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14:00:41 <randomuser> #meetingname Fedora Docs
14:00:41 <randomuser> #topic Roll Call
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14:00:54 <croberts> croberts here
14:00:55 * jhradilek is here.
14:01:01 <pbokoc> present!
14:01:09 * FranciscoD sits in a corner
14:01:41 * jjmcd_ 
14:04:36 <randomuser> okay, let's get to it then
14:04:45 <randomuser> #topic follow up on last week's action items
14:05:00 <randomuser> one here I have myself re: the cloud guide
14:05:29 <randomuser> and I'm still putting together details for a mail to the docs list, but I did mail the cloud list and get a favorable response
14:05:54 <randomuser> so if anyone wants to work on the cloud guide, the cloud SIG is very willing to answer questions and such
14:06:07 <randomuser> #topic Changes
14:06:18 * randomuser looks for the changes summary email
14:06:59 <randomuser> Probably starting next week, I'll be creating bugs for these changes and asking people to take assignment
14:07:18 <randomuser> for now, i'll just pick a couple to talk about, you can too
14:07:43 <randomuser> pbokoc, did you see "OS Installer Support for LVM Thin Provisioning" ?
14:08:16 <pbokoc> randomuser, not yet
14:08:43 <randomuser> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/InstallerLVMThinProvisioningSupport
14:09:08 <randomuser> pbokoc, i bring it up to you because they've specifically asked for it to be documented in the IG
14:09:32 <pbokoc> allright, I'll take a look
14:09:44 <randomuser> can you do the release note for it as well, and whatever tooling supports the feature post-install?
14:10:44 <pbokoc> yeah, that shouldn't be a problem. I'll take a closer look and talk to the owner
14:11:11 <randomuser> thanks
14:11:45 <randomuser> Oh, unversioned docdirs
14:11:55 <randomuser> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/UnversionedDocdirs
14:12:30 <randomuser> If we have any guides with <filename>/usr/share/doc/package-version</filename> we should change them to not have that version string going forward
14:13:45 <croberts> i have seen a few things about that come through the devel mailing list
14:14:11 <randomuser> it might be something good for the new contributors todo list
14:15:11 <croberts> that is a good idea
14:15:30 <randomuser> the other ones don't affect us as directly; any other Changes we should discuss at this point?
14:16:43 <randomuser> croberts,  perhaps you'd like to add a "grep guides for versioned docdirs, file bugs and patches" to that wiki page?
14:18:03 <croberts> I can do what I can, I might need some assistance though
14:18:14 <randomuser> fair enough
14:18:44 <randomuser> #action croberts to add unversioned docdirs instructions on new contributors todo wiki page
14:20:43 <randomuser> #action randomuser to start creating bugs for changes
14:20:52 <randomuser> #topic Guide Status
14:21:06 <randomuser> So, i mentioned the cloud guide earlier
14:21:54 <randomuser> #info anyone interested in working on the cloud guide should speak up; we may have access to cloud resources if we can get momentum going
14:22:47 <randomuser> apparently we can request openstack access with an infra ticket, and we might be able to get ec2 and hp cloud access as well
14:22:58 <randomuser> so, I'm exited about playing with that stuff
14:23:36 <croberts> oh that would be nice
14:24:29 <croberts> what in detail is the cloud guide going to cover
14:24:39 <randomuser> good question!
14:25:05 <randomuser> croberts, there's an outline that covers a lot of things already that could have content filled out
14:25:25 <randomuser> I think we want to cover as many cloud platforms and associated tools as fedora works on
14:25:39 <randomuser> and things like ansible
14:26:33 <croberts> an outline would a good start and something that can be done easily without taking on something to big
14:26:41 <randomuser> yes, the outline is already there
14:27:11 <randomuser> I think we have to dig in a bit to know what's missing
14:27:39 <croberts> cool i will have to take a look at the outline, do you have a direct link to it?
