14:01:01 <randomuser> #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_Project_meetings
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14:01:01 <randomuser> #meetingname Fedora Docs
14:01:01 <randomuser> #topic Roll Call
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14:01:03 <Capesteve> Here
14:01:22 <randomuser> so prompt!
14:02:21 <randomuser> it might just be you and me, Capesteve
14:02:28 * pkovar is here
14:02:55 <randomuser> hi pkovar
14:03:03 <pkovar> hi there
14:03:41 * lnovich here
14:03:54 <Capesteve> Just in time ^
14:04:08 <randomuser> welcome, lnovich
14:04:12 <lnovich> thanks
14:04:24 <Capesteve> now we are four
14:04:32 <lnovich> fantastic
14:04:56 <pkovar> awesome
14:05:08 <randomuser> i think that's a quorum
14:05:27 <Capesteve> I propose a round of mutual back slapping
14:05:38 <randomuser> hehe
14:05:43 <randomuser> #topic Follow up on last week's action items
14:06:00 <lnovich> funny 155 in the channel only 4 in the meeting
14:06:08 <Capesteve> lurkers
14:06:11 <Capesteve> cowards
14:06:30 <randomuser> one item here, jjmcd was going to revive his thread about starting beats earlier
14:06:52 <randomuser> i believe he did not, and since he isn't here to defend himself...
14:07:17 <randomuser> #topic Release Notes / Feature Review
14:07:58 <lnovich> is there a general Fedora Feature list?
14:08:04 <randomuser> yes, there is
14:08:09 <lnovich> link?
14:08:27 <randomuser> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/19/FeatureList
14:08:59 <randomuser> i believe `ryu` was the only thing we had to drop
14:09:19 <randomuser> although the status of ready-made cloud images confused me, and probably bears further investigation
14:09:32 <lnovich> ok - i am writing something on virtio-RNG this week
14:10:26 <randomuser> the feature page looks like a good resource for you, lnovich
14:10:50 <lnovich> the developer working on it is a wonderful contact
14:11:00 <lnovich> and his blog has tons of information
14:11:13 <lnovich> so i am getting something together for my guide
14:12:15 <randomuser> cool
14:12:39 <randomuser> a good point to transition into
14:12:49 <randomuser> #topic Guide Status
14:12:55 <lnovich> ok can i start
14:13:07 <randomuser> please do
14:13:12 <lnovich> ok good news and bad news
14:13:36 * randomuser braces himself comically
14:13:39 <lnovich> good news is I finally got the Virtualization Admistration Guide for F18 moved from draft to release
14:13:46 * LoKoMurdoK here
14:13:51 <lnovich> the  bad news is it took way too much time
14:14:01 <lnovich> and now I am behind w/the F19 version
14:14:12 <lnovich> but I hope to get it out by the end of the week
14:14:30 <lnovich> How's that?
14:14:47 <randomuser> thanks for taking the time to publish, lnovich
14:15:12 <lnovich> I had some very funky errors -
14:15:13 <randomuser> and I apologize for providing bad/incomplete help :/
14:15:20 <lnovich> but figured out how to fix them
14:15:32 <randomuser> let me guess - use publican2?
14:15:40 <lnovich> that was error 1
14:16:19 <lnovich> the second error was that when I went to run the publican install book command - i got this error message about a bogus file
14:16:50 <lnovich> that error took all morning to figure out
14:17:20 <randomuser> :( sounds frustrating
14:17:40 <lnovich> in the end  - i had to clean and clear my publican cache - I think we should make 'publican clean' a step in doc generation
14:17:57 <randomuser> good call
14:18:17 <randomuser> #action randomuser to add `publican clean` to documentation guide
14:18:19 <lnovich> i am finding faults with the Documentation Guide - will be filing some BZs
14:18:43 <randomuser> great, thanks
14:19:06 <lnovich> i am also wondering why the documentation guide is in draft status/
14:19:09 <randomuser> and speaking of the documentation guide, lnovich, you were going to start on a canonical tag usage reference?
