13:31:04 <randomuser`> #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_Project_meetings
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13:31:04 <randomuser`> #meetingname Fedora Docs
13:31:05 <randomuser`> #topic Roll Call
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13:31:09 * randomuser` facepalms
13:31:17 <pbokoc> :))
13:31:27 * jjmcd 
13:32:20 <Croberts> im here
13:34:06 <jfenal> I'm here
13:34:20 <randomuser`> hey, jfenal
13:34:27 <ns0693> I am here
13:34:28 <jfenal> heya randomuser`
13:34:45 <randomuser`> pbokoc, is jhradile joining?
13:35:19 <pbokoc> randomuser`, I dunno, he's not here at the moment. I think he's on a conference call that took longer than he anticipated...
13:35:25 <randomuser`> ah, ok
13:35:31 <pbokoc> he's probably going to run here in a few minutes
13:35:40 <randomuser`> I suspect jfenal has questions for him :)
13:36:07 <randomuser`> #topic Follow up on last week's action items
13:36:54 <randomuser`> I've got things mostly ready to start writing beats. Expect an announcement soon, and I really should start this bugs for changes thing soon
13:37:06 <randomuser`> Croberts, you were playing in the wiki?
13:37:42 <Croberts> Yes I was, I have cleaned up the meeting notes page and have been working on some pages that were in the need love catgory
13:37:57 <Croberts> the previous meeting notes look nice now, in a table format
13:38:15 <randomuser`> cool
13:38:46 <randomuser`> thanks, Croberts
13:38:54 <Croberts> No problem. there is one page that i do need some info on to update it
13:39:08 <randomuser`> #topic Release Notes / Changes
13:39:20 <randomuser`> #info Beats are cleared on the wiki
13:40:08 <randomuser`> i also tried to push a form of the "developer appeal for communication with the docs team" out as rawhide RNs, but no go yet
13:40:49 * lnovich is here sorry I am late
13:40:58 <randomuser`> welcome, lnovich
13:41:26 <lnovich> thanks
13:41:53 <randomuser`> for the most part, the discussions on the Accepted changes are complete; so we could write those up and be done with them for the RNs
13:42:06 <randomuser`> hmm
13:42:26 <randomuser`> jreznik, I think I'll do a tracker bug too
13:43:03 <randomuser`> anyone have comments on Changes/RNs ? I'm just going over the SOP, again, since it is new
13:43:35 <lnovich> nothing from me
13:43:48 <Croberts> randomuser: nothing from eme
13:43:55 <Croberts> me*
13:44:29 <randomuser`> okay, we'll move on then
13:44:40 <randomuser`> #topic Guide Status
13:45:18 <jfenal> I have a question about the System Admin Guide
13:45:18 <jfenal> and its status
13:45:27 <randomuser`> i saw gomix has been working on the software administration guide, that's neat
13:45:43 <pbokoc> jfenal, that's a question for Jarek Hradilek (jhradilek), who unfortunately isn't here right now
13:46:01 <jfenal> pbokoc: thx
13:46:58 <pbokoc> jfenal, I'll tell him to contact you when he gets back
13:47:00 <randomuser`> jfenal, he does usually join, and is usually in #fedora-docs if not here today
13:47:10 <jfenal> tried to ping him internally
13:48:22 <randomuser`> so, any other guides to discuss?
13:48:31 <jfenal> the new virt guide ?
13:48:53 <lnovich> which one?
13:48:57 <randomuser`> jfenal, i can only offer hearsay, but I think they are going to zanata with it
13:49:11 <jfenal> good question, just came back from vacation, let me find out
13:49:14 <randomuser`> oh, lnovich is here :)
13:49:19 <lnovich> yes i am here
13:50:04 <lnovich> what's the question jfeal?
13:50:09 <jfenal> the
13:50:10 <jfenal> Fedora Virt Deployment and Admin Guide
13:50:22 <lnovich> i mean jfenal
13:50:29 <lnovich> what question do you have?
13:50:43 <jfenal> randomuser` mentioned it was only in its early infancy when I set it up on Transifex
13:50:52 <lnovich> yes it is
13:51:06 <jfenal> do we have a target for release?
