18:59:32 <Mitzie> #startmeeting
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18:59:39 <Mitzie> #meetingname Fedora Marketing Weekly meeting 19/08/2013
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18:59:40 <mribeirodantas> .fas mribeirodantas
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18:59:42 * mribeirodantas Brazil
18:59:47 <Mitzie> #topic Welcome
18:59:55 <Mitzie> Hello everyone and welcome to another Marketing meeting.
19:00:02 <Mitzie> .fas mitzie
19:00:03 <zodbot> Mitzie: mitzie 'Zacharias Mitzelos' <mitzie@outlook.com>
19:00:10 <croberts> .fas chrisroberts
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19:00:33 <tatica> .fas tatica
19:00:35 <zodbot> tatica: tatica 'Maria Gracia Leandro Lombardo' <tatadbb@gmail.com>
19:00:47 <Mitzie> #chair tatica
19:00:47 <zodbot> Current chairs: Mitzie tatica
19:00:55 <mribeirodantas> !
19:01:15 <Mitzie> yes mribeirodantas
19:02:09 <mribeirodantas> I already introduced myself in the mailing list, but I'd like to say hi in here too. I work in other fedora teams but I ended up getting involved in marketing too lately. I'm trying to hepl franciscoD and others in the Fedora Join SIG trying to improve de gradient learning for new fedora contributors
19:02:34 <mribeirodantas> So if there's anything that any of you guys are needing, give me a ping and I'll try to help :)
19:02:45 <mribeirodantas> eof
19:02:52 <Mitzie> Welcome then, mribeirodantas
19:02:58 <tatica> welcome :)
19:03:06 <croberts> Welcome :)
19:03:19 <Mitzie> You could contribute on  the fedora magazine if you would like
19:03:27 <mribeirodantas> I want to!
19:03:31 <mribeirodantas> I said that in the mailing list IIRC
19:04:10 * tatica needs a TON of help there
19:04:10 <mribeirodantas> I talked to tatica too, I wanted to participate in the meeting that happened on Monday at Flock (At least it was supposed to happen) but it seems it didn't happen or whatever
19:04:13 <Mitzie> Ok, please hold on a bit, and I will set you up in a few minutes. Register as a user in the site and I will upgrade you in a minute
19:04:30 <Mitzie> Yes, everyone was on flock
19:04:39 <mribeirodantas> I wasn't unfortunately :(
19:05:07 <Mitzie> there are the talks/hackfests on youtube if you want to see them ;)
19:05:39 <mribeirodantas> Aw, I'd love too
19:05:51 <Mitzie> tatica what do you mean?
19:05:54 <mribeirodantas> I'm a bit busy watching the FISL talks I didn't manage to see yet, but I'd love to watch Flock talks too
19:06:10 <tatica> Mitzie, with magazine :)
19:06:18 <Mitzie> Of course you have to choose, you can't see them all :P
19:06:18 <tatica> we have a lot to do there :)
19:06:24 <Mitzie> Oh yes
19:06:29 <Mitzie> #topic Fedora Magazine
19:06:36 <Mitzie> If you have seen the magazine lately you would have noticed some changes.
19:06:54 <Mitzie> First of all, a major bug was fixed that caused the Archives, Categories, Tags and search results to display irrelevant posts. (thanks to maiki who build a child theme to fix t)
19:07:05 <croberts> I will have my post on flock done tonight
19:07:07 <Mitzie> Also on the inactive links on the main menu are now fixed.
19:07:20 <Mitzie> New Categories have been added for better ranking of the posts
19:07:35 <Mitzie> Also links on the slideshow have been added along with more photos directing to posts.
19:07:54 <croberts> not to be confused with the one I wrote for Fedora Planet
19:07:56 <Mitzie> and many more that I can't rember now
19:07:59 <Mitzie> And we have I could say a static flow of posts.. But we definitely need more contributors...
19:08:21 <Mitzie> croberts, great! If you need help, I can help you
19:08:49 <Mitzie> Magazine is now up, it was down 15 minutes before.
19:09:09 <croberts> +1 sounds good, I will let you know if assistance is needed
19:09:28 <Mitzie> So tatica has some nice ideas about it
19:09:38 <tatica> !
19:10:13 <mribeirodantas> Where can I read about Fedora Magazine? I want to avoid asking questions that have already been done or asking things that I can find in the wiki, for example.
19:12:06 <tatica> am I offline?
