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14:11:27 <randomuser> so, unless someone wants to talk about release notes, we'll move on
14:12:07 * Sparks is here
14:12:17 <randomuser> #info logs begin a few minutes into the meeting due to technical difficulties with zodbot
14:12:33 <randomuser> morning Sparks
14:13:04 <Sparks> randomuser: Greetings
14:13:29 <randomuser> #topic Guide Status
14:13:59 <randomuser> This is the part where if you're working on a guide, you can tell us about it
14:14:27 <Sparks> #info Security Guide published for F19
14:14:28 <Capesteve> randomuser: Can't find Hardware* in en-US/
14:15:03 <randomuser> Capesteve, it might be the f19 branch
14:15:14 <Capesteve> oh dear
14:16:17 <randomuser> nice work with the Security Guide, Sparks
14:16:51 <randomuser> I have a big list of things I wanted to do for the IG that I haven't been able to start yet :(
14:18:38 <randomuser> Anything else on Guides?
14:20:14 <randomuser> #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
14:20:21 <randomuser> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:20:31 <randomuser> we've got some bugs
14:20:44 <randomuser> i'd actually like to focus on one today
14:20:59 <randomuser> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=452412
14:21:33 <randomuser> does anyone know if any content was ever written on syncing phones?
14:21:58 <randomuser> i've had a cloud service enabled smartphone for long enough that I don't even know how to approach this
14:22:30 <randomuser> ...what's more, we aren't maintaining the cited guide any more
14:22:33 <Capesteve> is this not device specific?
14:22:52 <randomuser> it is device specific, i think
14:23:03 <randomuser> with some overlap, of course
14:23:41 <Capesteve> I have tried a few times to get various Nokia's to work with out much success except to back up some contancts
14:24:12 <randomuser> I asked the reporter for more info instead of closing it because I'm not really sure what use case / devices he wants supported - and his response was very clear that he wants his use case to be supported
14:24:30 <randomuser> i had good luck with palm devices back in the day
14:24:55 <jjmcd> I haven't even been able to pair my android, let alone sync.
14:25:37 <randomuser> if you're a GNOME user, google services integrate very well
14:26:05 <jjmcd> Yes, that makes the direct sync less of an issue
14:26:18 <Capesteve> Sounds like a choice between asking 'phone manufacturer to provide Linux software, or at least instructions, or asking searching for devices which are reported to work
14:27:20 <randomuser> on the bug, though: I'd like to close the bug as WONTFIX because the guide is dead, with apologies, unless someone wants to break out their boxes of old phones and start writing
14:27:41 <randomuser> there are probably a *lot* of feature phones out there still, though
14:28:28 <Capesteve> I think that is sensible, there are two many devices with their own proprietary software for us to tackle this
14:28:29 <pkovar> randomuser, yes, should be wontfixed i think. also, why we have two bz components for the user guide?
14:28:41 <bcotton> yeah, there's no way we can reasonably maintain that
14:28:56 <randomuser> pkovar, not sure- its a rather old bug
14:29:01 <Capesteve> Customer should pass this question back to device manufacturer before spending money
14:30:08 <pkovar> we should probably remove / merge the desktop-user-guide component
14:30:47 <Capesteve> s/two many/too many/
14:30:48 <pkovar> as there is no such guide as desktop user guide
14:31:02 <randomuser> pkovar, agreed
14:32:50 <randomuser> pkovar, how do we do that?
14:34:50 <randomuser> well, we can deal with that out of band, i suppose
14:35:18 <randomuser> #topic Open Floor Discussion
14:35:54 <randomuser> Our very own Sparks is up for reelection to his board seat!
14:36:24 <jjmcd> +1
14:36:34 <randomuser> I think he's doing a great job of representing the community to the board and the board to the community - I may consider voting for him
14:36:35 <nb> +1
14:38:03 <randomuser> #info Sparks is up for a Board seat, and we like him!
14:41:13 <randomuser> looks like we're stalling out- if there's nothing else, I'll end in 4 minutes
14:45:20 <randomuser> okay, thanks for coming everyone
14:45:25 <randomuser> #endmeeting