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14:00:47 <randomuser> #topic Roll Call
14:00:51 * pkovar is here
14:00:54 <randomuser> Good morning, everyone
14:01:34 * jjmcd 
14:01:57 * Sparks is here
14:02:02 <Capesteve> hello
14:04:24 * lnovich here
14:05:25 <randomuser> Okay, thanks for coming!
14:05:39 <randomuser> #topic Following up on action items
14:06:04 <randomuser> I vaguely recall sending an email
14:06:24 <randomuser> pkovar, did you get to play with the IG?
14:06:59 <pkovar> randomuser: playing with it right now :-)
14:07:12 <pkovar> will report on that bug filed by jreed
14:07:30 <pkovar> also , i have two feature requests for Tx devs
14:08:06 <pkovar> related to maintaining a config file with a large number of source files
14:08:15 <randomuser> pinging maintainers at completion of a lang, maybe?
14:08:49 <pkovar> no, not that one
14:08:57 <pkovar> let me find my notes
14:09:52 <pkovar> auto-creating config file entries
14:10:33 <pkovar> useful when you are renaming / moving multiple source files
14:10:56 <randomuser> that seems reasonable
14:12:07 <pkovar> the more source file you have in your guide, the more painful it is to manually maintain the config file, obviously
14:12:32 <pkovar> just look at the number of IG source files
14:13:13 <pkovar> nobody wants to go through all of them every time you want to tx push your source files...
14:13:24 <randomuser> share a link when you have submitted the requests?
14:13:54 <pkovar> i think i will update the existing ticket: https://github.com/transifex/transifex-client/issues/25
14:14:39 <randomuser> #link  https://github.com/transifex/transifex-client/issues/25
14:15:40 <randomuser> thanks, pkovar
14:15:44 <pkovar> np
14:15:52 <randomuser> #topic Publishing docs with Publican 3
14:16:15 <randomuser> Sparks, I think you're taking point on this, any news?
14:16:49 <Sparks> Ummm
14:17:47 <Sparks> I need to follow up with Kevin
14:18:07 <Sparks> #action Sparks to follow up with RELENG on the additional repo and tags in Koji
14:19:48 <randomuser> Are there any packaging roadblocks for Publican3 ?
14:20:23 <Sparks> No.  In fact, I believe Publican 3 is already in the test repos for RHEL 6 and Rudi probably already has them available for Fedora.
14:21:56 <randomuser> i thought there was a fedorapeople resource someone had put together... As I understand it is more strict with markup, we might want to start using it to QA our guides
14:22:31 <Sparks> Yes but there are also some publishing pitfalls to using it too early
14:22:43 <Sparks> AND, I pretty sure you can't have both versions installed at the same time
14:23:17 <lnovich> sparks that is definately true
14:23:41 <jjmcd> libvirt is your friend
14:23:48 <lnovich> and in addition - you need to check your revision history file to make sure the Year is in each entry
14:24:13 <lnovich> as by default it thinks it is the current year creating an issue when you go to build the publican build
14:24:43 <Sparks> jjmcd: +1
14:24:46 <randomuser> #info Publican3 will require a year entry in each revision history segment
14:25:18 <rislam> rislam here, sorry for the late
14:26:19 <randomuser> hello rislam
14:26:38 <lnovich> sparks - publican 3 has been used for a while now in the RHEL6 repo and I will confirm Fedora availability if you like
14:27:29 <Sparks> lnovich: I think rudi is waiting for the RELENG stuff to get sorted out before pulling the trigger on P3
14:27:47 <lnovich> do you want me to ping him tomorrow?
14:27:50 <lnovich> and ask?
14:28:08 <lnovich> he sometimes needs a gentle "shove" oh i mean reminder
14:29:21 <Sparks> lnovich: For what it's worth, I asked for Publican on my CSW and got version 2.1
14:30:07 <Sparks> lnovich: So they've got to do some special vudu for 3.x
14:30:47 <lnovich> ok
14:31:36 <randomuser> sounds like we're pending infrastructure. Thanks for the update, Sparks
14:32:02 <Sparks> randomuser: When in doubt, blame infra
14:32:17 <randomuser> I have `translation platforms` on the agenda next; is that stale or do we have more to discuss ?
14:33:17 <Sparks> Sorry...
14:33:23 <Capesteve> You may have a problem using Pubs Number if you change to Publican 3, we had to start using minor version numbers
14:33:31 <Sparks> I'm waiting on dgilmore and will follow up with him this week.
14:34:21 * Sparks supports a four-decimal versioning system for docs... in Hex
14:34:33 <randomuser> Capesteve, lnovich - is there enough gotchas to worry about to merit putting together a transition assisting wiki page?