19:12:25 <Mitzie> no
19:12:52 <tatica> oh, ok
19:12:53 <tatica> !
19:13:19 <Mitzie> yes
19:13:26 <tatica> well, more than an idea I have some concerns about the organization of the magazine
19:13:48 <tatica> there are pages that doesn't seem that necessary, like the teams one; that's why we have the join page
19:13:56 <tatica> we could either link there or copy/paste
19:14:38 <mribeirodantas> tatica+1
19:14:41 <croberts> Tactica: I agree That was something I thought would be useful for the magazine, but after thinking about it, that is best left to the join page or the wiki
19:14:42 <tatica> the Events section would work better with a calendar plugin probably, that could go on the sidebar too, so people can locate that easily
19:15:00 <tatica> (even if there is a random idea there to have an event infra like the one that mozilla has)
19:15:13 <Mitzie> so the fedora teams was on the menu as an inactive page, and I covered it by copy-pasting some essentials things of each team and then at the bottom the link to the wiki
19:15:49 <tatica> and top menu seems more focus on those redundant stuff than into the magazine categories itself
19:15:55 <mribeirodantas> Mitzie: I think it complicates localization. We ended up having to translate twice almost the same thing
19:16:07 <Mitzie> tatica, yes I have some suggestions too about the calendar, we will get  there
19:16:14 <Mitzie> about the teams now
19:16:22 <Mitzie> What do you guys suggest?
19:16:26 <mribeirodantas> Or Fedora Magazine is not going to be translated ever?
19:16:42 <Mitzie> To delete it completly or direct directly to the wiki?
19:16:44 <tatica> teams we could make a single page more like the wiki and link each team to the wiki
19:16:48 <croberts> I do believe their is a translation plugin for Wordpress
19:16:53 <croberts> there*
19:16:57 <tatica> we could move it from the mail menu to a secondary one
19:17:01 <mribeirodantas> I think info about teams should be in the wiki, and only there.
19:17:05 <tatica> either on top of it, smaller or at the sidebar
19:17:16 <mribeirodantas> If we spread the same information everywhere, sometime one of the sources will be outdated or incorrect
19:17:16 <mribeirodantas> :(
19:17:40 <Mitzie> ok. I guess we could move the teams from the menu, and add it as a category
19:17:40 <tatica> maybe a single page with good graphics and accurate links could do the work
19:17:49 <tatica> if you like the idea I could work a bit on it during the week
19:18:05 <mribeirodantas> good graphics/statistics +1
19:18:13 <croberts> +1 that is a good idea
19:18:40 <tatica> ok
19:18:47 <tatica> lets set the action then
19:18:51 <tatica> now
19:18:53 <tatica> about menu
19:18:55 <Mitzie> So edit the teams with some graphics instead? Or redirect to the wiki?
19:19:18 <tatica> if you guys like I could add a small secondary menu on the very top for the "corporative" links (aka, wiki, forums, ask fedora, badges, whatever...)
19:19:24 <mribeirodantas> Grapjhics + link to the wiki
19:19:57 <Mitzie> tatica sounds good. Something more general about the fedoraproject
19:20:03 <croberts> I have been working on going through the wiki and making sure the information for joining is correct
19:20:08 <croberts> for each team
19:20:42 <tatica> perfect
19:20:49 <Mitzie> good croberts.
19:20:59 <Mitzie> So tatica we should put it as action?
19:21:10 <tatica> sure
19:21:14 <tatica> but task by task
19:21:20 <Mitzie> your idea about the top menu?
19:21:26 <tatica> first, a unique join team page linking to each wiki one
19:21:38 <tatica> and the top menu if you want. Should be easy adding it
19:21:38 <Mitzie> yes, first things first
19:21:52 <tatica> if it gets too complicated I can add a sidebar and set the menu over there
19:21:56 <Mitzie> So I can edit the teams to redirect to their wiki pages
19:22:49 <Mitzie> Yes, the top menu is easy, but will it redirect or you will add some graphics?
19:23:36 <tatica> graphics to the join page, menu to the top only (just text)
19:24:08 <Mitzie> so what will the new-top menu will include?
19:24:13 <Mitzie> sounds good tatica :)
19:25:04 <croberts> Should we keep the Fedora quick tips?
19:25:07 <tatica> probably links to fp.org, wiki, planet, ask-fedora, badges, community, ...
19:25:32 <Mitzie> and the link to the join page?
19:25:49 <tatica> Mitzie, ujum, so we would remove it from the main menu?
