20:02:54 <suehle> #startmeeting
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20:03:07 <suehle> #meetingname Fedora marketing
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20:03:23 <suehle> #topic roll call
20:04:02 <suehle> Anyone, anyone, Bueller?
20:06:59 <suehle> AnnaE, so far it's you and me :)
20:07:05 <AnnaE> Haha ok!
20:07:17 <AnnaE> Sorry I'm a little late! I was actually about to ping you and ask if anyone was in the chate
20:08:22 <suehle> I'll give it another minute or two.
20:08:27 <AnnaE> Did you and Robyn need any help developing stuff for the little packets we were going to send to journos with the keys or are we good on that front?
20:09:00 <suehle> I think we're good, but I'll check with her.
20:09:10 <AnnaE> cool
20:09:21 <suehle> rbergeron ping ^^ want to talk USB keys?
20:09:25 <AnnaE> Thankfully with the upcoming GA I'll have some good fodder for the Fedora magazine page
20:09:33 <AnnaE> yeahhh keys :)
20:11:40 * jnalley is here
20:12:13 * suehle waves
20:13:01 <suehle> The only significant thing I have to say without many other people is that the board doesn't like the idea of having fedoramagazine.org without the .com.
20:13:09 <suehle> I've contacted the guy with the .com, and he seems friendly.
20:13:24 <suehle> So I'm hoping he'll want to participate and let us use the domain.
20:15:44 <suehle> In absensce of other excitement, go forth and finish your Christmas shopping or something. :)
20:18:06 <suehle> #endmeeting