14:01:57 <randomuser`> #startmeeting Fedora Docs
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14:02:10 <randomuser`> #meetingname
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14:02:19 <randomuser`> #topic roll call
14:02:21 * Capesteve waves
14:02:36 * lnovich here!
14:02:54 * jjmcd 
14:03:21 * bcotton is here
14:04:13 <randomuser`> good morning, all
14:04:19 * iambryan is here
14:04:35 <iambryan> good morning
14:05:21 <randomuser`> I'm behind on sending out minutes and updating the agenda, so please keep your hands on the safety rail and all limbs inside the cart
14:05:22 * zoglesby is here
14:06:00 <randomuser`> #action items
14:06:12 <randomuser`> #topic action items
14:06:46 <randomuser`> sgordon has the only action item, emailing the list about sponsorship banners for docs.fp.o, which he as completed
14:07:13 <randomuser`> #topic Sponsorship of
14:07:25 <randomuser`> Since we're here, anything to add to the point?
14:08:13 <iambryan> do you happen to have the ticket # on that one handy?
14:08:54 <randomuser`> #link
14:09:02 <iambryan> thanks
14:09:05 <randomuser`> np
14:11:36 <randomuser`> not a lot to say, it seems
14:12:25 <randomuser`> nobody objects to it, so it looks like we can move forward with changing the publican brand
14:13:04 <randomuser`> thanks for taking point on it so far, iambryan
14:13:14 <iambryan> np
14:13:29 <randomuser`> let's move on to publishing, then
14:13:43 <randomuser`> #topic Docs Infrastructure
14:14:06 <randomuser`> Sparks_too, Sparks - did you make it in today?
14:15:40 <randomuser`> This one's in rudi's hands, I believe.
14:16:24 <randomuser`> but while we're packing up RPMs - do we want to ship guides to users too?
14:16:42 <randomuser`> it has been discussed in the past, and deferred
14:19:23 <randomuser`> and will continue to defer.
14:19:36 <randomuser`> #topic Outstanding Bugs
14:19:45 <randomuser`>
14:20:11 <randomuser`> we've got some bugs
14:21:41 * suehle accidentally attends a docs meeting, shocks everyone
14:21:57 <zoglesby> OOH! AHH!
14:22:14 * iambryan Gasps!
14:22:17 <randomuser`> #topic open floor
14:22:25 <randomuser`> welcome, suehle !
14:24:46 * Sparks is here
14:25:14 <randomuser`> good morning, Sparks
14:25:35 * suehle could use a Python brochure proofreader later today or tomorrow if there are any volunteers
14:29:04 * lnovich hears crickets....
14:29:38 * randomuser` nods
14:29:58 <randomuser`> thanks for coming, everyone
14:30:06 <randomuser`> #endmeeting