21:07:51 <cmpahar> #startmeeting EMEA Ambassadors 2013-01-16
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21:07:52 <liknus> hey cmpahar
21:07:56 <cmpahar> #meetingname EMEA Ambassadors
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21:08:01 <cmpahar> #topic Roll Call
21:08:03 <cmpahar> .fas cmpahar
21:08:04 <zodbot> cmpahar: cmpahar 'Christos Bacharakis' <cmpahar@gmail.com>
21:08:13 <liknus> .fas ppapadeas
21:08:13 <zodbot> liknus: ppapadeas 'Papadeas Pierros' <ppapadeas@gmail.com>
21:08:32 <dglaros> .fas dimitrisglaros
21:08:32 <zodbot> dglaros: dimitrisglaros 'Dimitris Glaros' <dimitrisglaros@gmail.com>
21:08:36 <mailga> .fas mailga
21:08:37 <zodbot> mailga: mailga 'Gabriele Trombini' <mailga@fedoraonline.it>
21:08:37 <cmpahar> ping Olutosin
21:08:50 <cmpahar> ping kushal robyduck anishjp
21:09:04 <robyduck> .fas robyduck
21:09:04 <zodbot> robyduck: robyduck 'Robert Mayr' <robyduck@gmail.com>
21:09:24 <robyduck> hey cmpahar
21:09:32 <cmpahar> hey robyduck  :)
21:09:55 <Olutosin> .fas Tosin Oduwole
21:09:55 <zodbot> Olutosin: tosin 'Olutosin Oduwole' <softers.systems@gmail.com>
21:09:57 <cmpahar> .fas anishjp
21:09:58 <zodbot> cmpahar: anishjp '' <anishjp@yahoo.com>
21:10:01 <cmpahar> so
21:10:20 <cmpahar> #chair cmpahar
21:10:20 <zodbot> Current chairs: cmpahar
21:10:30 <giallu> .fas giallu
21:10:31 <zodbot> giallu: giallu 'Gianluca Sforna' <giallu@gmail.com>
21:10:56 <cmpahar> i want to welcome you all
21:11:07 * kushal is here but part of APAC though
21:11:11 <giallu> cmpahar, thanks for hosting the meeting
21:11:13 <cmpahar> the agenda for tonight's meeting is
21:11:15 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:EMEA_Ambassadors_2013-01-16
21:11:24 <cmpahar> giallu, my pleasure
21:11:32 <alorenzi> hallo ppl, I'm bit late. :)
21:11:36 <cmpahar> kushal, greetings to APAC community
21:11:41 <cmpahar> .fas alorenzi
21:11:42 <zodbot> cmpahar: neron 'Alessandro Lorenzi' <alessandro.lorenzi@gmail.com>
21:11:47 <cmpahar> alorenzi, we just started :)
21:11:52 <alorenzi> ok :)
21:12:10 <cmpahar> #topic Announcements
21:12:59 <cmpahar> unfortunately a lot of people are not going to attend tonight's meeting because they are traveling to FUDCon in Lawrence
21:13:06 <cmpahar> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Lawrence_2013
21:13:19 <cmpahar> but as I see we are a lot of people
21:13:23 <cmpahar> and that rocks! thank you guys
21:13:33 <Olutosin> good
21:13:39 <cmpahar> moving forward, as you know Fedora 18 is OUT
21:13:41 <cmpahar> YEAH!
21:14:00 <cmpahar> and here is the official announcement
21:14:02 <cmpahar> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/2013-January/003137.html
21:14:19 <cmpahar> please share the news on social media like blogposts, twitter, facebook etc
21:14:33 <cmpahar> its been a while since the last release, so we are celebrating ;)
21:14:35 <cmpahar> .fas nestos
21:14:36 <zodbot> cmpahar: nestos 'Nestos Theophrastou' <nestos.th@gmail.com> - n3st0c 'Nestos Theophrastou' <ne_stos@windowslive.com>
21:15:31 <cmpahar> the announcement describes all the cool new features that F18 has!
