19:02:08 <suehle> #startmeeting
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19:02:15 <suehle> #meetingname Fedora marketing
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19:02:23 <suehle> #topic roll call
19:02:35 * threebean is here
19:02:35 <suehle> Apparently half-awake suehle is here. :)
19:02:47 * jzb is here. Tired, but here.
19:02:55 * croberts is here
19:03:38 <suehle> I feel like I did all the appropriate sleeping to return to this time zone and yet am still tired.
19:03:52 <suehle> #topic Fedora 20
19:03:54 <suehle> woooo
19:04:22 <suehle> jzb - I noticed this morning the beta announcement doesn't link to the dl page. I was passing through and didn't actually fix it. Guess I could do that now. :)
19:04:35 <jzb> suehle: good call. :-)
19:04:38 * jzb oops
19:05:00 <suehle> details... :D
19:05:22 <suehle> Any other 20 stuff we need to talk about today?
19:05:47 <jzb> suehle: screenshots, I think
19:05:51 <jzb> the deadline there is coming up fast
19:06:01 <jzb> http://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-20/f-20-marketing-tasks.html
19:06:02 <croberts> what kind of screenshots are needed?
19:06:13 <suehle> of new stuff, changes
19:06:30 <jzb> suehle: do we have guidelines somewhere about size/etc.?
19:06:38 <suehle> jzb, not that I recall
19:06:43 <jzb> e.g. 1024x768 vs. 2560x1440
19:06:45 <jzb> hmm
19:07:04 <suehle> presumably in the past, it's largely been "the size whomever is willing to take them takes them at"
19:07:36 <jzb> we also have "Beta One Page Release Notes"
19:07:47 <jzb> not sure how that compares with the announcement.
19:07:51 <suehle> #chair jzb
19:07:51 <zodbot> Current chairs: jzb suehle
19:07:54 <suehle> #chair croberts
19:07:54 <zodbot> Current chairs: croberts jzb suehle
19:07:54 <jzb> due tomorrow
19:08:17 <suehle> I believe we decided last round that docs does release notes
19:08:48 <suehle> there are a few things on that schedule that are shared between docs and mktg
19:09:13 <jzb> I wonder if our docs friends have done the release notes.
19:09:32 <suehle> they're generally on top of such things, but we can pop over to their channel and inquire
19:09:36 <suehle> or check the last meeting notes
19:09:39 <suehle> uno momento
19:10:00 <croberts> are we uploading the screenshots to the wiki or another medium
19:10:56 <jzb> croberts: I would assume the wiki
19:11:04 <suehle> looks like it --
19:11:06 <suehle> 14:05:02 <randomuser> I put together all the content we had for RNs and pushed out an RPM over the weekend
19:11:10 <suehle> that was last week's meeting
19:11:12 <jzb> sweet
19:11:26 <croberts> nice
19:11:37 <suehle> the wiki
19:11:57 * roshi walks in late
19:12:11 * croberts waves hi to roshi
19:12:36 <croberts> suehle: I can take some screenshots, I am running F20
19:12:37 <roshi> :)
19:12:47 <suehle> #action croberts to take screenshots for F20
19:12:49 <jzb> do we need a post ready for November 6th?
19:12:52 <suehle> sweet
19:12:54 <roshi> let me know which ones you need - I have two boxes running 20 now
19:13:00 <jzb> 10th anniversary...
19:13:15 <suehle> jzb, the RH video team is working on a video, which I hope will be ready, so there's that
19:13:37 <croberts> very nice
19:13:57 <suehle> but yeah, we should post something too...maybe you and I could start collaborating on something?
19:14:23 <jzb> suehle: sure
19:18:48 <suehle> anything else we need to talk about today?
19:19:09 <roshi> are we open floor?
19:19:18 <suehle> #topic open floor
19:19:19 <jzb> I got nothin
19:19:21 <suehle> yes!
19:19:29 <roshi> I had a question about the videos on the magazine
19:19:42 <roshi> are those flash only on vimeo?
19:20:17 <suehle> I believe vimeo does H.264, but I'm not 100% positive.
19:20:24 <roshi> you can't play the videos out of the box on F20, and I'm trying to figure out why
19:20:32 <suehle> we do also have our youtube channel back now though
19:20:36 <suehle> ah
19:20:50 <roshi> if it's flash - then we can't play it
19:20:51 <jzb> roshi: link?
19:21:05 <roshi> http://fedoramagazine.org/2013/09/join-fedora/
19:21:15 <roshi> or just go to http://vimeo.com/
19:21:25 <roshi> I can still watch HTML5 youtube videos though
19:21:35 * roshi searches for a link that worked...
