> stickster: sure
14:52:51 <sesivany> they can print pretty much anything, they support several methods.
14:52:51 <jreznik> stickster: I have an offer from them for Akademy
14:52:53 <suehle> #action sesivany printer requirements and sizing from the T-shirt vendor
14:53:07 <stickster> perfecto!
14:53:08 <sesivany> so it's up to us, how many colours we want etc.
14:53:10 <jreznik> it's month later after Flock, so I deal with them
14:53:19 <sesivany> of course more colours more expensive as always.
14:53:32 <jreznik> but still pretty cheap
14:54:00 <jreznik> I'll continue to work with mizmo and design team to finish astronomical clock design, we don't have much time for anything crazy
14:54:08 <sesivany> yeah, the anniversary t-shirt was around €2.5
14:54:17 <stickster> jreznik: agreed
14:54:42 <jreznik> offer for Akademy was slightly less than 3 euros
14:55:19 <stickster> OK, ~5 minutes to close. suehle, is there anything else that one of us could help you with?
14:55:21 <jreznik> #action jreznik to work with Desing team on the astronomical clock design as we need it sorted out soon
14:55:45 <sesivany> suehle: are we going to need any other promotional materials?
14:55:55 <sesivany> such as bags, lanyards,...
14:55:57 <suehle> stickster, I think I have all the flight info now, so I might be putting you on that soon. :)
14:56:08 <stickster> suehle: I'm your Huckleberry
14:56:23 <suehle> sesivany, lanyards are more or less taken care of. I'm holding on bags until we have a more solid budget situation. I have a few left from last year that might be enough to cover speakers
14:56:36 <suehle> If we want to continue doing a printed program, there's that, but we don't need to finish that this week.
14:56:50 <stickster> *nod
14:57:46 <suehle> OK, end of the hour. Anything else?
14:58:07 <jreznik> for program and mobile apps sesivany raised on the list
14:58:11 <stickster> For everyone's information -- I'll be completely gone/offline from June 27 - July 14.  Only reason I mention is that anything I can help with, I have to handle within the next couple weeks :-)
14:58:29 <suehle> I'll also be gone the week of June 27.
14:58:29 <jreznik> we will reuse devconf app with flock content, so we will be covered
14:58:41 <stickster> #info stickster offline June 27 - July 14
14:58:50 <jreznik> I'm off June 30 - July 04
14:59:09 <stickster> OK, sounds like a lot of us are gone that week!  So the next two weeks is pretty critical
14:59:12 <suehle> #info suehle offline June 28-July 5
14:59:13 <jreznik> #info jreznik offline off June 30 - July 04
14:59:24 <sesivany> I'll be at GUADEC from July 26th to Aug 1.
14:59:40 <jreznik> stickster: yeah, looks like
14:59:42 <stickster> #info sesivany at GUADEC July 26 - Aug 1
15:00:03 <stickster> #action stickster Help suehle with flight ordering
15:00:08 <stickster> Finally, I got one :-)
15:00:21 <jreznik> #info for mobile apps, we will reuse devconf app with flock content for android, jolla and bb10 (lsmid/jreznik/jmlich)
15:01:04 <jreznik> ok, 5 pm, anything else? /me has to go
15:01:06 <suehle> last call...
15:01:12 * stickster good to go
15:01:13 <suehle> #endmeeting