14:22:24 <randomuser`> #startmeeting Fedora Docs
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14:22:25 <lnovich> nope sorry can't say I have sparks - got my troubles in virtualization - where you can clearly make things up as it is all virtual anyway....
14:22:26 <chuckf> Sparks: I don't know if it would or not
14:22:55 <randomuser`> #meetingname Fedora Docs https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_Project_meetings
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14:23:05 <randomuser`> #topic New Contributors
14:23:09 <Sparks> It lives!
14:23:14 <lnovich> yay!
14:23:28 <randomuser`> welcome your *real* leader, zodbot!
14:24:03 <randomuser`> Penguiniator, can we help you get started with anything?
14:24:38 <Penguiniator> Right now my tasks will be getting acquainted with git and docbook.
14:24:55 <Penguiniator> Any questions will come a little later, thanks
14:25:04 <randomuser`> fair enough
14:25:23 <randomuser`> moving on, let's talk about beats
14:25:31 <randomuser`> #topic Beat Assignments
14:26:12 <randomuser`> I'm making this a persistent topic, even this early, in the name of quality of the work
14:26:37 <randomuser`> ...but, I'm not sure what all to say about it
14:26:47 <randomuser`> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Documentation_beats
14:26:55 <randomuser`> there are beats.
14:27:17 * bcotton surrendered one and de-starred the other 4
14:27:26 <randomuser`> awesome, bcotton
14:27:32 * jjmcd de-starred 2 and left one for Sparks
14:28:09 <jjmcd> (but might well end up doing it anyway)
14:28:14 <randomuser`> I'm planning on choosing from the leftovers
14:28:49 <randomuser`> I want to point out to you new guys that anyone can contribute to any beat, assignments aside
14:28:54 <Sparks> jjmcd: What do I have?
14:29:08 <randomuser`> If you read about something that seems significant, throw it in ther
14:29:10 <jjmcd> Amateur_Radio
14:29:29 <jjmcd> But I'll do it if you don't
14:29:44 <Sparks> jjmcd: Nope, that's fine.  I just need to be poked about it.
14:31:00 <randomuser`> Anything else on beats?
14:31:27 <Penguiniator> I'll have a look at the Amateur_Radio guide. I have an FCC licence.
14:31:48 <jjmcd> cool beans
14:32:02 <jjmcd> ARG needs to be updated but it isn't too far out of date
14:32:17 <Sparks> jjmcd: Isn't that a requirement now for being in Docs?  Must have ham radio license.
14:32:18 <jjmcd> Just incomplete
14:32:24 <jjmcd> Sparks, I thought so
14:32:40 <jjmcd> We seem to have a testing session every FUDcon
14:32:44 <Sparks> randomuser`: Quick, move on!
14:32:50 <randomuser`> !
14:33:08 <randomuser`> #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
14:33:15 <randomuser`> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:33:22 <jjmcd> I wonder whether anyone had a chance to test the new doc-publican-rpm
14:33:30 <jjmcd> I noticed we had a few RN bugs fixed - we can use d-p-r to resolve the location issue
14:33:54 <jjmcd> http://jjmcd.fedorapeople.org/Download/doc-publican-rpm/
14:34:12 <randomuser`> #link http://jjmcd.fedorapeople.org/Download/doc-publican-rpm/
14:34:26 <randomuser`> #info test the new doc-publican-rpm!
14:34:46 <jjmcd> #info new doc-publican-rpm now puts docs in the "standard" location
14:35:17 <jjmcd> Still have an issue with the Chinese menu entry I could use some help on
14:37:45 <randomuser`> Anything else on bugs?
14:38:42 <randomuser`> jjmcd, thanks for tackling the d-p-r thing.
14:39:01 <jjmcd> Was just a question of getting to it
14:39:07 <randomuser`> #topic Open Floor Discussion
14:39:59 <Sparks> #info Kudos to the L10n team for jumping on the translations of the Secure Boot Guide
14:40:27 <randomuser`> #info kudos to Sparks for the huge amount of content in the Secure Boot Guide
14:40:28 * Sparks notes that there are already additions for the next minor release that will hopefully come out this week.