14:28:21 <randomuser> #link  git://git.fedorahosted.org/docs/cloud-guide.git
14:28:35 <randomuser> or in draft at docs.fp.o
14:28:45 <randomuser> who else has a guide to talk about?
14:29:19 <croberts> i just wanted to bring up for the meeting, mine is coming along.
14:29:36 <croberts> i need to start converting it to xml
14:29:40 <randomuser> croberts, the multiboot guide?
14:30:05 <randomuser> that reminds me
14:30:38 <croberts> yes
14:30:46 <randomuser> #info anyone with experience/notes on installing fedora on modern apple hardware? please help out with the multiboot guide
14:33:57 <randomuser> I think the majority of our guide owners have published for F19, maybe not much to talk about
14:34:26 <randomuser> pbokoc, jhradilek - do you have zanata figured out for the IG?
14:34:44 <pbokoc> randomuser, I'll get to it this week, I swear :)
14:35:00 <randomuser> lol, ok
14:35:34 <randomuser> how about the sysadmin guide? are we moving with translations for that?
14:36:49 <randomuser> eh, just curious, we can move on
14:36:53 <Capesteve> I still have work to push into that guide, and some corrections to do
14:37:47 <randomuser> okay, thanks Capesteve
14:37:52 <jhradilek> Translations? This guide is still in transifex, I think.
14:37:57 <jhradilek> I hope. :)
14:38:18 <randomuser> heh, i hope it wouldn't change without anyone telling you , jhradilek
14:38:46 <jhradilek> You never know. :)
14:39:30 <randomuser> #info randomuser thinks one of the zanata people should help us with some procedural documentation
14:39:40 <randomuser> just throwing that out there....
14:40:20 <randomuser> #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
14:40:31 <randomuser> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:40:59 <randomuser> now, i've got a question for you folks that may or may not pertain to a bug
14:41:32 <randomuser> i read *somewhere* something about not resizing an ntfs partition without defragging it, and I can't recall where
14:41:37 <randomuser> but I found the answer.
14:45:21 <randomuser> yeah, i think it was something else
14:46:31 <Capesteve> if I recall, some guides say to run chkdsk too
14:46:46 <Capesteve> IIRC ^
14:47:57 <randomuser> sounds familiar, Capesteve
14:49:51 <randomuser> #topic Open floor discussion
14:51:29 <randomuser> out of curiosity, how are you guys handling working in publican3 and publishing in publican2?
14:52:22 <Capesteve> jhradilek: ^
14:52:27 <pbokoc> well, a VM with F18 and publican 2.8 just for publishing is one solution
14:52:44 <jhradilek> randomuser: It is extremely annoying. :)
14:52:48 <pbokoc> another is "reinstall publican every time you want to publish and swear a lot"
14:53:13 <jhradilek> I use the second approach.
14:53:26 <Capesteve> {pbokoc's favorite method is the second one}
14:53:31 <pbokoc> yes.
14:53:39 <randomuser> i've been going with the "let publican2 hold me back from upgrading everything else" approach
14:53:41 <jhradilek> "yum history undo" and "yum history redo" make it quite simple.
14:54:12 <jhradilek> randomuser: That is not an option for me, I need Publican 3. :(
14:54:20 <randomuser> jhradilek, are you using RHEL or fedora?
14:54:24 <jhradilek> Fedora.
14:54:50 <jhradilek> And no, I am not using Fedora 19 just yet. :)
14:54:50 <randomuser> last I checked, there was only publican3 for F19
14:55:25 <jhradilek> That is one of the reasons why I do not want to update. :)
14:55:37 <randomuser> just one?!
14:57:03 <randomuser> hmm, maybe I'll do a VM
14:58:54 <jhradilek> That's the easiest solution. :)
14:59:22 <randomuser> well, thanks for coming, everyone
14:59:27 <randomuser> see you around, hopefully
14:59:31 <randomuser> #endmeeting