01:00:34 <dan408> #startmeeting FAmNA
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01:00:44 <dan408> #meetingname FAmNA
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01:00:50 <dan408> #topic Roll Call
01:01:26 * kk4ewt 
01:01:34 <dan408> #chair kk4ewt
01:01:34 <zodbot> Current chairs: dan408 kk4ewt
01:01:52 <kk4ewt> inode0 is at the summit
01:02:09 <dan408> k
01:02:16 <dan408> along with masta
01:02:24 <dan408> that's like half the crew
01:02:31 <dan408> #chair rbergeron
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01:02:43 <dan408> #chair nb
01:02:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: dan408 kk4ewt nb rbergeron
01:02:50 * j_dulaney waves
01:03:04 <dan408> oh hay you
01:03:12 <dan408> #chair j_dulaney
01:03:12 <zodbot> Current chairs: dan408 j_dulaney kk4ewt nb rbergeron
01:03:28 <dan408> i think we'll try to keep this a short meeting?
01:04:17 <dan408> #topic Announcements
01:05:14 <dan408> anyone got anything?
01:05:48 <dan408> ok so
01:05:53 <dan408> votes are in for flock talks
01:06:15 <dan408> im not really sure how they plan to schedule everything
01:06:52 <dan408> funnily the server is giving a 500 right now but check this link
01:06:58 <dan408> #link https://admin.fedoraproject.org/voting/vote/flock-2013
01:07:12 <dan408> Fedora 19 final-tc3 is getting composed tonight
01:08:28 <dan408> You can register for flock here: http://flock-lmacken.rhcloud.com/ if you havent
01:08:31 <dan408> #link http://flock-lmacken.rhcloud.com/
01:08:48 <dan408> #topic tickets
01:09:22 <dan408> #chair dgilmore
01:09:22 <zodbot> Current chairs: dan408 dgilmore j_dulaney kk4ewt nb rbergeron
01:09:35 <dan408> .famna ticket 56
01:09:50 <dan408> .famnaticket 56
01:09:51 <zodbot> dan408: #56 (Indiana LinuxFest) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/56
01:10:04 <dan408> i dont see award3535 here
01:10:26 <j_dulaney> dan408:  He has all the stuff
01:10:28 <dan408> Fedora's logo is all over the place
01:10:40 <dan408> so i assume he's doing his job
01:10:52 <dan408> Fedora listed as copper sponser
01:11:03 <dan408> .famnaticket 58
01:11:03 <kk4ewt> he has the event box and vbanners
01:11:04 <zodbot> dan408: #58 (Texas Linux Fest 2013, May 31 - June 1, Austin TX) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/58
01:11:17 <dan408> inode0 and masta are alraedy there
01:11:22 <dan408> .famnaticket 54
01:11:23 <zodbot> dan408: #54 (Southeast Linux Fest Budget) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/54
01:11:28 <dan408> kk4ewt: everything going well?
01:11:32 <kk4ewt> were already
01:11:41 <dan408> alright were
01:12:05 <kk4ewt> self was fine andrew has his report on the SELF page i am working on mine
01:12:17 * j_dulaney is done
01:12:28 <j_dulaney> http://jdulaney.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/south-east-linux-fest-wrapup/
01:12:29 <dan408> cool make sure you get all your reimbursements you need and close out the ticket
01:12:40 <kk4ewt> and hopefully j_dulaney  will link his on the wiki page soon
01:13:10 <dan408> thank you j_dulaney
01:13:12 <dan408> +1
01:13:23 * j_dulaney attended three talks and hung out with stickster and rbergeron eating hysendonuts
01:13:27 <kk4ewt> and we will be under budget when its all said and done
01:13:36 <dan408> what was the best speech this year?
01:13:47 <dan408> are they posted on youtube yet?
01:13:50 <kk4ewt> was working table
01:13:54 <kk4ewt> heck no
01:13:59 * j_dulaney worked the table most of the time
01:14:22 <dan408> yea it's really easy to get stuck at the table
01:14:23 <dan408> but fun
01:14:29 <kk4ewt> i ran a radio testing section
01:14:52 <dan408> any demos of arm stuff?
01:15:12 <kk4ewt> had 9 candidates and got 2 techs, 4 generals, 2 extra
01:15:17 <dan408> j_dulaney dgilmore told me he was goign to start composing Fedora 20 MATE on various ARM devices
01:15:32 * j_dulaney had the Chromebook
01:15:46 <dan408> j_dulaney: have you gotten MATE to work on the chromebook?
01:16:36 <dan408> kk4ewt: i want my  license, and i will get one
01:16:38 * j_dulaney hasn't tried
01:16:51 <dan408> j_dulaney:  oh ok
01:17:00 <kk4ewt> j_dulaney:  yes you did
01:17:10 <j_dulaney> kk4ewt:  Not Mate
01:17:15 <dan408> lol wut?
01:17:17 <j_dulaney> kk4ewt:  I ran Sugar on it
01:18:48 <dan408> ok
01:18:49 <dan408> moving on
01:19:00 <dan408> #topic open floor
01:19:05 <dan408> anyone feel like ranting about anything?
01:20:04 <dan408> 5...4...
01:20:31 <dan408> 3
01:20:32 <dan408> 2
01:20:34 <dan408> 1
01:20:37 <dan408> #endmeeting