14:41:01 <Sparks> randomuser`: That's not all me.  The Product Security Team is doing a lot of work to get that guide up to speed.
14:41:18 <randomuser`> oh, cool
14:41:39 <Sparks> randomuser`: I just sign off on all the patches.  ;)
14:41:48 * randomuser` smirks
14:41:54 <randomuser`> important work, still
14:42:28 <randomuser`> Secure Boot is going to be a Big Deal for us, and you deserve some credit for driving the docs
14:43:03 <randomuser`> I don't know about you guys, but I'm exited about Formulas
14:43:12 <Sparks> +1
14:43:20 <randomuser`> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_formulas
14:43:53 <randomuser`> nothing really topical for us at this point, but it is a neat idea
14:44:22 <UnCleJack> yeah it is
14:44:53 <randomuser`> I think it can solve the "How do I find software for my use case?" problem
14:45:58 <Sparks> randomuser`: I thought Publican met all use cases.
14:46:01 <Sparks> ALL of them
14:46:36 <UnCleJack> offtopic: but dont we have group rpm's for that?(installing collections of software)
14:47:00 <randomuser`> UnCleJack, they are more categorical than topical
14:47:45 <randomuser`> and a subject being reviewed for efficacy already
14:48:13 <randomuser`> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/YumGroupsAsObjects
14:48:21 <randomuser`> ....sort of
14:50:54 <UnCleJack> i see, ok :-) (still looks like a awesome idea)
14:51:06 <randomuser`> Anything else we'd like to cover?
14:52:42 <UnCleJack> not that i can think of...
14:53:34 <UnCleJack> i have an idea though...
14:53:58 <randomuser`> UnCleJack, go on...
14:54:01 <UnCleJack> (dont know if this is the proper time to discuss that)
14:54:36 <UnCleJack> making how-to movies...
14:54:56 <Sparks> UnCleJack: Good grief... are you looking at my to-do list?
14:55:06 <randomuser`> I like it
14:55:07 <UnCleJack> Sparks, no
14:55:28 <randomuser`> I think there are some users that *INSIST* on getting their information from youtube, at any cost
14:55:40 <UnCleJack> also release announcements as a movies...
14:55:51 <Sparks> UnCleJack: I'm looking at making screencasts for $dayjob and figured that would be good to help people understand Publican and such
14:56:06 <UnCleJack> it would be bleeding edge, just like fedora
14:56:09 <Sparks> UnCleJack: Do you have a cast for the release announcement?
14:56:28 * Sparks think mizmo should be the drama character for the Beta
14:56:29 <randomuser`> Sparks, the cast will be the Board
14:56:36 <Sparks> randomuser`: Good golly no
14:56:42 <lnovich> please do not do a song parody I beg you!
14:56:57 <UnCleJack> just pick a random overconfident geek with a #!/bin/bash t-shirt
14:57:27 * Sparks looks at bcotton
14:57:30 <Penguiniator> Under my thumbdrive?
14:59:12 <UnCleJack> one moment, brb AFK
14:59:30 <randomuser`> btw - the cupcake bounty can be vegan cupcakes instead of pork cupcakes, you one is so inclined
14:59:51 <lnovich> no thanks - I'll stick w/my own recipe thank you!
15:00:10 * randomuser` shrugs
15:00:12 <randomuser`> I tried
15:01:23 <lnovich> randomuser - I am a semi-professional cake decorator (it's my hobby)...sorry....but thanks for the offer!
15:01:31 <randomuser`> ahhh
15:01:58 <randomuser`> I eat cake as a hobby, i think we would get a long, lnovich
15:02:13 <lnovich> better on you than me....
15:02:57 <Sparks> randomuser`: End meeting?
15:03:02 <lnovich> but if I am ever able to attend a meetup I can bring some cookies.....if that helps!
15:03:13 <randomuser`> yes, i think we're running out of discussion points
15:03:17 <randomuser`> thanks everyone for attending
15:03:20 <randomuser`> #endmeeting