22:38:27 <aeperezt> #startmeeting
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22:38:45 <aeperezt> #meetingname Fedora latam ambassadors
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22:39:21 <aeperezt> #chair biker echevemaster alexove
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22:39:32 <aeperezt> #topic rolcall
22:39:37 <aeperezt> .fas aeperezt
22:39:37 <zodbot> aeperezt: aeperezt 'Alejandro Perez' <alejandro.perez.torres@gmail.com>
22:39:49 * aeperezt Panama
22:40:05 <alexove> .fas alexove
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22:40:12 <mribeirodantas> .fas mribeirodantas
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22:40:16 * mribeirodantas Brazil
22:40:19 * alexove Perú
22:41:37 <aeperezt> hola todos
22:41:53 <dougsland> .fas dougsland
22:41:54 <zodbot> dougsland: dougsland 'Douglas Schilling Landgraf' <dougsland@redhat.com>
22:41:58 <dougsland> Brazil
22:41:58 <aeperezt> tenemos una agenda bastante sencilla asi que debe ser una reunion rapida
22:41:59 <dougsland> Hi!
22:42:14 <biker> .fas rugebiker
22:42:15 <zodbot> biker: rugebiker 'Ruben Guerra Marin' <rguerra.marin@gmail.com>
22:42:18 <ramilton> boa noite a todos
22:42:19 * biker Mexico
22:42:45 <geraldoweb_> geraldoweb Geraldo Dos Santos Barros- geraldoweb@gmail.com
22:44:30 <aeperezt> la agenda de hoy aunque #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/report
22:44:41 <aeperezt> la agenda de hoy aunque #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/report/9
22:45:11 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 121
22:46:16 <aeperezt> Neville no esta paro he visto correos de sobre el cambio de propietario de los dominos por lo que espero pronto tengamos cerrado ese capitulo
22:46:37 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 124
22:47:00 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: could you give us further details on this ticket 121?
22:47:13 <aeperezt> creo que ese ticket se puede cerrar ya que los administradores de la lista fueron camniados
22:47:27 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, yes
22:48:10 <mribeirodantas> What in the content of the e-mails received by Neville makes you hope this issue is about to end?
22:48:14 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, Daniel Bruno email me and Neville so he request the domain transfer
22:48:16 <mribeirodantas> I'd like we should have it clear
22:48:33 <mribeirodantas> I think we should have it clear*
22:48:46 <mribeirodantas> He requested to the previous owner?
22:49:04 <mribeirodantas> and he agreed to transfer the domain? and to whom?
22:49:04 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, yes that is what he needs to do not sure if he done that yeat
22:49:29 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, they agreed to transfer the domains to Neville
22:49:37 <mribeirodantas> Oh, ok. Great
22:49:42 <mribeirodantas> Thank you aeperezt :)
22:50:20 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, the main issue there is that domains need to be tranfer then we will set them up on a site and will request designers manteiners and all that
22:50:36 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: Oh, then I think I should let you know of sometihng
22:50:55 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, ok
22:51:07 <mribeirodantas> The last few days I got in touch with the Design team (Ian Weller, IIRC) and requested a logo with the official website (I did all teh official steps to request)
22:51:30 <mribeirodantas> I already received it, sent to Danniel-Lara and now it's in charge of him to update the image in the Google+ community so that it will be really official this time
22:51:33 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, great
22:51:59 * LoKoMurdoK here
22:52:03 <mribeirodantas> He's expecting Daniel Bruno to transfer the admin profile too so that we can remove the projetofedora.org and alter to fedoraproject.org plus updating to the new image (the ones that respect trademarks)
22:52:04 <LoKoMurdoK> .fas lbazan
22:52:04 <aeperezt> we probably do the same once the domains are under community control
22:52:05 <zodbot> LoKoMurdoK: lbazan 'Luis Enrique Bazán De León' <bazanluis20@gmail.com>
22:52:09 * LoKoMurdoK Panama
22:52:12 <mribeirodantas> LoKoMurdoK: glad to see you here :)
22:52:22 <mribeirodantas> welcome and congratulations for your victory ^_^
22:53:09 <aeperezt> that is for now we still waiting for news on the domain transfers
22:53:21 <mribeirodantas> ok :)
22:53:29 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 126
22:53:36 * LoKoMurdoK tks to all!
22:54:10 <aeperezt> ticket was created on infra we are waithing to know when is ready so we can start promoting and use it.