19:25:54 <tatica> that could work
19:26:19 <Mitzie> what to remove from the main menu? (sorry confused)
19:26:30 <tatica> the join pages link
19:26:36 <tatica> s/join/team
19:26:38 <Mitzie> oh yes alright
19:27:37 <Mitzie> I can help you with that, just add the new manu as you imagine it and we can comunicate to finilazite it
19:27:52 <Mitzie> wow lot of typos
19:28:03 <mribeirodantas> !
19:28:21 <tatica> perfect!
19:28:34 <Mitzie> ok please add it as action
19:28:38 <croberts> for the Fedora Quick tips, maybe we could setup something where people submit tips and we pick a different one each week or day
19:28:47 <Mitzie> mribeirodantas set you up on the magazine
19:28:55 <Mitzie> yes mribeirodantas
19:29:00 <tatica> hey
19:29:20 <Mitzie> Actually I imagined it as a category
19:29:21 <tatica> have you guys though about "ask the editors" and "sign our guestbook"?
19:29:24 <mribeirodantas> Since we've talked about removing things and adding things (like the calendar), I think we should add legal notices at the footer of the page just like in fp.org
19:29:42 <tatica> true
19:29:49 <croberts> that is a good idea
19:29:52 <Mitzie> I added the terms of use at the bottom
19:30:04 <croberts> :mitzie what do you think about the quick tips?
19:30:16 <Mitzie> wait a minute croberts
19:30:29 <Mitzie> tatica what do you mean ask the editors?
19:30:38 <mribeirodantas> I'm not sure if that's enough. I hadn't seen the terms of use and I did look around the website for a while
19:30:46 <mribeirodantas> I think a legal notice is important.
19:31:06 <tatica> #action tatica will add a secondary menu to hold main community sites (wiki, fp.org, ask, badges, community, etc)
19:31:55 <Mitzie> And what do you think we should add on the legal notices? I think terms of use are enought
19:32:23 <mribeirodantas> Fedora is a registered mark of Red Hat bla bla bla
19:32:29 <mribeirodantas> Just like in fp.org. Look at the footer of the page
19:32:48 <tatica> #action teams page will be rewritten to be a main page that links to the official wiki links of each team and will be add to the secondary menu
19:33:09 <mribeirodantas> https://fedoraproject.org/en/ look down there. I think it's a VERY good footer message
19:33:14 <tatica> Mitzie, well, would be cute to have a monthly or yearly article with comments from people reading the magazine
19:33:20 <tatica> but that was a random idea :)
19:33:24 <mribeirodantas> There's a link explaining the relationship between Fedora and Red Hat, says it's a registered mark and everything else.
19:33:29 <tatica> so, will we go ahead with the legal notice?
19:33:58 <Mitzie> so the legal will redirect to the legal site as the fp.org?
19:34:04 <Mitzie> or add our own stuff?
19:34:10 <Mitzie> I think it should redirect
19:34:21 <mribeirodantas> :( I think you're not understanding
19:34:22 <Mitzie> first things first guys
19:34:28 <mribeirodantas> It's two messages with a link basically
19:34:45 <tatica> mribeirodantas, so, you want the same legal foot that is on fp.org? correct?
19:34:58 <Mitzie> same question with tatica
19:35:39 <Mitzie> croberts we will get to quick tips and the calendar
19:35:47 <tatica> I think I did understand, you mean the fp.org footer to be add to the magazine, should not be a problem
19:35:59 <Mitzie> yes, that would be a good idea
19:36:08 <Mitzie> and easy
19:36:11 <mribeirodantas> tatica: yes
19:36:18 <tatica> mribeirodantas, is that what you mean?
19:36:21 <mribeirodantas> tatica: exactly
19:36:22 <mribeirodantas> Yes
19:36:22 <mribeirodantas> :)
19:36:27 <Mitzie> #action mitzie add the legal notices to the magazine
19:36:27 <tatica> perfect
19:36:43 <Mitzie> so croberts was saying something
19:37:26 <Mitzie> yes croberts
19:37:34 <croberts> The quick tips on the top menu, what is the best way for us to handle that, I was talking to tatica at Flock and it would be cool if we had a way users could submit tips and we post them there
19:38:14 <tatica> hmmm
19:38:19 <Mitzie> OK, but how to submit tips? they need to be authors. I was thinging it more like a category
19:38:36 <mribeirodantas> They could suvbmit to an e-mail maybe?
