14:29:59 <randomuser> #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_Project_meetings
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14:29:59 <randomuser> #meetingname Fedora Docs
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14:29:59 <randomuser> #topic Roll Call
14:30:12 * Capesteve is here
14:30:25 * pbokoc too
14:30:57 <randomuser> #info randomuser is late and will have to buy the coffee after
14:31:34 * pkovar is here
14:32:44 * jsmith is half-here
14:33:18 <randomuser> okay, we'll get through this quick
14:33:34 <randomuser> #topic Beats, Notes, Changes
14:33:34 * jjmcd_ 
14:34:18 <randomuser> we should start tracking the Change proposals jreznik is putting together
14:34:55 <randomuser> that means clearing the wiki pages, clearing the master branch of release-notes.git, and taking assignment of the bugs
14:35:11 * LoKoMurdoK here
14:35:25 <randomuser> any volunteers for wiki or git maintenance?
14:36:45 <randomuser> #action randomuser to clear master branch of RNs
14:37:21 <randomuser> i'll probably end up doing the other thing too, but I want to get to guides
14:37:29 <jreznik> randomuser: it's a bit slower than I expected and not many changes were submitted so far, clearing the old f19 postponed ones...
14:37:47 <jreznik> but I hope for next week I'll have everything setup and I'll let you know
14:38:01 <randomuser> thanks, jreznik
14:38:07 <jreznik> for features - do we have a list of deprecated stuff somewhere? for the announcement
14:38:24 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F19_release_announcement
14:38:59 <randomuser> I don't have such a list, no
14:40:04 * jreznik neither and I'm not aware of anything significant now, I'll try to dig a bit, otherwise I'll remove it
14:41:18 <randomuser> i'll think it over and let you know if I come up with anything
14:41:25 <randomuser> #topic Guide status
14:41:28 * jhradilek sneaks in.
14:41:47 <randomuser> #info a few guide subtopics to cover today
14:41:53 <randomuser> #topic Guide status - systemctl
14:42:14 <randomuser> So, I really think that we should migrate our guides to systemd :)
14:42:53 <randomuser> there are many places where we use `service $daemon start` instead of the systemctl invocation
14:43:15 <randomuser> which is fine - it works, after all - but it reads like we're out of date
14:43:40 <jhradilek> For the record, the System Administrator's Guide is already systemd-friendly, but there are other tools that should be documented: datetimectl, hostnamectl, localectl, etc.
14:44:02 <Capesteve> hostnamectl is done
14:44:04 * randomuser nods
14:44:11 <randomuser> sysadmin guide is well on the way
14:44:18 <jhradilek> Capesteve: You rock, sir.
14:44:32 <jhradilek> randomuser: You too, thanks a lot for your reviews.
14:44:51 <randomuser> thanks, jhradilek
14:44:55 <randomuser> I don't bring this up to try to give out work assignments
14:45:06 <Capesteve> timedatectl {reading about that this morning}
14:45:26 <randomuser> I've got cycles to spare now that RNs are done, and I can tackle something else
14:45:41 <randomuser> and this seems minimally intrusive
14:46:01 <jhradilek> Capesteve: pondrejka already wrote the documentation for localectl and timedatectl. :)
14:46:16 <Capesteve> oh!
14:46:23 <jhradilek> I just need to review it and apply his patches on master.
14:46:28 <Capesteve> i see
14:46:39 <randomuser> #info interested guide owners should ask for randomuser to help convert their guides for systemctl
14:47:09 <pbokoc> Installation Guide only seems to be mostly converted for systemd, I found some mentions of /sbin/service, but mostly it's systemctl.
14:47:15 <pbokoc> + there's F.9. Administering services with systemd
14:47:52 <randomuser> pbokoc, that was my last 'update for systemd' sprint :)
14:48:15 <pbokoc> randomuser, hehe, ok :)
14:48:26 <randomuser> okay, point made
14:48:34 <pbokoc> the power management guide is mixed too, I'll fix that in a sec
14:48:55 <randomuser> if you have a guide, I'll help bring it up to speed in that regard
14:49:03 <randomuser> #topic virt guides
14:49:26 <randomuser> jhradilek, you might be best suited to help with this one
14:49:55 <jhradilek> How can I help?
14:50:00 <randomuser> I created an instance on transifex over the weekend for the virtualization admin and deployment guide
14:50:25 <randomuser> there isn't an instance for either the virt security guide or the virt getting started guide
14:51:06 <randomuser> the rhel doc that the getting started guide came from has a zanata instance with no work done in it
14:51:33 <randomuser> is there any reason we shouldn't put these guides on transifex ang get them translated
14:51:36 <randomuser> ?
14:53:35 <randomuser> silence implies consent?
14:53:42 <jhradilek> Not that I know of.
14:54:07 <jhradilek> I can check verify that with lnovich, but I am pretty sure we can go ahead and start translating it in Zanata.
14:54:13 <jhradilek> *transifex
14:54:13 <randomuser> these are all new guides, I'm assuming it was an oversight
14:54:52 <jhradilek> As far as I know, the Installation Guide is one of the few guides that do not use transifex on purpose, but that is an exception, not a rule.
14:55:12 <randomuser> jhradilek, it would be great if you could check in with lnovich
14:55:22 <jhradilek> Will do.
14:55:26 <pkovar> dmparker seems to be the maintainer, though
14:55:33 <pkovar> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_Project_guides_table
14:55:44 <jhradilek> pkovar: I'll check all virt guides.
14:55:52 <jhradilek> And report back to you, randomuser.
14:55:52 <randomuser> jhradilek, ping back and I can do the creating and pushing if needed
14:55:58 <randomuser> appreciated
14:56:39 * jhradilek adds an item to his todo list.
14:56:42 <Capesteve> Deployment Guide? In Fedora?
14:57:06 <randomuser> long ago...
14:57:18 <Capesteve> ignore me
14:57:36 <randomuser> bah, we're running out of time
14:57:36 <Capesteve> {virt Deployment Guide}
14:57:48 <randomuser> #topic Outstanding Bugs
14:57:56 <randomuser> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:58:14 <randomuser> #info please mail the list if you need help with bugs
14:58:25 <pkovar> (and also Virtualization Security Guide is not being translated atm)
14:58:37 <randomuser> d'oh
14:58:50 <pkovar> according to the table
14:59:10 <randomuser> ... i need to update that table for the VDAG to, i guess
14:59:19 <randomuser> VADG?
14:59:56 <pkovar> Virtualization Administration and Deployment Guide, right
15:00:14 <randomuser> pkovar, yes :) I put that one on transifex this weekend
15:00:31 * adamw clears throat
15:00:32 <pkovar> and we already have https://fedora.transifex.com/projects/p/fedoravirtgettingstartedguide/
15:00:40 <randomuser> I wanted to see if it would inheret strings through the translation memory
15:01:02 <randomuser> pkovar, I didn't see that!
15:01:15 * randomuser glances at adamw
15:01:24 <randomuser> let's clear the floor before he gets angry
15:01:31 <randomuser> #endmeeting