13:51:14 <lnovich> by the time F20 rolls out it should be more mature
13:51:18 <jfenal> ok
13:51:24 <lnovich> i hope
13:51:33 <jfenal> I need to automate updates to transifex, then
13:51:48 <jfenal> so translators have mostly up to date strings to translate
13:51:51 <lnovich> do you need anything from me?
13:52:05 <lnovich> this guide is a merger of 2 existing guides
13:52:12 <jfenal> lnovich: thx, I should be fine
13:52:13 <lnovich> so the strings may very well be there
13:52:40 <randomuser`> lnovich, the previous guides, as far as i can tell, were never set up on either tx or zanata
13:52:41 <jfenal> hmm, if we have a way to push translations from previous guide, then yes
13:52:54 <randomuser`> unless they are on rh internal platforms
13:52:57 <lnovich> i will ask
13:53:12 <jfenal> which were the guides merged into that one?
13:53:21 <lnovich> the virt. administration guide
13:53:28 <lnovich> and the virt. deployment guide
13:53:29 <jfenal> ok, that one was on Tx
13:53:53 <lnovich> which one is missing?
13:54:02 <jfenal> deployment guide, I guess
13:54:03 <randomuser`> jfenal, have you skimmed this guide? there are a lot of seams from the merge, I would suggest holding off on translation
13:54:27 <jfenal> randomuser`: anyway, nobody's translating it anyway
13:54:32 <jfenal> ;)
13:54:43 <ns0693> Well, I am new here and this is my first fedora-docs meeting, I am trying to understand what is going on :D
13:54:49 <lnovich> like i said - i was pressured to get this one up early, so i wasn't thrilled about putting something out there when it is not ready
13:54:57 <Croberts> ns0693: Welcome :)
13:55:00 <lnovich> hello newbie!
13:55:09 <jfenal> lnovich: 4 words : release often, release early
13:55:13 <lnovich> introduce yourself
13:55:22 <ns0693> Croberts : Thanks :)
13:55:22 <jfenal> ns0693: welcome from Paris
13:55:36 <lnovich> well if early means half baked - it doesn't make me happy
13:55:55 <lnovich> Paris! nice!
13:56:13 <jfenal> sure, we should mention it is a work in progress
13:56:28 <lnovich> a very slow work in progress unfortunately
13:56:32 <ns0693> Inovich : I am Navneet Singh, an under-graduating, IIIrd Year Computer Science Engineering student @JIET, Jodhpur, INDIA
13:56:32 <jfenal> and maybe list of tasks and gotchas to expect (or a link to the BZ)
13:56:35 <lnovich> so be patient
13:56:45 <jfenal> lnovich: sure, I am
13:56:46 <jfenal> ;)
13:56:49 <Croberts> randomuser: when I upload what I have converted from text to xml format can you look at it and spot check it
13:57:27 <jfenal> lnovich: to you have a Tx pseudo?
13:57:32 <ns0693> Currently, I am applicant for fedora ambassadors and i have been fixing few documentation bugs since Feb, 2013
13:57:34 <lnovich> welcome Navneet!
13:57:36 <randomuser`> Croberts, sounds good
13:57:47 <ns0693> jfenal : Thanks from INDIA :D
13:57:58 <lnovich> jfenal ? as in pseudonym?
13:58:24 <jfenal> lnovich: right, I had already sent you an invitation as a maintainer for this guide
13:58:29 <ns0693> Inovich : Thank you :)
13:58:39 <lnovich> yes
13:58:42 <jfenal> lnovich: yes, as in pseudonym or username
13:58:46 <lnovich> i thought i accepted
13:58:51 <jfenal> nope, not yet ;)
13:58:58 <lnovich> please send again then
13:59:06 <lnovich> i get 300 emails a day
13:59:15 <jfenal> lnovich: done
13:59:15 <lnovich> sometimes the filters don't work well
13:59:27 <jfenal> lnovich: we all have the same issue ;)
13:59:30 <lnovich> thanks
14:00:16 <lnovich> how can we help you Navneet?
14:01:27 <randomuser`> lnovich, i can probably keep working up patches for you if they are helping
14:01:39 <lnovich> ns0693  feel free to ping me off line or in #fedora-docs if you have questions
14:02:03 <lnovich> i honestly have not had time to look at them yet randomuser
14:02:16 * jhradilek sneaks in.
