19:39:02 <threebean> #startmeeting badges
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19:39:08 * nirik waves
19:39:12 <threebean> #chair nirik threebean
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19:39:19 <threebean> #topic rollcall
19:39:37 <threebean> anybody around who'd like to talk about Fedora Badges?  We'd been talking about doing a brainstorming session around now..
19:39:48 * nirik is here.
19:40:08 <threebean> I'll wait a few for anyone to pop in.  the meeting slot kind've snuck up on us.
19:40:51 <nirik> yeah
19:41:34 <threebean> #topic ideas!
19:41:46 <threebean> nirik: well.. :)  any fresh ideas?
19:42:00 <nirik> well, how about we look at what we have now first...
19:42:08 <nirik> where's the list? ;)
19:42:39 <threebean> here's what we have implemented so far http://infrastructure.fedoraproject.org/infra/badges/rules/
19:43:39 <threebean> we were originally working off of this list, but I'm not sure how up-to-date it is with whats implemented https://github.com/oddshocks/badges/blob/master/docs/badges.rst
19:44:11 <nirik> yeah, there's several approaches we could take...
19:44:39 <nirik> look at all our existing fedmsg's and see what makes sense to award based on, or look at what needs to be further fedmsg enabled in order to award.
19:44:57 * threebean ndos
19:44:59 * threebean nods
19:45:18 <threebean> there are lots of requests for bugzilla badges
19:45:40 <threebean> submitting review requests, passing review requests, doing reviews, opening bugs, closing bugs
19:45:53 <nirik> yeah. ;(
19:46:31 <threebean> yeah.. we just know there's a gulf between here and being able to pull those off.  so, I guess we can only set them aside for now.
19:46:39 <nirik> yeah.
19:46:56 <nirik> we should talk at flock about our path forward there.
19:47:05 <threebean> agreed.  big project.
19:47:45 <threebean> well, outside of that.. toshio asked for a custom badge this afternoon
19:47:47 <nirik> did we figure out the irc nick -> fas id mapping?
19:48:04 <threebean> oh, we did
19:48:18 <nirik> excellent.
19:48:20 <threebean> its still hogging memory on value03.  if we could bump memory there, that would be awesome.
19:48:29 <nirik> probibly can.
19:49:01 <nirik> lets see... any sense in badges for trac stuff? fesco tickets or releng or the like? or are those too specific really?
19:49:11 <threebean> I say the more the merrier :)
19:49:17 <threebean> fedora-web in particular, that would be a good one
19:49:40 <nirik> yeah
19:49:41 <threebean> stuff that rewards people outside the packager/infra crew would be a win imo.
19:50:05 <threebean> I have fedmsg hooks lined up and ready for mailman3 whenever that gets closer to deployment for us.
19:50:22 <threebean> and lots of badges can be cooked up for that.  people were joking about it in #fedora-devel the other day.
19:50:45 <nirik> re: mailman3, yeah, I want to also discuss at flock migration to it.
19:51:25 <threebean> cool.  :)
19:51:45 <threebean> seems like a lower hanging fruit, maybe.
19:51:48 <nirik> I'm not thinking of too much else low lying that we can do right now.
19:51:54 * threebean nods
19:52:08 <nirik> some hosted git commits? like commited to comps?
19:52:08 <threebean> toshio's request for a custom one-time-awarded badge for https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/1077#comment:12 is pretty cool
19:52:28 <nirik> I like that. Reward in some way those folks...
19:52:38 <threebean> any other things like that you can think of?
19:52:52 <threebean> something for which we could one-time collect a list of fas names and write a quick script to award them all a special badge.
19:53:18 <threebean> we could make an "infra-team" badge.. just so we feel special.  :)
19:53:24 <nirik> I think there's some cases like that fesco might want..
19:53:28 <threebean> and a "badges-dev" if you have commits anywhere in the badges stack.
19:53:39 <nirik> like 'did the boost mass rebuild' 'did the perl mass rebuild' or something.
