14:00:37 <randomuser> #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_Project_meetings
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14:00:38 <randomuser> #meetingname Fedora Docs
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14:00:38 <randomuser> #topic Roll Call
14:00:47 * Capesteve waves
14:01:00 * jjmcd 
14:03:09 <randomuser> hello Capesteve
14:03:17 <Capesteve> Hello
14:03:23 <randomuser> good morning, jjmcd, i hope you're dried out now
14:03:26 <jjmcd> quite a crowd here today
14:03:45 <jjmcd> Still issues in the Upper Peninsula tho they seem to be digging out
14:05:59 <randomuser> gophone call, sorry
14:08:13 <randomuser> #topic Follow up on Action Items
14:08:34 <randomuser> I don't think we had any action items...
14:08:55 <randomuser> #topic Release Notes
14:09:15 <randomuser> I was startled into awareness of the imminent beta change deadline this morning, thanks shaiton
14:09:57 * jreznik planned to start nagging about beta change deadline tomorrow, quite busy today
14:10:08 <randomuser> So in the imminent future, the wiki pages need to be stamped with a freeze banner, and content needs to be marked up
14:10:55 <randomuser> #info Release Notes content needs to be marked up
14:11:18 <randomuser> #info Participants should join #fedora-docs to coordinate while they work on release notes
14:11:56 <randomuser> since redundant work is disappointing work
14:12:38 <randomuser> #info RN beta translation and RPM deadline is 13 May 2013
14:12:57 <randomuser> so we should get these out to tx as soon as we can
14:13:11 <randomuser> That's all I have to say on RNs for now; anything else to add?
14:14:13 <jreznik> any help needed from me? nagging people etc?
14:15:06 <randomuser> jreznik, any help would be welcome, of course; what did you have in mind?
14:15:15 <jjmcd> If you could remind me to hit the electronics things on Wed, that MIGHT help
14:15:33 <jjmcd> I have a hellish week it looks like, will be out of town tomorrow
14:15:46 <jjmcd> But perhaps I could sneak in a little on wed
14:16:15 <randomuser> sure
14:16:37 <randomuser> #info jjmcd might have time for some work on the electronics beat if we remind him on wednesday
14:18:08 <randomuser> okay, let's talk about planing/changes
14:18:16 <randomuser> #topic Planning Process
14:18:46 <randomuser> jreznik, I'm not confident I'm using the right terms yet :P
14:19:01 <jreznik> randomuser: you are
14:19:36 <jreznik> the thing is - marketing guys wanted to talk to you guys, how to coordinate it from release notes, to announcement etc.
14:19:48 <jreznik> not sure if rbergeron or suehle are around today?
14:20:03 <randomuser> right, i saw we missed them last week
14:20:23 * randomuser then intended to attend the marketing meeting, but didn't realize it was on the same day
14:21:27 * suehle is
14:22:05 <jreznik> well, it's today - last time we did a progress with suehle regarding the planning part, so I think it's now more for you how to coordinate effort, from my side it looks pretty set now
14:22:17 <jreznik> just last week I was out for three days...
14:23:12 <randomuser> i'm fairly swamped today, unfortunately - probably all week, from the look of it
14:23:19 <randomuser> though not in the evening
14:23:46 <jreznik> but I'd like to hear rbergeron for more thoughts as it was her idea to talk to you and we skipped that part...
14:24:13 <randomuser> i see
14:26:01 <randomuser> we'll give rbergeron a chance to jump in then, before we move on
14:28:05 <randomuser> well, let's table it
14:28:15 <randomuser> jreznik, our mailing list is always open :)
14:28:28 <randomuser> #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
14:28:41 <randomuser> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:28:54 <randomuser> There are some bugs out there
14:29:05 <randomuser> any particular ones to go over?
14:30:11 <randomuser> Capesteve, btw, i started writing a release notes blurb on firewalld's rich config language and it turned into more copy that should go into RNs; perhaps the sysadmin guide could use it
14:30:25 <randomuser> s/that/than/
14:30:29 <Capesteve> OK
14:31:19 <Capesteve> my firewalld stuff is going well
14:31:57 <randomuser> have you looked at the xml stuff yet, Capesteve ?
14:32:14 <Capesteve> yes, I have written a section on it
14:32:31 * randomuser facepalms
14:32:36 <Capesteve> we use XML all day long for the doc
14:32:42 <Capesteve> docs
14:33:40 <Capesteve> I am busy with teamd today, getting it ready for Fed 19
14:34:15 <randomuser> Capesteve, I coudn't make the rules work; I expected to be able to drop them in /etc/firewalld/zones/<zoneconfigfile> and override the ones in /var/lib
14:34:40 <randomuser> but they didn't get applied, not sure what I'm doing wrong
14:35:11 <Capesteve> that is the theory, you can e-mail me or send by PM
14:35:34 <randomuser> okay, will do
14:35:59 <Capesteve> I have meeting with developer this week, can check it before then
14:36:07 <randomuser> I'll send you the copy I wrote too, so you can decide if it adds anything to what you have
14:36:17 <Capesteve> OK, ta
14:38:05 <randomuser> I guess we're already there, but...
14:38:09 <randomuser> #topic open floor
14:42:15 <randomuser> Okay, i think we can wrap it up
14:42:26 <randomuser> thanks for coming, jjmcd, i know how valuable your time is
14:42:45 <jjmcd> randomuser, I really feel bad about not being around more
14:42:55 <jjmcd> but shit seems to happen at inopportune times
14:43:03 * randomuser nods
14:43:09 <randomuser> it's that way with me, too
14:43:58 <randomuser> only i think my deal is more mundane and routine; it still makes finding time for Fedora difficult
14:44:25 <randomuser> anyway...
14:44:30 <randomuser> #endmeeting