20:00:59 <suehle> #startmeeting
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20:01:04 <suehle> #meetingname Fedora Marketing team
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20:01:08 <suehle> #topic roll call
20:02:05 <AnnaE> Anna's here
20:02:08 <graphite6> I'm awake and here ;)
20:02:36 <suehle> Ah, I see we're back to the regularly scheduled meeting attendance. :D
20:02:42 <graphite6> lol
20:02:58 <suehle> I'll wait a few minutes in hopes of peeps wandering by.
20:03:17 <suehle> If only IRC cookies were as delicious as regular cookies...
20:03:24 <graphite6> I'm catching up on the emails about fedora magazine...
20:03:54 <graphite6> Don't say cookies, I want some now....
20:04:08 <suehle> I've been thinking about cookies all afternoon. Maybe molasses cookies.
20:04:25 <suehle> one more minute...
20:04:32 * nirik is lurking around
20:04:38 <graphite6> mmmm, or little Mexican wedding cakes
20:04:51 <graphite6> powdered sugar FTW!
20:06:13 <graphite6> nirik: do you have any links to posts/articles that explain why packages rock or their benefits?
20:06:15 <suehle> #topic Fedora Magazine
20:06:26 <suehle> Status:
20:06:35 <suehle> Wordpress is up and running! (high five for mizmo)
20:06:39 <graphite6> mizmo rocks!
20:06:42 <nirik> graphite6: hum? just in general or? not sure...
20:06:46 <suehle> Design is working on logo and theme for said WP.
20:06:55 <mizmo> :)
20:06:55 * nirik cheers for wordpressing
20:07:03 * mizmo working on mockup for theme right now :)
20:07:04 <suehle> I put in a ticket to the board to get approval for fedoramagazine.com, and the only comment so far is a preference for .org.
20:07:21 <mizmo> i installed a whole bunch of themes on the wordpress instance too if you want to try them out
20:07:36 <suehle> My opinion is that .com doesn't have the commercial connotation that it did ten years ago, and it's a lot more likely that somebody will just remember you said fedoramagazine.com than the extra step of the .org.
20:07:49 <mizmo> why choose? :)
20:07:56 <graphite6> nirik: either, and you don't have to search them out right now, it was just on my mind
20:07:58 <suehle> I also figure that if we .org, we'd have to buy .com as well to prevent a)a squatter or b)someone more nefarious from doing so.
20:08:05 <mizmo> +1
20:08:08 <pjones> suehle: probably true the other way around as well
20:08:08 <graphite6> I say get both .org and .com
20:08:21 <AnnaE> +1 to both .org and .com
20:08:22 <suehle> It's not like domain names are pricey.
20:08:42 <nirik> I'll note the problem with multiple domain names is that you need to make sure they all work and people sometimes get confused as to what one you mean...
20:08:42 <graphite6> +1 for .org and .com
20:09:06 <suehle> So the next big step is to get enough content seeded to start telling people about it. Maybe we should actually aim to launch it with the release of the Cow?
20:09:16 <mizmo> we should probably pick which one is the primary and set the other one as a redirect (does that make sense?)
20:09:28 <suehle> nirik, I think they'd both just be redirects to http://wp-fedoramag.rhcloud.com/, right?
20:09:30 <mizmo> so it's .com, but .org redirects (or vice-versa)
20:09:42 <suehle> Or that
20:09:49 * jbrooks is here, late
20:10:02 <nirik> well, do you want joe to go to .com and tell his friend who goes to .org then they get confused until they realize the site is the same...
20:10:07 <suehle> If we have both, I'm not as worried about people being confused about which to use since they'd both work.
20:10:15 <suehle> I think that's reasonably common enough, isn't it?
20:10:30 <nirik> I suppose, it just dilutes things tho...
20:10:41 <nirik> unless they are directed to one on the site.
20:10:45 <AnnaE> Could we have an automatic redirect on the one that doesn't "work"
20:11:06 <AnnaE> Like if they go to fedoramagazine.org, it just automatically redirects them to fedoramagazine.com
20:11:11 <nirik> right.