21:15:36 <cmpahar> But unfortunately we have an issue with the media:
21:15:56 <cmpahar> posting from Jiri's mail two days ago in the ambassadors list
21:16:03 <cmpahar> we have a problem with F18 media. They're not UEFI-enabled, so they
21:16:03 <cmpahar> won't boot on new computers without BIOS. Spot is currently working hard
21:16:04 <cmpahar> to fix it and I hope the ISOs will be available by the end of this week.
21:16:04 <cmpahar> Anyway, it should have already been in production, so it's already
21:16:04 <cmpahar> delayed.
21:16:31 <cmpahar> Although if you want media, file a ticket please
21:16:43 <cmpahar> from the same mail
21:16:43 <cmpahar> - F18 media will be available a bit later than planned, but you can
21:16:43 <cmpahar> already start asking for swag for F18 release parties and the whole
21:16:43 <cmpahar> release cycle (check out the emea inventory, I've got some cool stuff
21:16:44 <cmpahar> for you this time). To ask for swag, create a ticket in our emea trac.
21:17:12 <cmpahar> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking
21:17:20 <cmpahar> any questions regarding media and swag?
21:17:38 <giallu> cmpahar, are parties planned on Feb 9 going to be out of question for DVDs?
21:18:14 <cmpahar> giallu, Unfortunately I guess that yes.
21:18:19 <giallu> ok
21:18:35 <cmpahar> giallu, as soon the problem is fixed, it's going to be announced in the ambassadors mailing list
21:18:49 <giallu> sure. will keep an eye there :)
21:19:03 <cmpahar> giallu, if there is not time for production and sending them to you, i guess you have to burn some copies on your own
21:19:16 <cmpahar> so any other questions regarding swag and media?!
21:19:49 <cmpahar> ok moving one
21:20:10 <cmpahar> Please go thought the budget at
21:20:12 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/EMEA/Budget
21:20:43 <cmpahar> and collaborate in the Budget if you have an event or a budget request
21:20:59 <cmpahar> especially for events that can be planned from now ;)
21:21:15 <cmpahar> #action everybody to look at the budget and add things if they're missing. Every bigger event than can be planned, should be planned.
21:21:51 <cmpahar> while I am typing please feel free to ask something writing "?", are quoting by writing "!"
21:22:22 <cmpahar> Pierre-Yves Chibon as known as pingou made a call for testers/feedback regarding Fedocal
21:22:33 <cmpahar> a new tool for the Fedora events
21:22:53 <cmpahar> the call was made in the ambassadors list so if you have time, please take a look to the tool :)
21:23:02 <cmpahar> more info can be found here:
21:23:04 <cmpahar> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2013-January/020737.html
21:23:25 <cmpahar> so, before moving on
21:23:38 <cmpahar> anyone else wanted to make an announcement ?
21:24:13 <cmpahar> so moving on
21:24:20 <cmpahar> #topic Requests
21:24:30 <cmpahar> let me refresh the trac :)
21:25:05 <cmpahar> i see 3 tickets
21:25:10 <cmpahar> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/202
21:25:16 <alorenzi> it's me :)
21:25:45 <cmpahar> alorenzi, I wanted to discuss with you
21:25:51 <cmpahar> as i see there is a similar ticket
21:25:58 <cmpahar> #https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/203
21:26:02 <cmpahar> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/203
21:26:11 <alorenzi> yes, another person that today cant partecipate to meeting.
21:26:14 <cmpahar> from deneb
21:26:17 <cmpahar> ok
21:26:29 <cmpahar> I am totally fine accepting the travel costs
21:26:36 <cmpahar> but can you share a room?
21:26:59 <giallu> cmpahar, I'm sure deneb's boyfriend would object...
21:27:00 <alorenzi> we have found or single or for 4 persons
21:27:06 <giallu> :)
21:27:20 <cmpahar> giallu, oh i see
21:27:31 <cmpahar> well let me put it that way
21:27:43 <cmpahar> reading your tickets I came up with 2 thoughts
21:28:14 <cmpahar> first, why dont you organize a release event in Milan. I know that there is big community there
21:28:28 <cmpahar> and second, is there a way of finding cheaper rooms?
