14:01:48 <randomuser`> #startmeeting
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14:02:10 <randomuser`> #topic Roll Call
14:02:38 <randomuser`> good morning, everyone
14:02:51 * Sparks_too 
14:02:54 <bcotton> heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy randomuser`
14:03:43 * pkovar is here
14:04:06 * chuckf is sitting in the corner, distracted by $dayjob
14:05:08 <randomuser`> I'd say it looks like a lively crowd, but i think it's just bcotton
14:05:40 <iambryan> Here
14:07:01 <Sparks_too> randomuser`: bcotton is a strange one
14:08:37 <randomuser`> #topic Follow up on last week's action items
14:08:51 <randomuser`> we didn't declare any action items, really
14:09:03 <randomuser`> I did the bug qa assignment change
14:09:26 <randomuser`> #topic Docs Infrastructure
14:09:59 <randomuser`> It looks like we're waiting to get a picture of what this will look like from releng,rudi
14:10:34 <randomuser`> we have koji tags now
14:10:47 <randomuser`> anyone have developments here to share?
14:11:27 <bcotton> but i'm alive
14:13:01 <sgordon> -_-;;
14:13:55 <randomuser`> morning, sgordon
14:14:22 <randomuser`> #topic Beat Assignments
14:14:28 <randomuser`> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Documentation_beats
14:14:51 <randomuser`> this is the part where you all get nagged to write beats!
14:15:00 <randomuser`> so, get em' while you can!
14:15:01 * Sparks_too has returned
14:15:53 <randomuser`> I didn't realize you had left, Sparks_too - do we need to revisit the last topic?
14:16:00 <randomuser`> #chair Sparks_too
14:16:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: Sparks_too randomuser`
14:16:05 <randomuser`> #chair bcotton
14:16:05 <zodbot> Current chairs: Sparks_too bcotton randomuser`
14:17:30 <Sparks_too> randomuser`: I do have a small update
14:17:56 <randomuser`> #topic Docs Infrastructure
14:18:25 <Sparks_too> dgilmore setup the tag in koji but needs a list of the packages that will be built.
14:18:58 <Sparks_too> I discussed this with Rudi and he said he would interface with dgilmore when dgilmore returned home.
14:19:02 <Sparks_too> EOF
14:19:04 <randomuser`> that'd be all of our currently maintained guides, right?
14:19:16 <randomuser`> or *each* guide
14:19:18 <Sparks_too> that's for everything that is currently up on the website
14:20:18 <randomuser`> okay, thanks for the update
14:20:27 <Sparks_too> :)
14:20:57 <randomuser`> I'm interested to learn how this is going to work, but it seems mostly out of our hands in every detail
14:22:04 <randomuser`> #topic Outstanding Bugs
14:22:18 <randomuser`> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:22:31 <randomuser`> now is a good time to work on bugs
14:22:55 <randomuser`> bugs are also a great way for new contributors to get involved, and to get feedback on their work
14:23:43 <randomuser`> ahh.. anyone have bugs they'd like to discuss?
14:25:03 <randomuser`> okay then
14:25:12 <randomuser`> #topic Sparks' bug corner
14:25:33 <randomuser`> #link http://tinyurl.com/agh4mg6
14:26:03 <randomuser`> every weel, Sparks tells us of a few bugs that are special to him
14:26:14 <randomuser`> Sparks, what can you tell us about today's bug?
14:26:38 * Sparks looks
14:27:00 <Sparks> .bug 611891
14:27:03 <zodbot> Sparks: Bug 611891 docs.fp.o does not show the sponsor links - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=611891
14:27:28 <Sparks> This bug is about the sponsor links not showing up on docs.fp.o.
14:27:41 <Sparks> I'm not sure that they need to be on there.  Discussion?
14:28:19 <randomuser`> I don't know anything about our sponsorship program
14:28:41 <sgordon> i dont think there is any reason it couldn't be done
14:28:44 <randomuser`> would sponsor banners on docs.fp.o increase revenue, and can it be done tastefully?
14:28:51 <sgordon> would be an update to the fedora-publican brand
14:29:28 <sgordon> only question with that is publican brands in 3.0 are a bit different to 2.x
14:29:46 <sgordon> so is it worth us updating the current brand if there will be a new version in the future that we need to do it again for
14:29:54 <randomuser`> i think we should presume working with publican 3.0 going forward
14:29:55 <sgordon> (near future that is)
14:30:00 <sgordon> yeah
14:30:21 <randomuser`> perhaps we should have a topic on that too....
14:30:29 <sgordon> my understanding is most of our current sponsorship is hosting etc
14:30:37 <sgordon> so the docs site is in fact served from sponsor's hosting
14:31:45 <randomuser`> we don't have any obvious sponsor links on www.fp.o either...
14:31:52 <sgordon> yeah we do
14:31:57 <sgordon> the badge appears on the right
14:32:10 <randomuser`> ...aside from redhat banners
14:32:12 <sgordon> under Hosting Sponsor it shows colocation america for me right now
14:32:24 * randomuser` looks
14:32:25 <iambryan> ibiblio here
14:32:29 <sgordon> CTRL+R and now it's tummy.com etc
14:32:32 <randomuser`> okay, isee that
14:32:53 <sgordon> i dont see the harm in something similar on the left hand side below the menu as long as it can be integrated tastefully
14:33:14 <randomuser`> who would be able to make that happen?
