13:02:36 <bkabrda> #startmeeting Env and Stacks (2013-12-10)
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13:02:50 <bkabrda> #meetingname Env and Stacks
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13:03:02 <bkabrda> hi evereyone
13:03:15 <vpavlin> bkabrda: Hi!
13:03:18 <hhorak> Hi
13:03:51 <bkabrda> #chair bkabrda hhorak abadger1999 samkottler
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13:04:19 <bkabrda> not many people here...
13:07:09 <bkabrda> I'm not sure that this has sense, since abadger1999 is probably not here and that leaves three of us...
13:07:32 <bkabrda> samkottler: hi, are you here?
13:08:54 <bkabrda> #chair pkovar
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13:09:05 <pkovar> thanks :-)
13:09:21 * pkovar is late
13:09:33 <bkabrda> pkovar: hi :) it seems that there is actually three of us here, since abadger1999 and samkottler don't respond
13:09:52 <pkovar> bkabrda: anything we want to discuss?
13:09:56 <pkovar> docs? :-)
13:10:36 <pkovar> or do we want to move it to next meeting if there are just 3 of us?
13:11:03 <bkabrda> pkovar: sure, we can discuss them, but I don't think we can accept any decision... but you can throw your ideas here and we can build on that next time
13:11:16 <pkovar> sounds good
13:11:42 <pkovar> have been busy with my other work, but now that i have more time
13:12:13 <pkovar> i would like to come up with some more formal plan as how we want to restructure our packaging docs
13:12:23 <pkovar> and send it to ml
13:12:33 <pkovar> for discussion
13:12:49 <pkovar> but it's all a bi of a moving target
13:12:53 <pkovar> * bit
13:13:00 <hhorak> pkovar: sounds good. Are you going to cover all Packaging: namespace or some parts only?
13:13:31 <pkovar> so maybe, docs should be discussed / decided only after w some up with some final formal doc/ prd for this WF
13:13:58 <pkovar> hhorak: i need to have a detailed look at what is covered in Packaging: namespac, and
13:14:12 <pkovar> what other documents are there on the wiki
13:14:23 <pkovar> that we want to have updated / merged / etc.
13:14:43 <pkovar> there are quite a few
13:15:07 <bkabrda> pkovar: ok, so can you send at least some rough overview to the ML before next meeting?
13:15:07 <pkovar> with no real structure or hierarchy
13:15:44 <pkovar> bkabrda: is there a meeting next week? it's almost x-mas time
13:16:10 <pkovar> am taking some days off before the end of year
13:17:14 <hhorak> pkovar: it's possible we will be here in limited number as today
13:17:26 <pkovar> hhorak: yeah
13:17:35 <bkabrda> pkovar: I don't know about next week. so let's say sometime after new year?
13:17:47 <pkovar> in that case, it would probably make sense to have another meeting in jan?
13:18:03 <pkovar> bkabrda: works for me
13:18:42 <bkabrda> pkovar: great, thanks. as for the next week meeting, IDK. we should ask everyone - maybe some people will come
13:21:21 <pkovar> anyway, i really want docs to be part of what this WG is working on, or at least discussing :-)
13:21:35 <pkovar> as i can't help much in other ways :-)
13:23:27 <pkovar> but the Packaging Committee should definitely be reviewing and making decisions on how the official guidelines should look like
13:23:42 <bkabrda> #idea pkovar will send analysis of what we should do with docs/wiki to ML before Jan 7.
13:23:59 <bkabrda> (if Jan 7 is good for you)
13:24:00 <pkovar> but then again, there is plenty of room for other doc that this WG could help with
13:24:10 <hhorak> pkovar: I'm going to prepare some tutorials, where your language/techn.writing skills will be benefit..
13:24:23 <pkovar> hhorak: i think you mentioned howtos in some earlier discussion
13:24:31 <pkovar> ah, right, tutirials
13:24:36 <pkovar> tutorials
13:25:06 <pkovar> bkabrda: sure, thanks
13:25:09 <hhorak> pkovar: yeah, that's still one thing..
13:25:23 <bkabrda> #action pkovar will send analysis of what we should do with docs/wiki to ML before Jan 7.
13:25:54 <pkovar> hhorak: you mean tutorials on packaging specific components, or general rpm docs?
13:25:57 <pkovar> or SCls?
13:26:33 <hhorak> pkovar: ah, this time I have some databases (or generally web stack) stuff on my mind..
13:26:54 <pkovar> ok, sounds good
13:27:19 <pkovar> i would definitely like to have a look, so let me know please
13:27:34 <pkovar> and help out if needed
13:28:19 <hhorak> pkovar: sure.. I'd like to examine what is available now and propose ideas what add/improve..
13:28:39 <hhorak> (as a first step)
13:28:47 <pkovar> great
13:29:58 <pkovar> bkabrda: i was thinking how we could utilize dev assistant in providing better rpm / scl docs :...
13:29:59 <hhorak> Maybe I should make some deadline for myself as well.. So, I'll try to have some proposal also for 7 Jan, ok?
13:30:46 <bkabrda> hhorak: sounds good
13:30:49 <pkovar> ok
13:30:51 <pkovar> thanks
13:32:06 <hhorak> #action hhorak will examine what tutorials/howtos regarding webstack/databases are available now and what should we add/improve (till jan 7)
13:32:44 <bkabrda> thanks! anyone has some further ideas?
13:33:04 <hhorak> pkovar: bkabrda: dev assistant is scl-enabled somehow?
13:33:21 <bkabrda> hhorak: yes, it is :)
13:33:49 <hhorak> bkabrda: like there is an assistant for creating scl-rpm, right?
13:34:41 <bkabrda> hhorak: not in this way. the core has some support for convenient writing of assistants, but we don't have the assistants ATM. but it's just a matter of writing them, really
13:39:08 <bkabrda> ok, it seems noone has any further ideas, so I'll end the meeting in one minute or so.
13:40:27 <bkabrda> #endmeeting