21:28:35 <cmpahar> but decent of course
21:29:18 <cmpahar> alorenzi, ?
21:29:40 <mailga> cmpahar, we're satisfiyng the requests from italian LUG,
21:29:40 <alorenzi> cmpahar, we found this today, but if we find another cheper we can change reservation.
21:30:04 <cmpahar> please please one at the time
21:30:08 <cmpahar> and follow the protocol
21:30:17 <mailga> sorry .
21:30:19 <mailga> !
21:30:24 <alorenzi> cmpahar, in milan we organized a FAD in october, but there are also other people in italy that would like to partecipate a fedora event.
21:30:24 <cmpahar> mailga, what  are you saying?
21:30:51 <mailga> Italian LUG send us requests for some events
21:30:52 <alorenzi> pescara is in center italy.
21:31:15 <cmpahar> oh i see
21:31:23 <cmpahar> ok
21:31:26 <mailga> and active ambassadors are in northern Italy
21:31:35 <cmpahar> look what is the status
21:31:49 <mailga> We have to move, until we can.
21:31:51 <mailga> EOF
21:32:01 <giallu> cmpahar, we hope to also recruit new ones there :)
21:32:41 <cmpahar> alorenzi, I have to ask you to find i cheaper room if you can
21:32:48 <cmpahar> otherwise i guess that its ok
21:33:14 <cmpahar> can you do that?
21:33:29 <alorenzi> cmpahar, ok, no problem, we will find something better :)
21:33:37 <cmpahar> thank you
21:34:01 <alorenzi> thank you too.
21:34:07 <cmpahar> but lets vote for the ticket
21:34:40 <Olutosin> #agreed
21:34:44 <cmpahar> lets vote for tickets #202 #203 regarding traveling costs
21:34:45 <giallu> +1
21:34:45 <mailga> +1
21:34:47 <nestos> +1
21:34:50 <dglaros> +1
21:34:53 <cmpahar> Olutosin, please dont do that
21:34:56 <robyduck> +1
21:34:58 <cmpahar> +1
21:35:03 <Olutosin> +1
21:35:15 <robyduck> :)
21:35:59 <cmpahar> #agreed tickets #202 #203 traveling costs
21:36:22 <cmpahar> the other ticket is #201
21:36:30 <cmpahar> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/201
21:36:38 <cmpahar> which is a funding request for Fosdem
21:36:49 <cmpahar> better late than never dglaros ?
21:37:28 <dglaros> yes:D
21:37:51 <cmpahar> as I see everyone who ask for funding for Fosdem
21:38:01 <cmpahar> got accepted
21:38:07 <cmpahar> and you are an old ambassador
21:38:20 <cmpahar> i dont see why we have to reject you
21:38:21 <cmpahar> but
21:38:34 <cmpahar> especially for those your are funded such as nestos
21:38:34 <robyduck> !
21:38:52 <cmpahar> do you know that you have to spend a lot of time in the booth right?!
21:39:07 <dglaros> i know that!
21:39:12 <nestos> Yes of course
21:39:23 <cmpahar> last year was only Christoph
21:39:26 <cmpahar> in the booth
21:39:29 <cmpahar> and Zoltan
21:39:42 <cmpahar> yes robyduck
21:39:50 <robyduck> last meeting we discussed about rooms, are they available for those who goes to FOSDEM?
21:40:08 <robyduck> rooms to be shared
21:40:12 <cmpahar> robyduck, unfortunately no
21:40:29 <cmpahar> things got messy an leslie canceled the rooms
21:40:30 <robyduck> ok thx, just to know it for the accomodation
21:40:48 <cmpahar> robyduck, please contact Leslie
21:40:54 <cmpahar> in order to help you book
21:41:02 <cmpahar> I will send her mail in private ok?
