01:00:52 <dan408> #startmeeting FAmNA
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01:00:56 * masta looks in
01:00:59 <dan408> #meetingname FAmNA
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01:01:05 <dan408> #topic Roll Call
01:01:11 <award3535> present and ready
01:01:18 * suehle is here
01:01:20 <dan408> #chair masta award3535 suehle
01:01:20 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 dan408 masta suehle
01:01:23 * masta is here
01:01:28 <masta> oh good
01:01:31 * inode0 waves
01:01:33 <masta> was about to start
01:01:36 <dan408> #chair inode0
01:01:36 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 dan408 inode0 masta suehle
01:01:40 <dan408> yay! people!
01:01:53 <dan408> #chair rbergeron
01:01:53 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 dan408 inode0 masta rbergeron suehle
01:02:28 <dan408> anyone else alive?
01:03:02 <award3535> lets roll...
01:03:26 <dan408> #topic Announcements
01:03:35 <masta> we seem to have only one significant ticket today
01:03:45 <dan408> cool
01:04:01 <award3535> is that one mine?
01:04:04 <masta> yes
01:04:44 <masta> anouncing: shaving off my unix beard
01:04:51 <masta> =(
01:04:58 <award3535> whoa....
01:05:00 * inode0 would love a vague handwavy budget update
01:05:24 <dan408> masta: wow that's a big deal
01:05:30 <dan408> um
01:05:31 <inode0> I shave mine off two or three times a year - those things always grow back
01:05:34 <dan408> so Fedora announcements
01:05:42 <award3535> I have none
01:05:45 <dan408> i think F19 Alpha TC2 was composed
01:05:48 <dan408> cue adamw
01:05:54 <dan408> #chair adamw
01:05:54 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw award3535 dan408 inode0 masta rbergeron suehle
01:06:09 * suehle waves hands around a budget
01:06:25 <dan408> suehle: you hold the power
01:06:33 <suehle> Not everything we asked for was approved, so we'd like to divvy fairly and will post to the wiki in the near future
01:06:39 <masta> inode0: ok so we can add the topic of budge now, or save for open floor?
01:06:54 <award3535> now is good
01:06:58 <suehle> Relatedly, I'd like to wave some hands in agreement that we'd like to sponsor SELF in the usual way.
01:06:59 <dan408> now
01:07:05 <dan408> #topic Budget
01:07:30 <award3535> suehle thank you, I am only asking for booth at the moment
01:07:40 <masta> can somebody link me the spread sheet of what was approved?
01:07:50 <dan408> i think SELF is a "premier" event or whatever
01:07:56 <award3535> I dont have everyone listed on who will be attending
01:08:09 <suehle> masta, we haven't posted it yet
01:08:11 <inode0> How much? What sponsorship level?
01:08:24 <inode0> Does it match what we planned at FUDCon?
01:08:24 <suehle> We've always done silver, $500
01:08:25 <award3535> bronze was last year
01:08:25 <dan408> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApBrbq5j6NbOdG0zQzVvR3VqQ05NaE5xaDdLOWh3a0E&pli=1#gid=0
01:08:36 <award3535> correct 500
01:08:46 * inode0 is +1
01:08:50 <suehle> OK, bronze. I've looked at too many sponsorships today :)
01:08:51 <award3535> +1
01:09:27 <award3535> Last year we did not make the website as a sponsor or make the print/flyers
01:09:29 <dan408> why is rh summit 0?