14:35:01 <Capesteve> p kovar thinks that Pubs Number was not used in Fedora anyway
14:35:59 <Capesteve> it was a mild annoyance as we build a lot of test books for review purposes
14:36:56 <randomuser> with no takers on translations, we'll move on to beats
14:37:11 <Capesteve> randomuser: I don't think there are many, just follow existing guides and keep a record of what you do differently
14:37:11 <randomuser> #topic Beat Assignments
14:37:26 * randomuser nods
14:37:34 <randomuser> it seems like one time pain, Capesteve
14:37:57 <Capesteve> not as much pain as all the changes to GUIs in Fedora
14:38:17 <randomuser> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Documentation_beats?rd=Docs/Beats
14:39:03 <randomuser> it looks like some beats have been snapped up, some not
14:40:26 <randomuser> oh, someone suggested I should mail people directly, that was the bit I left off my action item
14:41:08 <randomuser> #action randomuser to mail listed, uncommitted beats writers directly about taking up beats
14:41:11 <Capesteve> naughty
14:41:39 * jjmcd didn't grab amateur radio because he thought Sparks might want it
14:41:45 <randomuser> Capesteve, well, they should be reading the list :)
14:42:06 <jjmcd> randomuser, yeah, right
14:45:12 <randomuser> I think we'd all agree that more beats writers would help; how do the experienced members of the group feel about recruiting? does it work?
14:49:02 <jjmcd> randomuser, sometimes.  People seem to loose interest quickly, tho.
14:49:05 <jjmcd> I think these days RL has a nasty habit of getting in the way.
14:49:06 <rislam> +1 jjmcd
14:49:07 <randomuser> hmmm... maybe we can get rid of that somehow
14:49:07 <jjmcd> feature request?
14:49:07 * randomuser chuckles
14:49:08 <randomuser> I'm ready to upload myself, as soon as infra gets it together!
14:49:08 <jjmcd> With more beat writers, each has less to do, so easier to work around other issues
14:49:08 <randomuser> so how do we go about getting bore beats writers?
14:49:09 <randomuser> and more, at that matter. They *will* be boring if they don't have a life
14:49:09 <jjmcd> Hard ... emailing devs doesn't work well, blogs don't work well, not sure what might work other than twisting arms at FUDcons, etc.
14:49:53 <randomuser> I figured as much.
14:50:15 <randomuser> well, if anyone has impressionable friends in the project...
14:50:33 <jjmcd> I have had some success with specific devs who had major new stuff for specific releases
14:50:41 <jjmcd> But after that release they disappear
14:52:50 <randomuser> something for beat writers to keep in mind; ping your developers!
14:53:01 <randomuser> #topic Outstanding bugs
14:53:31 <randomuser> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:54:06 <randomuser> Anyone want to talk about their bugs?
14:56:27 <Sparks> we have bugs?
14:56:43 * jjmcd has an issue with release notes directory bug
14:56:59 <randomuser> can we help, jjmcd ?
14:57:06 <jjmcd> I have F16 and 17 RPMs ford-p-r so we can make a new RN
14:57:16 <jjmcd> But there is an upstream problem for F18
14:57:29 <jjmcd> I just this morning figured a workaround
14:57:50 <jjmcd> *BUT* I need to conditionalize BuildRequires on release.  Can that be done?
14:58:02 <jjmcd> Or do I need a separate .spec file per release
14:58:40 <jjmcd> The BuildRequires I need for F18 dont' exist on 17 and vice-versa
14:58:47 <randomuser> good question
14:58:56 <jjmcd> WHich also brings up an issue that needs to be in RNs probably
14:59:26 <jjmcd> texlive-utils has been broken down into a *LOT* of other packages.  I got bored counting but it looks like 3000-5000
14:59:54 * randomuser gasps dramatically
14:59:57 <jjmcd> While most ppl don't use that directly, lots of other things depend on it, and Koji anin't that good at checking the dependencies
15:00:03 <jjmcd> Yeah
15:00:28 <jjmcd> SO you end up with things breaking, and it is very hard to figure out whay
15:00:29 <pkovar> i think i have seen something similar in the publican spec file. so I'd say have a look  there for conditionals
15:00:32 <randomuser> i've seen a few wtfs to devel@ about it
15:00:57 <randomuser> #info texlive packaging needs a release note, probably
15:01:22 <jjmcd> I ended up working around it with texlive-collectiopn-latexextra, which installs 1020 packages
15:02:08 <jjmcd> But I really don't know what they were thinking, so it is hard to see what a release note needs to say
15:02:44 <randomuser> there's some kind of tex(function) wrapper that works in spec files that I read about, but perhaps that's not new
15:02:47 <jjmcd> pkovar, thanks for that hint
15:03:13 <pkovar> np
15:03:29 <jjmcd> At one point I had a missing file, but when I did a yum requires I got errors about bad .sqlite files
15:04:32 <jjmcd> Anyway, a heads-up there.  And we can go ahead and fix the install directory bug by running d-p-r on 17 or 16
15:04:44 <randomuser> sounds like a plan.
15:05:04 <randomuser> We've run over out time; let's take the open floor to #fedora-docs
15:05:21 <randomuser> I'll add anything juicy to the meeting mail
15:05:38 <randomuser> #endmeeting