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14:00:23 <randomuser> #meetingname Fedora Docs
14:00:23 <randomuser> #topic Roll Call
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14:00:43 * Capesteve is here
14:00:48 <croberts> is here
14:00:59 * jhradilek is here.
14:00:59 <randomuser> hey, croberts, glad you made it
14:01:01 * pkovar is here
14:01:05 <pbokoc> me too
14:01:05 <croberts> hey :) thank you
14:01:19 * jjmcd_ 
14:02:10 <yruseva> hello
14:02:42 * lnovich here
14:05:44 <randomuser> hello everyone, and thanks for coming
14:06:13 <randomuser> #topic Follow up on last week's action items
14:06:40 <randomuser> one action item that I'm almost shamefully carrying over again :(
14:06:50 <randomuser> #action randomuser to prep beats for F20
14:07:35 <randomuser> #topic Guide Status
14:09:11 <randomuser> first, I want to share that croberts and I had a conversation about multiboot over the weekend, wherein chris offered to create a multiboot guide
14:10:15 <randomuser> there's always been a *lot* of demand for info on this issue in Fedora support venues, and even more so with recent releases and hardware developments
14:11:04 <croberts> Thank you, I am working on the draft at the moment
14:11:32 <randomuser> croberts, thanks! our users are really going to appreciate it
14:11:45 <croberts> Thank you, glad to help you
14:12:03 <randomuser> anything we can do to help, croberts ?
14:12:45 <croberts> if you can provide me some links info on the technical side of grub, that would be helpful.
14:13:05 <randomuser> i'll see what I can come up with
14:13:21 <croberts> sadly windows 8 has changed how it interacts with the bios so its a whole new beast when dual booting multiple os's now
14:13:47 <randomuser> imo, the sooner you start working in git the better; we can see what you're working on and give more pertinent help
14:14:18 <croberts> ok i will get with you later on today with some questions about that
14:14:34 <jjmcd_> Well, that plus git is a lifesaver
14:15:23 <randomuser> jjmcd_, ++
14:16:02 <randomuser> sure, someone will be around in -docs if you can't get ahold of me, croberts
14:16:21 <croberts> ok thank you
14:16:54 <randomuser> anyone else want to speak on their guide? jreznik, lnovich ?
14:17:33 <lnovich> i am tied up at the moment w/scheduling but am aiming to release the Virt. Deployment and Admin Guide for F20
14:17:49 <lnovich> it won't come out of draft mode for 19
14:17:51 <lnovich> sorry
14:18:07 <randomuser> I understand
14:18:26 <randomuser> lnovich, I'd like to help with that guide; would you prefer patches or direct commits?
14:18:35 <lnovich> also odd thing I noticed - https://fedorahosted.org/web/ has my user name in the column to the right of the title
14:18:57 <randomuser> lnovich, find repos with https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/
14:18:58 <lnovich> hmm - id rather BZs
14:19:57 <randomuser> lnovich, i was thinking of starting out with the parts that obviously only apply to RHEL6 - there will be a lot of BZs, but that's your call
14:20:32 <lnovich> my issue is - if there is something i need to backport to RHEL I will lose track of it
14:20:55 <lnovich> but on the other hand - if you want to send patches - feel free
14:21:08 <randomuser> well, we can't really tell fedora users that they need a RHEV subscription
14:21:22 <lnovich> i know there are some parts that need deleting
14:21:27 <lnovich> and re-configuring
14:21:46 <lnovich> which is why i was so reluctant to put something so half-baked  up
14:21:50 <randomuser> right, I'll send you some patches then
14:22:42 <lnovich> ok - you will have to tell me how it works
14:22:58 <lnovich> but sure - send whatever you'd like
14:23:00 <randomuser> applying patches?
14:23:21 <lnovich> getting them, reviewing them, applying them
14:23:30 <lnovich> the whole enchilada
14:23:42 <randomuser> okay, we can talk about that out of band
14:23:46 <lnovich> sure
14:24:11 <lnovich> ok i'm done then
14:24:23 <randomuser> okay, thanks
14:25:00 <jhradilek> lnovich, randomuser: One patch is already attached here: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=980931
14:25:19 <lnovich> ok i will take a look later
14:25:32 <jhradilek> lnovich: So if you want, one of us can show you how to apply it. :)
14:25:58 <jhradilek> randomuser: (Feel free to review it.)
14:26:28 <lnovich> sure - unfortunately I can't stay for much longer today
14:27:46 * lnovich needs to leave
14:27:56 <randomuser> jhradilek, sure
14:27:59 <lnovich> if there is nothing else for me - ciao!
14:28:09 <jhradilek> lnovich: Bye. :)
14:28:58 <randomuser> anything else on guides?