19:53:45 <threebean> yeah :)
19:54:18 <threebean> we should.. let them know somehow that they can request things like that.
19:55:55 <nirik> or I guess it should be tied to the release?
19:56:01 <nirik> so we could have further ones later?
19:56:08 <threebean> so f20-specific badges for those?
19:56:25 <nirik> yeah.
19:56:34 <threebean> yeah, cool.
19:57:00 <nirik> so, another idea, which I am not sure how we implement:
19:57:09 <threebean> sure, sure.
19:57:14 <nirik> badge for 'I got a fedora 20 change accepted'
19:57:20 <threebean> oo
19:57:23 <nirik> and/or submitted a
19:57:39 <nirik> we can't depend on wiki messages really. I guess it would have to be a completed list.
19:58:22 <threebean> yeah, I guess we don't do that automatically, but we have a script laying around that an admin runs after that list has been determined for each release.
19:58:33 <threebean> much in the same way toshio's devendorization badge will work.
19:58:43 <nirik> yeah.
19:58:49 <threebean> +1
19:59:13 <threebean> #idea admin-script for batch awarding one-off badges
19:59:21 <threebean> #idea badge - "I got a fedora 20 change accepted"
19:59:37 <threebean> #idea badge - "devendorizer - https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/1077#comment:12"
19:59:43 <nirik> can we do something based on times? like... 'been a fas user/contributor for a year, 5 years, etc' or 'your first X was a year ago, etc'
19:59:57 * threebean nods
20:00:06 <threebean> pretty easy :)
20:00:07 <nirik> ie, you do a build and if it's a year after the first one, you get a 1st year builder badge
20:00:29 <threebean> we can only go back to the beginning of the datanommer data without starting to bend over backwards.. but yeah.
20:00:42 <nirik> sure, yeah.
20:00:49 <nirik> it would be moving forward I expect
20:01:43 <threebean> "been building packages for over 1 year"  "for over 5 years"
20:01:49 <nirik> yeah.
20:02:01 <threebean> #idea badge time-based.. "been building packages for over 1 year"  "for over 5 years"
20:02:27 <threebean> oh!
20:02:43 <threebean> #idea badge bodhi multi-package update badge.  awarded if you submit an update with multiple packages.
20:02:55 <nirik> nice one. yes.
20:03:31 <threebean> the icon should be a horse and cart full of cabbages.  ;p
20:04:05 <nirik> ha ha
20:04:39 <threebean> we could do lots more fas badges like we do now for certificate and gpg key
20:04:42 <nirik> so, once a badge exists and has been issued, it's around forever right?
20:04:50 * threebean nods
20:04:54 <nirik> or we can stop offering it, but people who have it still have it?
20:05:00 <threebean> they're revocable.. but yeah.
20:05:07 <nirik> we should do one for security questions.
20:05:08 <threebean> revokable(sp?)
20:05:19 <threebean> #idea fas badge for security questions
20:05:20 <nirik> added/changed security questions on fas account
20:05:27 <threebean> #undo
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20:05:32 <threebean> #idea fas badge for security questions on fas account
20:05:52 <threebean> we also currently do nothing pkgdb related with badges
20:06:30 <nirik> oh, thats a good one then too... on add acls, take owner, or orphan at least
20:06:36 <threebean> http://www.fedmsg.com/en/latest/topics/#pkgdb
20:06:53 <threebean> #idea pkgdb badges for acls, taking ownership, orphaning
20:07:21 <nirik> yeah, we could do those anytime I would guess
20:07:38 * relrod here late, sorry...
20:07:52 <threebean> if we had a better generic fedmsg hook for ansible.. we could award a badge for your first playbook run.
20:07:59 <threebean> "starfleet commander" or something..
20:08:14 <threebean> relrod: hi :)
20:08:23 <nirik> yeah, we should improve that.
20:08:47 <threebean> nirik: it works now.. but we have to actually add it to every playbook by hand.  Seems tedious.
