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14:00:40 <randomuser> #meetingname Fedora Docs
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14:00:40 <randomuser> #topic Roll Call
14:01:39 * Capesteve is here
14:01:54 <randomuser> good morning to those it applies to
14:02:01 <randomuser> and hello to the others :)
14:02:04 <Capesteve> Good morning
14:02:17 <Capesteve> GDTY covers all
14:02:36 * randomuser nods
14:02:50 <randomuser> i've heard that one... it seems so generic
14:03:05 <jjmcd> 
14:03:07 <Capesteve> from the days of Telex
14:03:18 * pkovar is here
14:05:09 <randomuser> i see bcotton lurking
14:05:20 <randomuser> Sparks, Sparks_t1o , are you here?
14:05:22 * bcotton is here
14:05:28 * jjmcd is working a widespread flooding incident - only partly paying attention
14:07:10 <randomuser> thanks for turning out, jjmcd
14:07:18 <randomuser> #topic follow up on action items
14:07:39 <randomuser> one item here - I was to mail the list about using bugs to track Changes
14:07:54 <randomuser> which I did - it seems like a good place to start discussion
14:08:04 <randomuser> #topic Using Bugzilla to track Changes
14:08:42 <randomuser> The idea is to give us, and other groups, a centralized way to track rthe Changes process. bugzilla appears to be the best tool we have in production to do this.
14:09:10 <randomuser> Any thoughts? unnecessary work, or wonderful idea?
14:11:05 <randomuser> Capesteve, pkovar how do you guys track your upcoming work?
14:11:23 <Capesteve> bugzilla mostly
14:11:31 <Capesteve> more and more using bugzilla
14:12:07 <randomuser> tracking bugs / assignments as much as user-driven reports, then?
14:12:47 <pkovar> tracking bugs, yes
14:13:36 <Capesteve> Some planing was done in using other tools, but we turn our tasks into bugs
14:13:51 <randomuser> does it seem effective? any obvious pitfalls to it?
14:14:54 <Capesteve> brain storming, wish lists can be done in a collab tool of choice, but distill the action items into bugs
14:15:46 <randomuser> i like that idea, but out scale doesn't really require it for general use
14:15:52 <randomuser> s/out/our
14:16:22 <Capesteve> I think etherpad for a week or so, then store the agreed action in a wiki page might be enough for you
14:16:41 * randomuser nods
14:16:50 <Capesteve> but don't use wiki for things that change a lot
14:16:54 <randomuser> there probably is a wiki page, somewhere, we could use
14:17:10 <Capesteve> wait till you agree its at "1st draft" stage
14:18:23 <pkovar> it looks like etherpard is not used that much in fedora.. for some reason. is there a fedora instance of etherpad somewhere?
14:18:51 <randomuser> we have a gobby instance, though it doesn't get much use
14:18:58 <randomuser> at least not by docs people
14:18:58 <pkovar> aha
14:19:51 <pkovar> ah, i see it's a desktop app
14:20:01 <randomuser> I've only used it a couple times
14:20:17 <pkovar> a web app works better for this purpose i think
14:20:48 <randomuser> yeah, the barrier to use would be less
14:21:01 <randomuser> with etherpad, you can just share a link
14:21:54 * randomuser isn't seeing any reason not to use BZ for tracking Changes
14:23:35 <randomuser> #topic Beat Assignments
14:23:43 <randomuser> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Documentation_beats
14:23:54 <randomuser> Beats are still open
14:24:04 <randomuser> people are working on them, i see
14:24:57 <randomuser> i've been doing some research on the unclaimed ones, it's a daunting task
14:25:07 <randomuser> ...
14:26:41 <randomuser> #topic Search for fp.o
14:26:49 <jjmcd> Is there a Tech Notes available?
14:27:11 <randomuser> jjmcd, not at this point, but I could spin one up today
14:27:38 <jjmcd> I plan to hit embedded, circuits, etc.  But I could use other tools
14:27:46 <jjmcd> Tech notes makes it easier, tho
14:28:11 <randomuser> sure, I'll take care of that this evening
14:28:32 <jjmcd> thanks
14:28:42 <randomuser> jjmcd, I'm more willing to do things like that than I am likely to remember what needs to be done :P
14:28:57 <jjmcd> I resemble that!