01:09:46 <masta> dan408: because we decided that
01:09:52 <inode0> and while SELF is being discussed let me remind everyone that the CFP for TXLF and SELF and on 4/1 and 4/8
01:09:59 <inode0> so get your talk proposals in soon
01:10:10 * dan408 wants to go to rh summit :/
01:10:13 <suehle> oh hey, good to know
01:10:25 <award3535> We need to get ahold of maxamillion
01:10:32 * masta might be able to swing something for txlf
01:10:59 <award3535> adam miller and I spoke and he will be there
01:11:12 <award3535> for TLF that is, he is local
01:11:46 * masta is in driving distance (dallas)
01:11:56 <award3535> so did the SELF bronze et a thumbs up
01:12:03 <dan408> yes
01:12:14 <dan408> suehle thumbs uped it
01:12:26 <masta> ok good
01:12:26 <inode0> #info FAmNA approves $500 to sponsor SELF
01:12:34 <dan408> thx inode0
01:12:36 <award3535> thank you
01:12:43 <inode0> please add that to the tracking ticket so we don't forget
01:12:46 <masta> so that solves the ticket later in the chat
01:12:56 <masta> 2'fer
01:13:09 <masta> ok so when do we see what was approved?
01:13:17 <masta> so we can plan
01:13:28 <award3535> on it, chaning now
01:14:27 <dan408> masta: create a ticket if you want to take ownership of the event
01:15:32 <award3535> seems like some folks are having connection issues
01:15:41 <inode1> not just me? :)
01:16:21 <dan408> im fine on calvino.freenode.net
01:16:57 <dan408> anyways
01:17:16 <dan408> masta: doyou want to take ownership of TLF?
01:17:26 <award3535> +1
01:17:30 * inode1 thinks that would be superb
01:17:39 <masta> dan408: I'm pondering that... want to talk to some people first
01:17:41 <award3535> I was going to but cannot get away that weekend
01:17:55 <dan408> im nowhere near texas
01:18:15 <award3535> adam miller is interested
01:18:22 <inode0> good chance I'll be there again
01:18:27 <masta> I have not looked at the event yet, not sure if Austin or San Antonio, etc.... and I have other travels need to look at calendar first
01:18:36 <award3535> austin
01:19:06 <masta> what is the data of that one?
01:19:08 <award3535> San Antonio was goot
01:19:12 <masta> /data/date/
01:19:28 <inode0> may 31 - june 1 iirc
01:19:30 <award3535> 29 May to 1 Jun
01:19:36 <dan408> well if he'sinterested tell him to get in here or create a ticket
01:19:43 <award3535> Inod0 your right
01:20:05 <award3535> I will get ahold of him
01:20:45 <masta> ok I'll start looking at TXLF
01:20:48 <award3535> can we close ticket 52?
01:21:04 <masta> might be in Miami at those times, will see... but I can still organize an event
01:21:04 <inode0> .famnaticket 52
01:21:07 <zodbot> inode0: #52 (Sponsorship for Hotel at PyCon) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/52
01:21:16 <inode0> herlo?
01:21:19 <dan408> well
01:21:22 <dan408> i did my part for pycon
01:21:31 <dan408> i picked him up from the airport
01:21:40 <inode0> I'd leave it open and badger herlo
01:21:46 <dan408> yeah that's more fun
01:21:47 <masta> +1
01:21:56 <masta> ok lets move on...
01:22:24 <suehle> Oh, I paid that.
01:22:35 <award3535> masta heres the link http://2013.texaslinuxfest.org/
01:22:39 <suehle> I put it on my credit card while we were there.
01:22:52 <inode0> we should still see a report from herlo of some sort
01:23:05 <suehle> No disagreement. Just noting that it was indeed paid. :)
01:23:11 <masta> no report, ticket stays open
01:23:12 <inode0> maybe he did one and I just missed it
01:23:52 <masta> he didn't
01:24:18 <masta> #action hero to make a report on ticket
01:24:54 <dan408> that reminds me
01:25:07 <dan408> im going to close out my fudcon and olpc summit reimbursements
01:25:11 <masta> #undo
01:25:11 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x2a422550>
01:25:12 <dan408> i got my company to pay for fudcon
01:25:19 <masta> #action herlo to make a report on ticket
01:25:27 <dan408> and im starting a livejournal for this
01:25:55 <inode0> and speaking of FUDCon - get ready
01:26:04 <dan408> another one?
01:26:32 <award3535> hmmm
01:26:34 <inode0> rumor has it that a big one might happen as early as July/August
01:26:39 <dan408> where.