20:11:12 <jbrooks> +1
20:11:25 <suehle> yeah, that's what mizmo said
20:11:41 * nirik is down with that plan.
20:11:44 <graphite6> +1
20:11:52 * suehle will update the ticket
20:13:16 <suehle> Lacking several people, we'll just go to...
20:13:19 <suehle> #topic general updates
20:13:32 <suehle> graphite6 tracked down the owner of the popular Fedora Facebook page. Woo!
20:13:53 <suehle> graphite6, have you (or have you talked to jreznik at all) about the SOPs?
20:14:22 <graphite6> no :(
20:14:35 <suehle> 's OK. There's lots going on. :)
20:15:09 <suehle> And our loose deadline on the new flyer content was tomorrow, but I know graphite6 had said she'd need more time, and bogomil isn't here. I'll email him.
20:15:21 <suehle> graphite6, how much longer do you think you need on that content?
20:15:45 <suehle> mizmo, I'm not sure you were here for that meeting--we were talking about making language-specific brochures like the blue SXSW job brochures.
20:15:48 <graphite6> actually, probably just this weekend...I'm just waiting on some updates from my victems
20:15:57 <suehle> So we'll want some design team help eventually :)
20:16:02 <graphite6> I'm mean friends :D
20:16:27 <suehle> #topic open floor
20:16:32 <suehle> Anything I forgot to update on?
20:16:39 <graphite6> about mailing list for mag
20:16:49 <suehle> Oh! mizmo created one, right?
20:17:04 <graphite6> I think we should have one, and still send FWN to announce as well
20:17:12 <suehle> Oooh, yes, you mean that.
20:17:29 <mizmo> (sorry i had a cube drive-by)
20:17:29 <suehle> To clarify, should we just continue sending FWN/Fedora Mag updates to announce-list, or should there be a separate list?
20:17:52 <mizmo> i didn't make a list, i just had nirik make an email address to register the openshift account iwth. right now it points to me and nirik
20:18:01 <suehle> that must be what I was thinking of
20:18:24 <suehle> Any opinions on the detination list?
20:18:26 <jbrooks> Seems to me that announce-list is sufficient
20:18:29 <graphite6> Would the Fedora Mag list be for the writers, editors, designers, letters to the editor, etc ... and I don't think that would go to announce
20:18:30 <mizmo> language specific borchures sounds awesome
20:18:36 <suehle> That would be destination... a detonation list would be different.
20:18:58 <graphite6> ohhh, a detonation list...I could use a few of those, lol
20:19:12 <suehle> graphite6, I think we could probably use one of those as well, although we could probably just keep using the existing FWN one. Wait... FWN is actually the logistics list, isn't it?
20:19:36 <suehle> nope, there's news@lists.fedoraproject.org
20:19:51 <suehle> Welcome to the part of the meeting where I answer myself. :D
20:19:55 <graphite6> lol
20:20:12 <graphite6> ^^so news@lists will be for the Fmag logisitics?
20:20:38 <suehle> Makes sense to me.
20:20:54 <suehle> pcalarco and sundaram own it
20:21:02 <graphite6> gotcha, I'll go sign up
20:22:04 <suehle> Any other topics?
20:22:25 <mizmo> i should mention i guess if you want to follow / opine on the design work for fedora mag, follow the design-team list :)
20:23:25 <mizmo> i think we can also (just back on the domain question) set up wordpress so it pretends one of the domains is the real domain
20:23:32 <mizmo> instead of the rhcloud one
20:23:38 <graphite6> agreed
20:23:48 <suehle> yup
20:24:01 <mizmo> so if you go to like, fedoramagazine.com/12/12/awesome-article-here, it won't replace it with blahblah.rhcloud.com/12/12/awesome-article-here
20:24:12 <mizmo> im not 100% sure how to do that but im pretty sure its possible
20:24:22 <suehle> I think I was looking at those settings yesterday.
20:24:31 <mizmo> okay cool
20:24:46 <nirik> yeah, should be doable.
20:26:20 <suehle> OK then! Everybody have a half hour back in your day. Use it wisely. Or play Angry Birds. :)
20:26:22 <suehle> #endmeeting