14:29:04 * randomuser smirks
14:29:15 <randomuser> nirik, are you around to talk about search stuffs?
14:29:32 <nirik> I'm here (barely), but don't have much news to report on that...
14:29:44 <randomuser> fair enough, thanks
14:29:54 * randomuser slides a mug of coffee over to nirik
14:30:46 <randomuser> hmm.. the author representation in the brand could use some more list time, i think
14:31:18 <randomuser> pkovar, would you like to talk about the user guide?
14:31:31 <pkovar> randomuser: ok
14:31:45 <randomuser> #topic retiring the user guide
14:31:47 <pkovar> i think we got mostly positive feedback
14:31:53 <nb> +1
14:31:54 <pkovar> on retiring the guide
14:32:02 * Sparks is here
14:32:03 <pkovar> that is: closing the bugs
14:32:06 <pkovar> and
14:32:11 <pkovar> updating the guide table
14:33:00 <randomuser> I'm +1 for this
14:33:26 <pkovar> (and point people to DE's user help when appropriate)
14:33:30 <randomuser> expecially with gnome-initial-setup
14:33:36 <pkovar> right
14:34:08 <randomuser> pkovar, are you planning on handling the bugs?
14:34:28 <pkovar> randomuser: yes, i will close them (all) :)
14:35:32 <randomuser> pkovar, cool, thanks. Keep an eye out for bugs that might conceivably apply to guides we *do* maintain, please
14:35:42 <pkovar> sure
14:36:32 <randomuser> Sparks, hello, do have anything for us?
14:36:39 <randomuser> #chair Sparks
14:36:39 <zodbot> Current chairs: Sparks randomuser
14:37:47 <randomuser> we'll touch on bugs in the meantime
14:37:58 <randomuser> #topic outstanding BZ tickets
14:38:05 <randomuser> http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:38:14 <randomuser> we have some bugs
14:38:19 <randomuser> any of concern?
14:41:00 <Sparks> .
14:41:16 <Sparks> I know of an easy way to close all the user-guide bugs if you'd like me to do so
14:41:42 <pkovar> me too :-)
14:42:00 <Sparks> pkovar: Okay, just checking
14:42:07 <randomuser> heh, glad I didn't volunteer for it, then
14:42:12 <kushal> Sparks, may be a python script
14:42:40 <Sparks> No, bugzilla lets you modify multiple bugs at once
14:42:54 <Sparks> kushal: Make it do the work for you
14:44:13 <randomuser> #topic Open Floor
14:44:22 <randomuser> alright, folks, go nuts
14:44:31 <randomuser> I'm sure there's something I've forgotten
14:46:26 <jreznik> ops, /me missed docs meeting :( sorry guys
14:46:46 <randomuser> jreznik, the floor is yours, if you have anything
14:47:29 <jreznik> randomuser: just re-read the tracking part - do you have a plan how to proceed?
14:47:59 <jreznik> for alpha - anything still needed from docs? I see release notes now links to announcement, I'd say it makes sense
14:48:20 <randomuser> jreznik, I'm thinking that when the time comes, we assign someone to create bugs for each Change and wrangle writers for them
14:49:10 <randomuser> I'm not sure what else we need to plan in that context
14:50:07 <randomuser> jreznik, I don't have much ready for alpha, regrettably, but I don't see why that should hold anything up
14:50:24 <jreznik> seems reasonable, the same I do for devels and I can help you too with wrangling docs (just I don't have an overview of who to assign what but ... definitely I'm here)
14:51:43 <randomuser> jreznik, we can use the beats table as a rough guide, but it might be best to ask for volunteers
14:52:02 <randomuser> at least until we ease people into the idea of checking for bugs assigned to them
14:52:47 <jreznik> beats owner + asking people if they are willing to do it is probably the best thing - at least for beginning
14:53:35 <jreznik> thank you very much randomuser, I think docs are pretty well covered - I'd like to start as soon as possible, now to make marketing meeting today and ;-)
14:54:06 * randomuser nods
14:54:30 <randomuser> You're an excellent wrangler, jreznik, thanks for your help
14:55:26 * randomuser really benefits from the occasional prodding
14:55:49 <randomuser> just a few minutes left, last call on the open floor
14:59:35 <randomuser> thanks for coming, everyone!
14:59:43 <randomuser> #endmeeting