14:34:23 <sgordon> i think we need the JS file mentioned in the bug
14:35:49 <sgordon> i *think* the actual brand update should be relatively simple, would like to touch base with rudi regarding publican 3.0 fedora brand
14:35:58 <iambryan> on the page itself is a "sponsor.js" however the var is configured in there
14:36:15 <randomuser`> needinfo the websites list?
14:37:09 <iambryan> the init.js loads an array of 3 banners
14:38:09 <randomuser`> so, at least possible
14:38:25 <sgordon> yeah
14:38:34 <sgordon> so i think all is required is including the js file in the brand
14:38:48 <sgordon> and editing the HTML for the sidebar
14:38:56 <randomuser`> is there anyone that is vehemently against sponsor banners? or, should we give them a chance oppose it on the list before wrangling someone to do the actual work?
14:39:05 <sgordon> (that *may* be generated via XSL but i suspect as part of the site structure it's just a HTML file)
14:39:20 <sgordon> might as well discuss it on the list to be sure to be sure
14:39:39 <sgordon> as above it would probably be done on the publican 3.0 brand so it's not going to drop until that does anyway
14:39:44 <randomuser`> sgordon, you seem to have a firm grasp of the topic, do you mind starting that thread?
14:39:48 <sgordon> sure can do
14:40:08 <randomuser`> #action sgordon to mail docs list to begin discussion of sponsorship banners at docs.fp.o
14:40:11 <randomuser`> thanks
14:40:29 <iambryan> sgordon: I am pinging the websites side to see if there are any pointers
14:40:47 <sgordon> thanks iambryan, if you get any detail just throw it in the bug
14:40:51 <sgordon> i will link it from the email
14:41:21 <iambryan> sure thing
14:42:32 <randomuser`> okay, we can continue this one on the list
14:42:44 <randomuser`> #topic Open Floor Discussion
14:43:18 * randomuser` facepalms
14:43:39 <randomuser`> Sparks_too, was there anything else you wanted to discuss in that part of the meeting?
14:43:42 <Sparks_too> Nope
14:43:59 <Sparks_too> If someone can take that ticket that would be helpful
14:44:54 <randomuser`> I'll herd it along, and take the ticket to show some activity
14:45:15 <randomuser`> If we decide to go forward with it, it'll have to be reassigned to whomever can do the work
14:46:58 <sgordon> i was wondering if anyone else is interested in attempting some kind of fedora related sprint at open help
14:47:55 * randomuser` is too far away, with inflexible $dayjob
14:48:12 <sgordon> yeah, i am biased because i can drive there
14:48:37 <iambryan> bcotton had mentioned reworking the user guide
14:48:51 <bcotton> i had indeed
14:49:17 <bcotton> iirc, it was last published before gnome3 was a thing
14:49:29 <Sparks_too> So a few things have changed?
14:49:34 * randomuser` wonders if we can get folks from the secondary DE sigs to do some of the heavy lifting
14:49:51 <sgordon> yeah
14:50:03 <nb> hi
14:50:04 <sgordon> i think current suggestions are 1) user guide 2) cloud guide
14:50:38 <iambryan> +1 to the user guide
14:50:41 <sgordon> rudi also suggested discussing the way the documentation is packaged for desktop delivery (particularly wrt release-notes) but im not 100% we will have the right people for that from a fedora perspective
14:51:08 <iambryan> I am able to help out from the internets
14:51:12 <randomuser`> i have a shiny new spec file that i think handles packaging docs fairly well
14:52:18 <sgordon> excellent :)
14:52:27 <randomuser`> unless I misunderstand the discussion points
14:52:47 <randomuser`> It would be easily portable to other guides as well
14:52:59 <sgordon> well i think what he is interested in is packaging more guides than we currently do for desktop delivery
14:53:15 <sgordon> and the fact that in Gnome3 each one shows up as the same icon etc listed as documentation
14:53:33 <randomuser`> #linkhttp://immanetize.fedorapeople.org/release-notes.spec
14:53:37 <randomuser`> #link http://immanetize.fedorapeople.org/release-notes.spec
14:54:43 <randomuser`> the gist there is that given a publish-ready release branch, `publican build` happens in koji, and the desktop file is built and localized in %build
14:55:56 <randomuser`> sgordon, so you think we should get someone to mock up unique icons for each guide?
14:56:14 <sgordon> "outcome hazy"
14:56:41 <sgordon> i think we're really talking about the whole mechanism for delivering the docs to the desktop
14:57:17 <randomuser`> ahh...
14:57:24 <sgordon> so don't expect anything too rapid
14:57:45 <randomuser`> I sometimes think we miss out from not having rudi at these meetings, it sounds like he would have much to add here
14:57:45 <sgordon> it's just something i was asked to keep an open mind to since open help is a good opportunity to evaluate and discuss what others do
14:57:51 <sgordon> yeah
14:58:02 <sgordon> he has a pretty full plate unfortunately =/
14:58:24 <randomuser`> from my perspective, i don't understand what we would even talk about
14:58:34 <randomuser`> either the docs get packaged, or not
15:00:50 <randomuser`> anything else we want to talk about?
15:02:28 <randomuser`> okay, good meeting, thanks for coming everyone
15:02:33 <randomuser`> #endmeeting