14:19:18 <lnovich> yes I am working on it as well
14:19:54 <lnovich> It is in the "hopper" and will get to that guide once i finish the VDAG for F19
14:20:07 <lnovich> ok I'm done
14:20:11 <randomuser> okay, sounds good
14:20:28 <randomuser> anything we can do to help you, lnovich ?
14:20:36 <lnovich> for the moment - I am ok
14:20:40 <randomuser> ok
14:20:53 <lnovich> I verified my guide was posted on the website - so all is good
14:21:06 <randomuser> Anything else on guides?
14:21:11 <lnovich> I do however have a question about 2 things
14:21:19 <lnovich> 1 translating my guide
14:21:35 <lnovich> 2 the wiki page - with the table of the guides
14:21:41 <randomuser> go on
14:21:55 <lnovich> for #1 - what do I need to do?
14:22:18 <randomuser> you probably need a new transifex project, right?
14:22:20 <lnovich> meaning how does one go about getting a guide translated.....
14:22:22 <lnovich> yes
14:22:50 <randomuser> hmm... I'm not sure about that one. I bet nb knows, if you can catch him
14:22:59 <lnovich> and for number 2 - we can take the question off line
14:23:09 <randomuser> okay
14:23:14 <lnovich> but I need to add a new entry for a new guide for F19
14:23:24 <lnovich> reflecting a name change from F18
14:23:34 <randomuser> wiki tables are pretty intimidating :)
14:24:17 <lnovich> ok
14:24:19 <randomuser> and i'm not just giving you a hard time, I break them
14:24:27 <lnovich> GTK
14:24:46 <lnovich> I just don't want to add more footnotes at the bottom of the table
14:25:03 <lnovich> as it becomes too confusing for contributors
14:25:24 <randomuser> lnovich, for the question on a new transifex project - maybe post across trans and docs list
14:25:46 <lnovich> ok I will do that
14:25:52 <randomuser> I'm fairly sure you need some kind of admin to do it, nb, glezos, perhaps shaiton
14:26:07 <pkovar> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Setting_up_a_document_with_Transifex
14:26:10 <lnovich> thanks!
14:27:26 * randomuser facepalms
14:27:31 <randomuser> thanks, pkovar
14:27:58 <pkovar> good to have that one bookmarked .;-)
14:28:30 <randomuser> one thing that isn't there: the `-r` switch to tx
14:29:19 <pkovar> yeah, it might be slightly outdated...  since i think we haven't touched in a while
14:29:22 <randomuser> so you can do `tx push -s -r name-of-doc.ResourceName` and avoid pushing all your sources for one changed POT
14:29:26 <pkovar> * it
14:30:01 <pkovar> that's helpful, yes
14:30:12 <randomuser> hmm
14:30:31 <randomuser> #action randomuser to sort / update the guides table somewhat
14:31:15 <randomuser> might be a bit easier to deal with if the most deprecated ones are on the bottom, and marked as such
14:31:38 <pkovar> agreed
14:32:47 <randomuser> Does that cover it for guides?
14:34:01 <randomuser> #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
14:34:13 <randomuser> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:34:38 <randomuser> same link, but I'd like to get input on one, if you'll indulge me
14:34:48 <randomuser> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=452412
14:35:53 <randomuser> my mobile phone integration needs go as far as 'add gmail account to DE' and it's been that way for long enough that i don't recall how to work with feature phones
14:38:21 <randomuser> perhaps I'll ask on the list if anyone has expertise here
14:38:31 <randomuser> any other bugs to discuss?
14:39:58 <lnovich> none from me
14:40:13 <Capesteve> no, I just need to work faster
14:40:17 <Capesteve> smarter
14:40:20 <Capesteve> harder
14:40:39 <randomuser> let's go with smarter, if there's an option :)
14:40:53 <Capesteve> outsource!
14:40:57 <randomuser> #topic Open Floor Discussion
14:41:56 <randomuser> i've had a hectic week, and haven't been dilligent with the agenda, so if something has been left out, please bring it up
14:43:40 * lnovich hears crickets
14:44:18 * randomuser crunch
14:44:20 <randomuser> last call, then
14:44:24 <Capesteve> bye
14:44:34 <randomuser> #endmeeting