19:38:54 <Mitzie> on the mailing list? Yes, that is possible..
19:39:09 <croberts> we could get a mailing list for the magazine
19:39:17 <Mitzie> or to an e-mail would be better, not to spam the marketing
19:39:18 <mribeirodantas> croberts: ++
19:39:38 <Mitzie> croberts +1000 I was going to discuss that
19:39:44 <Mitzie> so about the tips
19:39:45 <tatica> there is a website that has some DIY stuff and people has a nice way to submit them
19:40:10 <Mitzie> but it will still be a category
19:40:11 <mribeirodantas> We could also get top voted answers in ASK Fedora to the Fedora Magazine Tips
19:40:16 <tatica> Mitzie, true
19:40:24 <tatica> what was the idea of that link in the first place?
19:40:42 <Mitzie> don't know didn't add it my self..
19:41:23 <Mitzie> So an editor could transfer questions from ask.fp in the magazine opinions?
19:41:36 <Mitzie> an editor on the magazine I mean
19:41:49 <tatica> only if there is a widget or something... because doing that manually will be a pain
19:41:57 <mribeirodantas> Yes. We could get the top voted answer eveyr week and publish it
19:42:01 <croberts> I was hoping it could be a spot where we could take small tips from the community and post them there, to make a users experience better.
19:42:24 <Mitzie> We can actually do both
19:43:13 <Mitzie> I could rename the wuick tips to technical support and as a subcategory add answers and tips I guess
19:43:34 <Mitzie> tatica true. Any ideas?
19:43:41 <tatica> well, that would be better to keep on ask-fedora
19:43:53 <tatica> what I wouldn't like to see is that we are putting effort into 2 similar things
19:44:00 <tatica> so I would rather to push the support at ask
19:44:09 <Mitzie> +1 tatica. Would be a pain for us
19:44:21 <croberts> that is a good point
19:44:22 <tatica> and probably, if we want some interactions, let people send questions to the editors... like the regulars magazines have
19:44:54 <mribeirodantas> Hm.. yeah. It makes sense.
19:45:26 <Mitzie> yes tatica
19:45:41 <croberts> +1 tatica
19:45:47 <Mitzie> send questions or send tips for us to post?
19:45:57 <tatica> ujum
19:46:06 <tatica> like "the reader of the week"
19:46:09 <tatica> or stuff like that
19:46:59 <Mitzie> I was imaging it like tip of the week? What do you mean reader of the week?
19:47:38 <tatica> but again, we could retrieve tips and that from ask-fedora
19:47:47 <tatica> if they have a voting range we could work together
19:48:27 <tatica> ok
19:48:31 <tatica> now about news
19:48:37 <tatica> how's that going?
19:48:39 <Mitzie> Copy pasting tips would be difficult for us
19:48:41 <tatica> is everything good?
19:48:55 <tatica> working on schedule? having good categories?
19:49:26 <mribeirodantas> There is a voting range
19:49:39 <mribeirodantas> You can vote up answers. They get better placed and so on in the answer list
19:50:06 <Mitzie> on ask.fp?
19:50:14 <tatica> guys, need to leave you
19:50:24 <tatica> but i anything else I can do, please, just assign the actions :)
19:50:30 <Mitzie> sorry to hear about it
19:50:46 <Mitzie> don't worry
19:50:46 <tatica> car battery is dead and they are taking me... so I need that ride!
19:50:49 <tatica> hugs!
19:51:14 <Mitzie> see you on the next meeting
19:51:22 <croberts> take care tatica
19:51:54 <Mitzie> So dantas, We could use the top voted answers to add them in the magazine
19:51:56 <Mitzie> ?
19:52:27 <mribeirodantas> Yes, I think so.
19:52:42 <Mitzie> That would be ok. Would you like to start it?