01:26:40 <suehle> Can't eat just one.
01:26:47 <inode0> NA
01:26:50 <dan408> ...
01:26:56 <masta> what?! again?
01:26:57 <award3535> in new orleans?
01:26:59 * inode0 can't be any more specific
01:27:03 <suehle> Missed you guys too much. Decided to throw another one.
01:27:03 <dan408> new arleans
01:27:12 <dan408> lol
01:27:13 <suehle> No, not New Orleans. LinuxCon has that.
01:27:23 <dan408> so
01:27:28 <masta> inode0: oh come on.... more vauge then... something
01:27:37 <award3535> yes lets hear where
01:27:41 * inode0 hopes for Vegas next to FreedomFest but isn't betting on it
01:27:51 <dan408> might as well just do it in boston with rh summit at that time
01:27:52 <inode0> masta: I really don't know any more
01:27:58 <award3535> oh yeah I have family there
01:28:05 <suehle> I get the feeling you want to go to Summit, Dan
01:28:20 * nb would like to go to summit :)
01:28:24 * masta will most likely be at summit
01:28:31 <nb> but summit is lots of $$
01:28:36 <inode0> JBoss has that one now, no more FUDCons at the Summit
01:28:38 <dan408> #chair nb
01:28:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw award3535 dan408 inode0 masta nb rbergeron suehle
01:28:45 * inode0 will be at the Summit too
01:28:53 <masta> inode0: =)
01:29:10 <dan408> suehle: omg omg pick me
01:29:46 <award3535> so we are not going to find out?
01:29:55 <suehle> I can't tell you something that doesn't exist!
01:30:03 <award3535> awwww
01:30:03 <masta> ok.
01:30:09 <masta> next ticket?
01:30:13 <award3535> was a good thought
01:30:27 <award3535> yes lets move on
01:30:31 <masta> let's get to open floor as quickly as possible
01:30:43 <suehle> The east coast agrees
01:31:12 <dan408> i think that's it
01:31:17 <dan408> #topic Open Floor
01:31:19 <nb> .bacon
01:31:19 <zodbot> I love bacon, you love bacon, WE ALL LOVE BACON!! (except for NiveusLuna, who was tragically attacked by bacon as a child.)
01:31:31 <masta> shall we do ticket 50 or 54?
01:31:42 <masta> we kinda covered 54 already
01:31:55 <award3535> ticket 54 we did so far and I updated it already
01:32:19 <dan408> we are done with tickets
01:32:21 <dan408> open floor
01:32:21 <dan408> go
01:32:23 * masta moves we jump to open floor
01:32:29 <award3535> 50 I beleive its good to go
01:32:37 <nb> we are already on open floor i thought?
01:32:42 <award3535> yep
01:32:46 <masta> oh yea
01:32:51 <masta> oops
01:32:56 <masta> sry folks
01:33:26 <masta> suehle: so when can we expect the updated budget?
01:33:34 <masta> suehle: sry to pester
01:33:36 <award3535> please update any information or attendees on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SELF_2013
01:34:41 <suehle> masta, I'll try to get robyn to thumbs up something tomorrow
01:35:52 * masta will sent suehle narwhal stickers
01:35:58 <suehle> woohoo!
01:35:58 <award3535> yes please, lots of events coming up
01:36:30 <suehle> Events need narwhals! :)
01:37:28 <inode0> I'm very likely to be at SELF but won't update the wiki until mid April when things become closer to certain
01:38:14 <award3535> okay, anyone giving any lectures, I know Ben usually does the HAM test
01:38:40 * inode0 needs to submit things this weekend for both TXLF and SELF
01:39:07 <masta> inode0: what topics do you have in mind?
01:39:14 * dan408 's company is starting to get annoyed and is only letting him go to a certain amount of events per year...
01:39:22 * masta considers doing a lecture for some future event
01:39:32 <inode0> last year I talked about demoggification - not sure this year what I'll propose
01:39:44 <dan408> demoggification.. that's a big word
01:39:54 <award3535> inode0: my part of the budget is listed on Wiki
01:40:04 <inode0> yeah, it draws people in just to find out what it means :0
01:40:11 <award3535> And some of Ben's is already there
01:41:16 <rbergeron> crap.
