14:01:16 <randomuser`> #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_Project_meetings
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14:01:17 <randomuser`> #meetingname Fedora Docs
14:01:17 <randomuser`> #topic Roll Call
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14:01:23 * Capesteve waves
14:01:27 * Sparks 
14:01:33 * jhradilek is here.
14:01:52 <randomuser`> #chair Sparks
14:01:52 <zodbot> Current chairs: Sparks randomuser`
14:02:04 * zoglesby is here
14:02:13 <randomuser`> #info Participants are reminded to make liberal use of #info #link #help in order to make the minutes "more better"
14:02:43 <Sparks> randomuser`: Any idea what I would want to talk about today?  I know I'm forgetting something.
14:02:49 * pkovar is here
14:03:23 <randomuser`> Sparks, hmm... WHat are you remembering? :P
14:03:49 <randomuser`> oh, Sparks - a topic for guide merge?
14:04:34 <Sparks> randomuser`: Perhaps since I did that recently.
14:05:40 * randomuser` has a feeling he's forgetting something too, as usual
14:05:59 <randomuser`> #topic Follow up on last week's action items
14:06:24 <randomuser`> I see pkovar's email this morning on deprecating the User Guide
14:06:49 <randomuser`> I didn't do my part, so I'll carry that over
14:07:00 <randomuser`> #action randomuser to mail docs list about using bz to track release notes process
14:07:30 <randomuser`> FYI, I am taking the week off from $dayjob and plan to spend as much time as my wife will allow on docs stuff
14:07:54 <Sparks> heh, does she know that yet?
14:08:33 <randomuser`> well, not in those terms :)
14:09:32 <randomuser`> #topic Rolling "Managing Confined Services" guide into the Security Guide
14:09:50 <randomuser`> Sparks, your floor
14:11:04 <Sparks> Yeah, so I'm going to roll all the SELinux guides into the Security Guide
14:11:11 <Sparks> One-stop-shopping
14:11:38 <Sparks> I've already done so with one guide and will be working on the rest this week.,
14:11:42 <Sparks> That is all.
14:11:56 <randomuser`> I'm all for anything that doesn't treat inherent security like SELinux as a separate task
14:12:41 <Sparks> Yeah, it was a bit confusing to try to find what you were looking for the first or second time
14:14:19 <randomuser`> Sparks, if I can throw out a suggestion as it comes to mind, liberal use of `man -k servicename` to identify `man servicename_selinux` might be a good practice to demonstrate
14:14:39 <randomuser`> the selinux folks do an amazing job of keeping up with such things
14:14:55 <Sparks> randomuser`: Yes.  I need to get with Dan Walsh on that since he did such a bang up job on getting everything documented in the man pages
14:15:58 <randomuser`> amazingly, a lot of those 200+ manpages are apparently autogenerated
14:16:34 <Sparks> yes, Dan figured out how to script it.  :)
14:17:54 <randomuser`> well, great idea, Sparks
14:18:28 <randomuser`> #topic Release Announcement
14:18:43 <randomuser`> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F19_Alpha_release_announcement
14:18:55 <randomuser`> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_19_talking_points
14:19:14 <randomuser`> The F19 Alpha slipped a week, so we have this week to hack at those pages
14:19:43 <randomuser`> #info everyone is invited to improve or add to content in the above links
14:21:21 <randomuser`> I've asked that the Alpha release notes be.. ignored?
14:22:14 <randomuser`> What content we have at this point is sparse, and I'd rather work on adding more content at this point than spending the time on pushing copy around the wiki
14:22:50 <randomuser`> #info remember, Beats are open and Alpha is available for testing
14:23:40 <randomuser`> #link http://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-19/f-19-docs-tasks.html
14:24:10 <randomuser`> any comments on our work for Alpha?
14:27:46 <randomuser`> fair enough; I think that covers the announcement and beats for today
14:28:21 <randomuser`> #topic outstanding BZ tickets
14:28:34 <randomuser`> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:28:54 <randomuser`> Sparks, perhaps you wanted to talk about search functionality?
14:31:05 <randomuser`> ...or perhaps someone has another bug to discuss?
14:33:44 <Sparks> I can talk about search, I guess
14:34:33 <Sparks> So months ago we removed the Google search from docs.fp.o for obvious(?) reasons
14:35:02 <Sparks> This left us without a search functionality for our documentation
14:36:23 <randomuser`> Sparks, I see a few options have been indentified, who would have to do the work to implement one?