19:21:44 <roshi> note: this is all using firefox
19:22:20 <roshi> http://youtu.be/WhoS5CjgkF4
19:22:23 <roshi> that works
19:22:25 <jzb> "Blast: This Video Can't Be Played WIth Your Current Setup"
19:23:16 <roshi> yeah - just reconfirmed on a fresh TC6 instance
19:23:26 <roshi> I think it might just be pushing flash
19:23:47 <roshi> I just figured we should be able to play our own videos on our own magazine site :p
19:23:54 <roshi> didn't know if anyone had noticed
19:24:16 <threebean> heh, makes sense.  :)
19:24:40 <threebean> it could take some setting up, but the infrastructure team could provide space to host .ogv or .webm files.
19:24:53 <threebean> iirc, someone already brought it up and/or is looking into it.
19:25:03 <jzb> roshi: well, according to an earlier blog post by Vimeo, they should have a link to an HTML5 player
19:25:05 <roshi> even if we just pushed HTML5, I think vimeo should do that. iirc
19:25:06 <jzb> at the bottom of each video
19:25:12 <jzb> http://vimeo.com/65910943
19:25:18 <jzb> but I see no link like that here
19:25:19 <roshi> for Chrome and something else
19:25:59 <croberts> I was talking to nirik awhile ago about having a spot on fedora people where we could host videos
19:26:09 <jzb> http://vimeo.com/forums/topic:100637
19:26:18 <jzb> "Hey! I'm sorry, but Firefox does not support our HTML5 player. Flash is required to watch Vimeo videos in that browser."
19:26:23 <jzb> so... we're boned.
19:26:40 <croberts> anyone could download them or we could imbed them in the magazine site.
19:27:21 <roshi> html5 works for everything else, and ff does a good job staying current and to spec - that surprises me
19:27:29 * croberts will have to check on the progress of that
19:27:38 <roshi> that link doesn't show up in chrome for me either
19:27:38 <jzb> roshi: may not be on the FF side.
19:27:54 <jzb> can we port the videos to YouTube?
19:28:02 <roshi> but chrome ships with flash, so it might default
19:30:42 <threebean> oh, an unrelated item:
19:31:01 <roshi> jzb: I'm sure we could - but then again we'd have to make sure it defaulted to the HTML5 player
19:31:03 <threebean> we got a feature request from the marketing team for the badges app.
19:31:08 <threebean> (this was back just after flock)
19:31:43 <threebean> ... to produce reports of new people earning badges.  The release of the site that went out this past Friday has a first take on that.
19:31:46 <threebean> http://threebean.org/blog/new-badges-release-oct-25/
19:31:53 <threebean> ^^ it is linked to in item #2 of that post.
19:31:57 <croberts> threebean: Awesome :)
19:32:07 <croberts> i remember it was 2 that suehle had submitted
19:32:16 <croberts> first post than an editor one
19:32:41 <suehle> threebean, sweet, thanks
19:32:45 <threebean> np
19:33:08 <croberts> Did we come a conclusion on rather to keep posting the meetings on the fedora magazine or do a weekly review? I know the topic brought up quite a discussion in the mailing list :)
19:33:12 <croberts> to*
19:33:55 <suehle> croberts, two different things. This is something that shows us badge earners. Those were requests for actual badges for magazine contributors.
19:34:30 <suehle> croberts, I don't know that we came to a conclusion... I certainly don't want to be the one doing the summaries, but if we can agree on a way to make them happen, I think it's better than just posting said minutes
19:34:59 <jzb> croberts:can we ask that they post summaries, ask - not demand?
19:36:23 <roshi> I think the summaries need some more work to figure out how to get them/create them
19:36:28 <croberts> suehle: oh i misread it, That will be good for topics to post to the magazine site.
19:37:15 <croberts> jzb: most certainly I would hope we would not be demanding things from other teams.
19:37:30 <roshi> lol
19:37:37 <suehle> YOU WILL DO IT!
19:37:41 <croberts> lol
19:37:42 <suehle> that should go over well
19:37:52 * roshi also never got around to finding articles from the planet to use - but will this week :)
19:37:54 <roshi> /me thinks
19:38:14 <roshi> you have to tack a "...or else." on the end
19:38:32 <suehle> OR ELSE NO MORE FEDORAS
19:40:30 <suehle> Sounds like we're aobut wrapped up?
19:40:35 <jzb> suehle: +1
19:40:39 <croberts> +1
19:42:02 <Mitzie> Roshi, we could make a special category on the magazine somethign like "Blogpost of the week" or something
19:42:25 <roshi> that would be good
19:42:30 <croberts> +1 Mitzie
19:42:44 <roshi> schedule it to go after these meetings, have a vote
19:42:48 <roshi> something like that?
19:45:03 <croberts> That works
19:45:15 <croberts> Mitzie did you want to send out an email for a vote
19:45:49 <Mitzie> sure, why not? But maybe after the meeting
19:45:55 <croberts> yes :)
19:50:30 <jzb> suehle: so we're done?
19:51:30 <suehle> #endmeeting