19:52:46 <mribeirodantas> and sorry, answering your question, they1're voted in ask.fp
19:52:57 <Mitzie> yes, I understood
19:52:58 <mribeirodantas> well, I can try :). I will talk to FranciscoD, he seems to be the king there. Answers everything
19:53:03 <mribeirodantas> he should be the head of it or sometihng
19:53:25 <Mitzie> ok then, I will put it as an action
19:53:26 <mribeirodantas> Let me gather more information about this, if we can get the top voted answers (I think so)
19:53:30 <mribeirodantas> K
19:53:32 <mribeirodantas> _o>
19:53:44 <croberts> Before we run out of time, I would like to discuss the mailing list. I can have Kevin (nirik) setup a mailing list for the Magazine
19:54:28 <Mitzie> #action mribeirodantas to start top voted answers section
19:54:44 <Mitzie> Yes croberts. I think you have to send a request to infrastructure
19:55:00 <Mitzie> for a mailing list to be created
19:55:29 <croberts> ok I will do that
19:55:43 <threebean> croberts: https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/
19:56:11 <Mitzie> that would be very nice to have a mailing list on our own
19:56:19 <Mitzie> +1000 for me
19:56:49 <mribeirodantas> :)
19:56:58 <croberts> #action croberts have infrastructure create a mailing list for the magazine
19:57:24 <Mitzie> Anything else you would liek to cover guys?
19:58:09 <Mitzie> So should I edit the fedora quick tips to fedora answers or something dantas?
19:58:33 <mribeirodantas> I think the name is ok
19:58:46 <mribeirodantas> After all, we may have to edit or add some info to the answer in order to turn into a tip
19:59:52 <Mitzie> ok, I will fix it to be enabled and show results when someone posts under the category Quick tips?
19:59:59 <croberts> Mitzie what is your .fas address
20:00:12 <Mitzie> because now it gives # (back to top)
20:00:19 <Mitzie> .fas mitzie
20:00:20 <zodbot> Mitzie: mitzie 'Zacharias Mitzelos' <mitzie@outlook.com>
20:01:05 <mribeirodantas> Mitzie: that too
20:01:05 <mribeirodantas> :)
20:01:11 <Mitzie> ok
20:01:30 <Mitzie> #action mitzie enable wuick tips link
20:01:39 <Mitzie> About the calendar now
20:02:08 <mribeirodantas> I think it should be based in the wiki page Events
20:02:37 <Mitzie> I thought like adding a widget (either on the sidebar or in a link on a page on the main menu) so we can add fedora events
20:03:16 <mribeirodantas> Events with participation of Fedora collaborators must be added in the wiki Event pages
20:03:18 <Mitzie> Good idea, but there are tons of events there (And in my opinion, some of them are irrelevant)
20:03:22 <mribeirodantas> so why doing it twice?
20:03:44 <mribeirodantas> tons of events are less than 10 a month, I think, which after all.. are not a lot
20:03:58 <Mitzie> I agree, but it would be easier, as It would display a calendar and not a list
20:04:14 <Mitzie> and not just link to events page
20:04:29 <mribeirodantas> Yeah, I said based. Not to copy paste a list
20:04:48 <mribeirodantas> but develop something to print out the calendar based on the entries of Fedora Events (fp.org/wiki/Events)
20:04:54 <Mitzie> Sorry I didn't understand
20:05:12 <Mitzie> Yeah, so I imagined a widget on the sidebar
20:05:28 <Mitzie> Ok, I can research into that
20:05:38 <mribeirodantas> great
20:06:11 <Mitzie> #action mitzie research calendar and report back next meeting
20:06:21 <Mitzie> Also (reffering to the guys who approve comments) please be carefull when approving commants. Although most of them are spams, there are some comments that say eg. "Good Article" or "I received 4 mails about the comment I wrote" etc. Before approving, check if the user has set a url. Most likely they set a url to an advert site
20:07:24 <Mitzie> Anything else we should cover?
20:07:30 <Mitzie> (in the magazine)
20:08:17 <croberts> I created the ticket for the mailing lists so we should have that soon
20:08:35 <Mitzie> great! Keep us updated on the marketing mailing list
20:08:46 <croberts> Will do!
20:08:54 <Mitzie> Fedora Marketing Meeting 19/8/13 --Open Floor
20:09:40 <Mitzie> So the meeting took a bit longer but we covered some essential things about the magazine
20:10:15 <Mitzie> Anything would like to say something on the open floor?
20:10:37 <croberts> I think we have a better understanding of where to go with the magazine now
20:10:38 <Mitzie> *anyone Sorry guys
20:10:55 <Mitzie> Yes, cause it was a bit outdated
20:11:06 <Mitzie> a few weeks back
20:11:26 <croberts> its good also to get everyone on the same page and direction too
20:11:30 <Mitzie> Although we would like more contributors to contribute by writing posts
20:12:07 <Mitzie> Yes, I imagine the magazine in a few months to be a very good news portal for fedora
20:12:43 <croberts> That would be nice to get some more contributors I will add that to the wiki page Ruth gave me to work on
20:12:55 <croberts> for the getting involved guide
20:14:01 <Mitzie> Yeah we  didn't discuss about it, but I would agree with tatica on that, We have join page, so why should we update GIG?