14:30:07 <randomuser> okay, let's go over Changes
14:30:45 <randomuser> jreznik, as I recall it, we had decided on individual writers laying claim to a change?
14:32:16 <randomuser> there have been some interesting changes proposed, i hope everyone is subscribed to devel-announce
14:32:46 * jhradilek is subscribing now. O:)
14:33:47 <randomuser> #info docs writers should subscribe to devel-announce for important project announcements. Discussions usually follow on devel@
14:33:56 <randomuser> #link https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/devel-announce
14:34:10 <randomuser> #link https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/devel
14:34:28 <croberts> i am signing up now
14:36:11 <randomuser> hmm... I'm out of guide questions
14:36:44 <randomuser> and changes info
14:37:08 <croberts> i will get mine converted from a doc format to xml and upload what i have so far into git
14:37:21 <croberts> have mostly the intro done, but have not dived into the multiboot yet
14:37:28 <randomuser> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/20/ChangeSet
14:37:31 <jreznik> randomuser: ah, sorry for being slow in replies, busy today :(
14:37:46 <jreznik> randomuser: for ChangeSet - my fault, not yet ready
14:38:15 <randomuser> jreznik, if you have time, I was hoping you could go over the docs role in the process - at the next meeting or on the list, maybe even
14:38:17 <jreznik> but I'd like to also prepare a weekly summary for changes
14:38:23 <randomuser> at least to refresh my poor memory
14:39:01 <jreznik> well - look for changes, if anybody interested see interesting change that should be documented - take ownership on the page
14:39:39 <jreznik> for the rest - someone should take a look for important changes and we will have to make sure someone is going to cover it
14:40:11 <randomuser> is there a better link than the one I had?
14:40:27 <randomuser> for proposed, not yet accepted changes?
14:41:31 <randomuser> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes
14:41:50 <randomuser> really, i think the announcements and discussion are the best thing to follow at this point
14:42:23 <randomuser> the discussion especially can be informative, and sometimes even humble docs people can participate :)
14:43:07 <randomuser> #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
14:43:14 <randomuser> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:43:39 <randomuser> So, a lot of bugs here, most filed by _terminal_ :P
14:43:49 <_terminal_> heh
14:44:08 <_terminal_> yeah i've been going through the sys admin guide when i get spare time
14:44:39 <randomuser> _terminal_, i think you've made the point well enough that jreznik - who can contradict me if needed - decided to focus more on desktop-independent methods
14:45:41 <_terminal_> clarify?
14:45:59 <randomuser> so as I see it, the fix for a lot of those will be to pull the gnome-specific instructions and expand on the command line instructions
14:46:16 <_terminal_> oh right yeah
14:46:24 <jreznik> that was't me :)
14:46:40 <randomuser> tab fail, sorry jreznik
14:46:48 <jreznik> np
14:46:51 <randomuser> jhradilek owns the guide
14:47:21 <_terminal_> some of the things i've highlighted are also locations that have changed, but yeah some of them are gnome specific
14:47:32 * randomuser nods
14:47:51 <randomuser> _terminal_, just so you're in the loop and have the right context for your review
14:48:21 <_terminal_> sure, thanks :)
14:48:23 <Capesteve> that was one of the points of the review exercise, to see what must be changed, what can be cut, what just needs editing
14:49:07 <_terminal_> so going forward, if I find something gnome specific just file a bug saying it's gnome specific?
14:50:14 <_terminal_> or just file bugs on things that are not correct or mis-spelled?
14:51:24 <Capesteve> you can make some suggestions, "can be removed", "needs new screen shot but could just be removed as out of date", ""must have new screen shot to make any sense"
14:52:08 <Capesteve> screen shots take time to do well, so we have pulled a few to save time
14:52:11 <jhradilek> randomuser: That was me.
14:52:28 <jhradilek> _terminal_: No need to file bugs when all needs to be changed are instructions how to run the appl
14:52:31 <jhradilek> *app.
14:52:43 * randomuser looks away, furtively gulps coffee
14:52:55 * _terminal_ nods
14:53:36 <Capesteve> you can make notes here for simple things: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_Project_Review_Table
14:54:26 <randomuser> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_Project_Review_Table
14:54:45 <_terminal_> so bugs for screenshots and altering sections/removing things, for any minor changes, add to the table
14:55:24 <_terminal_> got it :)
14:55:31 <Capesteve> sounds good to me
14:56:14 <randomuser> #topic Open Floor Discussion
14:57:22 <randomuser> no last minute concerns?
14:58:30 <randomuser> well, thanks for coming, everyone, see you around
14:58:38 <randomuser> #endmeeting