01:41:31 * inode0 is prepared to approve expenses for SELF for award3535 and Ben whenever they are set
01:41:36 <dan408> rbergeron: day light savings?
01:41:37 <masta> rbergeron: ?
01:41:50 <rbergeron> dan408: i still have 7pm stuck in my head. and now it's at 6pm.
01:42:04 <dan408> i'll send you a celander invite
01:42:08 <dan408> calendar*
01:42:20 <dan408> honestly that is the only way i remember these meetings
01:42:25 * dan408 throws a chair at rbergeron
01:42:29 <inode0> we just want to know all the stuff you aren't prepared to fill us in on yet :)
01:42:43 <rbergeron> i have it on there. it's just that usually i'm not at the computer at 6pm because i'm eating.
01:43:06 <rbergeron> (sorry to interrupt, CARRY ON)
01:43:11 <dan408> rbergeron: personal and work calendar, all 5 phones, tablets, etc ;)
01:43:19 * dan408 throws another chair at rbergeron
01:43:28 <dan408> so uh
01:43:30 <dan408> media
01:43:31 <inode0> taped to the salt shaker?
01:43:32 <dan408> i saw it
01:43:39 <dan408> and my life flashed before my eyes
01:43:44 <dan408> can i get some please?
01:43:54 <dan408> should i create a ticket?
01:44:01 <inode0> yes
01:44:03 <rbergeron> dan408: yes
01:44:11 <dan408> also
01:44:15 <dan408> old f17 media
01:44:22 <dan408> i got an idea on the freemedia list..
01:44:36 * masta had to look up demoggification
01:44:50 * inode0 wishes people would just send that as freemedia right before the next release
01:44:50 <masta> didn't find anything but inode0's talk
01:46:04 * masta notes to join freemedia for exactly that reason... get rid of media freely
01:46:39 <dan408> apparently their archives are private
01:46:40 <award3535> TLF from 2012 shows up on google
01:46:50 <award3535> for demoggification
01:46:58 <rbergeron> /win 3
01:47:18 <masta> oh I see
01:47:25 <masta> looking at other channels
01:47:31 <masta> ;-)
01:47:39 <award3535> its the process of removing useless cats as defined by the dicitonary
01:47:46 <rbergeron> sssh :)
01:48:26 <dan408> [Fedora-freemedia-list] Rising Demands in Africa
01:48:42 <award3535> yes I saw alot of emails on this issue
01:48:53 <dan408> nobody replied to me
01:48:56 <award3535> I have a few F17 media
01:49:04 * masta wants to setup more fedora-arm lectures not only for himself but for others
01:49:05 <award3535> but thats it
01:49:19 <dan408> anyways
01:49:26 <dan408> figured it would be better in africa
01:49:45 <award3535> way to expensive for my blood to send media there
01:49:54 * dan408 looks at suehle
01:50:05 <inode0> we pay to send media there anyway
01:50:08 <rbergeron> africa has historically been tricky in general
01:50:14 <rbergeron> it is part of emea :)
01:50:18 <masta> does RH have an office in Africa?
01:50:26 <dan408> so what to do with old f17 multilives?
01:50:29 <rbergeron> but when we have sent stuff there it generally gets held up by customs
01:50:34 <rbergeron> and then we have to pay customs, which is fine
01:50:43 <inode0> dan408: I use leftovers as freemedia in NA
01:50:59 <rbergeron> but then we also wind up having to pay things like "special tips to customs people for walking 5 feet"
01:51:06 <inode0> others recycle them, others throw them away, others frame the picture on the back
01:51:06 <award3535> I agree, but part of me for the free media system I do what I can
01:51:07 <rbergeron> if you catch my drift
01:51:12 <masta> increased exposure in the A part of EMEA would be great for marketing
01:51:38 <award3535> and yes I do redistribute the left overs through my local LUG
01:52:21 <rbergeron> we've had a presence at idlelo for the past 2 or 3 years iirc
01:52:50 <inode0> since it is still supported you could leave them at the library or coffee shop or wherever people don't mind
01:53:01 <award3535> +1
01:54:50 <masta> chirp chirp
01:55:01 <award3535> LOL
01:55:19 <award3535> seems like everyone has got nothing else....