20:09:05 <nirik> yeah, we can possibly come up with a better way
20:09:07 <threebean> a hook that automatically ran at the start and end of every playbook run with some summary metadata would be ideal imo.
20:09:22 * threebean will think on it
20:09:26 <nirik> probibly a callback_plugin might work.
20:09:31 <nirik> we have one for logging already
20:09:35 <threebean> oo
20:09:37 * threebean makes a note
20:10:32 <threebean> relrod: we're just brainstorming/shooting out ideas.
20:11:15 <relrod> threebean: I'm not sure how much time I have (waiting for my mom to get out of another appointment - also on really crappy tether wifi), but..
20:11:24 <dgilmore> threebean: do we have one for 10,000 builds?
20:11:47 <threebean> #dgilmoreproblems
20:12:02 <nirik> :)
20:12:10 <nirik> rebuilt... everything!
20:12:26 <nirik> or perhaps "builds version master: all of the things"
20:12:43 <threebean> highest builds badge is only 1,000
20:12:46 <threebean> dgilmore: http://infrastructure.fedoraproject.org/infra/badges/rules/koji-if-you-build-it-05.yml
20:12:54 <nirik> threebean: we should do one for uploading to lookaside.
20:13:10 <dgilmore> threebean: :) well by next friday ill have done over 13,000 for the week
20:14:11 <threebean> #idea make a mega builder badge for dgilmore
20:14:28 <threebean> nirik: any ideas on a name for that one
20:15:20 <relrod> threebean: want to discuss Badges+Mobile integration at all? Or out of scope for this?
20:15:27 <dgilmore> maybe a badge for areas of fedora contributed to
20:15:28 <nirik> code load? source keeper?
20:15:33 <threebean> relrod: sure!  can we do it in a second #topic?
20:15:42 <relrod> sure
20:16:18 <threebean> #idea make a badge for uploading to the lookaside cache -- "code load" "source keeper" "incoming"
20:16:31 <threebean> dgilmore: how would that one work?  can you elaborate?
20:18:34 <dgilmore> threebean: thining if you become a packager you get level 1 contributor
20:18:49 <dgilmore> if you also become a ambassador you get level 2
20:19:08 <dgilmore> if you join infra as well level 3
20:19:17 <dgilmore> releng on top level 4
20:19:29 <nirik> some of those could key off fas groups... but not all perhaps.
20:19:39 <dgilmore> basically have a list of fas groups  that define contribution levels
20:19:41 <threebean> nice.. I like it!
20:20:27 <relrod> maybe badges for starting certain numbers of fedorahosted projects? Something about leading open source projects?
20:20:28 <threebean> #idea make a series of badges indicating the "spread" of a users contributions to fedora.  see logs.
20:20:35 <dgilmore> wiki editing could be one level also
20:21:58 <threebean> relrod: cool.. although we don't have fedmsg messages for all fhosted projects atm.
20:22:44 <nirik> we could insterment the 'make a hosted project' scripting to emit one with the owner...
20:22:53 <threebean> +1
20:23:04 <threebean> #idea add a fedmsg message to the "make a hosted project" script
20:23:08 <threebean> #idea add a badge for that
20:23:21 <threebean> meta badges?
20:23:21 <relrod> ok my mom is back, will be on from home in a bit. Sorry for being so in-and-out today and yesterday.
20:23:24 <threebean> get a badge for having 10 badges?
20:23:32 <nirik> relrod: no worries. safe travels
20:23:33 <threebean> relrod: all good.  let's talk mobile integration at flock!
20:23:41 <relrod> threebean: sure
20:23:51 <nirik> threebean: yeah, we could do that.
20:24:26 <threebean> #idea meta-badges.  get a badge for having 10 badges.  for 50 badges.. 100?  all!
20:25:08 <nirik> I was wondering if it would make sense to have some special high level badges that let you change the badge rules or something.