22:54:30 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 127
22:55:01 <aeperezt> Neville was going to close it but have not so wil closed
22:55:20 <aeperezt> #action aeperezt to close ticket 126 as it is done
22:55:42 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 129
22:56:15 <aeperezt> will keep the ticket open for now but lvaz will get stickers for fisl from sponsor
22:56:44 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 130
22:57:09 <tatica> .fas tatica
22:57:09 <zodbot> tatica: tatica 'Maria Gracia Leandro Lombardo' <tatadbb@gmail.com>
22:57:29 <aeperezt> Neville was going to talk to rbergeron about the fad plan and see how it goes from there.
22:57:55 <mribeirodantas> Ticket 131 and 132 can be seen as one aeperezt
22:58:00 <aeperezt> #topic 131 DVD
22:58:05 <aeperezt> #undo
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22:58:24 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 131 DVD media for fedora 19 Brazil
22:58:27 <yn1v> !
22:58:40 <aeperezt> go ahead yn1v
22:58:58 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: this ticket have reference --> ticket 70
22:59:00 <yn1v> I wrote to rbergeron , no anwser so far
22:59:15 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, no s
22:59:25 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, no two separate issues there
23:00:07 <aeperezt> LoKoMurdoK, righ the reference was added as it was last media ticket so we can compare prices
23:00:14 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: and don�t have quote
23:00:14 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: oh sorry
23:00:20 <mribeirodantas> I meant 131 and 133 (Ramilton's one)
23:00:31 <mribeirodantas> 132 is obviously a different thing. I apologize
23:01:10 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, yes you are right
23:01:18 <aeperezt> 131 and 133 are the same
23:01:38 <ramilton> aeperezt e mribeirodantas - Ainda estou aguardando mais cotação para adicionar no ticket
23:01:45 <mribeirodantas> I see.
23:01:58 <ramilton> sim aeperezt
23:02:15 <aeperezt> ok so we do not have to make a desicion now, can you merge that info into one ticket
23:02:16 <ramilton> eu abri esse ticket hoje com a cotação que recebi da empresa em são paulo
23:02:52 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: I have no idea how to merge a ticket. But I can do it if you give me a link explaining how this procedure of merging works
23:03:04 <ramilton> aeperezt - ainda vou receber mais cotação..
23:03:06 <aeperezt> and see if we can have lower price that before reference ticket 70
23:03:48 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, just add the information into one ticket looks like 133 has more already and close 131
23:04:45 <aeperezt> so we don't have to vote today about it.
23:04:45 <mribeirodantas> Ok
23:04:59 <mribeirodantas> Consider it done. I will have dinner after the meeting and then I will merge them
23:05:06 <aeperezt> we can move to ticket 132
23:05:10 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, thanks
23:05:20 <aeperezt> #topick ticket 132
23:05:26 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 132
23:06:01 <aeperezt> ramilton, can you send some stickers to mribeirodantas
23:06:19 <ramilton> sim
23:06:20 <ramilton> posso
23:06:38 <aeperezt> since he is not going to fisl please do send him and add the value of the shipping
23:06:46 <mribeirodantas> ramilton: O evento irá ocorrer dia 17 de Julho. Os planos são de fazer uma Release Party do F19 lá
23:06:48 <ramilton> mribeirodantas -  me passa o seu endereço depois
23:06:52 <mribeirodantas> Você acha que chega antes?
23:07:16 <ramilton> mribeirodantas - vou ir nos correios amanha para saber se chega a tempo
23:07:23 <mribeirodantas> Ok, perfeito.
23:07:33 <mribeirodantas> Tem mais algo do tipo, além de adesivos?
23:07:44 <aeperezt> ramilton, please check on that add it to the ticket
23:08:10 <ramilton> ok aeperezt
23:08:19 <aeperezt> so now that we got the tickets review
23:08:27 <yn1v> !
23:08:29 <aeperezt> let move to other topics not in the agenda
23:08:36 <aeperezt> yn1v, go ahead
23:08:48 <yn1v> ticket 121 domain
23:08:49 <aeperezt> #chair yn1v
23:08:49 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeperezt alexove biker echevemaster yn1v
23:08:56 <aeperezt> #chair tatica
23:08:56 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeperezt alexove biker echevemaster tatica yn1v
23:09:00 <yn1v> #topic ticket 121
23:09:11 <tatica> :)
23:09:18 <yn1v> el transfer esta en proceso, todo listo por mi parte
23:09:34 <yn1v> peroparece que la otra perte debe aceptarlo/aprobarlo
23:09:44 <yn1v> eof
23:09:50 <aeperezt> yn1v, perfecto please let us know if he accepted or not
23:10:01 <aeperezt> yn1v, thanks
23:10:15 <aeperezt> #topic open floor
23:10:55 <aeperezt> we are talking on famsco about event owners
23:11:04 <mribeirodantas> hm
23:11:25 * LoKoMurdoK estoy nuevamente aquí
23:11:39 <aeperezt> and in case of event owner and how they can promote who will go to his event
23:12:29 <aeperezt> it will not be a rule but when the draft is ready will show it you so we all have an idea what is an event owner and what are his responsabilities
23:12:30 <mribeirodantas> Hm
23:13:13 <aeperezt> that will give an idea on how we plan events
23:13:35 <aeperezt> for now is a draft that probably be ready on monday
23:13:48 <mribeirodantas> I think it's great to have a manual or something like that
23:14:06 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, righ it will be like guidelines
23:14:23 <mribeirodantas> Let me know when it's ready, so that I can translate into Brazilian Portuguese
23:14:58 <aeperezt> yn1v, can you add on the ticket that the request was made and you are waiting for the other part to aprove it
23:15:06 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, righ
23:15:26 <yn1v> okey
23:15:40 <mribeirodantas> translate it into*
23:15:41 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas,  I read on Brazil list that there is an effor to translate some wiki pages
23:15:48 <mribeirodantas> Yes.