14:37:35 <Sparks> Really we don't have a good search solution for any Fedora website (static, wiki, etc).
14:37:46 <Sparks> So now we have...
14:37:51 <Sparks> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=948823
14:38:00 <Sparks> .bug 948823
14:38:01 <zodbot> Sparks: Bug 948823 Need a search solution for docs.fedoraproject.org - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=948823
14:38:25 <Sparks> Well, we'll need to work with Infra and Web to make this happen.
14:38:49 <Sparks> #info Need to work with Infra and Web to implement a new search feature in Fedora
14:39:14 <Sparks> We shouldn't just be looking for something for docs.fp.o but rather something to incorporate ALL of our web resources, IMO.
14:39:46 <Sparks> So if anyone would like to step up to lead this venture or has information they'd like to share please add it to the ticket.
14:39:47 <chuckf> Sparks: I have a question about the search thing. The way I read the free software policy is that if there is an oss solution for a problem, use it. However in this case is seems there is not, so why can Google [or other search provider] not be the current solution?
14:40:16 <Sparks> chuckf: Because the way we were using Google it broke their terms of service/ULA
14:40:36 <Sparks> chuckf: And there *are* FOSS solutions out there.
14:40:39 <zoglesby> Infra had a ticket for it, but there is no progress
14:40:42 <zoglesby> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1055
14:40:45 <chuckf> Sparks: okay, thanks
14:41:03 <Sparks> zodbot: Thanks for pointing me to that.  I'll try to link the two and give a push
14:41:22 <zoglesby> zodbot says no problem
14:41:31 <randomuser`> heh
14:41:42 <Sparks> zoglesby: Thanks for pointing me to that.  I'll try to link the two and give a push
14:42:11 <zoglesby> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Search
14:42:12 <nirik> we need some folks to try dpsearch again (IMHO)
14:42:33 <randomuser`> hey nirik
14:42:33 * Sparks also notes that no one put the suggestions on the ticket.
14:42:44 <Sparks> nirik: Okay...
14:43:06 <randomuser`> nirik, did the dpsearch staged before have technical limitations, or just a lack of engagement in testing, etc?
14:43:10 <Sparks> nirik: How can we help/make this happen?
14:43:27 <nirik> it seemed to work ok at first, then it got really really really slow.
14:43:34 <nirik> and we didn't have cycles to track down why
14:44:01 <nirik> we could try again, but if we had a few folks willing to tweak it or work on slowness issues that would be great
14:44:29 <randomuser`> I would be willing to poke at it, but I can't make any promises about the efficacy of my poking
14:45:04 <Sparks> nirik: Yeah, I'd be willing to throw some cycles at it.
14:45:13 * Sparks just needs to know how
14:45:17 <nirik> cool. I'll see if we can stand up a test instance
14:45:22 <zoglesby> I can also help, but my travel schedule is crazy so I can't take the lead on it
14:47:38 <randomuser`> nirik, thanks! would you mind following up on the docs list?
14:47:50 <nirik> sure
14:47:52 * nirik makes a note
14:48:00 <Sparks> #action nirik to stand up a test instance of dpsearch and get Sparks randomuser` and zoglesby involved
14:48:13 <Sparks> :)
14:48:26 <Sparks> nirik: Feel free to use ear-pulling as necessary
14:48:34 <randomuser`> indeed
14:49:08 <Sparks> randomuser`: It's getting a bit late... anything else pressing?
14:49:14 <randomuser`> I think that covers bugs, at least
14:49:23 <randomuser`> #topic open floor
14:49:36 <randomuser`> I don't have anything pressing
14:50:06 <randomuser`> this is fun
14:50:27 <randomuser`> our ohloh profile is updated
14:50:40 <randomuser`> #link https://www.ohloh.net/p/8544
14:52:20 * Sparks tried to setup an ohloh account but had difficulties getting everything to work
14:52:52 <randomuser`> you have a prestigious profile waiting for you to claim it, Sparks
14:53:10 <randomuser`> it was kind of neat to watch your 'kudos' points rack up as it crawled the docs
14:54:04 <Sparks> heh
14:54:14 <Sparks> Only because I commit in short bursts.  :)
14:56:31 <randomuser`> WE'll wrap up soon, if there's nothing else
14:56:43 <randomuser`> say, two minute warning
14:57:50 <randomuser`> #info those that couldn't make it are welcome to continue or start discussions on the mailing list
14:59:17 <randomuser`> thanks for coming, all
14:59:20 <Capesteve> bye
14:59:20 <randomuser`> #endmeeting