21:41:10 <robyduck> cmpahar: not for me ;) for the tickets we have
21:41:30 <robyduck> I'm not going to FOSDEM. unfortunately...
21:41:48 <cmpahar> dglaros, is aware of the situation thats why he arranged for accommodation
21:41:54 <cmpahar> robyduck, that's a pity
21:41:56 <cmpahar> so
21:42:06 <cmpahar> what do you think
21:42:22 <cmpahar> lets vote for ticket #201
21:42:41 <cmpahar> +1
21:42:43 <nestos> +1
21:42:43 <alorenzi> +1
21:42:44 <mailga> +1
21:42:55 <dglaros> +1
21:43:04 <robyduck> +1
21:43:16 <cmpahar> ok great
21:43:29 <cmpahar> #agreed ticket #201
21:43:59 <cmpahar> so, its time for events!
21:44:03 <cmpahar> #topic Events
21:44:10 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#EMEA-FY13Q4
21:44:33 <cmpahar> if you haven't added your release event, please do it ASAP :D
21:45:19 <cmpahar> as i see there are only 3 events
21:45:29 <cmpahar> alorenzi, where is your release event wiki page?
21:45:56 <alorenzi> cmpahar,  this one. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F18_Pescara
21:46:34 <cmpahar> alorenzi, please add it on the list!
21:46:35 <alorenzi> i'm going to add it in events page.
21:46:37 <alorenzi> yep
21:47:10 <cmpahar> #action alorenzi add Pescara Fedora 18 release party on the Events list
21:47:16 <cmpahar> guys guys come on!
21:47:23 <cmpahar> we dont have release events!
21:47:38 <robyduck> cmpahar: this events are in Release Party list
21:48:10 <cmpahar> robyduck,
21:48:12 <cmpahar> my mistake
21:48:13 <cmpahar> :)
21:48:15 <cmpahar> thanks!
21:48:20 <cmpahar> Fedora 18 release events
21:48:22 <cmpahar> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F18_release_events
21:48:28 <cmpahar> i always forget that list
21:48:30 <robyduck> ;)
21:48:55 <cmpahar> but again. We dont have a lot of release events!
21:49:14 <cmpahar> as i was saying you can choose a coffee shop
21:49:20 <cmpahar> or a place in your local university
21:49:36 <cmpahar> make a presentation, eat a pizza
21:49:40 <cmpahar> and have a release event!
21:49:43 <cmpahar> its really important!
21:50:02 <cmpahar> so i am waiting more events in the next meeting ;)
21:50:28 <cmpahar> I want to ask if there is someone here from Roumania
21:50:36 <cmpahar> or someone who lives there
21:50:56 <cmpahar> anyone?
21:51:17 <cmpahar> ok, does anyone knows someone who is from Roumania or lives there? Except Nicu
21:52:00 <cmpahar> no?
21:52:02 <cmpahar> ok thanks
21:52:45 <cmpahar> there is OSM in Bucharest which is their national FOSS conference and they send me an invitation because they cant find anyone from the Fedora project to attend and run a presentation
21:52:55 <cmpahar> so I guess i have to send a mail in the mailing list
21:52:56 <cmpahar> thanks :)
21:53:05 <cmpahar> regarding the events
21:53:20 <cmpahar> Please, event owners, add your budget, swag, media requests on time!
21:53:44 <cmpahar> because the media want at least 10-14 to produce and deliver
21:53:57 <cmpahar> which brings us to a topic I skipped
21:54:07 <cmpahar> #topic Ambassadors Schedule
21:54:13 <cmpahar> #link http://jreznik.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-18/f-18-ambassadors-tasks.html
21:54:23 <cmpahar> please take a moment to look at the schedule
21:54:45 <dramsey> :)
21:55:11 <cmpahar> we are on time. Fortunately :D
21:55:32 <cmpahar> so release event owners, if you need anything file a ticket
21:55:35 <cmpahar> or mail the list
21:55:43 <cmpahar> especially artwork which is coming ;)
21:56:00 <cmpahar> anything else on the schedule?!