23:15:55 <aeperezt> who is leading that
23:16:00 <mribeirodantas> I want to finish translating tha Mailing list Guidelines and the Ambassadors' FAQ by Monday
23:16:13 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: well, I started it on my own. And after firemanxbr saw I was doing a good job, he told me lvaz had this in mind
23:16:26 <mribeirodantas> so we're treating it as he's leading that, even though I'm translating whatever I think is important for people to know.
23:16:43 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, so you that is great
23:17:21 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, it will be nice if we can look the pages that are already translated so we may sugesst some
23:17:24 <aeperezt> others
23:17:28 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: by the way, I'd like to present a few "projects" that I proposed
23:17:30 <aeperezt> that could be important
23:17:36 <mribeirodantas> Maybe other people in LATAM like the idea and want to apply to their countries.
23:17:43 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, go ahead
23:18:22 <mribeirodantas> The wiki is massively used by Fedora contributors and it has several features that can turn it into a very powerful platform. I'm sure lots of people have created pages describing their efforts to do something or projects that they want to propose or things like that..
23:18:34 * Richzendy back
23:18:38 <mribeirodantas> But whenever someone leaves the project for any reason, with time the page may be lost. Or poeple not really know *where* it is
23:18:40 <Richzendy> .fas Richzendy
23:18:41 <zodbot> Richzendy: richzendy 'Edwind Richzendy Contreras Soto' <richzendy@gmail.com>
23:19:04 <mribeirodantas> in Brazil, we used to have projects in https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Pt_BR/Projetos/ like https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Pt_BR/Projetos/Censo_2013
23:19:29 <mribeirodantas> But If you visited https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Pt_BR/Projetos/ it was obviously empty, even though by intuition I thought I'd see all the projects there. So I'm new around and I knew nothing about previous projects cause there was no place to put them together
23:20:04 <mribeirodantas> So I created a wiki category ProjetosFedoraBR and now you can see every single project we're doing or proposing in here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:ProjetosFedoraBR
23:20:21 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, sounds good
23:20:26 <mribeirodantas> and well, you don't have to waste time doing the page of your project, going somehwere else to edit and add.. You just add this category and your entry will automatically be added to the Projetos page
23:20:37 <mribeirodantas> That leads to the main point of this talk, which is presenting the three pages you see there
23:21:06 <mribeirodantas> The ones that concern Fedora Ambassadors program are the first two. The first is an extent of this subject about not losing things people have done or written
23:21:14 <mribeirodantas> it's a table where ambassadors can point out *where* they're mostly contributing
23:21:26 <mribeirodantas> so that if they say they're leaving, you just go to this page and see what he was doing, so that his work won't be abandoned.
23:21:44 <mribeirodantas> You can pick it up and go from where he stopped. Be it spreading the word of fedora somewhere, presenting regular talks online or translating stuff. Whatever
23:22:18 <mribeirodantas> well, I think that's it. Thank you for allowing me to share these things aeperezt. I believe people in other countries than Brazil in LATAM may think they're good ideas and implement them in their own regions/countries.
23:23:09 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, thanks to you seems like a good idea, to keep track what we are doing
23:23:30 <aeperezt> any other comments projects?
23:24:05 <mribeirodantas> Nope
23:24:06 <mribeirodantas> :)
23:24:44 * LoKoMurdoK excellent idea and organization! good! :-)
23:24:57 <aeperezt> well if nothing we can close the meeting, next meeting will be lead by the new famsco member LoKoMurdoK
23:25:05 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: :o
23:25:06 <mribeirodantas> :)
23:25:08 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: tks
23:25:09 <LoKoMurdoK> jajajaja
23:25:24 <aeperezt> he have new job has to start doing it
23:25:31 <aeperezt> #endmeeting