14:02:18 <randomuser`> fair enough
14:02:42 <lnovich> and to be more honest I won't be looking at it until the beginning of Sept
14:02:56 <randomuser`> ok
14:03:02 <randomuser`> i'll work on something else then
14:03:10 <ns0693> Inovich : Thanks, I was thinking the same. As the meeting should go on as per agenda and my questions could distract it :)
14:03:34 <lnovich> but come september I will be very much into that release and will look forward to any input
14:04:35 <lnovich> sure ns0693 any time - I am in Israel so I am around for many hours of your day
14:05:44 <ns0693> Inovich : Perfect.
14:05:47 <lnovich> ok rather then deviate more from the adgenda - the Virt deployment and Admin guide is in progress - very slowly
14:05:55 <randomuser`> :)
14:05:59 <jfenal> lnovich: ok
14:06:00 <lnovich> and i suggest we move on to another topic
14:06:17 <randomuser`> jhradilek, jfenal is trying to keep up with the translations to the sysadmin guide?
14:06:26 <jfenal> back to system admin guide: can we expect an update to Tx resources?
14:07:02 <lnovich> who is the author of that guide?
14:07:18 <jhradilek> <--
14:07:24 <jhradilek> jfenal: Which version?
14:07:34 <jfenal> the lastest one
14:07:46 <jhradilek> I can update the f18 branch today. The f19 branch does not exist yet.
14:07:57 <jfenal> We have currently a French translator who working hardly to get it translated into French
14:08:01 <jhradilek> We are still working on thee F19 version.
14:08:10 <jhradilek> *the
14:08:16 <jfenal> however, it seems that it is (totally?) outdated on Transifex
14:08:31 <jfenal> dating back from F17 at least
14:08:38 <jfenal> (before systemd)
14:08:39 <jhradilek> I'll update it to the latest available version.
14:08:44 <jfenal> jhradilek: thanks
14:08:51 <ns0693> jfenal : I am currently working on fedora system-administrators-guide, and found that some of images are not updated according to latest GNOME version
14:08:55 <randomuser`> jhradilek, btw, `yum install create-tx-configuration`
14:09:45 <jhradilek> randomuser`: Is that available in Fedora 17?
14:10:01 <randomuser`> ehh... maybe?
14:10:02 <jfenal> jhradilek: https://gitorious.org/create-tx-configuration
14:10:16 <randomuser`> jhradilek, F17 is EOL, surely you've upgraded by now :)
14:10:26 <jfenal> ha ha ;)
14:10:31 <jhradilek> :)
14:10:38 <randomuser`> no, it is not
14:10:39 <jhradilek> I have it on my TODO list. :)
14:10:42 <pbokoc> heheh
14:10:50 <jhradilek> And I don't believe it is EOL just yet.
14:11:02 <handsome_pirate> It
14:11:02 <jfenal> hmm, I would'nt bet on it
14:11:03 <handsome_pirate> is
14:11:08 <randomuser`> no, it is
14:11:11 <pbokoc> it's been for 5 days now
14:11:15 <handsome_pirate> @f17eol
14:11:24 <randomuser`> jhradilek, in the meantime, https://gitorious.org/create-tx-configuration
14:11:27 <handsome_pirate> fedbot knows all
14:11:28 <Croberts> are we doing anything with f14 release notes, I came acrross a bug that was filled about a word spelled wrong
14:11:42 <randomuser`> Croberts, no, probably not
14:12:01 <Croberts> randomuser: can i close the bug?
14:12:03 <randomuser`> WONTFIX it, we don't have the cycles to be pushing around years-dead bits
14:12:17 <Croberts> ok
14:12:50 <randomuser`> I try and be appreciative to the reported even while doing that, though
14:12:54 <randomuser`> *reporter
14:13:20 <randomuser`> let's get on to bugs, then, running out of time
14:13:26 <randomuser`> #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
14:13:31 <randomuser`> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:14:08 <randomuser`> anyone have bugs they need help with?
14:15:28 <randomuser`> here's one
14:15:37 <Croberts> just that one i mentioned, I closed it with WONTFIX
14:15:40 <randomuser`> pbokoc, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=627417
14:16:03 <randomuser`> pbokoc, is this inherited, or are you planning to rewrite the landing page for docs.fp.o ?
14:16:19 <ns0693> randomuser : https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=904083, Should I close it ?