21:56:19 <cmpahar> oh you are so quiet today :P
21:56:24 <dramsey> :D  cmpahar, thank you for chairing and send positive Fedora energy to all for a successful 2013 and Fedora 18!!!  :D
21:56:50 <cmpahar> he said and left the room :P
21:56:51 <cmpahar> ahahahahaha
21:57:00 <cmpahar> so
21:57:03 <dglaros> x0a0x0a0x0a00x0ax
21:57:20 <cmpahar> dglaros, meeting protocol
21:57:26 <cmpahar> #topic Action items from previous meetings
21:57:29 <dglaros> !sorry eof
21:58:00 <cmpahar> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2013-01-02/emea_ambassadors.2013-01-02-21.00.html
21:58:39 <cmpahar> giallu, have do achieved your action item?
21:58:47 <cmpahar> giallu to send a note about http://www.codemotionworld.com/ to ambassadors list.
21:58:59 <giallu> cmpahar, done
21:59:03 <cmpahar> thanks
21:59:10 <giallu> not much replies :)
21:59:12 <cmpahar> cmpahar2 and comzeradd to make a budget for Fosscomm
21:59:21 <giallu> but I guess that's ok
21:59:30 <cmpahar> we havent our community meeting yet so we can't estimate budget
21:59:36 <cmpahar> so I am adding it again
21:59:41 <cmpahar> #action cmpahar and comzeradd to make a budget for Fosscomm
21:59:54 <cmpahar> action #1 done by shaiton
22:00:08 <cmpahar> item #5 also done
22:00:23 <cmpahar> but item #6 i dont know
22:00:27 <cmpahar> #action cwickert to ask biertie if he can arrange something for Friday afternoon before FOSDEM beer event
22:00:31 <cmpahar> i am adding again
22:00:46 <cmpahar> and i will send a mail to cwickert in order to ask :)
22:01:16 <cmpahar> twohot and frankice are not here for item #7
22:01:21 <cmpahar> so i am adding it again :)
22:01:27 <cmpahar> #action twohot and frankice to look for events in Africa in 2013
22:01:40 <cmpahar> better having it, rather forgetting it
22:01:47 <cmpahar> so, we are done from tickets
22:01:53 <cmpahar> #topic Open Floor
22:02:00 <cmpahar> is anything you want to discuss
22:02:13 <cmpahar> and you didn't have time to add it on the agenda?!
22:02:16 <cmpahar> now its your time!
22:03:02 <cmpahar> Olutosin, wants to ask something :)
22:03:23 <Olutosin> ok, i was an ambassador in Nigeria
22:03:36 <Olutosin> but I moved to France
22:04:08 <Olutosin> so, I need to know what is going on with the fedora project here in France
22:04:19 <Olutosin> and if there is any contact?
22:04:33 <cmpahar> well
22:04:35 <Olutosin> eof
22:05:20 <cmpahar> You are a Fedora Project Ambassadors everywhere in the world ;)
22:05:36 <cmpahar> moving from another country and city to another does not change things
22:05:41 <cmpahar> especially from France now
22:05:58 <cmpahar> France has one of the most active and largest communities in Fedora
22:06:09 <cmpahar> in which city do you live?
22:06:14 <Olutosin> Nice
22:07:10 <cmpahar> Olutosin, do you know French right?
22:07:14 <misc> there is a french channel
22:07:18 <misc> and amailling list
22:07:21 <cmpahar> misc,
22:07:23 <cmpahar> please
22:07:25 <Olutosin> no
22:07:27 <cmpahar> follow the protocol :)
22:07:34 <cmpahar> :D
22:07:38 <cmpahar> Olutosin, thats a problem
22:07:48 <misc> oups, didn't see this was a meeting sorry :/
22:07:55 <cmpahar> because the french speaking community
22:08:02 <cmpahar> has meeting
22:08:08 <cmpahar> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2013-January/020768.html
22:08:13 <cmpahar> every second week i think
22:08:28 <cmpahar> this is a reminder send 2 days ago in the ambassadors list
22:08:40 <cmpahar> i can point you out some guys you can contact
22:08:52 <cmpahar> but please tell me, in which city do you live?