01:56:11 <dan408> ok
01:56:13 <award3535> I will be waiting for budget numbers I have Indiana LF and Linuxcont
01:56:13 <masta> ok folk, got to go....
01:56:14 <dan408> anything else one?
01:56:27 * masta waves bye
01:56:34 <dan408> 5
01:56:35 <dan408> 4
01:56:36 <dan408> 3
01:56:36 <dan408> 2
01:56:37 <dan408> 1
01:56:39 <rbergeron> wait
01:56:41 <rbergeron> :)
01:56:43 * dan408 waits
01:56:46 <dan408> ...
01:57:09 <rbergeron> can I throw out the LFNW event page real quicklike for some thumbs up on the sponsorship :)
01:57:13 * dan408 throws another chair at rbergeron
01:57:20 <rbergeron> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LinuxFest_Northwest_(LFNW)_2013
01:57:31 <rbergeron> (/me notes she has no other humans signed up yet :( )
01:58:16 * rbergeron is just looking for $500 which iirc we more or less preallocated at fadna during fudcon
01:58:19 * dan408 refers to his earlier note of too many conferences
01:58:22 <award3535> unless you fly me out there I cant make it..... opposite coast for me
01:58:58 <rbergeron> adam usually will booth, and i imagine jesse will as well if i can butter him into it :)
01:59:02 <rbergeron> MAYBE EVEN SPEVACK
01:59:08 <inode0> +1
01:59:34 <masta> the event page looks good
01:59:41 <masta> nice job rbergeron
01:59:44 * dan408 is with award3535
01:59:44 <inode0> +1 to the $500, not to flying award3535 out there :)
01:59:55 <masta> lol
02:00:00 <award3535> LOL
02:00:02 <masta> ok for real...
02:00:05 <masta> bye
02:00:19 <inode0> rbergeron: hey, dave duncan now lives out there too
02:00:20 <dan408> i just want to go to rh summit and fudcon
02:00:22 <dan408> good enough for me
02:00:33 <dan408> ah yes he does
02:00:36 <inode0> you should touch base with him
02:00:38 <dan408> i got his contact info
02:00:39 <dan408> i'll msg him
02:00:48 <dan408> i think he was talking about it in last weeks meeting
02:01:04 <dan408> cool
02:01:06 <dan408> can i go home now?
02:01:14 * dan408 gets another chair ready
02:01:16 <rbergeron> sounds lovely. if he wants to add his name he is more than welcome to and we'll sort out the travel stuff.
02:01:23 <dan408> no
02:01:25 <dan408> he's local
02:01:29 <dan408> i think
02:01:37 <inode0> dan408: you have the gavel, just drop it
02:01:45 <dan408> where is nelf again?
02:01:58 <dan408> portland or seattle?
02:02:07 <rbergeron> LFNW (northwest) is north of seattle
02:02:08 <rbergeron> in bellingham
02:02:10 <rbergeron> 2hr drive
02:02:11 <dan408> yeah he's local
02:02:18 <dan408> i'll send him a msg and put him in touch with you
02:02:21 <dan408> k?
02:02:33 <dan408> ill update the ticket too
02:03:18 <award3535> Have a good evening everyone especially everyone on the west coast, where its not late!
02:03:23 <dan408> okay
02:03:27 <dan408> so if rbergeron has nothing else
02:03:29 <award3535> got to go
02:03:31 <dan408> we will close this
02:03:35 <dan408> in
02:03:36 <dan408> 5
02:03:36 <rbergeron> i am silent and have nothing else :)
02:03:40 <dan408> 1
02:03:42 <dan408> #endmeeting