14:16:35 <pbokoc> randomuser`, I inherited this from Rudi, and I think it was assigned to me by mistake.
14:16:55 <nb> hi
14:17:18 <randomuser`> ns0693, I don't have any insight there. Perhaps mail the list and cc the guide owner
14:17:22 <randomuser`> nb, hi!
14:17:29 <pbokoc> randomuser`, All of Jack Reed's bugs were assigned to Rudi when Jack's account got closed, and then he reassigned all Fedora bugs to me - including this one. I'll ping him about it, I'm not sure what to do with it. It's pretty old, too.
14:17:40 <randomuser`> yeah
14:18:00 <randomuser`> pbokoc, an idea: mail the list asking if anyone wants to take it up, and close it if not?
14:18:27 <pbokoc> randomuser`, yeah, that'll probably work better. I'll do that.
14:18:29 <jfenal> randomuser`: and close it on Tx as well, people continue to translate it as well
14:18:48 <randomuser`> jfenal, the storage guide?
14:18:49 <jfenal> and ideally, archive translations somewhere, and remove it from Tx
14:18:51 <jfenal> yes
14:18:55 <jfenal> the storage guide
14:19:01 <randomuser`> okay
14:19:01 <lnovich> storage admin is a big issue would be sad if it were dropped
14:19:14 <jfenal> lnovich: I totally agree with you
14:19:16 <randomuser`> lnovich, +1
14:19:35 <jfenal> and storage tech usually does not get dropped
14:19:40 <randomuser`> #action pbokoc to mail list re: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=627417
14:19:55 <jfenal> or slowly, so the guide is mostly relevant, but needs love to get newer tech in it
14:20:00 <randomuser`> #action randomuser to close resources on tx for storage guide, for now
14:20:24 <randomuser`> hm
14:20:37 <randomuser`> #action to add 'update cloud guide' to new contributors wiki page
14:20:42 <randomuser`> #undo
14:20:42 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x258092d0>
14:20:52 <randomuser`> #action randomuser to add 'update cloud guide' to new contributors wiki page
14:21:33 <jfenal> quick question about Cloud: what is the current license on CloudForms2 documentations?
14:22:15 <jfenal> I know that code opening is in progress, could the first step be the documentation?
14:22:44 <randomuser`> this, uh, might not be the right meeting for that question, jfenal
14:22:55 <jfenal> yeah, not Fedora related
14:23:03 <jfenal> sorry for the noise
14:23:39 <randomuser`> np
14:24:24 <randomuser`> #topic Open Floor
14:25:02 <pbokoc> randomuser`, last week you asked me about the Install Guide's translation files
14:25:12 <randomuser`> pbokoc, sounds familiar
14:25:35 <pbokoc> I'm working on it right now; the POTs are available, but I'm trying to find a way to reuse existing translations from previous releases
14:25:43 <jfenal> the ones on Zanata?
14:25:57 <pbokoc> jfenal, yep
14:26:00 <randomuser`> i was really hoping zanata did that for you :(
14:26:10 <jfenal> going back to Tx ?
14:27:14 <pbokoc> randomuser`, it doesn't seem like it does. I mean, when I open a file, the system gives me some suggestions based on similarities with previous versions, but I'd have to go through all of it and manually select that "yes, this is the same as the last version"
14:27:20 <pbokoc> even if it's a 100% match
14:27:29 <pbokoc> I'm hoping there's a way to just do that automatically
14:27:34 <randomuser`> damn, that's awful
14:27:59 <randomuser`> pbokoc, some of the people in #fedora-docs are zanata people, you might appeal for help
14:27:59 <pbokoc> anyway, I'm going to ask around on Zanata's mailing list, maybe I'm just blind or something
14:28:16 <randomuser`> that seems like an absurd feature to leave out with a guide of that volume
14:29:03 <randomuser`> final bell soon
14:29:08 <pbokoc> the problem is that everyone I know who uses Zanata is in Australia and that causes some pretty big problems regarding timezones - it's literally the other side of the world for me, I'd have to get up very early to catch someone online :)
14:29:40 <randomuser`> true
14:29:44 <randomuser`> ding!
14:29:45 <jfenal> pbokoc: don't go to bed, then ;)
14:30:00 <randomuser`> #endmeeting