22:09:05 <Olutosin> I live in Nice
22:09:05 <cmpahar> misc, no worries :) my apologies for being rude
22:09:38 <Olutosin> Nice is in Alpes Maritime cote d'Azur
22:09:51 <cmpahar> Ok, i dont know where is that is
22:10:02 <cmpahar> but you can contact Shaiton
22:10:06 <cmpahar> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Shaiton
22:10:29 <Olutosin> ok
22:11:00 <cmpahar> misc, for which mailing list are you talking about?!
22:11:12 <cmpahar> misc, can you pointed it out please?
22:11:22 <misc> fr-users@lists.fedoraproject.org
22:11:34 <cmpahar> found it
22:11:36 <cmpahar> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/fr-users
22:11:50 <cmpahar> but Olutosin it is in French
22:11:54 <cmpahar> so contact Kevin ok?!
22:12:06 <cmpahar> thanks misc
22:12:20 <cmpahar> so anyone wants to discuss anything?! :D
22:12:34 <Olutosin> Kevin or Shaiton?
22:12:46 <cmpahar> Shaiton is his handle
22:12:49 <cmpahar> his user name
22:12:56 <cmpahar> is actual name is Kevin :)
22:13:00 <Olutosin> oh ok got it
22:13:20 <cmpahar> so who is interested having a release event for Fedora 18 but has second thoughts?!
22:13:56 <cmpahar> no one?
22:14:02 <cmpahar> everyone is having a release event?!
22:14:38 <cmpahar> ok
22:14:49 <cmpahar> if you dont have to discuss anything else
22:15:00 <cmpahar> we shall end the meeting in 1'
22:15:18 <cmpahar> the next meeting is in 2 weeks from now
22:15:28 <cmpahar> on 30/1
22:15:31 <cmpahar> hey twohot
22:15:37 <twohot> .fas t2hot
22:15:37 <zodbot> twohot: twohot 'Onyeibo Oku' <twohotis@gmail.com>
22:15:43 <cmpahar> a quick question
22:16:08 <cmpahar> there is an action item for you
22:16:08 <cmpahar> twohot and frankice to look for events in Africa in 2013
22:16:17 <cmpahar> can you give us an update?
22:16:43 <cmpahar> we are on open floor and I re added the item to the list of tonight's items :)
22:16:49 <cmpahar> twohot,
22:16:58 <twohot> Oh, I had one that we kept postponing for one reason or the other
22:17:33 <cmpahar> ok, so keeping it that way - still on the list, right?!
22:17:52 <twohot> The Last shipping of EMEA media was meant for a talk with Department of Computer Science, Enugu State University
22:18:21 <twohot> The media was hosed ... so we didnt hold the event.
22:18:49 <twohot> I ended up moving bits of it to Ekiti State for a FOSSFA event
22:19:06 <twohot> So, that's one
22:19:54 <twohot> Do we have swag/media now so I can start planning?
22:20:25 <cmpahar> no there is no media yet due to a delay regarding UEFI
22:20:41 <cmpahar> but you can file swag/media tickets on the trac
22:21:08 <cmpahar> the production date of the media is unknown yet
22:21:26 <twohot> Would be nice to have an inventory of swag available so one knows what to ask for
22:22:07 <cmpahar> twohot, i am sure that Jiri will update the inventory with media as well
22:22:29 <cmpahar> twohot, anything else?
22:22:39 <cmpahar> we can continue after the meeting if you like
22:22:41 <twohot> nope
22:22:47 <cmpahar> but we are running out of time
22:22:47 <cmpahar> so
22:22:52 <cmpahar> thank you all for attending :D
22:22:56 <cmpahar> see you in 2 weeks
22:23:00 <cmpahar> and see you in FOSDEM
22:23:02 <cmpahar> #endmeeting