20:25:20 <nirik> but that could get pretty crazy
20:25:22 <threebean> ;o
20:25:39 <threebean> people at this conference I'm at suggested having high level badges that give you system privileges :D
20:25:46 <nirik> ha
20:25:56 <threebean> i.e., how achievements unlock new areas in games
20:26:28 <threebean> http://priceisrightlosinghorn.com/
20:26:44 <nirik> another idea: have some special events during which your actions count more... ie, if there's a FAD on XYZ, if you are doing things in that area you get your updates/changes counting double or something.
20:27:12 <threebean> oo, that would be pretty tricky.
20:27:21 <threebean> I'm pretty sure I programmed us out of that possibility.  :/
20:27:23 <nirik> yeah, just a thought, might be too complex to do right.
20:27:30 <threebean> cool though
20:27:47 <threebean> FAD badges and vFAD badges, though.  +1 to those!
20:27:51 <nirik> another dumb idea: wildcard badge you can change into another badge?
20:27:53 <threebean> manually awarded I guess.
20:28:00 <dgilmore> event badges are good
20:28:00 <threebean> ha!
20:28:00 <nirik> yeah, would need to be
20:28:34 <threebean> its on the wiki, but we're looking to do "community badges" down the road
20:28:36 <dgilmore> fads and flock/fudcons could have a code you scan that issues the badge
20:28:52 <threebean> so dgilmore has a special "dgilmore gives you a +1" badge that he can hand out to people he thinks do good work
20:29:05 <threebean> nirik has a "nirik gives you a +1" badge, ralph has one too.
20:29:24 <nirik> yeah, karma with badges essentially?
20:29:34 <threebean> similarly, could have a "you met threebean in person" badge.  it comes with a qrcode that awards the badge and you could put it on business cards
20:29:47 <threebean> meet people, hand them a card, they can scan it later to get the "connect"
20:30:07 <threebean> although.. now that I think about it -- could be spammy down the road with N*N badges filling up everybody's profiles.
20:30:21 <nirik> could be a seperate category?
20:30:27 * threebean nods
20:30:34 <threebean> yeah, on a different tab of the user's profile or something.
20:30:40 <nirik> the 'you have +27 karma' on the main page and the 27 listed ones elsewhere.
20:30:47 * threebean nods
20:30:50 <threebean> cool
20:31:25 <threebean> in the mean time, we could make a special badge like that for rbergeron .. even before flock
20:31:36 <threebean> the "blessing of the FPL" badge
20:31:39 <nirik> yep.
20:33:02 <threebean> #idea a "blessing of the FPL" badge
20:33:25 <threebean> hm.. been about an hour now.  other ideas?  want to close out?
20:34:19 <nirik> I'm sure we could come up with more, but I think this is a good pile. ;)
20:34:30 <threebean> :)
20:34:35 <nirik> the pkgdb ones might be good to try and add in before flock if there's time...
20:35:06 <threebean> I know oddshocks is eager to start in on our wishlist features at flock.  Can probably produce some new badges while there, too.  :)
20:35:35 <threebean> dgilmore: I missed your comment from earlier, but we actually have a flock badge ready with a qrcode.  It should be there at flock next week.  :)
20:36:33 <threebean> ok, if nothing else..
20:36:37 <dgilmore> threebean: :) cool, but in general we can do that for events you physically go to
20:36:43 <dgilmore> vfads kinda harder
20:36:47 <threebean> yeah :)
20:37:09 <threebean> dgilmore: we can privately mail an cryptic invite url to participants if we know about it.
20:37:30 <dgilmore> threebean: true
20:37:36 <dgilmore> limited life urls
20:37:39 * threebean nods
20:38:02 <nirik> another random one to toss out down the road...
20:38:36 <nirik> treasure hunt type badges... something where someone has to do a series of steps to get to the badge (and in the mean time fix/do some fedora stuff that needs doing)
20:38:44 <threebean> :D
20:39:06 <threebean> yeah! cool.
20:39:44 <threebean> any others?
20:40:38 <threebean> ok.. that's a wrap.  Thanks for coming!
20:40:41 <threebean> #endmeeting