20:14:12 <Mitzie> Will say that on the next meeting
20:14:46 <croberts> I just think the wiki should have info as well so if one person is in the wiki then they can read how to contribute from within the wiki
20:15:19 <mribeirodantas> yeah
20:15:20 <croberts> and not have to hop between different websites, and since the team join pages are in the wiki it seems like a good place for the page
20:15:26 <mribeirodantas> I think the wiki is the best place for this sort of information
20:15:32 <croberts> Yes I agree
20:16:01 <mribeirodantas> Still not going off this theme, I'm a bit unsure of what I should write in Fedora Magazine
20:16:05 <Mitzie> actually join page have nice graphics, have categorized objectives that people can do (etc OS developer, Translation, People Person)
20:16:15 <mribeirodantas> I like to write and I have even written a few things. But I'm curious about what should I write, or if I hav to show to anyone before and so on
20:16:37 <Mitzie> We will discuss it further on the next meeting, where ruth will show up
20:17:09 <croberts> That sounds good
20:17:16 <Mitzie> You are an editor, You can publish your posts right away (doesn't require moderation)
20:17:33 <Mitzie> I am not sure what you are saying here
20:18:10 <mribeirodantas> Mitzie: I will show you three examples. I think it will cover most of my doubts
20:18:41 <mribeirodantas> a) Can I post an article about free software activism? Or something related to what's free software, or free software licenses, and so on?
20:19:30 <Mitzie> Maybe we should only contain  articles about fedora. In the beggining, fedora magazine replaced fedora weekly news
20:20:39 <mribeirodantas> b) Can I post my opinion about Fedora Project? Or what's Fedora is good for, or what's Fedora Four Foundations, and these things?
20:20:51 <mribeirodantas> Or how can I do X or y in Fedora?
20:21:03 <mribeirodantas> I'm a bit curious on how far I can go from Fedora Fedora.. Not sure if I'm being clear enough.
20:21:32 <Mitzie> Yes definitely! The 4 fedora foundation should be great to exist on the magazine
20:21:44 <Mitzie> Don't worry I understand
20:21:46 <mribeirodantas> How big should be the article?
20:22:33 <Mitzie> Actually there is not limit; although It would be good to cover all the things you are talking about. Not sure If you understand me
20:22:41 <mribeirodantas> Yes, I am.
20:22:51 <mribeirodantas> http://mribeirodantas.github.io/readings.html
20:23:03 <Mitzie> About how far can you go with the magazine
20:23:17 <mribeirodantas> I could rewrite my draft about FPCA (I posted it in Fedora Planet) and publish it in Fedora Magazine
20:23:19 <mribeirodantas> What do you think?
20:23:37 <mribeirodantas> http://mribeirodantas.github.io/WhyFPCADoesNoHarm.html
20:24:24 <Mitzie> Everything fedora related is highly acceptable on the magazine
20:24:33 <mribeirodantas> Great.
20:24:57 <mribeirodantas> I'm really sorry but I will have to leave now. Timezone kills me some times ehehe
20:25:26 <Mitzie> But about Open Source in a more general way I am not quite sure If articles like these should be in the magazine
20:25:38 <Mitzie> I think the magazine more like a portal news to fedora
20:25:52 <Mitzie> Ok mribeirodantas
20:26:01 <mribeirodantas> I see, I got it. Thank you for making it clear :)
20:26:04 <Mitzie> We can discuss it furhter on the next meeting
20:26:08 <mribeirodantas> It was a pleasure to join you guys this afternoon
20:26:22 <Mitzie> Nice to meet you too, good luck with the magazine
20:26:26 <mribeirodantas> Thank you
20:26:36 <mribeirodantas> nice to meet you too and the others that I hadn't spoken to yet :)
20:26:45 <Mitzie> So are everything covered?
20:26:58 <croberts> I think so for this meeting
20:27:06 <Mitzie> yeah me too :P
20:27:14 <croberts> I will let you know when I hear back on the ticket and cc Ruth
20:27:18 <Mitzie> wow misunderstood
20:27:30 <Mitzie> sorry I read far
20:28:12 <Mitzie> Please do!
20:28:53 <Mitzie> See you everyone on the next meeting
20:29:00 <Mitzie> #endmeeting